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"The Big Heist" is the eighth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

While Boss Hogg is busy counting out his moonshine money, he is robbed of $30,000 of that money by Neil Bishop (Fred McCarren), a chicken farmer that Boss sold some defective farming equipment to, and Boss knew the equipment was defective. Neil robbed Boss in order to get back the money that he paid Boss for the equipment. Boss thinks that Bo was the robber, and he tells Rosco. Neil ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest. When the Dukes hear about what Boss did to Neil, they decide to turn the tables on Boss by sending revenuer Harvey Essex (Stu Nisbet) after Boss.

Balladeer: I’ll tell you one thing, for General Lee to be eating up the road this early in the mornin’, somethin’ sure got Bo and Luke all het up. I figure it’s got something to do with women, or huntin’, or maybe wheels. Well, this is Hazzard County. Even I’m gonna miss sometime. On Monday, Wendsday, and Friday Hazzad County Commissioner, Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg, can be found down at the court house corruptin’ the county, like now where he’s counting out illegal moonshine money he’s splitting Even with Sheriff Rosco Coltrane. That’s Boss Hogg, everything 50-50, right down the middle.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke race to the Hazzard Garage. Bo is excited as the boots he ordered came in and Luke thinks he’s crazy. Boss is in his office counting out money while splitting it between him and Rosco, giving Rosco a significant amount less than himself. Neil Bishop parks and heads inside the Court house after checking the sign allows him to park there. Rosco reveals that the sign Niel parked in front of actually says ‘no parking’ and has the car towed away by Enos as Bo and Luke watch. Bo and Luke purposely speed past him, startling him. Bo heads into the Post Office while Luke goes to get coffee. Neil goes into Boss’s office and has him put his money in a bag. He runs outside to find his car towed and makes Luke stop. Boss follows him out to see Niel in the General Lee and assumes it was Bo Duke who robbed him. Bo puts on his new boots and throws away the old ones. He sees Luke isn’t going to stop so he dives in the passenger door and asks Luke why he wouldn’t wait. Luke tells him to ask the guy with the gun. Rosco then calls Rosco and Rosco reports in about the cars. Upset Boss tells Rosco that Bo robbed him, confusing Rosco. Boss tells him the direction Bo and Luke went. Rosco calls Enos and they peruse the Dukes.


Neil has the boys pull over and he takes the car. When he leaves, assuring them he won’t do anything to the car, Bo remarks that he’s headed back to town. Luke asks if Bo wants to hobble after him in his new mail-order boots and tell him. The boys start walking. Neil takes off his mask. He hears Enos and pulls into the Boar’s Nest to escape. He hides the money in the bed of a nearby truck, which is Jesse Dukes’ truck, and goes inside. Rosco sees Bo and Luke on the road and pulls over. He tries to arrest them and Rosco asks about the car and the money.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy is serving customers as Neil watches the door. He talks to Daisy for a moment before going to leave. However Enos has spotted the General. He goes back in to see Daisy.


Luke and Bo try to explain to Rosco that if they stole the money, they wouldn’t be walking. Rosco admits he hasn’t figured out why they would walk and tries to arrest the boys. Bo hits him with the door and Luke takes his gun before the two run. Rosco tries to follow them. Bo tells Luke where to go as he knows a shortcut. Luke complains about it but Bo tells him that in the creek they can hide under the bridge. However, Rosco is waiting for them saying he also knows that bridge.

Boar’s Nest

Enos comes into the Boar’s Nest as Daisy and Neil are talking. Enos explains he is there to arrest Bo and Luke for armed robbery.

Hazzard Garage

Rosco stops to get gas with Bo and Luke in the back seat. A young boy named Willis plays a prank on Rosco by pointing a gun at him, Rosco not knowing it’s a water gun. Bo and Luke take advantage of this, pretending Willis is their partner, allowing them to escape before the boy reveals to Rosco what it was. Bo and Luke flee and head to the Boar’s Nest.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy watches the General get towed away. Bo and Luke arrive and Daisy sees them in the back. She meets them out back and confronts them about what happened. They tell her their side of the story. She tells them about the General being towed. Daisy tells them it’s pay day so they have no way of knowing who it was since people have been in and out all day. She gives them the pickup’s keys and agrees to have Jesse meet them at Still Site 2. Bo and Luke take off in the pickup, alarming Neil. He talks to Daisy, who agrees to take him back to the farm for the night.

Still Site 2

Bo and Luke arrive to see Jesse waiting for them with a shotgun. He asks the boys about the Armed Robbery charges. Jesse says there is no case as no one has seen this money and without evidence they can’t do anything. Rosco and Enos arrive in the clearing, saying they followed Jesse. Boss tells them that they have Enos’ word as well before calling Enos out and shows them some money they found in the General and the mask. Boss accuses Bo of stealing the money again and orders Rosco to arrest them. As they boys are being taken, Jesse says he’ll come to get them out and Bo tells him where his truck is.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Neil, who just saw Bo and Luke’s arrest, pull in to tell Jesse what happened. Daisy is upset and Jesse tells her to calm down. Jesse asks about Neil and Daisy introduces him. Neil and Daisy convince Jesse to go straight to the jail house and Daisy pulls Jesse inside to make him something to eat.

Hazzard Police Department

After locking up Bo and Luke, Boss asks Rosco why haven’t the boys talked yet. The two bicker and Boss suggest torturing them to make them talk. Rosco says he doesn’t know much about this and Boss argues he knows by being married to Lulu. Jesse arrives and talks to Bo and Luke in the jail. Bo tells him that the man was real polite and Luke describes his appearance. Jesse realizes it was the boy at the farm. The three become alarmed and Jesse leaves. They call Enos down and they lie to him, saying they want to confess. In Rosco’s office they trick Enos and tie him up, hanging him on the wall.

Duke Farm

Daisy is concerned at how little Neil is eating. He makes a decision to turn in the money.

Police Station

Bo and Luke escape, breaking out the General and heading to the farm.

Duke Farm

Daisy confronts Neil with a shot gun, having suspected he was the thief. Neil gets the gun as Jesse arrives and they all go in the house. They are talking until Bo and Luke arrive. He explains he was going to return the money and when they don’t believe him, he returns the money and the gun. Jesse concludes he is telling the truth and he explains why he stole the money, trying to make up for what Boss cheated him out of when he sold him faulty farming equipment. The Dukes agree to help him.

At the Sheriff’s office, Rosco comes in and doesn’t see Enos behind the door. He tries to contact Enos on the radio as Enos tries to get his attention but neither see each other. A few minutes later Boss Hogg comes in, but also misses Enos.

Town of Hazzard

Balladeer: Well it must be Friday, ‘cause there’s Boss, back at the courthouse skimmin’ off a little corruption.

Boss is counting money when he’s interrupted by Rosco. Rosco is looking for Enos but they haven’t seen him. Bo and Luke arrive in town with Daisy and Neil. Neil and Daisy take the General to distract Rosco. Bo goes inside to rob Boss Hogg, and Luke finds Harvey Essex, a revenue agent.

Boss is horrified when Bo comes in and when he identifies Bo, Bo denies his identity. Bo has Boss put all the money on his desk into the bag on top of the rest of the money. When Boss finishes Bo tosses the bag back to him and tells him to count before leaving. Boss runs outside after Bo yelling about his money. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Neil escape and Harvey hears them talk about liquor money. He pulls Boss aside to talk about it.

Duke Farm

The Dukes celebrate their victory and Bo remembers that they forgot Enos, who is still on the wall.

Balladeer: And that’s the Legend of the Big Hazzard Heist, one thing’s sure they don’t do nothing in Hazzard County like anything else. And that’s the fun of it.

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  • While the Hazzard Garage is shown a few times, Cooter Davenport is noticeably absent and another individual is working at the garage in his place