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"The Dukes in Hollywood" is the sixth episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


While a Hollywood production company is shooting a movie in Hazzard, the movie's star, Brock Curtis (Barry Van Dyke), loses the use of the brakes in his car, and the Dukes save him. When the producers witness that, they offer the Dukes a part in the movie. The Dukes, with Boss and Rosco in tow, go to Hollywood. In Hollywood, Boss and Rosco try to find a way to be in a movie, but it is Flash who catches the eye of a talent agent. The Dukes discover that Brock's near accident was no accident -- producer Jason Dillard (Brett Halsey), who has severe financial problems, has taken out a $5,000,000 life insurance policy on Brock, and now Jason is having a man named Blake (Frank Annese) try to kill Brock so Jason can collect the money. It is up to the Dukes to find a way to stop Dillard and Blake.



Main Character[]

Guest Star[]

  • Barry Van Dyke as Brock Curtis
  • Joel Brooks as The Director
  • Brett Halsey as Jason Dillard
  • Frank Annese as Blake
  • Jason Bernard as the Chief Guard
  • Floyd Levine as G.S. Baldwin
  • Karen Witter as Jackie
  • John W. Smith as Guard #1



Hazzard County[]


Beverly Hills[]


  • This episode is Daisy and Rosco's second time going to California, having previously gone to visit Enos while he worked in the LAPD.