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"Swamp Molly" is the sixth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Swamp Molly (Neva Patterson), an old moonshining friend of Jesse's, wants to make "one last run", and she wants the Dukes to help, since Molly saved Jesse from the Feds back in the fall of 1936, and Jesse owes Molly for that. And Molly's cousin Alice (Mary Jo Catlett) seems to have fallen for Bo. What the Dukes do not know is that Molly is no longer dealing moonshine -- her truck is full of contraband firearms that could land Bo and Luke in jail for violating their probation.

Balladeer: Now you might recognize the historical significance behind this little building, by the familiar sign there hanging on the door. Ain’t we off to a good start? Well Old Jesse was always big on reconstruction and this might be the moral of our story, except it’s just beginning. Now that’s Swamp Molly, her name tells you a lot about her. Old Molly’s seen a lot of history in Hazzard County. She’s made a little of it too. Too bad it ain’t the kind you can put in the schoolbooks cause it should would help keep the kids awake. The boys never could figure what that strange hold was that Molly had over their Uncle Jesse. Now in their mind that old debt had been paid, with interest, twice over before they was even born. What they didn’t quite understand was this story is about honor.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke are shooting targets at the outhouse and after Bo shoots it, the outhouse explodes, bringing Jesse running out of the house. Luke snaps at Bo for the explosion and gets upset when his learns his car magazines are destroyed. Jesse gives them a week to rebuild the outhouse and they are interrupted by the arrival of Swamp Molly. Bo and Luke are not happy to see her saying she only comes when she wants something and 9 times out of 10 it’s Jesse. Bo is even less happy to see Alice, who has a crush on Bo, and Luke tells Bo he needs to keep moving sos he can't catch him. Bo, Luke, and Alice go inside, followed by Jesse and Molly.


Enos and Rosco are holding a stake out. Rosco is talking to Boss, telling him he has everything under control. Boss tells him over the CB, as he is practicing disco dancing, that it took them a long time to put a lid on Molly. Rosco says he will get her and Boss says he doesn’t believe that any more than he believes he’ll learn disco to please Lulu. Rosco says he has a new 12-step master plan. After putting down the CB, Rosco goes to get a closer look on the Dukes, leaving Enos in the car.

Duke Farm

Balladeer: You ever see anyone set themselves up for comments like old Rosco does?

Molly, Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Alice sit on the porch. Molly explains business has been bad lately and she needs to do one last run. She says he wants Bo and Luke to pick up a truck and take it to the swamp.

Balladeer: Look at that, old Sheriff Rosco sure knows how to crawl don’t he? Well, ain’t nobody perfect.

Rosco gets closer to the Duke farm and radios to Enos but accidentally rolls into a creek. Jesse asks if Molly is sure she has to do this and when she says yes. Jesse confirms it’s a good batch. Rosco calls Enos to check in with him, frustrated that Enos isn’t obeying his radio codes and takes pictures of the group before falling out of a tree.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy is serving drinks at the Boar’s Nest and goes to Luke and Bo, telling them that there are people after Molly and she thinks they should let her drive the truck. Bo says that Daisy has a point and Rosco will be looking for the truck. Daisy says they should move the contents into another vehicle but Bo says Molly will have the truck locked. Daisy says they should let her come along anyway but Luke decides to ask Cooter instead, having Cooter disguise the truck.

In his office Boss continues to practice the dancing steps when Rosco bursts into his office. Boss says that the party is that night and he needs to learn the dance moves by then or Lulu will be upset. Rosco brushes off the concern saying he’s been tracking Molly for three months and he’s finally got her. Rosco shows Boss his pictures of the Dukes and Molly.

Balladeer: In Hazzard when everybody thinks they got everybody else pegged, ain’t nobody right. That’s when the fun is just about to start. Now let me tell you, even without Jesse’s old debt to Molly or that outhouse to rebuild, the boys would have found someway to make this run. ‘Cause in Hazzard County there ain’t much better entertainment than beating out old Boss Hogg or the Sheriff.

Rosco is building a road block across a main road, explaining to a construction worker what needs to be done. He calls Enos, who is in his car, and asks if he’s seen Molly.

Hazzard Garage

Bo and Luke take the truck to Cooter’s Garage. Enos sees and stakes out the garage. Cooter agrees to paint the truck over night and the boys leave to go home. Luke informs Bo that he blew it and when Bo says he got Cooter to paint the truck for the price of paint Luke says he could have talked Cooter into paying them to paint it. Through the night Rosco works to have the road block completed.

Balladeer: It was a long night, but Rosco never did give up. He had an image to uphold. He was paying nearly $1 an hour for that roadblock man and he wanted his money’s worth. See what I mean? Did you ever see folks having more fun? Like they always say, the family that plays together, stays together.

Duke Farm

Daisy, Bo, and Luke load up Jesse’s truck and Luke teases Bo about the dynamite. After packing up, Daisy leaves for work and Enos follows her to the Boar’s Nest.

Balladeer: The boys had a good plan. The idea was for Rosco to see Dukes everywhere but heading for the swamp. Then Bo and Daisy would draw off the smoky’s while Luke made a slow run right out in the open. Now if this was any place except Hazzard County I’d say things would go off without a hitch.

Hazzard Garage

Luke and Bo arrive at the Garage to get the truck. Cooter had painted it to look like an ice cream truck.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Molly are cooking and Molly remarks she had thought to make Jesse some crawdad bisque before asking Alice to go get the crawdads. Jesse agrees to go with her after Alice expresses concerns about going alone.

Balladeer: Looks like old Rosco’s finally got it together. Right here is where things really start cooking.


Ice cream

Bo and Daisy start driving around looking for Rosco but Luke finds him, calling the others. At the road block Enos tells Rosco that the only thing he’s seen is an ice cream truck. Frustrated Rosco leaves. Luke calls Bo for backup telling him that he needs help and Daisy is delayed by a flat tire. Enos and Freddie, the road block constructor, come up to the truck to look at the flavors until Luke reaches out and taps Enos, showing who it is. While Enos gets excited about arresting him, Bo comes speeding over in the General and blows up the road block with an arrow, forcing Enos and Freddie to take cover. Luke and Bo drive through the road block. Enos reports to Rosco but Rosco can’t fully understand what Enos is trying to say. While driving, Bo checks in with Daisy who is on the road again.

Balladeer: Looks like the boys are home free doesn’t it? But you gotta remember, this is Hazzard


Luke and Bo come up on a second road block where Rosco is. They park and Rosco calls the boys over along with two armed men who are assisting him. They open the truck with bolt cutters to see it is full of guns.

Balladeer: Now don’t you all go thinking ol’ Molly was lying when she said business was bad. It was so bad that she even had to switch the line of merchandise. Uhm, don’t look to goo does it? You know it was lucky for the boys that old Rosco was a slow reader. You see he wanted everything to be real legal so he didn’t skip any of the parts.

Bo, Luke, and Rosco are all shocked. Luke tries to explain they had no idea the truck had guns but Rosco gets mad. Rosco tries to read them their rights but he can’t remember them and has to read them from a card. While Rosco is reading, Daisy drives up throwing firecrackers out the windows. Thinking someone is shooting a gun, Rosco and his men take cover. Daisy drives through the road block and waits for the boys to go past before dumping oil on the road. Rosco radio’s Enos for help and Enos chases after Daisy but she loses him going off road. Enos slips in the oil and crashes. Daisy comes by him again, blowing a kiss as she does.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is counting in his office when Rosco enters and informs him that the Dukes were running guns this time. Boss gets excited but is stunned when Rosco says he called the FBI, becoming enraged. He yells at Rosco and tells him to tell the FBI whatever he has to tell them in order to get rid of them, even threatening to divorce Lulu.


Bo, Luke, and Daisy hide the truck and they tell Daisy to go talk to Jesse while Bo and Luke go find Molly. Luke tells them he has an idea and they just need to make it till night fall.

Balladeer: Two FBI men had already been arrived in Hazzard County, and them boys ain’t nothing to fool with. Old Rosco was sweating and it wasn’t even hot outside.

Hazzard Police Station

Rosco has two agents in his office and is trying to figure out what to tell them. Rosco tells the two agents a story about the guns being a hallucination and the two believe he is overworked and leave.


Jesse and Alice are fishing and Alice tries to encourage Jesse to slow down. Bo and Luke arrive at the swamp landing and Molly asks what happened as they are early. While they talk, Daisy arrives at the farm and can’t find Jesse. Molly threatens the boys saying that if they don’t complete the run for her she will not bring back Jesse who is at her place in the swamp. The boys don’t believe her until Daisy radio’s them telling them that Jesse is gone as is a bag of clothes and his checkerboard.

Balladeer: It wasn’t lookin’ good, cause the boys knew that Uncle Jesse never went anywhere without his checkerboard. Now everybody hang on, with the boys being squeezed between a lifetime of jailhouse grits and the loss of their Uncle Jesse, things could get pretty rough. Old Molly sure had the boys tail in the crack. If she had Uncle Jesse in the swamp there wasn’t no one gonna be able to get him out, except her. After all Molly did promise to have Jesse back by 4. And her intentions were good. Sneaky maybe, but good.

The boys leave to get the truck and Alice sabotages the boat by throwing the motor into the water. Enos spots the boys and goes after them. Jesse demands to know what is going on and forces Alice to help him get back to shore.

Boar’s Nest

Boss Hogg starts adding up the costs of the various guns when Rosco comes in and informs him that the FBI agents are gone. Boss says the black market is beautiful and they call Enos who informs them that he is following Bo and Luke as the boys uncover the truck. Rosco and Boss head out to back Enos up.


Jesse and Alice start driving back.

Balladeer: Ya’ll look here, cause this is where you gotta play real close attention.


Enos chases after Bo and Luke, reporting to Boss and Rosco that the boys are on Swamp Road. Luke drives the truck and Bo the General when they see Jesse to their relief. Everyone stops in the road and the boys fill him in. Jesse tells them about what he and Alice were doing. Jesse says they need to get rid of the truck and when Bo asks what about Molly, Jesse tells him to let her go back to cheating at bingo. Jesse says to take the truck to Black Hollow. The three vehicles head off, Bo in the lead followed by Luke, then Jesse. Enos reports the movement to Rosco and Boss.

Black Hollow

Bo radios to Daisy and she heads over to meet them. Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jesse, and Alice all arrive and Luke gets an arrow. He shoots the truck but the dynamite arrow doesn’t explode. Bo taunts him as Luke packed them and Luke says they are even. However they hear the sirens coming and Jesse decides for them to push the truck to where Bo can drive and have Bo put it in the lake. Enos sees what they are doing and tries to move in to stop them. Enos is not able to reach them and Rosco heads for the truck. Realizing it’s going to be hit, Luke, Daisy, Alice, and Jesse scatter but Bo is not able to get out. The truck gets hit and is sent into the lake. The others are worried until Bo gets out of the water. Rosco tries to arrest them but the truck is sunk in the swamp. Boss is devastated at the loss.

Balladeer: It took a while for the Sheriff to revive Boss from the choking fit. But the boys got off okay because there wasn’t any evidence. And that was the legend how Swamp Molly tried to get the Duke clan to contribute to her nephew’s preacher training. And how Jesse gave the boys a lesson in finding their roots. And how after near 40 years, old Jesse got another bowl of Molly’s crawdad bisque.

Duke Farm

The Dukes fill in Molly about what happened. Molly decides to make it up to Jesse by cooking his favorite meal. Alice adds that she is going to make Bo cookies and Daisy goes to help them. Jesse reminds the boys of the outhouse and sends them outside to get started on it, giving them instructions on how he wants it built.


  • Bo accidentally blows up the family outhouse at the start of the episode
    • Luke had a collection of car magazines in the outhouse that he had been building for five years
  • Rosco has taken a class in photography can can develop his own film
  • One of Jesse's favorite foods is crawdad bisque
  • Any time Jesse goes anywhere for a period of time, he takes his checkerboard with him
  • Bo states that he hates pecan cookies
  • Luke says the farm has had indoor plumbing for 20 years
  • Rosco calls Enos 'dipstick' starting in this episode


  • The book that Boss Hogg is reading; The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing is still available as new in 2018 for around $48.00
  • First episode we see Uncle Jesse start wearing his famous red hunter's cap.
  • Swamp Molly is based off a woman Gy Waldron met who lived in the Okefenokee Swamp