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Swifty Barnes, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Hazzard Hustle[]

While working with Boss and Rosco to make an illegal horse betting operation in Rapaho County, he goes to a phone pole and taps into the phone lines. He tests the line by calling the Duke Farm. When Jesse Duke answers he remains silent before hanging up. He then calls Boss, telling him that they are all hooked into the Duke’s phone line. Boss says he is a genius, and they can’t be traced. Boss tells him he is going to be the front man for the business and to get back there quick as they are opening at noon. He confirms before packing up.

After changing into a suit, he opens the parlor and collects the bets. He then announces to everyone that it’s time to close the poles. He puts the radio on the speakers for the race.

He takes the house winnings back to Boss, who greets him by calling him ‘my little genius’. They laugh and when Boss slams the lid on the money box closed to prevent Rosco for touching it, it closes on his thumb. He yells before sticking the finger in his mouth and Boss apologizes, saying he meant to close it on Rosco’s hand. He glares at Rosco before heading back into the main room.

Swifty continues to gather bets when he sees Billie Tucker and Bull come into the Parlor and go in the back to talk to Boss.

When Billie and Bull leave, he runs into the back room. Boss remarks ‘thank goodness you’re here.’ He tells Swifty they got big troubles and they need to put plan C into effect. He repeats Plan C and Boss explains they are closing down the entire thing and moving. He confirms again that it is plan C before leaving to do so.

After switching locations, he and Rosco bicker about hooking up all the phones. When finished, he reports to Boss, telling him they are set and the phones are all switched over and still hooked into the Dukes’ line, making them all laugh. Boss tells him to get back out there as they are losing money. He agrees and picks up a microphone, telling everyone to place their bets as the polls close in ten minutes. He then heads back into the main room.

After the last race for the day, he announces to everyone that the races are done for the day but not to forget that tomorrow is the big race, the Dixie Derby. He adds for everyone to get there early. He collects the winnings and takes them into Boss saying ‘we had ourselves another big day.’ Boss says tomorrow is going to be even bigger and Swifty laughs, saying ‘Plan D’. When Rosco asks about Plan D, he explains that the ‘D’ is for the Dixie Derby. He says they are going to make a real killing while patting Boss’ back. Boss says after the Derby they are going to clear out. He laughs saying he’ll call his pal in Savannah, Merle, and tell him that their plan is a go.

He goes to the phone, calling Merle and telling him the deal is on. He says he needs a ‘quick flash’ after the Derby and Merle asks if he has a load of suckers. Swifty confirms it. He says they want to know the winner five minutes before the wire service call. Merle asks for his regular cut and Swifty agrees, giving him the number.

The next morning he helps Boss and Rosco prepare to open the betting hall.

Around 1:40 he announces that the next race is the big Derby. After he goes in the back to wait for Merle’s call. When the phone rings, he helps pick up the phones until Boss finds the right one. Boss informs them that Fleet Sunrise won the race. Boss says to raise the odds on all the other horses, to give the people whatever they want, but not to change Fleet Sunrise’ from 1 to 20. He heads out to the main room to tell the people to make their finale bets.

He is approached by Daisy who asks what the odds are on Country Dancer. He tells her they are 25 to 1. She says if he makes that 50 to 1 she’ll bet. He agrees. Many people surround to make the same bet and he takes the bets. He closes the bets and plays the race. He is surprised when Country Dancer wins.