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Gone Racin'

The Dukes of Hazzard: Gone Racin' is a paperback novel based on The Dukes of Hazzard.

Book Information[]

Gone Racin' was written by Eric Alter and published on April 28th 1983 by Harper Collins Distribution Services and spans 191 pages. This is the only licensed novel written about the Dukes of Hazzard series. The book occurs between seasons 4 and 5, explaining how Bo and Luke got the opportunity to join the NASCAR circuit and left the Farm. Also due to the time frame of the book, Enos Strate does not make an appearance.


Luke and Bo Duke have never been in a tighter spot. If they don't come up with $10,000 in back taxes, scheming Boss Hogg will grab their farm right out from under them.

But the Dukes have one last hope. It's parked out back with the motor running. In their fiery orange car, The General, the Dukes are going to chase a dream and race in the Daytona 500.

No one can stop them, but Boss Hogg and the entire Hazzard County Police Force are revving up to try.


Chapter 1[]

Bo and Luke are heading home after cutting lumber in Jackson County. Bo is driving while Luke is taking a nap. Bo notices a car coming up on them and wakes up Luke just as the car blows past, surprising them both. Rosco then arrives, having been chasing the blue car. Seeing Bo and Luke, Rosco changes his mind and gives up on the blue car, telling the boys to pull over to their surprise. Bo speeds away from Rosco and goes after the blue sedan. After catching up to the car, the car doesn't allow Bo to pass him and Rosco manages to catch back up as well, resulting in the three cars in a chase with each other. Around Horseshoe Creek Bo passes the blue car and Rosco, unable to keep up, runs into the creek where Flash swims to shore and leaves Rosco alone in the car. Bo and the blue car continue to drive through Dead Man's turn, where the blue car spins out into Hiram Meecham's field. Celebrating their victory, Bo and Luke head back to check on the driver.

The driver is Fireball Watson, 'the champion stock car driver of the world' as he introduces himself. He praises Bo's driving and Luke says they have been following his career for years. Bo and Luke show Watson the General Lee's engine and Watson invites them to come join his pit crew as mechanics. The boys turn down the officer but Watson gives them his card in case they ever change their mind. The boys push him out of the field and they go their separate ways. As they head home, the boys see Cooter towing Rosco out of the creek.

Chapter 2[]

The Balladeer describes the Duke Farm, saying Great-Granddaddy Duke built the house that the current Duke's live in. Five Generations of Dukes are buried in a small cemetery on the Duke property and that the land means everything to them. Back when Jesse was a moonshiner he had very strict rules of who could buy his moonshine; no drunks, no one under 21, no one who beat any of their family members, and no one who couldn't keep a secret. Jesse had promised his mother that he would stop selling moonshine once all his debts were paid. The balladeer explains that Bo came to live at the farm first as a teenager, then Luke. After Daisy came to live there. One day Jesse had sprained his ankle so he let Bo and Luke do a moonshine run for him. However the boys lacked his experience and were caught. Jesse promised to never make moonshine again if the boys could only be given probation.

A stranger arrives to the farm and introduces himself as Barnard Pugh from the County Land Assessors Office. He explains he is there due to Jesse owing $10,000 in back taxes. He explains that if Jesse can't pay that in thirty days, the farm will be sold at public auction. Furious, Jesse forces Pugh off his land and assumes Boss has something to do with this as Jesse never heard about owing back taxes before.

Boss is in his office eating chitlin ice cream with Rosco and Cletus when Pugh calls and informs them that the plan is working. Rosco says it was a dirty trick of Boss' to find the old tax bills to which Boss takes as a compliment. Boss explains to Cletus that he has been buying all the farms around Duke Creek to build Hoggland or Hogg Heaven, a year round resort of 'vice and corruption'. Rosco says Boss has already gotten Hawkins' farm for nonpayment of income tax and the Jeffries' place for nonpayment of sales tax.

Chapter 3[]

Daisy gets off work from the Boar's Nest and heads out to Dixie, where Cletus is waiting. When Daisy greets him, Cletus asks if Daisy would accompany him to the Hazzard Policeman's Ball. Daisy says she didn't know Hazzard had one and Cletus says they don't yet, but if Daisy agreed to go with him he'd throw one. Daisy politely declines, saying she isn't attracted to men in uniform before driving home. At the Farm, Daisy learns from Jesse, Bo, and Luke about the back taxes. While Daisy, Bo, and Jesse try to figure out what to do they notice Luke has been reading a magazine. Luke informs them about Fireball Watson being the favorite for the Daytona 500 and how the first prize is one hundred thousand dollars. The other Dukes don't know where Luke is going with this, but Luke says that earlier that day, Bo had beaten Watson in a race. Realizing where Luke is leading, Jesse orders them to 'quit dreaming' as there is a difference between being good and being lucky. Bo protests that it wasn't luck but Jesse reminds them that knowing the roads of Hazzard and racing around the tracks for a living are not the same thing. Luke insists that they can try and Jesse says that to even try they would have to get the General ready, get to Daytona before the race starts, convince NASCAR to let two no name drivers even qualify for the race, and then they would have to win. Angry, Jesse storms out of the house. Bo asks why Jesse was mad at him too, since it was only Luke's idea, but Daisy points out that Jesse isn't mad at Bo or any of them, he's upset at losing his home. Luke says they are still going to try it and Daisy agrees, adding that they just shouldn't tell Jesse.

That night Bo, Luke, and Daisy go to the Hazzard Fairgrounds. Daisy and Luke sit in the bleachers while Bo does a few practice laps around the track. After Daisy times it, she tells Bo he has an average of 79 miles per hour. Bo and Luke are disheartened by it, knowing the average lap in the Daytona is nearly 150 miles per hour. The three talk about getting the General ready for the race and one by one all agree this is their best bet to keep the farm. Bo, the last one to agree, adds they don't even have to win the race and as long as they place in the top three spots they will be fine.

Chapter 4[]

The balladeer explains the history of moonshiners and how the sport of stock car racing was born. Jesse had watched many races over the years, and participated in many himself. His first 'tanker' was a 1949 Mercury Coupe and Jesse was a legend with the car, even accidentally creating a maneuver called the 'Bootleg turn'. Some of Jesse's friends ended up becoming race car drivers, like Hank 'Turtle' Collins and Calvin Morris. Calvin was a good friend of Jesse's and grew up in Hazzard. He got into stock car racing and was good, but when younger kids started taking bigger risks, Calvin did as well in order to keep winning. During a race in Texas, an accident happened and Calvin was killed. Since then Jesse hasn't been a fan of professional racing and tried to discourage the boys by refusing to talk about racing. Watson and Calvin were best friends, leading to Jesse having met Watson a few times over the years.

Chapter 5[]

Over the next few days Bo and Luke start having parts delivered to the Farm. During the day they did their chores but at night they secretly worked on the General. They overhauled the entire car, following the stock car rules book to ensure everything met all the requirements. The boys ordered a new camshaft and after putting it in and testing it, the engine's noise draws out Jesse and Daisy. When looking over the boys handiwork, Jesse asks them what they are doing all this for. Bo calls him 'Sir', a tip off to Jesse that they are trying to hide something. Knowing they can't lie, Luke admits the truth to Jesse, upsetting him. Jesse is disappointed in the boys for going behind his back and tells the boys to just go ahead and do what they want since they don't listen to him anymore before storming off.

The next day Jesse refuses to eat or to talk to any of the kids. Daisy makes him sassafras tea and leaves for work while Bo and Luke go to paint a man's house to make themselves scarce. While sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, Boss Hogg comes to visit. Boss claims he is sorry to hear Jesse and the Dukes are leaving Hazzard, which Jesse calls out the lie. Jesse asks what he wants and Boss says he came to offer Jesse $11,000 for the farm. Furious, Jesse chases Boss off the property.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy all sit in the barn around the General and talk bout how guilty they feel. The boys decide to go apologize to Jesse and promise not to race if that's what Jesse wants. However, Jesse comes into the barn and informs them that he is sorry for bawling them out the night before and if they want to race, he is behind them completely. He also offers to help them with the car and the boys become excited. Daisy kisses their uncle's cheek, telling him they love him.

Chapter 6[]

Jesse decides Bo and Luke need to do some physical training. He has both boys wear sweatshirts and go out to the fields to cut a cord of wood then run down to Parson's Creek and back. The boys say they are in good shape, but after doing the task find they aren't in as good of shape as they thought they were. Meanwhile Rosco is napping in his car nearby the creek at a speed trap. Seeing the boys, Flash whines and Rosco wakes up. He determines it is suspicious to see Bo and Luke going anywhere on foot.

Boss and Cletus are in Boss' office, Cletus making Boss pancakes for breakfast. While eating number thirteen, Rosco comes running in and informs Boss and Cletus of what he saw. Finding it strange that Bo and Luke were out running, Boss orders Cletus to go over to the Duke Farm and spy on them to find what the boys are up to. Cletus agrees and goes out to the Duke Farm, disguised as a tree stump. Bo and Luke easily notice him and talk about inviting him into the barn to see what he wants, but Cletus disturbs a group of bees and runs away as he gets stung.

Cletus returns to the Boar's Nest, shocking Daisy at the number of bee stings he received. He lies to Daisy, saying he got the wounds by arresting three men. Daisy knows he's lying and brings him a raw cold stake to put on the wounds. She goes back to sewing a fireproof jumpsuit, something Cletus notices and is suspicious about. Daisy uses the other customers as a distraction to get him to stop asking questions about it. Cletus however takes the information back to Boss.

Bo and Luke go to see their probation officer, Mr. Eugene Butler. They explain the situation to him and Butler gives them permission to go to Florida, telling them to be careful and that everyone in Hazzard is rooting for them. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco listen in on the conversation and learn of the boys plan to race in the Daytona 500. Rosco thinks the boys are crazy but Boss doesn't want to take the chance and decides they need to stop the boys.

Chapter 7[]

Boss holds a Board of Commissioners for Hazzard County meeting, which is only him and Rosco. They pass a new tax for racing cars in the county, making it $1,000. Boss then calls Cletus in the room and orders him to find the Dukes and impound the General Lee or Cletus will be fired.

The Dukes finish getting the General ready for Daytona and the race. Jesse also repainted his truck to reflect the 'Duke Family Racing Team' and loaded it with tools and spare parts. Cooter, having agreed to be part of the Duke's pit crew for the race, runs drills with Bo, Luke, and Daisy to get their pit crew time down to thirty seconds. As they do one finale check of the car, Jesse notices two police cars coming toward the farm. Bo and Luke take off in the General, but one of the valves is stuck. Luke stops long enough for Bo to fix it and the boys drive away from the Farm, so fast that Rosco and Cletus can't do anything but watch in shock. When stopping, Cletus accidentally crashes into the back of Rosco's car, giving him whiplash.

Rosco and Cletus go to see Boss, who is eating chocolate chip hush-puppies. Boss is unamused that they lost the boys and calls Leroy, ordering the fastest car the man has on his lot.

Chapter 8[]

The next morning Boss and Rosco wait out of the courthouse for Rosco's new patrol car. The Exterminator arrives, a car specially modified for speed. Cletus gets out of the car, terrified of it. When Rosco asks how fast the car goes, Cletus admits he never took it out of the first gear. Boss says they are wasting time and need to go to the Duke Farm.

The Dukes load up for the trip. Daisy makes cornbread and coffee and Jesse gathers the three Duke kids and Cooter together. He tells them that they've been backed against the wall before, and they will be again. He says the boys are doing what they feel they need to and he is real proud of them but he wants them to keep in mind that no piece of land is worth their lives and they will all be careful as they head to Daytona. The group all load up, Bo and Luke in the General, Cooter and Jesse in the pickup, and Daisy in Dixie. The group is stunned however when a huge amount of cars, trucks, and even the Hazzard High School school bus comes to the farm. The Band starts playing and the people of Hazzard cheer the Dukes on as they offer to escort them from the county. Susie Elkin's leans into the General to kiss Luke while Granny Perkins gives Bo a sweet potato and okra pie.

As they head toward town, Boss, Rosco, and Cletus finally head to the Duke's. However due to the massive crowd of the people of Hazzard, the officers can't get close to them. Boss asks the people to move, but knowing he is there to stop the Duke's no one does. After sitting in traffic for nearly a half hour waiting for the crowd to clear, the Exterminator stalls out. Boss has Cletus get water to cool the engine down, but by then the Dukes have long since left the county.

Chapter 9[]

The Dukes drive through the day, Jesse's truck needing to stop periodically and the boys not having shock absorbers making the entire trip more tiresome. Bo starts eating the pie and when Luke asks for him to share, Bo remarks Luke didn't share the kiss with him. However he ends up giving Luke a piece. As they cross the state line, Cooter calls the boys over the CB and says they need to stop at a truck stop and for the boys to keep going. Luke wants to open the General up and see what he can really do, but Bo says to wait until they get to Daytona. Luke agrees and a few minutes later the boys come up on an accident. A drunk driver hit a car and it crashed into the side of a bridge. An eight year old girl was severely hurt and her mother and the motorcycle policemen were the only ones there.

Bo and Luke offer to help and suggest driving them all to the hospital in Valdosta. Luke gets the General to two hundred miles per hour and the officer radio's the hospital ahead to let them know. When they arrive the girl is taken into the hospital by the doctors. Bo and Luke stay with the the mother and the officer in the hospital waiting room until a doctor comes out and informs them that the girl is going to be alright. Bo and Luke try to sneak away, intending to get back to the interstate but the officer refuses to just let them leave and agrees to escort them back to the interstate.

Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter are stunned to see Bo and Luke pulled over on the interstate with a motorcycle cop. Jesse wonders what kind of trouble the boys could have gotten into already but the cop only thanks the boys again for their help before telling them to keep to the speed limit as they go. They have no further incidents as they arrive in Daytona in the dead of night. Bo and Luke look around at the scenery, talking about how different it is. Bo tells Luke that they may not win, which Luke says 'so I'm told'. Bo asks that if they don't win and they loose the farm, what will they do. He suggests they go see the world, but Luke declines saying he will stay in Hazzard. Bo says if that is the case then he will stay there with Luke. The group then arrive to get their first look at the Daytona track, intimidating Bo. Cooter assures him they will 'whittle it down' and Jesse says it's time for them to find a place to sleep.

Chapter 10[]

In Hazzard, Boss decides they can't just let the Dukes go to Florida because they have a habit of getting lucky and beating the odds. Boss decides for them to go to Florida to stop the Dukes. He has Rosco drive the Exterminator with him in the back and Cletus follows in his patrol car, using their lights and sirens most of the way to keep from being stopped. Lulu made them some snacks but Boss still stops at every food stall along the way. The group also arrives in Daytona.

Since the Dukes only have $38.56 for the entire weekend, they decide not to attempt finding a hotel and camp out in the vehicles near the coast. The group set up a makeshift shelter and sleep on the beach. In the morning, Bo, Luke, and Daisy go swimming and playing on the beach, attracting many interested young men and women. When they return to their camp they find a few officers waiting for them however, informing the group that camping on the beach is illegal. Bo apologizes and Luke explains that they really don't have the money to stay anywhere. They assume the boys are there to watch the race but Luke explains they are racing. The officers end up deciding to turn a blind eye to the Dukes for the weekend.

Bo and Luke take the pickup and drive around Daytona for a minute. They think about stopping at a club but disregard the idea and go to the racetrack. When they arrive the boys ask about getting an entry for the qualifying race. Thinking it's a joke, the security guard tells them to go back to the bar they crawled out of. Bo gets the idea to say they are friends of Fireball Watson, even showing the security guard the card, but the man says they could have found that anywhere and refuses to admit them to the track.

After circling the track, the boys find a fence that is unguarded. Deciding to slip in, they climb the fence, Luke ripping his pants on some barbed wire, and get into the track. Seeing the actual track itself the two cousins become very intimidated but realize it's far too late to back out now.

Chapter 11[]

Fireball Watson hears a commotion outside and is told by security that two men had slipped in but they caught them. Watson says to be easy on the men as they could be fans and the security guard shows him the business card saying the two claimed to be friends of his. Going outside, Watson sees Bo and Luke fighting with security and quickly assures them all that Bo and Luke are his friends and to let them go. He takes the boys into his garage, showing them his set up to the boys awe. Watson's team of mechanics are working on his car and when Luke gives them a recommendation, Watson tells the mechanics to obey it before saying he's glad the boys took him up on his offer. The boys tell him that they are actually there to race themselves. Watson tries to let them down gently, but when the boys insist that they want to race the mechanics start laughing, even teasing Luke about his ripped pants. Disheartened, especially when Watson refuses to assist them, the boys leave.

As they go outside they see two blonde sisters, twins, wearing Watson's pit-crew uniform. They are round the same age as the boys and they tease Luke about his pants, prompting the boys to decide to leave the track entirely. The girls follow them however, introducing themselves as Watson's daughters Tamara and Tanya. They apologize for their dad's attitude, saying he's always mean before a race before they offer to help the boys out. They are skeptical for a moment but agree to let the sisters help.

Boss, Cletus, Rosco, and Flash arrive in Daytona. They check into a hotel before ordering the entire room service menu. Boss asks Cletus to look for the Dukes but Cletus is looking at the girls in the pool. Boss takes the telescope from him and easily locates the General on the beach with Jesse and Cooter. He tells Cletus and Rosco to go get some inconspicuous clothes so they don't draw attention. The two leave and return dressed for the beach, annoying Boss.

Chapter 12[]

Knowing how small their finances are, Daisy decides to go to the Speedway to attempt to get a job. After being refused, she goes to leave when a man approaches her. He asks why she is looking fora job and she tells him about Bo and Luke wanting to race. He asks if they have a sponsor and she explains they are independents. He laughs, making her angry but he quickly sooths her, saying he is Houston Crawford Jr, and his father is currently sponsoring Fireball Watson in the race. He agrees to check out Bo and Luke and suggests that if they are good enough, he may just be interested in sponsoring them.

They both go to the beach and Crawford tells the boys he might sponsor them for the race, but they need to prove themselves to him first and challenges them to a race. The boys agree and Luke and Crawford race against each other, Luke easily blowing past Crawford and winning. Impressed, Crawford tells them he would like to be their manager. The boys say they can't afford to split the prize money and Crawford says he has no interest in the money, the boys can keep it all, he just likes to see the underdog stand a chance. The boys agree to the deal. That night Crawford takes the Duke team out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, including Cooter, Tamara, and Tanya.

Crawford likes underdogs because his father only likes winners and sees him as a looser. Crawford Sr. is a major businessman in the oil business nicknamed the 'crawfish'. After dinner Crawford Jr. goes to see his father and informs him that he plans to sponsor the Duke boys. Crawford Sr. admits he's heard about the boys around the track from earlier that day, and they have no hope as they can't even pay the entrance fee. Crawford Jr. tells his father that he is the boys manager and he is paying the fee. Crawford Sr. says this is going to fail and this time he won't bail his son out.

Chapter 13[]

The next day the Dukes go to the track with Crawford Jr. Crawford shows them the pit area he reserved and informs the boys that he got them a spot in the practice laps but they are going to have to get into the qualifying heats themselves. Luke goes to drive and at the last moment Bo jumps into the General, riding along with him. As they do the practice laps, they begin to gain the fans attention.

Another driver, Billy "T-Bone" Tucker is driving his practice rounds. He is considered the second best driver, after Watson. He drives a canary yellow car with shark teeth painted on the front and is one of the meanest, nastiest people on the track also known for dirty tricks. Seeing the General gaining on him Tucker decides to keep in front of them no matter what. Meanwhile Crawford Jr. tries to get the officials to admit the Dukes to the qualifying heat but they refuse. A man comes in to announce that they all need to look at the track since there is a race going on for the practice runs. Crawford Jr. is amused to see the Dukes are hanging onto Tucker. In the car, Luke is getting exhausted and Bo keeps encouraging him to hang in there so they can get into the qualification. When Luke decides he can't hang in there much longer, Bo points out that Tucker's engine is starting to smoke. Tucker's car starts leaking oil and he is given a yellow flag to get off the track. Tucker ignores it and during the next lap he wrecks. Luke narrowly avoids the wreck and keeps racing in the practice runs, only going backwards. The crowd loves it and the officials agree with Crawford Jr. to admit the Dukes to the qualifications.

Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter express their relief that the boys are alright when they return to the pits, which Luke brushes off as just another Sunday drive. The Watson twins jump into the boys arms, praising their driving. Meanwhile Crawford Sr. and Watson watch the race from the VIP box. Watson says he never should have invited the boys as they made Tucker look like a fool. Crawford Sr. says this is a good thing, that it will finally give Watson some real competition and for Watson not to talk like a loser. Elsewhere, Boss, Cletus, and Rosco also watch the race and Boss announces that he has a plan. On the track, Tucker gets out of his car and storms over to the Dukes. Bo offers him a handshake but Tucker angrily brushes it off. He says they all treated him like a fool and he will beat them at the race. As Tucker storms off, Crawford Jr. comes running over with the qualifying paperwork, informing the boys they succeeded.

Chapter 14[]

Mo Birch and Jasper Rollins arrive at the hotel Boss is staying at. Mo is a large seven foot tall man who takes orders from Jasper, who was a Phi Beta Kappa from the Florida State Penn. They are shocked to see Rosco in a police uniform but Boss assures them that Rosco is as crooked as they are. Boss informs the two that he wants them to work on a car. Mo says they don't know how and Boss offers them a large wad of cash, explaining that they are going to sabatoge the car, not fix it.

The next day Cooter and Jesse are working on the General making sure it didn't receive too much wear from the practice runs. Bo and Luke are sunning themselves on the beach with the Watson twins while Daisy is walking along the surf with Crawford Jr. Crawford Jr. admits his father is overbearing and rude and his time with Daisy is the first time he's ever been relaxed. He admits that backing Bo and Luke was the first time he has ever gone against his father and that he needs the boys to win to show his dad that he can make right choices. Daisy says that his dad has made him think there is something lacking and that just isn't true.

After telling Mo and Jasper that they know what to do; Boss, Cletus, and Rosco stroll out onto the beach in 1890's swimwear and carrying all items for a beach picnic. Luke groans as he sees them and asks what they are doing there. Boss says they just came for the race and he's surprised to see the boys. Bo quickly reminds Rosco that he isn't in his jurisdiction but Boss says they weren't there to bother the boys. While they try to figure out what Boss is up to, the man goes into the water to swim. Boss suddenly starts yelling that he's caught in a riptide and that he can't swim. Knowing Rosco can't swim either, Bo and Luke rush into the water to save him. Cooter and Jesse come over a dune to see what is going on and when the boys call them for help, they take the jeep and rush over. Seeing their chance, Mo and Jasper start pulling apart the engine.

After Boss and the others leave, the Dukes see the state of the General and realize the trick. They are devastated, knowing they won't have a chance to fix it in time for the qualifications. The Watson twins ask that the engine for the General is the same size as their daddies, saying they have an idea. That night they go through the discarded parts bin in their father's garage, looking for anything to help the boys. They are caught by their father who demands to know what they are doing. They admit to him that they are trying to help Bo and Luke. For a moment Fireball Watson is upset but then he admits he heard about the boys being sabotaged and that he agrees that they should give the boys a fair chance. He gives a number of new parts to his daughters to help the Dukes.

Chapter 15[]

The day of the qualifications arrive and the Dukes finish putting the engine together, with no time to test it. As they get ready for the qualification round, Crawford Jr. talks to Bo and Luke. He explains the dangers of the start of the race and encourages the boys to use the other cars slipstreams to save on gas. Crawford Jr. also encourages the boys to cheat a bit, but they flat out refuse saying they will do this fair and square. The boys then flip a coin, Luke winning with tails. Luke gets in the car and Tamara wishes him luck before kissing his cheek. Luke drives the General out into the line up and the other drivers taunt him. Boss, who is in the stands with the others, is horrified to see the General and buys an entire tray of hotdogs.

Before the races starts, Luke admits to Bo over the radio that he's nervous and Bo assures him he will do fine. The race starts and Luke immediately has trouble. The General gives him a hard time and the other drivers start slamming into him. Luke manages to improve as the race goes on and gets his finale qualification time. The Dukes all celebrate but Crawford Jr. tells them not to get too excited until they see all the qualifying times to ensure the Dukes are even in the race.

Chapter 16[]

At the end of the week for the qualifications the Dukes learn that they qualified for the 500, but their overall qualification time was low and they are in the very back of the pack. Crawford Jr. expresses concern, as no one has ever placed let alone won from the very back but Bo assures him that there's never been a Duke in the race before. That night the Dukes have a clambake on the beach. Bo plays guitar while Cooter plays a harmonica and Jesse uses a makeshift drum. Luke and the Watson twins dance while Daisy and Crawford Jr. dance and a few police officers swing by to congratulate them.

Daisy and Crawford Jr. go off for a walk. Daisy thanks him for his help and he admits he's in it because he has something to prove to his father. Daisy admits that she wishes she was part of the reason he was helping and he informs her that she is. He says he wishes the race wasn't using up all their time though because he would love to spend time with just her. Daisy says for them to make use of the time they do have before kissing him. At the fire Tanya and Bo talk and under the false pretense of seeing grunion, the two go out by the surf and lay down together by the water to watch the waves. Tamara also takes Luke off under the excuse of star gazing.

Meanwhile at the hotel, Rosco is trying to meet some of the pretty women who all brush him off. One woman takes in interest in Rosco and Flash, but Boss yells for Rosco as he has a new plan.

Chapter 17[]

The next morning Boss, Rosco, Cletus, Mo, and Jasper enter the Duke's camp, Rosco waking them all up with a gun shot. Bo tells him to put the gun away and Jesse invites them all for coffee. Boss informs them that the General is being impounded to nonpayment of racing car taxes. When the group moves in to take the car, Daisy throws sand in Rosco's eyes and Luke takes his gun, tossing it into the ocean. Bo jumps on Mo but it doesn't really effect him and Luke fights with Jasper. After a slight scuffle, Bo and Luke get in the General and drive away. Boss and Rosco follow in the Exterminator while Cletus, Mo, and Jasper follow in their cars.

As the five cars speed down the beach, Bo tricks Mo and Jasper into crashing into each other before causing Cletus to drive into the ocean and forcing Cletus to swim back to shore. After Bo jumps a sand dune to get off the beach. Rosco decides not to follow as he gets 'air sick' and goes around. Boss calls the Daytona Police for backup. While the boys head toward town they see the police coming after them. They turn and head back to the beach, losing the police due to both their driving and new fans they have been gaining in Daytona (who recognized the car and purposely blocked the police cars). As they get to the boardwalk they see Rosco waiting for them. Finding they are boxed in, Bu drives down the pier and off the edge. All the onlookers watch horrified, assuming the boys just committed suicide.

Chapter 18[]

Due to the tide being out, Bo lands on a strip of sand and went around the roadblocks. Meanwhile the police and Boss assume they drove into the ocean and were looking around for them. Unable to drive on the roads now, the boys head to the fairgrounds where people were making floats for the parade to hide the General.

The rest of the Dukes racing team meet up with the boys at the fairgrounds. The team is initially glum, realizing they have 24 hours to not only get the General in racing shape but also to get it to the race track somehow. Jesse orders them to get to work if that is the case, and not to waste time worrying about what if's. While Bo and Daisy take a break from the work, they look at the floats people are making and Daisy gets an idea of how to get the General to the race track. Needing money for parts, Crawford Jr. sells his Italian Sports Car and buys the parts while Daisy and the Watson Twins work on their own project through the night.

As the parade for the race goes through town, a few people notice the float from Hazzard County. Daisy and the Watson Twins set up a float with a small farm house and farm on it with Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse on the float. Under the float is the General with the boys and the twins. They get through town and arrive at the speedway.

Chapter 19[]

As everyone waits for the race to start, Boss is celebrating but Rosco and Cletus are sad, thinking the boys died. They hear the announcer talk about the parade, giving a special prize for original idea to the float from Hazzard County. Boss says they didn't put a float in the parade and suspects something is up. As Daisy accepts the prize on the float, Boss and his people run down and start pulling apart the float to the crowds anger. Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter jump off the float as it comes apart, revealing the General. Thinking it was intentional, the people cheer and the boys escape Boss.

While the Duke's are having the General inspected for the race, which passes with flying colors, Crawford Sr. goes to the race official saying the Dukes need to be disqualified. The race official says the boys qualified fair and square and Crawford Sr. says they are making a mockery of the sport and by allowing them in it will allow any 'riff-raff' in. The official says then it will allow new blood into the sport. Crawford Sr. threatens to pull all his cars from the race and the official tells him to go ahead. Before he can leave, Boss comes over telling the official he needs to cancel the race as there are two wanted criminals, the Dukes, racing. The official says they can arrest the boys after the race, but it's too far along for him to stop now. As the official leaves, Boss and Crawford Sr. realize they have the same goal and decide to work together.

Tucker learns the Dukes are going to race as he prepares to get in his car. He says the boys won't make a fool of his this time. As Watson gets in his car, his daughters come to wish him luck. As the Duke's get ready to put the General on the track, they toss a coin between Bo and Luke again. Luke calls tails and the coin lands on tails. Bo claims it's heads and gets in the General. Luke wishes him luck and tells him not to take any unnecessary risks. Bo promises before taking to the track, blaring the General's horn.

Chapter 20[]

The 42 cars are lined up with Watson and Tucker in the front and Bo in the back. As the pace car gets ready to start, a police captain from the Daytona P.D. comes over to arrest Bo but the official will not allow him on the field. In the General, Bo starts getting nervous and tells the General that they are all counting on them.

The race starts and Bo starts moving up in the race. Luke remarks how Bo started out in an impossible position but if anyone can pull it off, it would be him. As the race continues Bo starts moving up in place then an accident is caused by two cars. Bo barley makes it through the accident and ends up in tenth place before hitting the pits for gas. The pit stop took thirty seconds and Cooter says they need to do better. When the green flag comes back out they learn twelve cars had been totaled. By the time two thirds of the race is completed, Bo has reached third place after Watson and Tucker.

Bo and Tucker start fighting for second place, passing each other repeatedly. Tucker, getting angry starts hitting into Bo. During one of the passes the two hit each other hard again and spin out. Both cars flip and the General lands upright while Tucker lands upside down. After checking that Turner is alright, Bo tries to start the General but the car stalls out. While getting anxious, Bo tries again and manages to start the General before getting back on the track and quickly retaking second place. Meanwhile the Dukes get worried, not having seen the accident and not seeing Bo on the track, but become relieved when they see him behind Watson.

Chapter 21[]

In a fit of anger and desperation to stop Bo; Boss, Rosco, and Crawford Sr. get in the Exterminator and head onto the track. Rosco protests that this is illegal but Boss brushes the concern off. Meanwhile Bo manages to pass Watson and get into first place, making the crowd go wild. Daisy and the others start to celebrate but Luke reminds them the race isn't over yet. Meanwhile Boss has Rosco drive through the gate closing off the track and enter the race.

The crowd and officials are stunned while Boss orders Rosco to catch Bo. Meanwhile Cletus, Mo, and Jasper watch from the stands. Cletus wants to go help but the two crooks pull a gun on him and inform him that they are going to go rob a bank and Cletus is coming with them to help.

As the race draws to a close, Bo continues to maintain his lead. He spots Rosco on the track to his confusion. Bo tries to signal for Rosco to get off the track but Rosco hits Bo instead, nearly causing them both to crash. Bo gets ahead of Rosco and continues to drive toward the checkered flag. Before the race ends, Rosco finds the steering has gone out of his car and has lost control. Seeing Rosco in danger, Bo immediately slows down and uses the General to stabilize Rosco. While saving Rosco, Bo, and Crawford Sr., Bo watches Fireball Watson pass him, winning the race along with all the other drivers.

Dejected, Bo goes back to the pits, having lost the entire race. Daisy happily says that Bo is alright but Bo protests that he just lost everything for the family. Jesse hugs him, saying he's proud of Bo for giving up everything to save someone's life. Cooter and Luke also assure Bo that it was the most winning thing Bo could have done. Meanwhile the other drives swarm around Bo, picking him and carrying him off and confusing Bo. Fireball Watson comes over to congratulate Bo, despite him winning and Bo expresses confusion, Watson says they all recognize a champion when they see one.

In the Exterminator, Crawford Sr. expresses regret for what just happened and leaves to go apologize for Bo. Boss talks about how his plans are still on and Rosco reminds him that Bo just save his life but Boss still plans to take the farm.

Chapter 22[]

Mo and Jasper take Cletus to a bank that is closing. At gunpoint, Cletus tells the owner of the bank that he is there for a pickup. The owner opens the door to explain that he has no notice of this, but Jasper pulls a gun on him and they rob the bank. As they leave, Cletus asks to be dropped off but Jasper says no and that the bank robbery worked so well he wants to do it again.

As the Dukes pack up to leave, Rosco runs over to them and informs them that he just heard over the police scanner that Cletus was involved in a robbery. Rosco expresses concern for Cletus and him and the Duke boys get in the General to go find the deputy. Mo and Jasper take the back roads to avoid traffic, something the Dukes are forced to do as well allowing them to spot Cletus' patrol car. Cletus tells Mo and Jasper they will never outrun the General, which the two realize is true. Spotting speedboats, they stop and leave Cletus in the car to steal a boat.

The Dukes catch up and ask if Cletus is alright, which Cletus confirms but informs them the crooks got away with the money. Bo asks to borrow a boat and a couple who owns one asks if Bo knows how to drive one, which Bo confirms. The man allows it as as they get on, Luke points out Bo has never seen this type of boat before in his life, asking how can Bo possibly know how to drive it. Bo suggests it's like driving a car, adding Luke is going to be driving it anyway. Luke struggles at first but gets the hang of driving the boat as they head after the crooks. They catch up and Jasper starts shooting at them before using all his ammo and throwing the gun. Luke decides to play chicken with the boat, turning at the last second and splashing the two crooks and the engine. After the crooks boat stalls out, the two come back around and jump onto the other boat, defeating Jasper and Mo and taking them into custody.

They return to the docks to find the Hazzard Police and Daytona Police waiting. After taking the money and the crooks, the police turn to Bo and Luke, recalling that they were trying to arrest them earlier for the car chase. The boys offer to explain but the officer tells them to just get in the car, putting the boys in the back of another police cruiser.

Chapter 23[]

Bo and Luke marvel at their bad luck when they are surprised to pass by the police station. The Police Chief takes them to the Bank that was robbed, going to Dave the owner and expressing that Bo and Luke just recovered all of the stolen money. Dave shakes the boys hands and confused, the boys ask to clarify that they are not being arrested. The chief says he should give them a medal and Dave adds that while they don't have any medals, they do have a $5,000 reward for anyone who helps stopping a crime.

Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter arrive, congratulating the boys but Bo points out its not enough to save the farm. Crawford Sr. and Crawford Jr. both arrive, Sr. asking where the 'fools' are. Offended, Cooter says the boys aren't anyone's fools and Sr. asks if that is true why did the boys leave the track without their prize money. Bo expresses confusion, saying he didn't even finish the race and they are told that Bo gets so much money for every lap he lead, and the prize money is just over ten thousand dollars. The Dukes celebrate saving the farm and a photographer goes to take their picture. Boss insists on being in the picture for publicity but the photographer only takes the Dukes in the end.

That night Crawford Sr. has a chicken dinner prepared and he, Crawford Jr., Watson, and the Watson join the Dukes' camp for dinner. Crawford Sr. explains to the Dukes that Fireball Watson is retiring after this race and since Crawford Jr. proved he can spot talent, he has decided to turn over the racing side of his business to his son. He asks if Bo and Luke will replace Watson on their team. Bo and Luke look at each other as Jesse says it's their decision and he will support whatever they decide. The boys turn down the officer, despite clearly wanting it, as they can't leave the farm short handed.

Not wanting the boys to feel burdened with the Farm, Jesse announces that Coy and Vance are actually headed to Hazzard. He jokes that he's unhappy with Bo and Luke's performance with the chores, gently hitting Bo's stomach to prove a point, and saying he is giving their jobs to their cousins. The two agree and the Watson twins kiss the boys in congratulations. Daisy and Crawford Jr. slip off and Daisy says it's great he and his dad are getting along again. Crawford Jr. says it's all because of her and he would love it if Daisy would stay with him. Daisy apologizes but says her place is in Hazzard, although she will never forget Crawford Jr.

Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse prepare to head back to Hazzard. They tell the boys that Coy and Vance will stop by and get the General, then drive it back to Hazzard which the boys agree with. They say goodbye to each other, Jesse tells the boys not to hang out to late and to not hang out with unsavory people. The boys then say goodbye to the General, taking him for one last spin.

Chapter 24[]

Jesse and Daisy sit on the Duke Farmhouse front porch in the rocking chairs. Daisy says she is glad they got the farm, she just wishes the boys could enjoy it. Jesse says it is always their home and they can enjoy it whenever. Daisy brings up the look on Boss' face when they paid the back taxes and Jesse says this is the end of his 'Hoggland' plans. Jesse remarks that if Boss put half as much effort in honest work as he did in his schemes Boss would have twice as much money as he does now. The two wonder what to do with what is left of the money, since the back taxes, Orphanage donation, and tools for Cooter used most of it and left them with four thousand dollars. Daisy decides to get Jesse a new tractor but a car pulls up.

Barnard Pugh informs the Dukes that they need to pay the taxes on the prize money and that it comes to $3,953.26. Annoyed with the man, the Dukes pay it and watch him leave. Jesse assures Daisy everything will be alright and wonders just what is keeping Vance and Coy.

Boss and Rosco are in Boss' office where Boss has a feast laid out. They get a call from Pugh, informing them that he scammed the last of the prize money from the Dukes. Boss then sends Rosco to help Cletus with the speed traps.

Vance and Coy enter Hazzard in the General, driving around and marveling at Hazzard, wondering how they could have ever left in the first place. As they pass Cletus' speed trap, the two are surprised to see him but decide to lead him on a chase before jumping a creek and getting away.

Differences between Book and Series[]

  • A few counties are mentioned in the book that were never mentioned in the series, including Jackson County and Calhoun County
  • Luke claims the General's engine is the stock four-forty engine that came in the car with a few modifications. However in Happy Birthday General Lee, we learn Bo and Luke had built the engine from scratch themselves.
  • The book claims Bo came to the farm first as a teenager, then Luke, then Daisy.
    • In the TV series, Jesse has stated many times that Bo and Luke were babies when they came to live on the farm. Since Luke is older, Luke would have come to the farm first, then Bo. It was also stated in Farewell Hazzard, Daisy was six when she came to live on the farm.
  • The book claims Boss helped Rosco steal his election for Sheriff
    • In the show, it is stated a number of times that Rosco was once a very well respected and well liked Sheriff, even saying he was the best in the state. It wasn't until after the pension fund was cut by the people of Hazzard that Rosco became crooked.
  • Jesse says the boys are both 21
    • Luke is stated many times through the show to be older than Bo, meaning they cannot both be the same age
    • Bo is stated to have graduated high school in 1976. That would have made Bo around 18 at the time, putting his year of birth around 1958. Since the book takes place in 1982, Bo would actually be 24.
    • Luke was in the marines and made the rank of SGT, putting his time in service anywhere from 4 to 6 years. Since Luke was discharged the same year that Bo graduated high school, in 1976, Luke is likely 4 to 6 years older than Bo. Luke's age during the book would be 28 to 30.
  • Bo and Luke's probation officer is Eugene Butler, who sometimes will send younger people on probation to Bo and Luke to help them keep on the straight and narrow
    • Bo and Luke's first probation officer was Andy Roche. When Roche retired, Roxanne Huntley was assigned to Hazzard. In People's Choice, it was established that Boss Hogg took over as the boys probation officer after Roxanne was reassigned. During the same episode, the boys probation officer became Thelma Claire Rogers but it soon returns back to Boss Hogg, who remains their probation officer for the duration of their time.
  • Through the book, Bo and Luke's roles seem to be reversed. Luke is the more impulsive one, wanting to speed down the interstate instead of waiting until they get to a track, wanting to side track their trip because he sees a club full of pretty women, and suggesting taking more risks. Meanwhile Bo seems to be more of the voice of reason, telling Luke that they need to stay out of trouble until the race and to show patience.
  • At the end of the book, the Dukes leave Bo and Luke in Florida and Coy and Vance drive the General from Florida to Hazzard. However in the series, the Dukes took the boys to the airport in the General and Vance and Coy came to Hazzard in their own car.