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Sue Ann McGraw is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Part of a trio of conmen. Sue Ann would pretend to fall in love with someone and marry them. While she is getting married, Russ and Vic would rob the town bank. After they would go to a meeting place and tie up Sue Ann’s new husband before fleeing town. At some point Rosco sends out a response to a fake ad she puts in the paper and they write letters back and forth, Sue Ann choosing Rosco as their next mark.


Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

She goes to Hazzard and meets Cletus, who lets her sit in Rosco’s office until he arrives. When Rosco comes in they both look surprised. She then smiles and remarks that ‘ain’t you just the handsomest hunk of man in that there uniform’. Rosco asks what she’s doing in Hazzard. Shocked, she asks if that is all he has to say to a lady friend who came all the way over from Handlyville. She then asks if he forgot all the sweet talk he gave her over the past three weeks that they have been talking. Rosco says he didn’t forget anything he was just surprised. He asks if anyone else saw her and upset she asks if she is some sort of deep dark secret. Rosco says no, he just hadn’t gotten around to telling anyone. She asks if he just figured he could toy with a lady’s affections and then wave goodbye like she was nothing. Rosco insists he never lied to her. Smiling she stands up asking ‘did you really?’ She hugs him and kisses him saying she is ‘sauce on a spoon’. She then asks about the wedding. When Rosco gets shocked she says she was right and he did take advantage of her. She says the last three weekends Rosco took her for chop suey and they shared their fortune cookies, went out on the lake to which Rosco admits he lied to everyone else saying he went fishing. She picks up her bags and says she is going. Rosco stops her saying nobody said anything about her going and she says no one said anything about getting married either. Rosco says she didn’t give him a chance and she kisses him before asking when. Rosco says he needs time, as he needs to tell others and will take about 6 months. She goes to leave and Rosco stops her saying three. She snaps each part of his name, Rosco taking away another month each time before asking her when. She says tomorrow. He tells her she got it and happy she kisses him. She tells Rosco that she wanted a big wedding and she doesn’t have any family but Rosco is the Sheriff so she would like everyone there. Rosco agrees. She says she needs to go to the hotel and says goodbye. She blows a kiss as she leaves.

While walking to the hotel, she stops by Russ and Vic’s car. As she pretends to fix her shoe, she tells them that the plan is set and the wedding is tomorrow.

After setting up a date with Rosco at the Boar’s Nest, she arrives and approaches Daisy saying she was supposed to meet Rosco. Daisy says he won’t be coming in until it’s time for his free lunch and Boss approaches saying he will see to the lady. Boss says she must be Rosco’s intended. Daisy approaches her asking what they said and she introduces herself to Daisy as Sue Ann Bliss, Rosco’s fiancée. She says that Boss must be Boss Hogg as Rosco said he was the second best looking man in town. Daisy asks how Rosco’s eyes can be so good one moment and so terrible the next. Boss pulls her over to a table to sit down. Boss sits down saying they should get acquainted as he is her future brother-in-law. They are approached by Lulu Hogg. She says she must be Lulu and it is so nice to meet her and she has heard so many good things about her.

She becomes concerned when Lulu says she wants to hold it at the Church but Sue Ann agrees with Boss that she wants to have the wedding at the Boar’s Nest. Lulu says this isn’t a place for a wedding and asks for one good reason. Sue Ann says it is her wedding and she wants it out in the country. Lulu and Boss leave to see to the arrangements.

As she sits at the table she is approached by Rosco, Bo, and Luke. She says would love to meet all his friends and Rosco says if that is the case she won’t want to meet them as they are the scourge of Hazzard. After a moment he changes his mind, saying ‘while they’re here’ and introduces them. She shakes their hands and invites them to sit with them. Bo asks where they met and she says a blind date while Rosco says at a picnic. She amends that Rosco means they met at a blind date on a picnic. Luke asks where they met and she says Raleigh as Rosco says Handlyville. They change it and she says Rosco meant that she is from Handlyville and they met in Raleigh. Rosco asks about their official business. Luke and Bo talk about a hit and run with two guys and Luke says they were from her area, Handlyville. Alarmed she remarks ‘no kidding’. Bo says to describe them and Bo and Luke describe Russ and Vic. She apologizes and says that doesn’t sound like anyone she knows and Rosco says it’s not wonder with that 'mish-mush' description. Rosco dismissed them and she tells them it was nice to meet them. She and Rosco then talk about the honeymoon.

After she leaves to go meet up with Russ and Vic. Vic tells her to hang in there and that everything will be fine. She corrects them saying it’s not so great and two plow boys saw them and have asking around about them. They say they will take care of the boys and she asks if they know where to find them, which they imply won’t be too hard. They all hear a stick break and become alert. When Vic finds nothing she goes to head back to Hazzard, kissing Vic before she does.

She returns to town and changes into her wedding dress. When she walks up the aisle, Mama Coltrane tells her that Rosco still eats peas off his knife but she ignores her. When asked if she takes Rosco as her lawfully wedded husband, she smiles to Rosco before saying ‘I do’. She then smiles when Rosco says ‘I do’. As the wedding concludes, she kisses Rosco twice before they leave, tossing her flowers to Mama Coltrane as they get into the car.

In the car she sits with Rosco, who calls her Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane. She asks him to pull over and park. Rosco tells her that he’s got them a room. She comments about orange flowers on the roadside and asks him to pull over to pick her one. He agrees and pulls over. She runs over to the flowers to look at them as Vic and Russ grab Rosco. She watches them knock Rosco out and put him in his trunk before getting in the car with Vic and Russ. They head for the county line.

As they drive she hears a siren. Turning around to see the cop car she tells Russ to step on it. Bo runs them off the road and Luke throws tear gas in the car. She is pulled from the car by Bo and Luke and is confronted by Rosco. Rosco says she really played him for a fool and she says she is sorry for what she did, not for what she did but the fact she did it to Rosco. She says Rosco really is cute before he arrests her.