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Sue Ellen Pettigrew is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

She is washing the fire engine for her grandfather when Bo and Luke pull up. She smiles and greets them as they get out. Luke says that her grandfather keeps the fire engine in fine shape, to which she nods. When Bo says it isn’t the only thing in fine shape around there, she turns and sprays a little of the water at him and Bo tells her to stop it. They all laugh and Luke asks if Jesse has been around. Stunned she asks if he’s been disappearing too. When the boys are surprised she nods before saying something strange is going on.

They are all surprised to hear the sirens and look to see Enos and Buster arrive. She stands with the boys as Buster announces he is arresting Bo and Luke. She and Bo look at each other while Buster says what they are being arrested for. When Enos and Buster move toward them, Bo and Luke grab her and turn her toward the officers. They all three spray them and then she continues to hold them back while Bo and Luke leave.

Her grandfather returns home a few minutes later.

When Bo and Luke call to inform her that Jesse has been arrested, Amos rushes out. Seeing he forgot his boots, she picks them up and calls after him. She is amused and after he takes them she goes back inside.