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Sue Ann Dotson is a character from the series Enos.


Snow Job[]

Sue Ann drives the truck Solo Pony into Dolly’s Truck Stop before getting out and greeting Joe by calling him ‘Grease monkey’ and asking if he knows where she can get the oil changed. He greets her before coming over and asking when she got back. He calls her ‘Wonder Woman’ as she says ‘just now’ and she hugs him. She says she has to ‘see a man about a dog’ and asks if he would be an angel and give the truck a once over. He says she got it, if she promises not to dance with anyone until he’s through. She agrees. On her way inside she runs into Dolly, who hugs her. Dolly asks how San Diego was and she says wet, that she feels like a tropical plant. Dolly offers to buy her a soda and she agrees saying she has to make a pit stop first. Dolly asks how the Solo behaved and she remarks that Joe is ‘giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation right now’. They laugh as they go inside.

While backing up to take a load in the truck stop, she feels the truck hit something. She stops the truck and gets out to see she hit a pickup with two men in it. Looking at her truck and the busted radiator on the pickup, she explains that she sure is sorry about that and they must have somehow gotten into her blind spot. Turk says ‘yeah, luck’ and Enos remarks ‘yes ma’am, we did’. She introduces herself before asking if they are okay. Enos shakes her hand, introducing himself and saying he feels great. She says she sure is glad as Turk tries to talk to her. Enos says she sure is awful pretty to be a truck driver. She blushes and thanks him says ‘pretty awful is more like it’. Turk again tries to ask her something but Enos says she looks just like the folks back home. Turk introduces himself and they shake hands, her saying she’s glad to know him. Joe comes over, saying to move the rigs as they are blocking traffic. She says ‘yeah, okay Joe’ before turning back to Enos and Turk and saying there is no use in crying over burnt metal. She asks why don’t they park them and then she can go check with Dolly. Turk asks about Dolly and she says Dolly owns the rig and she just drives for her. She leaves and moves the truck aside.

She approaches Dolly with Turk and Enos to see her talking to a man. When the man leaves and Dolly expresses frustration, she asks that there is no trouble, which Dolly says just the usual. When Dolly realizes that Sue Ann is still there and remarks that she thought Sue Ann would be on her way by now, she smiles before saying something ‘sort of got in my way.’ She introduces Enos and Turk and introduces them to Dolly. She is surprised when they recognize Dolly’s name and Turk says he heard the handle before. She asks if they are truck drivers, to which Turk says yes.

Later she gets ready to head out, asking Joe if it’s all set. He says yes, calling her Wonder Woman and she laughs before saying if he doesn’t stop calling her that she will kill him. He asks why doesn’t she kiss him to death and she lightly punches his arm before getting her stuff in the truck. Enos calls out to her and runs over. She greets him and says he’s just in time to see her off. Enos asks if she is going to San Diego again and she says it’s her regular run. She tells him she’ll be back that afternoon before asking if Enos wants to come along. Enos says he wants to and she says Dolly won’t mind and she’ll be back that afternoon. Enos gets called by Turk and another man. Enos asks her to excuse him a minute and for her to stay right there and he’ll be right back. She says ‘scouts honor’. After talking to the men, Enos comes back saying he would be happy to go with her.

In the truck Enos says it’s something else, commenting they are going to San Diego with the worlds nicest truck driver. She smiles at him before reaching out and putting a hand over his. She pats it but Enos takes her hand, shaking it. She gives him a baffled look before laughing and taking her hand back. She shakes her head as she continues to drive.

As they head back, she sits in the passenger side, smiling. She says it was really fun and she’s almost sorry they are home, which Enos agrees. She says she shouldn’t have let Enos drive as he’s not getting paid. Enos says he’s just sharing work and it isn’t proper for her to drive if a man is around. She laughs and says she had a wonderful time, which he agrees. Enos tells her that he hopes what he is about to say doesn’t sound improper and she gives him a hopeful smile asking ‘yeah?’ Enos tells her that he really thinks she’s fun company, making her bashful and tell Enos to feel free to call her anytime. Enos agrees and she asks if tonight is too soon. They arrive at Dolly’s and Enos parks the truck. She gets out the passenger side and Enos says they made it, which she says they sure did. They stop when they reach Turk and Enos excuses himself. She says she’ll see him inside.

At Dolly’s, her and Enos sit at a table and Enos pours them both ginger ale. She tells Enos that is enough as she’s not used to it and Enos says him neither but he thought they could celebrate their friendship. They toast and drink. Joe comes over, putting an arm around her and saying for them to dance. Annoyed, she tells him not right now and maybe later. Joe refuses, asking what she means and Enos says he reckons she means later. When Joe asks what she’s doing, she stands up saying she is dancing with Enos and pulls Enos out onto the floor. They start dancing together and having a good time. Enos says she looks good but Joe pulls Enos back, saying he’s cutting in. Enos says it’s up to her but Joe says he makes the decisions. He tries to grab her and she pushes him back saying to lay off. Joe grabs Enos and she tries to push him back but Joe shoves her. Enos tosses him out.

Later Enos takes her home. As he parks the truck she tells him that she had a real nice time. Enos says he did too and she hesitates before saying that makes it harder for her to tell him what she has to tell him. Enos asks what and she says she’s leaving town. Enos asks how long is she going to be gone and she says too long to start anything she can’t finish. She says she’s going to Chicago on another run and then she’s going south to see her folks. Enos says that he knows they’ll be glad to see her and it’s great. She becomes a little frustrated, saying it wouldn’t have worked anyway as she’s kind of a free soul, the open road and all that and it’s why she loves being a trucker. Enos says it’s a great life, seeing all those things. She asks if he wants to come up for a while and Enos declines. He says she needs to get some sleep and she smiles before kissing him. She gets out of the truck before telling Enos to take care. She waves goodbye and leaves.