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The Art Dealer is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dead and Alive[]

He receives a call from Boss Hogg in Hazzard, saying he wants to show him the painting of Artie Bender. He expresses confusion, never having heard the name before and Boss says he is the Grandpa Moses of Hazzard County, the Rembrandt in overalls, the pitchfork Picasso. He agrees to come see the paintings. Boss says he should hurry as people are coming from all over. He says he will be there the next day.

After arriving in Hazzard, he goes to the show of Artie Benders and looks over one of the paintings with a magnifying glass. He is approached by Boss who asks what he thinks. He says there is no question that the artist has talent. He remarks the color and technique has excellent composition. He tells Boss that above all it has imagination in a very primitive sort of way, which Boss says he was very primitive. He sees two people fighting over a painting. He moves over to listen more as the two people offer high prices for the art, settling at $500. After Boss pulls him aside, saying like he said on the phone now that Artie Bender has passed on all the paintings are now going to be collector items. Boss adds that the Hatchape and Capitol City Museums have been trying to get them at top dollar. Boss then dismisses himself for a moment.

He calls Boss over, saying he is convinced and to stop the sale. He says he will take every piece of work by Bender that he can buy. Boss ends all the sales and he says that it’s just too bad that this is all that is left of such a promising genius. Boss says not to worry as he will get him more. He asks how Boss can do that as he is deceased. Boss says that he was bound to leave a few locally. He agrees when Boss adds there will be a price. He assures Boss ‘whatever the cost’ saying his clients can well afford it pay it.

Later he learns Artie isn’t dead, but rather alive. He meets the artist at the Police Department and hires Artie to paint for him, sayign he is a great man.