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"The Boar's Nest Bears" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


When Bo and Luke are late for a probation appointment, Boss Hogg tells them that he will let them off the hook if they coach Hazzard's pee wee basketball team, the Boar's Nest Bears. With the help of Jesse, they talk 12-year-old Rod Moffet (Jason Lively), a highly talented basketball player who is shaken by the recent death of his father, into playing for the Bears. Rod lives in Chickasaw County. Boss Hogg wants the Bears to win a championship game against the Chickasaw Chiefs, an undefeated team that Boss Hogg placed a bet against, with Chickasaw County Commissioner A. C. Tate Jr. (Gailard Sartain), who is betting against the Bears. Tate and the Chickasaw Chiefs' head coach Ruel McBride (James Carroll Jordan) are willing to use any dirty trick they can think of, to prevent Rod from playing in the game. Tate even threatens to foreclose on the Moffet farm if Rod plays for the Bears. After a talk with Bo and Luke, Rod decides not to give in to Tate. Bo and Luke are exasperated when they learn about the bet. Just before the game's opening tip-off, Tate presents a seemingly authentic birth certificate to the game administrator, Jesse, falsely claiming that Rod is older than 12. While Luke is coaching the Bears, Bo and Daisy race to the Chickasaw County Courthouse to get the real birth certificate, but they find that, to get there, they must dodge Chickasaw County Sheriff Big Ed Little.


Balladeer: If you’re a Duke in Hazzard County, the littlest things can sometimes throw a kink in your plough line. You see, the Duke boys went fishing at Cowlick Creek, there was a frog-choking flash flood, the creek rose, and the road washed out. And the Dukes was late for their meeting with their probation officer, Boss Hogg. Who’s about as sympathetic as a hanging. And Boss was already in a bad mood, because he had an awful case of the Weltschmerz. Which is fancy talk, for being up to your udders in problems.

Luke drives them toward town, telling Bo that they are in big trouble this time. Bo says Boss will probably have them picking weeds off the county roads for a month. Luke adds he’ll probably take away their voting rights too. Bo remembers he could also take their drivers licenses and Luke says he can also take the General. Bo becomes upset, saying they need to talk him out of it and Luke says they are unlikely to do so.

Boar’s Nest

Boss talks to Rosco in his office about his peewee basketball team that the Boar’s Nest is sponsoring. Rosco adds that Boss only does it to gouge the parents at the bank and use the Boar’s Nest. Boss says he deserves more than to have his coach quit on him. Boss is upset due to the game against Chickasaw a week away and now he doesn’t have a coach. Rosco adds he will loose 5,000 to AC Tate Jr., just like every year before to his dad.


A.C. Tate Jr. and his partner Ruel head to Hazzard, excited about the bet they are going to make with Boss and the guaranteed $5,000.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco convinces Boss to get in his barber chair. He tells Boss that he appropriated a Flying Fingers of Fun from Petrie’s No-Tell Motel. He reclines Boss back before turning the machine on. It starts shaking hard before smoking and throwing Boss into a wall. Rosco remarks he needs to go back to the drawing board.

Moffit House

Daisy and Jesse go to Lou Ann’s house to check on her as her husband recently passed away. Lou Ann greets them and Jesse says Daisy brought her a peach pie. Jesse says they came by to see if they could help and that he noticed her fence took some damage from the recent storm. He tells her Bo and Luke will fix it and they see Rod shooting basketball. Jesse remarks how much Rod has grown and offers for Bo and Luke to help him too. They say their goodbyes, since it’s going to take a while to get home with the bridge being out since they need to go through Chickasaw now.


Bo suggests that if they explain what happened, Boss might give them a break.

Boar’s Nest

Boss has Rosco take over as the coach. Rosco starts explaining what a ball is to the twelve year olds, exasperating Boss and annoying the kids. Bo and Luke arrive and Rosco wants to arrest them but Boss says for him to stay with the team as he will deal with the Dukes. Bo and Luke get out of the General as Boss storms up to them. Bo tells him to wait a second and to hear them out before he makes any hasty decisions. Luke tells him about the Hatchapee river overflowing and Boss says they missed the meeting and they have a hearing tomorrow with Judge Drutan at 9am. He also says they will take the boys licenses and the General. Boss then tells them to get as he sees the kids have overwhelmed Rosco.

Meanwhile Tate and Ruel are watching from a distance, amused at the lack of skill or organization with Boss’ team.

Duke Farm

That night Bo and Luke are quiet at the dinner table and Daisy tells them to cheer up as things could be a lot worse. Bo says he doesn’t see how and Daisy tells them about how they saw Lou Ann Moffet and that she needs a lot of help. Bo says after the hearing him and Luke can go up and check on them, but Luke reminds him about losing their licenses and the General. Bo asks how Rod is and Jesse says he misses his dad. Luke suggests a visit from a few big bothers would help and Jesse says that is a good idea and that Rod has grown a lot. Bo jokes that they should have Rod play for the Bears since they need some help. Daisy exclaims that it is a good idea and maybe giving him a team and friends will help. Luke gets an idea of using the team to help them too, telling Bo he hasn’t lost his jump shot. Bo agrees and suggests they go see Boss in the morning.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke go to the Boar’s Nest the next morning, where Boss has taken over as the coach, to Rosco and the kids dislike. Boss tries to prove that he’s good enough to coach but tosses the ball randomly and Bo catches it. Immediately taking over, Luke takes the ball and tosses it into a hoop. Bo gets the kids into a line and him and Luke go through drills. Boss protests for a moment before sitting down with Rosco, deciding the boys should coach the team. He calls Bo and Luke over, saying they made their point. Luke reminds him that they are supposed to be in court. Boss agrees to waive the appearance and Bo asks for him to just drop the charges. Boss gets upset but when they kids beg to let him do it Luke offers to have a secret weapon too. Rosco expresses happiness at the idea and Bo asks if they remember Rod Moffet. Rosco says he remembers history Muffet and annoyed Bo corrects him as the name is Moffet and he’s not short anymore. Luke adds that he’s good at basketball too and Boss agrees but says that the boys have to win. The kids all cheer and Bo and Luke take over the coaching.

In Boss’ office, he meets with Tate. When Tate asks if the bet will stay the same, Boss says that he wants to change it to $10 thousand. The two are amused, thinking Boss is drunk before becoming suspicious. Rosco admits they have the Duke boys getting a big tall muppet as a secret weapon. Boss becomes angry and alarmed, stomping on Rosco’s foot and trying to tell the others that Rosco is an idiot. Ruel however already figured he meant Rod Moffet. The two agree to the bet.


Tate leaves with Ruel, deciding to try and recruit Moffet. He also calls Ed Little, knowing the boys are going to have to cut through Chickasaw since the bridge is out, and telling him that Bo and Luke are headed his way. Little says that news just made his day before heading out.

Chickasaw County

Bo and Luke enter Chickasaw to see Little. Bo expresses frustration at seeing Little and goes around them. As the boys run, they remark that Little is better than they remember. Bo says he wants to do the ‘old squeeze play’ to which Luke says he hates it when Bo does that. Bo brings the General up on two wheels, going through a small area and knocking down a large boulder that Little hits. Little is unable to continue the chase and is furious.

Moffet House

Lou Ann is preparing green beans with Rod on the porch. Bo and Luke try to convince her to let Rod join the team, but Lou Ann refuses to allow Rod to join any team affiliated with Boss Hogg. Rod also says he doesn’t want to be around other kids right now. The boys accept his decision, saying they can understand that and Rod has to do what he’s gotta do. They are surprised to see A.C. Tate and Ruel arrive. The two approach the porch, greeting Lou Ann before Ruel comments that Bo and Luke made it fine, to which Luke says no thanks to their Sheriff. A.C. ignores the boys to tell Lou Ann that they want Rod to play for the Chickasaw Chiefs and he will pay her for it. Bo and Luke are shocked and Lou Ann declines. When Tate implies a threat to Lou Ann, Bo demands to know what he means and Tate insists he doesn’t need to threaten people to get what he wants.

Duke Farm

Daisy takes the boys, who are staying at the Duke Farm for a basketball camp, out for a run while Jesse puts a hoop on the barn, teasing Charlie, one of the boys in the back. Bo and Luke return and tell Jesse that they don’t got Rod and they have no idea how they are going to get the kids in shape to win the game by Friday. Jesse says that they will make the kids into a team just like he did for them, Enos, and Cooter. Jesse adds that Enos was about as coordinated as a rock and Bo says when they started he was pretty bad too, which Luke says they both were. Boss and Rosco arrive, to which Bo says ‘oh no’ adding they got the kids there to keep Boss away. Boss tells them they brought a uniform out for Rod and the boys express Rod isn’t playing. Boss gets upset and Jesse tells him to get off the farm. Angry, Boss tells the boys that if they don’t get Rod back, he will have them locked up in jail for a minimum of 60 days. The boys are shocked and Boss and Rosco give them the uniform before leaving. The boys go inside to get changed to help the kids practice. Jesse remarks he needs to help.

Moffet Farm

Jesse talks to Lou Ann, who expresses that she doesn’t like it but Jesse insists that Bo and Luke aren’t doing this for Boss, but for the kids. She tells Jesse to talk to Rod, as it’s Rod’s decision in the end. Jesse goes over to Rod and remarks that Rod is good but his dad didn’t teach him how to play for him to just stay and play by himself at the farm. Jesse talks to Rod about loss, recalling how he felt when his own father passed away, but he adds that he had a wife back then named Lavinia and that she made him see that life is for the living. Jesse tells Rod that if he plays it would help the Bears and himself. Rod agrees to play.

Duke Farm

Rod joins the team at the Duke Farm and the Dukes continue to coach. Rod help s the boys improve and Boss and Rosco watch from off the Duke Farm through binoculars. Rosco gets so excited he accidently breaks the ladder and they fall. Meanwhile Tate and Ruel are also watching the Duke Farm.

That night Tate and Ruel sneak into the barn. All the kids were asleep with the exception of Rod, who was reading a magazine. They call Rod over and they threaten that if Rod plays for the bears then they will ensure that the Moffet’s loose the house.

The next morning Bo and Luke wake up the kids for breakfast and notice Rod is missing. The boys become worried and Bo goes inside to call Lou Ann while Luke takes the kids out to find Rod.


Bo and Luke drive the road to the Moffet Farm, crossing into Chickasaw County only to spotted by Ed Little. Little tells them over the CB to cooperate but Bo declines. Luke goes off road and Little follows them. He jumps over a gully and Little stops, unable to follow.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke find Rod playing Baset Ball outside the Boar’s Nest. The boys ask what he’s been up to and Rod says he can’t run home every time he has a problem. Bo and Luke talk about a time they stopped running home to Uncle Jesse for all their problems too. Rod tells them about Tate and Ruel’s threat. The boys explain that Tate can’t do that because Rod’s dad already bought the farm and it’s all paid for.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy watch the kids practice, commenting that the are good and they finally got a team.


Tate and Ruel learn that Rod decided to stay with the bears.

Police Department

Enos is sorting paperwork when he sees Tate and Ruel come into the Police Department, headed toward the records room. Enos greets them and Tate comes into the booking room and distracts Enos while Ruel goes into the records room and switches out Rod’s birth certificate with a fake.

Town of Hazzard

Friday arrives and everyone sets up the main square for the big game. Boss has all the concessions set up, selling tickets with Rosco and Flash. Rosco has Enos going around selling snacks as well. Jesse was selected to be the referee, timer, and recorder. Bo and Luke bring the team out on the court to practice and then the Chickasaw Chiefs. The kids watch in shock and Bo tries to tell them the team isn’t that good. When that doesn’t wok him and Luke have the kids return to drills.

Jesse calls for the coaches and captains to the center of the court to start the game. Bo, Luke, and Rod meet with Ruel and the Chief’s captain. Rod and the other captain shake hands but before the game can start, Tate and Ruel say they don’t believe Rod is twelve and want to see his birth certificate. The Dukes are confused by all this, and Boss and Rosco come running over but Jesse says that if they want proof they will get proof. The group head over to the records room to look at the birth certificate. Daisy and Lou Ann ask what is going on and the boys promise to explain when they figure it out themselves.

County Building

Jesse says that the birth certificate says that Rod is thirteen, born in 1970. Boss accuses Tate of messing with county records and Bo asks why someone would do that over a kids basketball game. Rosco informs the Dukes about the bet and the Dukes become furious. Boss reminds the boys that if he loses the boys go to jail. Tate says that Rod can’t play and Jesse says that while they know Rod is 12, until he has a document that shows he is he can’t allow Rod to play.

The group all goes outside and Jesse leaves to start the game. Luke and Bo come up with a plan, but Luke says he needs time. Boss and Rosco promise to buy them some time and set off themselves. Daisy and Lou Ann come over to find out what is going on. Lou Ann says she doesn’t have a copy of Rod’s birth certificate but he was born at Capitol City Hospital and they should have a copy. Luke says he will stay and coach and Bo and Daisy leave to get a copy so Rod can play at some point during the game.


Bo and Daisy head toward Capitol City in the General when Sheriff Little nearly collides with them on the road. Bo loses him by jumping a creek.

Hazzard Square

Luke explains to the team what happened and the kids argue about it. Luke says that they will surprise themselves. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco take the official ball and Boss remarks it’s got too much air in it. Rosco stabs it with a needle, deflating it. Angry, Tate demands the game start now but Boss says they will not play with a Chickasaw County ball. Tate yells for the game to start. Jesse agrees and sends the other ref, Lou, to get another ball.

Capitol City Hospital

Bo stops long enough for Daisy to get out, telling her to go get what they need while he waits and hopes Little won’t arrive. As Daisy gets inside, Little arrives and Bo drives off.

Hazzard Square

The game officially starts and the Chief’s score the first point. The Bears get the ball but the Chief’s take it back and score again.

Capitol City

Bo continues to run from Little, stopping to see if Daisy is done. Discovering she isn’t he keeps driving, wondering if Little ever gives up before laughing.

Hazzard Square

The score is 9-19 against the Bears. The Chiefs steal the ball and score again. Luke and Rod try to keep morale up.

Capitol City

Bo stops at the hospital again, and this time Daisy comes running out saying she got it. She dives into the General and Bo takes off, Little still chasing him. Daisy says they need to get to the game.

Hazzard Square

Luke asks Jesse for all the time he can get and Jesse promises to do what he can but says he can’t break any rules. Luke approaches the kids, explaining the game is only half over. Luke says it wasn’t too bad and Rod encourages the kids.


Bo heads to Hazzard with Little behind him.

Hazzard Square

The score is 19-28 against the Bears and Luke, Rod, and Lou Ann continue to cheer. The Bears steal back the ball and score a basket, upsetting Ruel and Tate.


Bo continues to run from Little, who is getting angrier with each passing second.

Hazzard Square

The score becomes 27-40, and the Chief’s score again. Lou calls a fowl and gets two shots for the Bears. Lou Ann starts getting worried where Bo and Daisy are. Meanwhile the Bears make the first shot and the second.


Bo passes a construction site and Bo says Little has too much weight to make it over that before jumping the site. Little becomes distressed as he realizes the same, hitting the rock pile. Bo jokes that Little should be grateful as the county now has to buy him a new patrol car.

Hazzard Square

The score is 39-50 against the Bears. Bo and Daisy arrive and the game is stopped when Bo hits the horn. Luke calls time out and Daisy gets out of the car, yelling they brought the proof. Jesse looks it over, saying Rod is indeed 12 and he plays. Tate says it doesn’t matter as they won’t win anyway. Boss asks if he wants a bet but Bo says they already bet and the game restarts. Rod plays and the Bears have a come back, brining the score to 48-50. The Bears score again and Ruel calls a time out.

The score is 50-50 and Jesse announces there is fifteen seconds left to the game. Bo encourages the kids to stay cool and Luke gives them a plan. Meanwhile Ruel tells his kids to be physical with the Bears. Boss, Rosco, and Enos watch as one of the boys goes down. Ruel yells for his kids to take down Rod. Rod gives the ball to Tommy, and Tommy scores winning the game. Everyone celebrates with the exception of Tate and Ruel. Bo and Luke cheer with the kids, finale score being 52-50. Tate and Ruel try to sneak out but Boss and Rosco chase them down.

Boss demands for the money which Tate goes to reluctantly give him but Bo and Luke arrive. Bo says he should donate the money to the children’s sport center, infuriating Boss. Boss says Bo has been standing in the sun too long but Jesse announces over the speakers that Boss donated the money. Realizing he has to, Boss becomes upset and gives the money to Bo.

Balladeer: Well, everything turned out just fine now, didn’t it. The Bear’s won the game and the Dukes kept the General and stayed out of jail. Boss didn’t loose his bet, didn’t win it either. And everyone celebrated with free hot dogs and soda pop, courtesy of Boss.

All the kids celebrate with the Dukes, Enos, Boss, and Rosco in the gazebo. One of the kids give Boss some food.


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  • Boss Hogg is still Bo and Luke's probation officer
  • Boss mentions that the boys have a hearing with Judge Drutan, who was last seen in A Baby for the Dukes.
  • Luke implies to have been on a basketball team before saying 'I haven't lost my jump shot'. Later in the episode, Jesse confirms that he was a coach for the basketball team in the past and the team had Luke, Bo, Enos, and Cooter on it.
  • Bo and Luke comment that Little is better than they remember. This is the first time Bo and Luke have seen Sheriff Little since Share and Share Alike
  • The Balladeer comments that Rachel Little, Ed Little's wife, burned a bridge and they are currently living in a motel until Little can get the house back together.
  • Jesse tells Rod that when his dad died, he was depressed and didn't want to leave the house but his wife Lavinia made him see life was for the living and he had to keep going.
  • Chickasaw Police Department is stated to be back to only Sheriff Little


  • This is Jason Lively's second time of acting in The Dukes of Hazzard after five years since the first episode.
  • Gailard Sartain, who played Chickasaw County Commissioner A. C. Tate Jr., was a regular cast member on Hee Haw.