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The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home, PlayStation edition

The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home is a video game by SouthPeak Interactive based on The Dukes of Hazzard TV series. It was released in 1999 for the PlayStation and in 2000 for the Game Boy Color and for PC.


In this game you play as Bo and Luke Duke who are racing to pay off the duke farm.

Along the way you have missions that fit the dukes' style, from out running Roscoe and Enos to saving their cousin Daisy from Blackjack Perril who wants revenge on their uncle Jesse Duke.

You never run out of things to do in Hazzard County. This game also features the voices of Waylon Jennings, James Best, Ben Jones, Sonny Shroyer, and Tom Wopat.

The game was followed by a sequel titled The Dukes Of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It Out.


Game opens with Bo and Luke in the General Lee. Bo comments on how good the General is handling as they prepare for the Hazzard County Overland Race and Luke says to head to the County Fairgrounds to handle the track there. The player then has their first objective of driving the General around the track two laps. As they finish, the duke boys get a call over the C.B. from Cooter. He informs the boys that the Bank of Hazzard County has just been robbed by two men. Since Cooter had unknowingly towed away their escape car, they held up a passing vehicle, which happened to be Uncle Jesse's pickup, and took Uncle Jesse with them. Boss and Rosco watched the getaway and assumed that Uncle Jesse was in on the robbery. Boss tells Rosco to get all the dukes. Meanwhile Cooter tells the boys that the men went north on highway 126 and Cooter is headed to Possum Creek to cut them off. The second task is to get to the meet up with Cooter while evading Enos, who is attempting to pull them over. As the drive occurs, Daisy calls over the CB joining in the chase on highway 126. After catching up to the men who parked at a cabin, they drive off and the player is given their third mission of pulling Jesse's pickup over.

After forcing the pickup to stop, the two crooks run for it. Jesse tells the boys that they don't have time for this as they need to get the mortgage money to the Bank before four o'clock or they will lose the farm. Luke agrees and takes the money from Jesse. The player is given their next task of driving to the Bank while evading Rosco, who is trying to pull them over. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Rosco all reach the Bank at the same time and Rosco attempts to arrest the boys as Boss comes out of the Bank. Enos arrives just in time for Boss to inform the dukes that they are all being arrested for robbing the Bank. Unfortunately for Boss and Rosco, Enos reveals that he managed to catch the two robbers and recover the money. Daisy then forces Boss to accept the mortgage payment.

The next day, Bo and Luke head to the sign up for the race. They discuss their plans to win the race and use the money to pay off the farm mortgage once and for all. The players next task is to get to Hazzard Road without being pulled over by Rosco for speeding. After losing Rosco in a creek, Daisy calls them saying they need to hurry to the Fairgrounds as the qualifications are closing and she will try to keep them busy. The player is then given an objective of driving the the Fairgrounds. After arriving a qualification Board is put up, showing drivers like Billy Bob, Alphalfa, Summer, and Bufford who have all qualified. Daisy is flirting with the man holding the sign in roster, allowing Luke to quickly sign them in. The boys arrive just after Buzz Kilroy crosses the finish line in 00, setting a new record of 1 minute and 23 seconds. At this point, Buzz has already beaten the General at least once. Luke tells Bo that all he needs to do is qualify, but Bo wants to try and beat Buzz's time. The next objective is to qualify for the race. The boys qualify and everyone cheers, but up on the hill a man in a black suit and a cigar watches the event, looking furious. He then speeds off in a black and white race car.

After collecting his cut from the Coffin Works, Boss heads home in the back of his car counting his money. A black car comes up behind Boss with another vehicle and starts ramming into him from behind. Boss tells his driver to speed up before yelling for Rosco over the CB. Hearing the call over the CB, Bo and Luke decide to go help him. The next mission is to drive the General to Boss to save him. Luke directs the player to head toward the swamp and as the player gets closer the mission changes to pulling the group over. Once they do, Luke gets out and takes over driving Boss' car. Luke tells Bo to head toward Hazzard before calling Rosco and telling him they will be in town in about five minutes. The player then drives Boss' car as Luke, headed toward Farmer's Loop. After reaching the loop the objective changes to avoiding the bad guys and getting Boss back to town.

The group reached the police station where Rosco is waiting for them. Boss tells Rosco to arrest the dukes, shocking Bo, Luke, and Rosco. Rosco protests and Boss says the entire thing was instigated by the boys. The boys and Rosco all defend the boys, but Boss reminds Rosco that if the boys are arrested, they can't drive in the race the next day. Rosco then arrests the boys.

Daisy, Uncle Jesse, and Cooter gather the bail money and Daisy heads into town, bailing the two out. They prepare to go to the Impound Yard to get the General, however the General suddenly drives past them. Stunned, the boys borrow Daisy's jeep to chase after the General Lee. The player drives Dixie as Luke to pull over the General. The boys catch up to the General to find it parked on the side of the road, the hood up and the engine torn apart. Bo finds a large amount of moonshine in the trunk and Luke says if they get caught with that they will be put under the jail. Bo suggests they dump it at Old Mill Pond. After loading up the moonshine into Dixie, Rosco and Enos begin chasing them. The next objective is to drive while evading the officers. The mission then shifts to driving to Old Mill Pond. The boys get to the Pond first and are able to dump everything before Enos arrives.

After Cooter tows the General to his garage to work on it, Bo and Luke borrowed his truck. Cooter calls them on the CB, saying for them to take it easy on his poor old truck, just take it easy as they go to the Junkyard, get the parks he needs, and come straight back. Luke responds telling Cooter not to worry as Luke is the one driving and Mr. Daytona is riding shotgun. Cooter warns Luke that the breaks are getting old and as they drive, Bo notices they have people following them. The next mission is to drive to the junkyard while avoiding the vehicles trying to stop them. After getting into the Junkyard, a van blocks the exit. Bo and Luke then try to go around the junkyard, getting all the parts they need while avoiding the vans. The boys manage to get out of the Junkyard, but Bo reminds Luke that they need to get to town before noon or Cooter won't be able to fix the General in time for the race. The player then races back to town.

Cooter gets the General fixed and the boys' race out of the Garage, ten minutes before the race starts. The player is given the objective of getting the General back to the Fairgrounds in time for the race. Daisy also apologizes since she can't help this time as Boss has her working at the Boar's Nest. Enos also decides to stay with her. As the race prepares to start, Jesse looks at a watch nervously as the boys aren't there yet. Boss starts the race and Bo and Luke manage to arrive just in time to join. The player then participates in the race, with the objective of winning. The boys come in first, collecting the prize money from a very reluctant Boss. Uncle Jesse praises the boys, but everything stops when they hear Enos' frantic voice on the CB. Jesse responds and Enos explains that he wasn't able to do anything, that they got the jump on him, and two men cleaned out the cash register at the Boar's Nest before taking Daisy. Enos is able to tell them that the getaway car was a black 1967 Chevy. Enos tells them there was a spade on the hood with lightning bolts on the side. Jesse and Boss are stunned saying it was Jack Perill. Bo, Luke, and Rosco all express confusion.

Jesse explains that 35 years ago, Blackjack, Boss, and Jesse were some of the fastest drivers there were. One day Blackjack called them all to meet up and when Jesse asks what is going on, he says he got a job lined up for them. When Boss asked what kind of job, he said it was a surprise. Jesse agrees to take the job, but Jack says that they first have to beat him to the County Line. The player then drives Black Tilly and the object is to follow the Ace of Spades, Black Jack's car. At the County Line, Jack decides they can help out with the job and says to follow him to meet up with some people in Chickasaw County as they need to be there in ten minutes. The next mission is to continue following the Ace of Spades. They arrive at the meeting place and Jack is attempting to haul something that Jesse objects to. Jack says that it will make them more money than they had all summer and while Boss is interested, Jesse is firmly against it. Jack says he has to do it as he owes somebody, and Jesse realizes he's been gambling again. Before they can talk more, the Sheriff arrives. The next mission is to avoid the Chickasaw Sheriff before shifting into returning to Hazzard County. Jesse and Boss are able to jump the creek back into Hazzard, but one of Jack's tires were shot out and he is unable to make it across the water. Jack was arrested. He asked Boss and Rosco to lie for him, but Jesse refused and Boss, who was in trouble with the law turned state's evidence against Jack. Jack received 30 years. Ten years prior he escaped and was thought to have died in the swamp.

The group gets a ransom note, saying to leave $20,000 at the big oak stump at Possum Hollow or they will never see Daisy again. Jesse says they will have to hand over Bo and Luke's race winnings, but Boss says the race winnings were at the Boar's Nest and got stolen with the rest of it. Bo suggests looking for the hideout and Boss and Jesse talk about where Jack could be. Boss says Possum Hollow is an option and Jesse says also Pickford or the Mason Mines or even Razorback ridge. Luke says they can't have everyone out looking, so he and Bo will go to Possum Hollow and Razorback and Rosco and Enos check the rest. Rosco objects to taking orders from Luke but Boss says Jack has his money and Enos adds that they have Daisy. Rosco agrees to the plan, promising to get Jack.

Bo and Luke get ready to go to Possum Hollow and Cooter calls them, saying there is some dynamite stashed there. The objective becomes driving the General to get the dynamite. After collecting it they go to Razorback Ridge where they find the hideout. Luke calls and lets Jesse know what they found before heading into the hideout. They get surrounded and the player is forced to take out all the bad guys and three stills. After the boys' finish, they get out of the General to confront Jack, but he drives through a barn door with a tied and gagged Daisy in the passenger seat. Bo threatens Jack if he hurts Daisy and Luke says the law is on their way. Jack says he'll take his chances before driving off. The boys get in the General and follow. the mission becomes following the Ace of Spades.

Jack drives into a roadblock by Jesse, Enos, Boss, and Rosco. Bo and Luke block him in and Jack gets out, greeting Jesse and Boss. Jesse asks why Jack came back and Jack says for revenge. Bo asks if he's still a betting man and Jack asks Bo what the game is. Bo challenges him to a race back to town. Jack tells Jesse it's a fools bet and Jesse goads him on. Jack asks for the stakes. Jesse says that if Jack wins, he keeps all the money and if he lets Daisy go, Jesse will give him the Farm. However, if the boys win, Jack returns Daisy and turns himself in. Jack agrees and Jesse and Boss swear by it. The next objective is driving in the race.

Bo wins the race to town and Jack tosses Daisy out before running for the county line. Daisy tells Bo and Luke to go get him and not to worry about her. The finale objective becomes the boys chasing Jack and pulling him over. Enos and Rosco arrest Jack, Boss gets his money back and the boys got their winnings. They paid off the mortgage.



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