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The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood was a reunion film based on the American TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, and was aired on CBS television in 2000.

As with the Reunion! movie, the "Good Ol' Boys" theme is abandoned, this time for a song called "Good Times."


Hazzard in Hollywood follows up on the first reunion movie, The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! and begins with Bo and Luke Duke partaking in the Hazzard County festival which features actual country music star Toby Keith as himself.

When an old partner of the late J.D. Hogg, Ezra Bushmaster, arrives in Hazzard, he donates a significant amount of money to the hospital fund, on the condition that the people of Hazzard are able to raise the rest by a certain amount of time. A music promoter on vacation in Hazzard says he'll buy the master tapes of the performances of music stars who performed in Hazzard. So the Dukes decide to travel to Hollywood to sell some country music recordings to raise the rest of the money.

They are joined by Rosco P. Coltrane in his RV accompanied by a fake basset hound named Einstein, Cooter Davenport & Cletus Hogg in a truck carrying Daisy's Motorcycle. On the way there they were shot at by a one eyed hitman, who was hired by Ezra as it was later discovered to stop the Dukes.

Once they get to Hollywood, they set up a camp in Hollywood Hills, Enos Strate joins them but informs them they need permits to camp next to the Hollywood Sign. Later, a couple of hitmen steal the RV. In an attempt to recover the RV and the music that was inside it, Bo and Luke save a Mexican from a group of gang members. Soon, the boy's older brother arrives with friends in a lowrider convertible. They thank Bo and Luke and, after seeing what they can do with The General Lee and a ramp, invite them to a block party where Bo falls in love with a sister of Cipriano.

The next morning, they get information that the RV is at a chop shop. By the time they get there, the RV has been chopped for parts. But the music recordings were not inside, so they continue looking when The General Lee's transmission goes out. They are confronted by a black woman who threatens to take their car which she thinks has a racing engine she wants, which they don't have.

After being confronted by rattlesnakes on The General Lee's seat, she asks them, "You boys aren't from New Jersey, are you?" It is revealed that the two hitmen that stole the RV went to her, and she threatened them the same way, and they told her that the boys had the racing engine she was looking for. She fixes The General Lee in exchange for the recipe to Uncle Jesse's old barbecue sauce.

In the meantime, Daisy gets work as a stuntwoman and Rosco meets up with an unfriendly loan shark and the music promoter was a big old fraud that had tangled with Enos in the past as has the loan shark. The boys eventually retrieve the music, and discover that Ezra Bushmaster, the man who donated the money for the hospital was the same man behind the theft all along.


The Annual Hazzard Hoe- Down begins. Toby Keith begins playing on the stage with many of the people dancing, including Rosco. The song is ‘Jacky Don Tucker’.

Balladeer: Welcome to the Hazzard Hoe-Down, ya’ll got here just in time. It’s an annual fundraiser to help build a Hazzard Hospital. Now there’s all the fun and games you’d expect. Like the traditional old fashioned rattlesnake sacking contest. Bo’s entered in that one. It’s time for the ax catching. Luke’s favored in the event this time. But despite last years little mishap, old lefty is determined to win again. Now any sissy can throw an axe. The trick is catching it first then throwing it. There’s Cooter, Daisy, and Cletus. Cooter’s in the BBQ sauce contest. He inherited Uncle Jesse’s recipe which always wins first price.

At the rattlesnake contest the judge blows the whistle and Bo starts gathering snakes to put in a sack. Cooter and Daisy watch as Bo keeps from getting bit and the the whistle blows. Bo announces he got four. At the axe catching event, Luke shakes his opponents hand. ‘Lefty’ goes first, catching the axe and throwing it, hitting right outside the bullseye. Luke takes off his shirt and an axe is tossed to him. He catches it and throws it, hitting the bullseye. At Cooter’s BBQ booth, Cooter finishes his entry with Daisy and Cletus. Cooter and Daisy seal it and Cooter says he tried to make it the same as Uncle Jesse's but something is missing. He gives it to Cletus to take to the judge.

Bo is dancing with a girl in the crowd. Luke finds Cletus and Rosco dances with two women. Bo leaves his partner to go to Daisy and Luke, hugging Luke. Cooter joins them as Toby Keith finishes his song. Everyone claps and Rosco goes to the stage and tells everyone that Toby comes back every year to help them, even though he is now a big country music star. Rosco says that they have raised a total of $35,000.63 for the hospital fund. Everyone cheers as Rosco says they are still $3,500,000 away from their goal. Ezra Bushmaster speaks up, taking to the stage saying that at the rate they are going their great grand kids will be doing the groundbreaking.

Everyone is confused and when Luke asks who is he, Rosco explains he was a former partner of Boss’. The Dukes watch in confusion as Ezra says he wants to give something back to Hazzard. When he asks if they want the hospital now, everyone gets excited. Ezra says if they can raise half a million in ten days he will donate the remaining three million. The crowd gets excited but Toby, Rosco, and the Dukes are skeptical. Bo asks what the catch is and Ezra says he wants the hospital named after him. Rosco asks where he got that kind of money. Ezra asks if Rosco learned how to read and Rosco says of course he did. Rosco reads a paper saying it was a certified statement saying Ezra is worth 100 million dollars, shocking Bo, Luke, and Rosco. Daisy asks how they can raise that much that fast. A man in the back, B.B. Bascomb announces they have the money before heading up to the stage. Rosco asks Ezra if this man works for him and Ezra says he thought the guy was Rosco’s. B.B. Bascomb takes the stage, saying that Hazzard has a number of recordings of huge named country singers. He says some of the big names he represents want to get into country music. Luke asks if this is even doable and B.B. says they just need the money to remix and remaster the tapes. He says he can do it for 30 thousand and put out a CD that will get them the half million they need. Toby says if they sell the tapes he’ll bring everyone back for a ground breaking. Everyone cheers.

A group sets out. Bo, Luke, and Daisy lead in the General Lee with Bo driving. Rosco followed behind in his RV with Cooter and Cletus in the back in Cletus' pick up and having Daisy’s motorcycle in the back. Rosco keeps a stuffed animal of his basset hound Albert Einstein who died two years before. Rosco has the money in the RV and the tapes along with scuppernogs for Enos an a sack of rattlesnakes. The RV overheats and Rosco and Cletus check it over. Daisy gets a call telling her that Anita Blackwell is in Hollywood and has agreed to come to Hazzard for the hoe-down. Daisy and Bo are excited and Luke just nods. Luke comments he can’t believe Cooter’s BBQ came in second and Cooter says Uncle Jesse has a secret ingredient labeled PS and he can’t figure out what it was.

They take to the road again and Rosco’s front tire goes out. Rosco swerves along the road and they all stop. Everyone gets out to check the tire when the spare tire goes out. When another shot hits the back window, Bo comments they are being shot at and Luke quickly pulls Bo and Daisy to cover while Rosco, Cooter, and Cletus also take cover. Patch, the shooter, watches in amusement when his partner says he missed them. Patch says he wasn’t trying to hit them but to stop them.

Cooter gets a spare off the truck and warns Rosco it’s thin. Bo asks why would anyone want to shoot at them and Daisy suggests they are in Montana. Luke says they are better shots in Montana. They all hit the road again. Patch calls his boss to say that the group is dumber than a rock as they are still going.

Three days later they arrive in Hollywood. Bo honks at a limo, amused. They drive through the streets, looking at the various sites in excitement. They go up under the Hollywood sign and set up a camp, trapping animals that they found. They all sit at a campfire and Rosco asks how no one else has used the campsite. Rosco puts his stuffed dog down saying ‘stay’ and Bo says he isn’t going anywhere. Rosco asks if Hollywood is ready for Hazzard. Patch and his partner watch from a distance.

Patch goes to Igor’s hide out and asks him for his help. He says he needs some of his men to help stop a group of hillbillies. Igor agrees to let Patch hire a number of his men for 2 thousand a day and a number of CD’s.

The next morning Cooter, Cletus, Daisy, Bo, and Luke have breakfast. Daisy says Enos is coming and Enos arrives. Enos happily greets them all and Rosco comes out to join them. After hugging everyone, Rosco says he’s glad to see the ‘dipstick’. Enos becomes alarmed as he realizes they have built a fire and tells them they can’t. He explains that it’s a park. They tell him about trapping and Enos tells them they need a permit. Daisy asks if he can pull the permits and he agrees to try. He tries Cooter’s food and Daisy gives him the scuppernogs. Enos happily eats them and they all have some.

Daisy, Cooter, and Enos head to City Hall to get a camping permit. Bo, Luke, and Cletus remain behind having coffee. B.B. Bascumb gets ready to leave his house. However he is approached by Igor and his people, asking where the 50 thousand is that B.B. owes Igor. B.B. tries to ask for more time and Igor asks his associate, Tatiana, to kill him. B.B. tells them about the tapes the Dukes have.

While driving, Enos hears a call on the police scanner of an armed robbery. Enos heads that way, and Cooter says it feels like back home. They arrive at a liquor store where a number of cops are waiting. Enos, Daisy, and Cooter get out, approaching a female cop. She happily greets Enos saying she thought it was his day off. Enos says they were just passing by. He asks for the situation,learning there is one armed man. He picks up the bullhorn telling whoever is inside to come out. The armed man inside asks if that is Enos. Recognizing the voice, Enos tells all the officers to hold their fire. Daisy and Cooter are confused as the man, Cullen, comes out saying he thought it was Enos’ day off. Cooter asks if everyone knows it’s his day off. Enos introduces Cooter and Daisy and Cullen greets them, accidentally pointing the gun at them and making everyone but Enos nervous. Enos tells him to stop waving the gun around and Cullen says it’s not loaded. Enos says the two of them know that but everyone else doesn’t. The store clerk comes out to check and shakes his head before returning to work. Daisy and Cooter watch, impressed, as Enos talks to Cullen and gets him into the car. He tells Tami, Daisy, and Cooter that he’s arrested Cullen eight times now. As Enos goes to the car to get Cullen situated, Tami tells Cooter and Daisy how great Enos is and calls him a stud muffin, throwing Cooter and Daisy off.

At the camp, Patch is spying on Bo, Luke, Cletus, and Rosco. They are eating lunch when the RV is stolen. Bo and Luke chase after them in the General and Rosco and Cletus in the pickup as the tapes and money are all in the RV. Bo and Luke chase him down a tunnel but Rosco and Cletus lose sight of them. Bo and Luke lose them down a back alley. Luke sees the RV on another raod and they rejoin the chase. However, they see a young man getting beat up with four guys. They decide the stranger needs them more than the RV and Bo remarks they should even the odds. They approach the group and Bo and Luke beat up the two beating on the kid and the two messing with the car. The four run away and Bo checks on the young man.

A group of people arrive and accuse Bo and Luke of attacking the kid and the car. The leader announces that the kid that was hurt is his little brother and the car that was damaged is his car. Bo and Luke become alarmed, realizing they think they hurt the kid. Bo and Luke back up as the leader, Cypriano asks his brother Octavio if he’s okay. Octavio says Bo and Luke helped him and Cypriano realizes Bo and Luke are not from around there. Cypriano asks what is the deal with the car and Luke challenges him about his car. At his groups encouragement, he shows Bo and Luke the shocks to which Bo remarks it can dance. He asks what the General can do and Luke tells him if he gets in with Bo, he’ll see. Cypriano agrees, learning he has to get in through the window and Bo takes him down the street to a construction job before jumping the car. Cypriano and his group all cheer and they ask what the Dukes are doing in the hood. Bo and Luke explain that their RV was taken and Cyriano agrees to look around before inviting them to his place, asking if they like Mexican food. Bo says they can learn.

Cletus and Rosco realize they are lost. Rosco approaches a Jewish man to ask if he’s seen his RV. Confused the man responds back in Yiddish, not understanding Rosco. Disheartened, Rosco goes up to another man and explains his RV. The man responds back to him in Chinese and again Rosco moves on. He approaches three more people but gives up before saying much. As he continues on, a punk girl expresses ‘like cool threads old dude’ and Rosco notices her piercings. She is fascinated by how he’s speaking and Rosco isn’t able to understand her so he leaves. The six people he encountered wonder if Rosco was talking about the odd RV they saw. The six of them say they can’t understand what language Rosco was trying to speak. Rosco finds Cletus, upset.

Enos goes into the office to see Lois. He asks her if the Vice Mayor is in and she says while they are in a conference and has the White House holding, they would love to see him. Inside the conference room the Vice Mayor finishes her meeting, threatening the three men and sending them away. She is paged by Lois, saying Enos is there and she says to send Enos in, fixing her clothes and hair. Enos, Daisy, and Cooter all come in and Enos happily greets her. Cooter and Daisy are stunned by how much the vice mayor seems to like Enos. She asks Enos why he doesn’t answer her calls and he apologizes saying he’s been working double shifts. Daisy and Cooter share bewildered looks. The Vice Mayor, Roz, says she could use a break and Enos says he’s trying to get a camping permit. They agree, getting him a camping waiver. Daisy asks how long has Roz known Enos and she says 4 months, 3 weeks, an 2 days after Enos arrested a burglar from her home. Enos says he keeps going over to Roz’s to teach her to cook, which Cooter and Daisy just nod to.

The Dukes arrive at the block party and Bo and Luke are looking around. Bo hears Gabriella singing and looks over at her. Cypriano and Cypriano’s friend both see where Bo’s attention went and are rather amused. Luke watches a little more concerned when Gabriella starts dancing around Bo, singing in English. Bo watches her, grinning. She finishes the song and everyone cheers. Her brother and his friend come over, introducing her to Bo as Cypriano’s sister Gabriella. She corrects him saying it’s Gabby. Bo starts talking to her and she realizes they are not from around there, to which Luke asks what gave them away. Gabriella offers Bo some food and takes him over to get some.

Later Gabriella ends up feeding Bo some food from her plate and Luke snaps that he’s glad their problems hasn’t affected Bo’s appetite. Bo asks that if he stops eating will the problems go away. Cypriano tells Bo and Luke that he found their RV. Luke says they work fast and he says it’s their hood. They explain it’s at Tio Paco’s, a clearing house known on the street.

Bo, Luke, Cypriano, and Gabby go to Tio Paco’s and explain the RV they are looking for. They find that the RV has already been chopped. Luke says there was some things inside the RV they need back and Tio explains that all they had in there was a moving bag. Luke says if they don’t get the money and tapes back they won’t get the hospital. Cyrpiano assures him they will find it. Luke sees Bo and Gabby laughing and snaps at Bo to at least act worried. Bo says he is very worried while smiling at Gabby.

Patch calls his employer to tell them that the stole the RV. He says the Dukes are all stopped cold.

The next morning B.B. is leaving his home. A car pulls up and Igor and his men get out. B.B. tells him that the tapes were stolen. Igor asks where the Dukes are.

The Dukes and Cletus are eating breakfast when a number of cars come flying up. Confused they wait as a large number of people get out, surprising Patch who is watching. One tells them to hand over the tapes or die. Bo and Luke put up one hand, holding their plates with the other. Bo agrees to get them the tapes and goes over saying he doesn’t know what they want with them as they aren’t worth hardly anything. The leader asks that Bo is calling 500 thousand nothing adding ‘only in America’. The others give Bo confused looks as he picks up a box and pulls a tape out. When they go to take it, Bo and Luke kick over the table. The boys run one way, Cletus and Daisy run another. Patch and his partner go to flee, Patch learning the true value of the tapes they now have. Patch says to let Igor keep chasing the Dukes for now and they leave.

Igor's men shoot at Bo and Luke as they run into the woods. While taking cover Luke asks if Bo would mind telling him how the heck he ended up with a tape. Bo says it was a blank tape and all he could think of. Luke chuckles saying Bo fooled him and they need to keep running. Luke reminds Bo of the trap lines. The men chasing them split up. Bo whistles to get some of their attention and he and Luke lead them into the traps. One is caught in a snare, another in a small animal trap. Bo stops offering to launch Luke into the air with a tree. Luke asks why does it have to be him and Bo says he’s the smoke jumper. Luke is flung at four, knocking them down before fleeing again. Bo and Luke get back to the camp and drive away in the General. Luke makes sure they see the tape as they drive and the men chases after the Dukes in their cars. Bo pulls into a car wash without noticing and a group of women who begin to wash the car. Bo says it would go over big in Hazzard.

As they drive, Bo comments the transmission is going. He arrives at Cypriano’s house and honks the horn. Gabriella runs out, telling them that her brother called. Gabriella gets in the car and they head out to Tio Paco’s.

Balladeer: By now any normal person would have just given up but Hazzard folks ain’t exactly normal and besides, they was attacked. That just set their blood a’boiling. So Rosco and Daisy was figuring on ways to raise the money. You see old Rosco still has the first dollar he ever earned stealing watermelons. With a triple A credit rating, he’s going to the bank to get a loan. An Daisy is going to see what she can raise on the streets. No, not that way.

Patch and his partner return to the camp to watch Daisy and Cletus, talking to their boss over the phone. Cletus and Cooter make coffee, Rosco cleans up to leave to get a loan and Daisy heads off to raise money. Rosco tries to flag down Daisy on her motorcycle but she drives away. He goes to get the pickup and Cletus tries to help only to hit Rosco with the door and himself. Patch and his friend follow. Cletus and Rosco go to town together.

Rosco approaches a man, Freddy, and explains he is looking for a bank. The man says he found it, pointing the the ATM behind him. Rosco says he needs a teller and he says they use machines now. Rosco tells a man about to use the ATM that he needs it for police business and Freddie helps him clear the area. Rosco tries to talk to the machine and puts in his drivers license. However the ATM shreds it.

At Tio Paco’s, Tio fills in Bo, Luke, Cypriano, and Gabriella on what he learned. He found credit card receipts of the hijackers to learn whoever it was had followed them from Hazzard. Bo asks who would be following them and Luke says probably someone who didn’t want them to sell the tapes. He suggests Erza but Bo reminds him Ezra wants the hospital named after him.

Patch stops to make a phone call at a phone booth when he is grabbed by two men. He is confronted by Deacon, who tells him he gave her stolen parts for her racing engine and the police thought she stole them. Now she wants her engine back. He tells her he sold it to some guys from New Jersey.

While trying to get the ATM to work, Rosco gets his tie stuck in it. Rosco pulls out his tie but the machine starts smoking. Rosco and Freddy move back as it sparks, startling everyone and then Freddy starts clapping with others joining in thinking it was a show. Freddy introduces himself to Rosco and asks him how much money he needs . Rosco says he needs 20 thousand and says Rosco will need ‘private’ assistance for that. He agrees to take Rosco to some of his ‘friends’ to help him as they will love him and Rosco says most people do.

At Tio Paco’s, Gabriella is surprised they don’t know who is after them. They hear a tow truck and Bo and Luke go outside with Cypriano and Gabriella standing in the door way. Deacon and her men are hooking up the General and the Dukes ask what is she doing. She says she is taking their car and Luke tells her she might want to disarm the anti-theft device first. When Deacon looks in the car she sees the moving bag and yells ‘rattlesnakes’ making her men flee from the car. Luke says there is 15. She calms down saying how can they hurt her in the bag. Bo specified there is 15 snakes but 14 are in the sack. She laughs before saying they aren’t from Jersey, realizing Patch lied.

Freddy takes Rosco into a Asian food restaurant. He approaches Sharon and introduces Rosco. Rosco, realizing something isn’t right, pulls Freddy aside and tells him that Sharon couldn’t have a dime to her name as she’s eating ‘cut bait’.

Bo, Luke, Gabriella, and Cypriano talk to Deacon and her men. Bo asks if she knows where they can get a transmission. She tells them her junk yard and Bo, Luke, and Gabriella say they will follow her before all getting in the General. She yells that she knew they were bluffing as there isn’t a snake lose in the car. Bo stares at her before reaching in and pulling out a snake he named Theresa, shocking her and her men. Luke explains it’s just a corn snake but no one would check with 14 rattlesnakes. She laments about the money she has wasted on guard dogs.

Sharon has 20 thousand packed and they explain to Rosco that he has to pay back 30 thousand in 72 hours. Rosco becomes alarmed. As they go outside Rosco yells that they did it but before they get to the car they are attacked and robbed by Patch and his friend.

Deacon and the others arrive at her junk yard and Bo tells her it’s a classy place. They go inside and Deacon says there is a transmission that will fit but it will cost $600. The boys are surprised and see her making BBQ for the church that she says is the best in the west. Bo and Luke look at each other before Luke runs out to the car. Bo asks to taste it and Deacon gives him some. Bo tells her it’s good but he has tasted better. Deacon is shocked when Luke comes back and lets her try theirs. She wants the recipe but Luke says they’ll give it to her if she lets them have the transmission on credit. She reluctantly agrees.

Rosco and Freddy go to see Sharon, and Rosco tells her about the robbery. Sharon corrects Rosco, saying the men didn’t steal her money, they stole Rosco’s money. She tells him he owes her 35 thousand regardless and not to even think about leaving town. Freddy and Rosco flee.

After checking the transmission and confirming it’s good, Bo tells Deacon that the ingredient she needs is wild garlic. While Bo and Luke are outside working on the car, Gabriella brings them punch and Bo asks if that is what makes her so pretty. She says he has such a line and she loves it. Luke watches her leave, saying ‘only it ain’t a line is it Bo?’ Bo admits it isn’t and he’s scared and Luke asks of what. Bo says he doesn’t know to go for it or cut and run. Luke tells him not to run as he did and it was the worst mistake he ever made in his life. Luke tells Bo about Anita, who he met in Montana at the smoke jumping center. Luke said it was that one in a lifetime thing. Luke pushes her to go to Nashville and made her go. Bo tells him he never mentioned that Anita was the country singer. Luke says she is in LA now and that Anita called a few times, wanted him to get married and Luke didn’t do it. He asks if that sounds familiar and Bo asks why doesn’t he go see her. Luke says he don’t think her husband would like that. Luke tells him not to walk away from someone who wants to love him.

Daisy looks for a place to sell her bike when she stumbles on a movie set. She overhears the director and the assistant director saying that their stunt woman is hurt and they don’t have another as only $1,000 was budgeted. Daisy asks what the stunt is. They look at her in surprise and they decide to let her try.

Freddy takes Rosco back to the camp where they tell Cletus and Cooter what happened. Rosco explains that he owes 35 thousand to a goblin woman who is going to take it out of his hiney. Cletus is stunned and Cooter says they should never have let him go alone. Freddy leaves. Rosco concludes he should have never helped the Dukes as they are bad caramel, confusing Cletus and Cooter even more.

Bo and Gabriella talk in the car and Bo tells her about NASCAR before asking if she’s going to chase a music career. She says no, it’s just fun and she is finishing her business degree but that isn’t what she wants. Bo asks what she wants. She remarks a family. They kiss but Luke pulls up yelling for Bo saying Cooter called and they need to get back ‘something about Rosco’s hiney’.

Daisy is told that she is supposed to climb out a fifth story window onto a fire escape. After she is attacked by three men. She knocks one over the side of the escape. He says that she is then to cut a clothes line, swing down four stories, land on an awning and escape. He asks if she can do that and Daisy asks what the stunt is, impressing him.

Bo, Gabriella, and Luke arrive at the camp to see Cletus and Cooter trying to calm down Rosco who is trying to leave. Rosco says it’s too dangerous and goes to leave but a limo pulls up. Concluding they are after him, Rosco flees on foot. Luke decides he’s had enough of whatever is going on and goes over to the car demanding to know who it is this time. Anita gets out, shocking Bo, Gabriella, Cletus, and Cooter. Luke introduces her to everyone quickly before she asks to go for a walk. Luke and Anita walk together and talk about what was, watching the sun set. After it gets dark he takes her back to her car and Luke admits he still loves her. Luke sees her off and as he stands there, Bo watches him concerned. Luke walks away, leaving Bo and Gabriella sitting by the fire.

Patch calls Igor and informs him that he has the tapes. He says he will sell them to Igor for 250 thousand. Igor agrees and tells him to meet him at the ‘Bloody Bucket’. B.B. sits uncomfortable in the room.

The film starts rolling and Daisy takes down one of the stunt men, hitting him and throwing him off the balcony. She runs and kicks another in the face before kicking him off the balcony. She punches a bunch more and when they call cut she wonders that she is getting paid for it.

At the campsite, Cooter and Luke are standing over the fire, Bo and Rosco are sitting by it, and Cletus is getting diner when a car pulls up. Enos gets out and tells them that he looked into B.B. and he thinks something isn’t right and they should pay him a visit. Bo says one of them should stay in case Deacon or Cypriano come with something else. Luke says he’ll go and for Bo to stay with Gabby. Bo says he can do that.

The film starts rolling again and Daisy jumps off the building and down onto the mat. The director says one more and Daisy climbs off saying ‘sure’ with a grin.

B.B. tries to flee when Luke and Enos burst in and confront him. He tells them his real name is Billy Bob Thomas and he has a long line of convictions for music fraud. He tells them about Igor having the taps after a meeting at the Bloody Bucket and Enos and Luke leave after hanging him on the wall.

Bo and Gabby went for a walk as they sit and talk, Gabby asks what Bo will do next and he says maybe go back to NASCAR. She remarks they would never see each other again and Bo says he hopes she’s wrong. She starts singing ‘somewhere between your heart and mine’ shocking Bo who starts playing it on the guitar. They sing together and then kiss. However they are interrupted by Cooter calling Bo over the radio telling him he needs to go see Luke and Enos at the Bloody Bucket. Bo asks why and Cooter, confused, says ‘because it’s Saturday?’

At the Bloody Bucket a line dancing contest is occurring with Igor and his wife Alleluyeva are participating. Bo, Luke, Enos, and Gabby watch Igor and his wife win. Patch meets with Igor to sell the tapes before leaving to go to his warehouse. Bo, Gabby, Enos, and Luke chase after them but they get a call on the CB about the lone shark coming after Rosco. Bo tells Enos to go save Rosco and they will go after Patch. They all agree.

Patch meets with his partner at the warehouse. Luke tries to radio Cooter but they can’t get a-hold of anyone. Bo and Luke decide they can’t wait and they decide to go inside, having Gabby sit in the General. She asks Bo if things are always this exciting. Bo says it was dull as dirt until he met her and Luke grabs him and drags him away.

Inside Bo and Luke look around, finding other tapes. They hear Patch working with Igor’s men to check the tapes. Bo and Luke move to attack, Luke taking down Ty and Bo tossing Patch into a seat. As Luke tries to talk to them, Bo tries to get the attention of the man listening to the tapes. He goes to knock the guy out but the man puts a gun to his neck. Three more point guns at Bo and Bo surrenders as does Luke.

Enos runs out of gas and tries to get someone to stop and help him with no luck.

As the sun is rising, Igor arrives at his warehouse, waking Gabby who is still in the General. She realizes the boys are in trouble and starts to call for anyone over the CB but no one answers. Worried, she drives off to get help.

At the camp, Sharon and her people have tied up Rosco and captured Cooter and Cletus. Sharon asks about the stuffed dog and Rosco explains Albert past. She shares the concern over pets before reminding herself she’s mad at Rosco for trying to flee. Sharon decides Rosco is pretending to be stupid and moves to burn him with a torch. Cletus and Cooter are horrified but Enos arrives to their relief. Enos is surprised to see Sharon, saying she promised to leave town. Sharon says she tried to make a new life but Enos wouldn’t return her calls, surprising Cooter to which he says ‘not another one’. Enos asks what is it about and Rosco says 35 thousand dollars of his hiney. Enos asks Sharon if she is loansharking again. Rosco, realizing it would violate her probation, takes pity on Sharon and tells Enos it wasn’t a loan but a gift from her. Sharon reluctantly agrees but when Enos says he’s proud of her she becomes happy.

Igor, Patch, Ty and the rest are packing up the money. Igor taunts Bo and Luke, who are tied up on the floor. Igor calls them stupid red-heads, but is corrected to red-necks. Igor orders for their death’s but an earthquake strikes. As everyone takes cover Bo and Luke bolt, taking the money and the tapes. One of Igor’s men yell at Patch for telling them to pray, and they all run after Bo and Luke except Igor who concludes hillbillies have everyone on their side. Outside Bo laughs saying they really took them. Annoyed, Luke says it was an earthquake. Bo says he thought they were doing good but they notice that Gabby is gone. They take off on foot as Igor’s men chase them.

Daisy is paid 1500 for the stunts and the fight. Daisy hears Gabriella calling on the CB and quickly is caught up in the fact Bo and Luke are in trouble. Daisy and Gabby set a place to meet and Daisy takes off with a prop gun. During the chase, Patch gets a call from Ezra to see if he’s destroyed the tapes and dealt with the Dukes. Patch says he’s busy right now.

As Patch and the rest look, Bo and Luke get out of a dumpster they were hiding in but are spotted. They run off again, trapping them in an ally. Gabby and Daisy arrive, to Bo’s extreme joy. Daisy shoots the prop gun into the back of the truck that Patch is in, creating a distraction. Bo and Luke take out Igor’s men in a fight and run to the General. Bo and Luke scold Daisy for using a fire arm as all four get in the General. Daisy says it was a prop as Bo drives away, but one of Igor’s men shoot out the back window and Luke says that one was real.  Gabby calls Cyrpiano and tells him where they are and yelling for help from Cypriano or Deacon. Bo goes down a tight ally and Patch follows but Cypriano hits the second car, taking them out. He and his friend radio Gabby to tell them that is one down. The Dukes cheer for him and Deacon as she and her boys pick up the car full of Igor’s men.

Bo and Luke continue to run from Patch and Ty who are shooting at them. They accidentally crash into a set for a cop show. Bo keeps driving with Patch following. They go through the set of a hospital show that Bo recognizes with Patch and Ty following. People from the two sets chase after them all. They pass through a set of a wild west show, which Luke comments on. Angry cast chase after them. Bo then drives through a WW2 movie set and Patch flips his truck. Patch and Ty are caught as Bo and the rest escape. Daisy asks if they noticed anything weird back there. Luke says he can't tell anymore.

At the camp, Enos informs them that the record company has had a reward for that group for a while and he presents them with a check of 50 thousand dollars. Luke tells them that in two days they managed to raise 81,500 dollars. Daisy says they are coming back next year and raising money to open a vet clinic. Enos becomes concerned.

Balladeer: Well the Dukes came home to Hazzard without incident. Anyway everybody made it back to the ground breaking, and I do mean everybody. Now Ezra didn’t get his come-upends but he’s gonna have a tough row to hoe if he’s gonna move back to Hazzard and tangle with the Dukes. Count on it. You know, Uncle Jesse always said that his sauce could save a marriage if you used it regular. True to his promise, Toby Keith came back for the ground breaking. Boy wouldn’t have Uncle Jesse have loved this?

The Dukes arrive back in Hazzard. The ground breaking is set up, Enos is present, and the Dukes confront Ezra. He admits it was all for revenge and announces he plans to run for Sheriff. At the BBQ cook off, Deacon and Cooter talk. Enos comes over and Deacon tries some of Enos’ pickled scuppernogs. Cooter realizes that is the secret ingredient and takes some from Enos to toss it in his sauce. While Deacon and Cooter eat the sauce, Deacon appears to be attracted to Cooter and informs him, making Cooter very unsure. Bo hangs up the payphone, upset. Luke says Bo has been calling for three days and she’s not in. Bo says her mom won’t tell him where Gabby is either. Luke notices a large bus pulling into Hazzard, asking what the heck is that. The bus pulls to a stop, reading ‘Viva Los Dukes’ on the side and Bo and Luke get excited when they realize it’s Cypriano, Gabby, and the rest.

As night falls Toby Keith does a concert for ‘How do you Like me Now’. Everyone attends it and Ezra continues to hand out fliers. Cypriano, Luke, Bo, Gabby, and Daisy stay together, Cooter and Enos meets up with Cletus. Rosco dances with a young woman in the crowd and Deacon attends. Toby announces Anita and Bo pats Luke’s shoulder. Anita gets on the stage and her and Toby play a song together. Cletus and Rosco dance together and Deacon makes her way over to Cooter. Everyone dances in the crowd as Anita sings ‘I could love a man like that’.


Main Characters[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Bob Casspter as Towns person
  • Calvin Dean as Soldier
  • Fred Fein as Lefty
  • Noel Gugliemi
  • Steve Kim
  • Steve Lattery
  • Tom McComas as Smithers

Home Media[]


Hazzard in Hollywood was released on Region 1 DVD along with The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! on June 10, 2008. Releases on other regions have yet to be confirmed.


Hazzard in Hollywood is available on Vudu and iTunes for $10, while Reunion is available on Prime Video and iTunes for $10.


  • The Balladeer actually appears on camera to present exposition to the audience, a first for the "Dukes" franchise.
  • The film is dedicated to Denver Pyle, who played Uncle Jesse.
  • The film was released on DVD along with The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! on April 25, 1997
  • This movie is the last time the original cast appears in any "Dukes" production. On the Dukes of Hazzard fourth season DVD set, Tom Wopat said that he is opposed to any further reunion movies with the original cast because the absence of Sorrell Booke and Denver Pyle shows very vividly onscreen and to him, the chemistry isn't right anymore.
  • Originally the Movie was called "The Dukes Go To Hollywood", however there is an episode called this from season 7.
  • Igor wears the same green jacket that Rosco does in the 10 Million Dollar Sheriff.
  • This is the second time Bo and Luke have been to Hollywood. This is the third time Daisy and Rosco have been to Los Angeles as they went to visit Enos there in the show Enos.
  • It is not stated if the Duke's moved back to Hazzard or they were visiting for the Hoe-Down. Bo and Luke refer to their careers from the NASCAR circuit and Smoke Jumping in Montana respectively in the past tense through the movie, implying they left them behind.
  • A running reference made in the T.V. show was how Bo and Luke hung Enos on the wall in season 1. In this movie Enos and Luke hang B.B. off a wall.
  • In the episode How to Succeed in Hazzard, Dewey uses the excuse of raising the money for a medical clinic in order to attempt to rob the people of Hazzard. Hazzard raises a total of $50,000 of their own money plus a $50,000 from Boss Hogg.

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