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Tex Tompkins, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A major gambler, he had been decimated by Jud "Killer" Kane in an upcoming boxing match when Jud refused to take a dive that he ordered. Furious, he decides to have Jud killed as a message that no one crosses him and lives.


Brotherly Love[]

Charlie Burns calls him from a payphone, informing him that Jud is still alive. He becomes angry, asking what Charlie means and Charlie says Jud is still in Hazzard County. He tells Charlie to find him, saying ‘cause I’m using a payphone and a bench for an office because that rat didn’t go down for the count like he was supposed to.’ He says he lost his money, his Rolls, the penthouse condo, and the dames. Charlie says for him to catch the next bus to Hazzard and that he’ll meet him at two. Tex looks at his wrist before commenting that he lost his watch and trying to ask how he is supposed to tell the time, but the phone goes dead as Charlie had already hung up.

After arriving in town, he is picked up by Charlie, and frustrated with his ineptitude, he throws his bag in the back. Charlie says all they need to find is the owners of the orange car. He says they are going to ask, looking at the police station. When Charlie asks that they will talk to cops, he remarks that a good cop is a public servant and a bad cop is his kind of people.

As they head into the police department, they pass Enos. As they enter the main booking area, they see Boss and Rosco talking about needing to find something on Jud Kane. He comments that is a coincidence as that is who they are looking for. When Boss asks why, he begins asking if there is a price on Jud’s head and that they are bounty hunters to which Tex just nods. Boss asks how much the reward will be for Jud and Tex asks how ten thousand dollars sound, five for them. Rosco tells him that Jud is at the Duke Farm. They decline Boss’ offer to join them, taking Rosco’s gun as Charlie locks them in a cell.

While driving to the Duke Farm, Charlie points out Jud’s car coming at them. He follows the car, avoiding a truck as he does and Charlie starts shooting. When Charlie hits a tire, the car loses control, crashes and explodes. He comments that when word gets out no one will double cross him again. He and Charlie leave, Tex offering to buy Charlie a beer.

At the Boar’s Nest, Daisy serves them a beer and they hear Enos inform her that Luke, Jud’s brother, was in the car and is currently in the hospital. Annoyed he says they branded the wrong steer and they head to the hospital, Tex saying he wants Jud dead.

He aims to go into the hospital when Jud comes out, walking up to him and greeting him. He says he’s real sorry about Luke and when Jud turns to leave, Charlie pulls a gun on him saying for Jud to come with them before anyone else gets hurt. He tells Jud that they will use his car and they get inside but Bo comes out looking for Jud. Tex opens fire on him. Bo manages to get on the car as they drive away and he tells Charlie to get Bo off. When Charlie does, he tells him to run Bo over, which Charlie attempts to do.

As Charlie drives, he keeps a gun on Jud, asking if Jud knows what he costed him. Jud says he should have bet on him. He tells Jud he doesn’t take chances, that he only bets on sure things, like what is going to happen to Jud now. He tells Charlie to find them a nice isolated spot so he can finish his business with Jud. A few moments later they see Rosco and Enos coming toward them and he tells Charlie to take the road to the right. They lose the officers when they crash and he pats Charlie’s shoulder. They think they are in the clear when an ambulance suddenly cuts them off and they turn over into a lake. They are trapped in the car until Bo dives down and smashes the window, pulling them out. They swim to shore where they are arrested by Enos.