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"The Canterbury Crock" is the twenty-third episode of third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


After buying a vase at Emma Partridge's yard sale, in which Emma Partridge (Elizabeth Kerr) is hoping to make enough money to pay off her mortgage to Boss Hogg, the Dukes find themselves being harassed by Mr. Beckman (Byron Webster), a big-time buyer, because the vase is actually worth a fortune. Mr. Beckman will stop at nothing to get the vase, and things get worse when Boss Hogg tries to cut himself in on the deal, after learning that Mr. Beckman is willing to pay at least $50,000 for the vase.


Balladeer: When you see the Dukes firewalling wide open, either they’re being chased or helping somebody in trouble. Well, they ain’t being chased. You can tell these folks ain’t from Hazzard. You see, everybody in Hazzard knows about that rut in the road.

Luke drives the General as he, Bo, Jesse, and Daisy head to Widow Partridge’s barn sale. When asked how much he thinks she will make by Daisy, Jesse suggests enough to pay off the mortgage. He explains that Simon was savvy when it came to collecting antiques and he has a collection. Bo remarks there isn’t much they can buy and Luke says they only got $25 between them. Jesse says every little bit helps. Two men in a dark car enter Hazzard, the passenger saying he’s been searching 27 years for this.

Partridge Farm


The Dukes arrive as Boss is paying Emma Partridge $250 for the entire lot. Luke and Jesse approach and Boss tells them they are too late to buy anything. Bo joins them and the three Dukes are upset when Boss takes the money back from Emma Partridge and says he will deduct it from her mortgage. He says she has three days to raise the last $353.62. Boss and Rosco go to load up the rest and the Dukes apologize to her. Daisy comes out of the barn holding a vase and Boss tells Emma he will give her a dollar for it. Jesse is offended and Luke offers the $25. Emma says it’s not worth it and tells them it was just something Simon brought back from England after World War 1 and for them to take it for free. Bo agrees on the condition she takes the $25 from them. Boss takes it and deducts it from her mortgage. He and Rosco leave. The Dukes tell her that the crops should be in soon and then they can help more. After they leave as well.

Rosco and Boss talk about what happened when Mr. Beckman and Maury arrive. Boss and Rosco listen as Mr. Beckman asks Emma about a piece that was bought in Canterbury England. She asks the crock ‘with a lot of funny pictures’. He offers her $500 for it. Emma, Boss, and Rosco are stunned. She tries to explain to him that she doesn’t have it but misunderstanding he offers her $750. She tries again and he offers $1,000. Boss and Rosco head to the Duke Farm as she tries to explain she sold the vase. As they get in the car, Flash barks at Boss and forces him in the back.

Duke Farm

Daisy puts flowers in the vase as Bo, Luke, and Jesse are work together. Daisy shows them the flowers and says she was hoping to pretty up the Boar’s Nest and that she is stopping by Cooters. She leaves for work and Jesse tells the boys to get back at it. Rosco and Boss arrive. Boss tells them he watns to look at the flowerpot again and Luke asks why the sudden interest. Boss says that it would fit in Lulu’s flower vase collection. The Dukes says they didn’t know Lulu was collecting them and Rosco says he didn’t either. Boss says it’s supposed to be the first. Boss offers $50 for it and Rosco keeps raising it up to $100. Luke says it’s getting more valuable by the minute and Bo says it’s nice to have something around that Boss can’t afford. Boss says if that’s the case then they are there to arrest the boys for giving counterfeit bills. Jesse says he wants to see them and Boss refuses to show them. He says they can drop the misunderstanding if the boys would sell the vase. Jesse says that is black mail and Bo and Luke run. Jesse trips Rosco and sits on him to let the boys get away. Rosco tricks Jesse into letting him up by claiming his back was hurt and Rosco and Boss head after the boys, screaming April Fools as they leave. In the car the boys wonder what is so special about the vase. They try to call Daisy but Luke says she’s listening to the Waylon tape again. They lose Rosco by hiding in the bushes. Boss and Rosco fight over who lost the boys.


As the boys drive, Beckman and Maury fall in behind them. In the General Luke says it’s all downhill now and Bo says not quite as someone is behind them. Maury starts shooting at them and Bo asks if that was a gun. Luke snaps that of course that was a gun and for Bo to drive. Bo run up on a wagon an goes on two tires. He brings the car down but the two men catch up. Maury points the gun at Bo and gets Bo and Luke to come around to the same side of the car as Beckman approaches. He tells them he wants the vase. Luke says they can check the car. Bo and Luke tack down Maury and Beckman backs off saying he is a devout coward. They get in the car, Luke driving, and leave. Luke decides they need to go to the Boar’s Nest.

Hazzard Garage

Daisy stops to see Cooter at the Garage. As they talk Cooter takes off his jumpsuit and Daisy is stunned to see the suit saying she’s never seen him so ‘gussied up’. She asks if he is going to a funeral and he says he’s going to a birthday BBQ that ‘old Stump Roundtree’ is throwing for him. Shocked Daisy tells him happy birthday and kisses him. She asks why didn’t he tell him and he says ‘when you get to be my age’. Daisy gives him the vase of flowers saying it’s from the Dukes. Cooter says he’s never been given flowers by a lady before but coming from her it’s a real honor. She kisses him again and he thanks her. She says she’ll bring back Bo and Luke later and leaves. Cooter looks at the flowers.

Duke Farm

Beckman and Maury arrive at the Duke Farm. Maury gets out of the car, Beckman saying he knows what to do.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest, but see Rosco’s car and know they can’t go in. Seeing Daisy out the back taking out the trash, they call her over. She goes to see them and asks where the vase says. Daisy says she doesn’t have it as she gave them to Cooter for his birthday. Shocked Bo asks ‘you gave flowers to a man?’ and Daisy says Cooter said that too just like that. The boys leave again. Rosco comes outside to see the boys leaving and rushes to his car to follow them. He tells Flash she is supposed to bark when she sees a Duke. On the road Luke remarks Rosco is hanging in and Bo says he’s been watching them long enough. Luke stops and throws the car in reverse. Confused and alarmed, Rosco drives backwards as well. Rosco hits a bush and flips his car. After checking that Rosco and Flash were alright, the boys leave.

Duke Farm

After Maury gets in the car they leave.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter is getting ready to go and sees Cletus mouthing something on the road. He calls Cletus over and asks him what is going on. Cletus tells him he’s trying to plan how to ask for a raise. Cooter says he knows two ways. First Cletus can beg, then he can plead. Cletus says that’s about the size of it. He says he wishes he can give Rosco something, like in first grade he gave his teacher and apple and she let him move on. Cooter asks that he means Miss Crumbly, which Cletus agrees. Cletus says that won’t work as Rosco don’t like apples. Cletus asks about flowers and Cooter doubts it. Cletus says they would look great on the desk and Cooter tries to explain Daisy gave them to him for his birthday. Cletus insists they might work and Cooter says if Cletus really thinks they will get him a raise, he can be his guest and take them. Cletus thanks him and remarks he looks good before leaving.

Police Department

Rosco is furious when Cletus gives him the flowers. Rosco says there are goldenrods in there and he is allergic to them. Rosco tells him you give women flowers and you give men things like a bottle of citronella or a pair of long johns or even a real sexy pinup of Minnie Pearl. Cletus says he wanted to give him a thoughtful gift so that he might give him a raise. Rosco scolds him saying ‘shame on you’. Boss comes out and Rosco offers them to Boss, shocking him. Cletus is upset and Boss is uncomfortable to receive flowers from a man. Rosco clarifies it’s for his office. Boss says that’s different and is thoughtful. He asks for the catch and says Rosco is not getting a raise and sends them out to find the Dukes and the vase. When Boss closes the door, Rosco yells at Cletus.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter is locking up when he hears Bo and Luke call him to the side. They say this is about the flowers, confusing Cooter. The boys explain what they can and Cooter says he gave them to Cletus. The boys say they can’t go into the station as they would get locked up. Cooter says that is what he’s trying to do and Luke asks about the three piece suit. He tells them that he’s going to his BBQ. Bo wishes him a happy birthday and they leave.

Duke Farm

Bomb barn

Jesse gets a phone call. Mr. Beckman tells him that the Dukes have the vase and he wants it very badly. He says they have a short time to decide to turn it over and if not then the farm is ‘expendable’ and to wait a few moments to see his intentions. As the phone is hung up, Luke calls over the CB. Jesse asks Charlie the rooster how the farm became a veritable communication center before answering Luke. Luke says they are at Cooter’s and Jesse starts to tell them about the phone call when the barn blows up. Luke, having heard the explosion, asks if he’s alright but Jesse doesn’t answer as he’s checking the damage. The boys head home.

Hazzard County Building

Maury and Beckman arrive to Boss’ office. Beckman says they are getting Boss involved because he’s greedy.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke see the destroyed barn. Bo says there is no question who did it and as soon as he gets his hands on them, to which Jesse tells him to calm down and he knows Bo means Boss. Bo and Luke explain that wasn’t Boss they meant and that the other guys already took a shot at them. Luke says Simon kept good records and maybe they can find out where the crock came from. The boys take off again and Jesse tells them to be careful.

Police Department

Maury and Beckman sit down and talk to Boss about the Vase. Boss is surprised when Beckman offers him $5,000 to help find the pottery. Boss remarks that it must be important and Beckman says it has a history. Boss argues that it won’t be as easy as looking under his nose as he smells the flowers on his desk. He asks for the history of the crock and Beckman explains that Cleopatra had commissioned two vases, one for Mark Anthony and the other for Julius Caesar.

Partridge Farm

Emma shows Bo and Luke Simon’s records where the read about the history of the vase. Luke says that the vase is supposed to bring good luck to the owner. Bo reads it as well, saying Simon said the only good luck it brought him was finding Emma. He wrote he paid $6 for it. Bo asks if it is true and Luke says if it is, then it would be worth a small fortune. Emma says they are going to be rich but the boys disagree, Luke saying it still belongs to her. They prepare to leave, Luke figuring they need to ask Cletus what he did with it. Bo reminds him that Rosco is looking for them and Luke says Bo has heard of a flag of truce.

Police Department

Beckman asks if they have a deal and Boss agrees he and Rosco will help, but instead of $5,000 he wants $50,000. Maury becomes enraged but Beckman says it’s his fault as he shouldn’t have told Boss the history of the vase and agrees. Boss sends Rosco to go get a bottle of elderberry wine to hold a toast.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive in town to see Cletus writing a young man a ticket, informing the man that the paper with the fine goes to the courthouse to be paid and the trash in his hand goes into the trashcan, not the ground. Cletus throws a piece of paper on the ground and the boys call him, waving a white handkerchief. Cletus goes to arrest them but they say they aren’t going to try anything. Cletus says if he catches them he might get a raise. They ask about the vase and they learn it was given to Rosco then Boss. The boys them pull down his hat an run. The boys head to the General and Cletus sits on the church steps out of breath. They come back around the front of the church and Cletus comes up behind them. Bo asks if they caught him or he caught them. Cletus says there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Police Department

Cletus brings Bo and Luke in as Rosco returns with the wine. Cletus asks if this will get him a raise and Rosco says they don’t get paid by the arrest and if that were the case Cletus would owe money. He sends Cletus to work at the desk and take Bo and Luke to see Boss. As the boys come in they see the vase of flowers on Boss’ desk. Rosco claims to have captured them and Boss says it could mean a possible raise, adding ‘possible but not probable.’ Beckman tells the boys he wants the vase and Luke says they can have it once they work out a deal. Luke asks to have the charges dropped against him and Bo, which Boss agrees. He adds for them to tear up the mortgage for Emma Partridge, which Boss is upset about but agrees. Boss asks if that is all and Bo adds that they want enough money to fix their barn. Boss says he’ll pay for two barns and asks where it is. Luke shoes them the vase was on the desk. Boss tells Rosco to arrest them but Maury pulls out a gun and he and Beckman take the vase. After they leave Boss tells Rosco to go after them. Rosco reminds him that they threatened to shoot whoever goes. Bo and Luke see the two men leave from the window and run out the door only to collide into Cletus as he’s trying to come in. The three get stuck in the door and Boss and Rosco have Cletus arrest Bo and Luke as they chase after the two. Cletus tries to lock the boys in the cell but Bo and Luke stop at the door and start arguing. Luke blames it on Bo and Bo protests until Luke calls Cletus a gazelle. The two start wrestling and they push Cletus in the cell instead. After closing the door they make up and then run after the rest, taking the General. Cletus hits the bars in frustration to realize it wasn’t locked and follows after Bo and Luke.


Beckman and Maury are in the black car, followed by Rosco and Boss in the patrol car. They are followed by Bo and Luke in the General, and Cletus in his car. Cletus calls Rosco and Boss to let them know that the boys escaped and Boss says to ignore them. He tells Cletus to go to Dry Creek Road and set up a roadblock. Cletus agrees and veers off to do so. Maury expresses concern about the car and Beckman has him turn off. Luke thinks they will try to take Rock River Road. He calls Jesse and Daisy, who are at the Farm. Luke says he thinks they will try to take the Rock River Road and Willets Corner’s intersection. He asks if they will set up a roadblock and they agree, taking the pickup.

The black car’s radiator blows. Beckman says they need to get another car. They go around a turn and stop. Maury lays on the ground and Beckman hides in the bushes. Boss and Rosco stop and get out to check on him but Beckman and Maury take Rosco’s patrol car. Boss and Rosco realize they can’t catch them in the car left and decide to that the General the same way. Rosco lays in the road and Bo and Luke stop, confused and worried. Boss and Rosco take the General while Bo and Luke watch in frustration, being left with the overheated car.

Beckman and Maury talk as they head to the county line before Beckman realizes they left the vase in their own car. When Rosco and Boss see Beckman turn, they follow. Luke sees them all coming back and they see the vase in the car. Luke tells Bo to drive and the boys take off again with the others following. Jesse and Daisy see Bo and Luke come by in the black car, wondering what they are doing and when Beckman and Maury come by in the police car they wonder who they are and then see Boss and Rosco in the General. Confused, they follow after the group in the pickup.

Cletus waits at his road block when he sees Bo and Luke drive by followed by the others. Cletus falls in behind Jesse. Luke asks Bo if he gets the feeling they are leading a parade and Bo says not for much longer as the radiator won’t let them make it up the hill. The car stalls out, causing Maury to hit it, Rosco to his the patrol car. All three cars go in reverse down the hill, nearly running Jesse and Cletus off the road. Rosco goes off a hill into water. Beckman and Maury fall down the small hill next and Bo falls onto the patrol car. Rosco goes to arrest everyone and Luke shows they have the vase. At the reminder that the vase is the boys, Boss offers to buy it. Luke says they need cash this time. Boss offers $2,00 and Beckman offers $5,000. Bo asks him to stay out of it. Luke says $2,000 will cover it. Luke adds an additional 50,000 for Emma. Boss is shocked and asks if they are out of their mind. He gives them $2,000 and takes the vase. The boys are furious and Boss offers it to Beckman for $100,000. Beckman agrees but in his joy, Boss accidentally breaks it on Rosco's gun. Bo and Luke quickly leave with Daisy and Jesse. While Rosco comforts Boss, Cletus arrests the two men.

Balladeer: After all the trouble those two caused, they figured they’d stand trial for something. Boss tried to talk to Dukes into giving him back his money. But lest the cost of a new barn, the Widow Partridge was the one that they gave it to, which took care of the mortgage. Now Boss figured it’d take about 175 years for Rosco to pay off that vase, if he gave him a raise, which he didn’t. And that friends, is what happens in Hazzard County when they have a garage sale just to pay off a little old mortgage. You ought to see what happens when they try to raise money to build a church.

The Dukes go to see Emma. After taking out the money to fix their barn, they give the rest of the money to Emma Partridge. She pays the mortgage off. Boss begins to figure out what Rosco will owe him for his part in smashing the vase. The Dukes help rip up the mortgage.


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  • This is the first episode to celebrate a major character's birthday with Cooter Davenport
    • Cooter's birthday is in April. Daisy remarks that Cooter hadn't told her that before, but Bo remarks 'that's right, it's your birthday' so it is unclear how many knew when his birthday was before the episode.
    • Others include Jesse Duke's birthday party in Undercover Dukes Part 2 and the General Lee's in Happy Birthday, General Lee.
  • Cletus tells Cooter that he gave his first grade teacher Miss Crumbly an apple so she would let him move on to the next grade.
  • Rosco is allergic to Goldenrod.
  • Part of the barn is destroyed in this episode.


  • This episode features one of the longest and most complex car chases in the series at nearly ten minutes long with everyone changing cars