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Sunshine is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Ghost of the General Lee[]

After Rosco announces that Bo and Luke have drowned, he attends the wake for the boys at the Duke Farm. He notices Jesse's demeanor suddenly change to a much happier one and asks if everything is alright to which Jesse says everything is just fine before going outside.

Later they hear Daisy scream and go to investigate in the barn. Jesse says that she was overwhelmed by what happened and just needs some air. At Cooter's insistence, they go back inside.

Mason Dixon's Girls[]

Sunshine is working at the Shipping Depot when Bo and Luke pick up a water heater. Later two men come in to pick up a similar box and he checks for 'John Smith' before handing it over to them.

Bo and Luke come back to ask about who signed for the other create. He shows them that it was signed by a John Smith and the boys thank him before leaving. He watches them go, shaking his head.