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Suzy Holmes is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Suzy meets Fred Andrews in college and they fall in love. To keep them from being married, her father hired two private investigators to put her on a cruise out of Miami. She sits in the back of the vehicle as they go through Hazzard.


The Runaway[]

When they stop at the Boar’s Nest she is introduced to Boss and Rosco who she simply says ‘how do you do’ but otherwise ignores them. When Bo and Luke arrive to confront the investigators about their reckless driving, she slips out of the vehicle and into the General Lee.

As Bo and Luke drive, Bo asks Luke to get him an apple and Luke reaches back, grabbing Suzy’s arm where she is laying on the seat. Luke pulls her up saying they got company and she hands Bo and apple. Bo thanks her before asking who is she and she says she’s a hitchhiker. Luke says they aren’t much in the habit of picking up strangers. She is alarmed and Bo introduces them. She introduces herself and Bo says now they aren’t strangers. Bo tells her she can make herself comfortable and Luke asks how she even got in the car. Seeing her look over her shoulder he asks if she’s running away from someone and she asks how did he know. Luke says when they are running they usually look over their shoulders too. She says she is running from her father. A few minutes later Rosco and Boss catch up to them and Bo tells her that isn’t her father, but Rosco. After they comment Boss and Enos are there to,o Luke asks what they want and she says her. She begs Bo not to stop and says she can explain. Bo says if Boss is after her that’s good enough for them and to hang on. She is amused when the boys cause the cars to collide and speed off.

The boys take her to the Duke Farm and Daisy loans her some clothes. She thanks Daisy for the clothes and Daisy jokes that Bo and Luke will probably feel the same. They go out to the kitchen just as Jesse says that they will probably look for her there, adding ‘not that you’re not welcome dear’ to which Bo says he can say that again. Daisy asks why she’s running and she tells them about Fred, who she had nothing in common with except they fell in love. Daisy says that is a lot in common. She says her father forbade her from marrying just a farmer and Jesse gets upset by that. She says he father doesn’t always appreciate everyone else. Jesse says he feels sorry for her father because with all his money he can’t make his own daughter happy.

She has lunch with the Dukes, explaining that her dad decided to send her on a cruise to ‘think things over’ and Bo asks that her father paid two men to put her on the cruise no matter if she wanted to go or not. The phone rings and she is excited to talk to Fred. She takes the phone, telling Fred that she has been going out of her mind waiting for him to call. When he says he thought she would be on the boat she says she is never going to be on that ship, ever. Fred tells her he can get a car from the airport. She tells the Dukes that Fred is going to fly into Colonial City and get a car to pick her up at the Duke’s farm. She gives the phone to Jesse. She excitedly listens as Jesse gives Fred some instructions and then tells him she loves him. She tells the others that Fred will be there at four and she asks Daisy to be her maid of honor, Jesse to give the bride away, and Bo and Luke to be Fred’s best men.

However it’s interrupted by the arrival of the investigators. She follows Jesse’s plan of going out with Daisy and getting in her car. As she watches them chase, she says she must have been crazy to think she could get away from her dad’s men and she got all the Duke’s in trouble. Daisy asks if she loves Fred and she says yes and Daisy tells her that it’s worth it. Worried she alerts Daisy that they are gaining on them. Daisy makes a turn and tells her that when she gets to some bushes she’s going to slow down and Suzy needs to jump out and the boys will come by and pick her up. Suzy agrees and follows the instructions. Luke helps her in the General and assure her they have a place to hide until they need to meet Fred.

They arrive at the farm to see a bush move. She laughs asking if that is what they call a tumbleweed in those parts and Bo tells her that is an ‘Enos’. They leave to go toward the caves. However with Rosco on them Luke decides to go the creek telling her ‘you might get your boat ride after all’. However after they get on the barge and start to sink Bo comments it looks for a nice day for a swim. She tells him that’s what she likes about them, they don’t lie and Bo looks to ask ‘we are going swimming aren’t we’ to which she nods. They sit on the General until Rosco arrives, the barge and the General having sunk in the water.

They are taken back to the police department and she explains to Boss, Enos, and Rosco that she wasn’t kidnapped, defending the boys. As Rosco continues to sneeze, Bo says he might be allergic to Suzy’s perfume. Luke has her go stand by the exit door as they push Rosco out of the booking room. She is amused as they run out the back door. They get in the General and she rides in the back as they flee town. They meet up with Daisy and switch cars. They head to the Garage. She is put in a pair of overall’s with L.B.'s hat and hidden under a car to pretend to be a mechanic.

After the investigators leave, Bo and Luke pull her out from under the car and tell her to stay with L.B. She asks where are they going and Bo says they are going to distract the others and she tells them to be careful before L.B. reclaims his hat.

After Daisy arrives, they listen to the C.B. and learn that C.J. and his men have kidnapped Jesse and want to swap him for Suzy. L.B. puts an arm around her to try and comfort her. When Daisy protests she takes the C.B. and tells Bo and Luke to forget she ever came into her lives and she doesn’t mind going back. Luke says Jesse would have a fit and Bo tells them to sit tight. Daisy and L.B. try to assure her it will be alright.

Bo and Luke return and she insists on going back but Luke says she’s been outvoted. Bo says they aren’t taking her to her father as they promised her to get her to Freddy. She sighs and smiles, agreeing. They arrive at the lake and she walks onto the bridge with Bo and Luke. She pretends to be saying goodbye when Fred arrives. She announces she can’t go back and her and Fred run to the General while Bo and Luke take care of the others. They get in the car and flee. She remarks that they are gaining on them. They cheer when Luke blows up the old water tower to flood the road.

The next day she marries Fred with the Dukes and L.B. present. Her father comes to see them after the wedding, and they make up and hug. After she watches her father give Daisy a jeep as a thank you gift.