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Terry Lee, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

When Terry Lee was six in 1983, he suddenly lost both parents and was sent to live in the Hazzard Orphanage. He refused to eat or even talk.

Ira Grant brings him out lunch but he doesn’t acknowledge it. A strange car pulls up and three men get out, one being Doc Appleby. Doc comes over to check him over before leaving to talk to Ira and the two other men, Bo and Luke Duke. The Doc and Ira comes back again as the other two leave.

He continues to sit on the porch with  Ira and the Doc when Bo and Luke return. Luke introduces himself and Bo and says they want to be his friends. Bo says they have someone else who wants to be his friend. Luke adds that everyone needs a friend or two and he feels something licking his hand. He looks up to see a dog and is told that she likes him already. The doctor suggests he pets her and he hesitantly does. Luke says she doesn’t have a home either and they need to find someone who will feed her, play with her, and give her love. He says he can can take care of her, petting her and asking if he can have her. Luke says she is all his. He hugs the dog, asking if she will stay his forever and ever. Bo tells him as long as he takes good care of her, that is a promise. The boys add they will bring out some stuff for the dog and leave with the doctor.

After the boys leave, he moves into the yard to play with the dog.

Terry Lee brushes the dog, promising to take real proper care of her. He says nothing and no one will part them and it will be the two of them for ever and ever. He adds that they have Bo and Luke’s word on it.

Jesse and Daisy come out to meet him, Jesse finishing a dog house for the dog. He goes to pet her again but Jesse stops him, saying they should leave her out there and ties her up. Jesse says she will be fine and he goes inside, holding Jesse and Daisy’s hand. While inside, the dog is stolen. He starts sobbing, Daisy trying to comfort him.

Daisy brushes his hair with her hand, telling him Bo and Luke will find the dog and she promises that. Terry Lee ignores her.

Daisy asks if they can go for a walk together and he ignores her. She tries again, asking if he will talk to her. He says Bo and Luke lied to him.

Jesse and Daisy try to introduce him to Mr. and Mrs. Hooper. Mrs. Hooper sits with him, showing him a book.

Bo and Luke arrive with the dog again and he runs over to them, saying found her. When the boys put the dog down, he hugs her saying she’s back and she will never leave him again. The boys go to explain something but Mr. Hooper says that Terry Lee is right and they will never be separated again.

Christmas time, Mr. Hooper and Mrs. Hooper return and adopt him as their son.