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The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! is a made-for-television film from 1997 which aired on CBS and reunites the surviving cast members of the American TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard. It is sometimes referred to as Reunion in Hazzard.

This film was dedicated "In Loving Memory" to those members of the series' cast and crew whom had died: Phil Mandelker, Sorrell Booke (spelled incorrectly as "Sorrel"), Paul Picard, and Jim Mohlmann.

The reunion movie was followed up with The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood!.


Balladeer:Hazzard County USA. Now for all of y’all who ain’t ever been there, you better buckle up cause your in for a ride. Lots of folks have been curious whatever happened to the Dukes of old Hazzard County. First there’s Bo. One day ol’ Bo was driving to Nashville to see the Opery when he took a wrong turn into Charlotte. Which turned out good ‘cause now he’s a race car driver on the pro circuit. That’s him in that fancy sports car headed for Hazzard. And Luke Duke was full of plans to leave Hazzard and set the world on fire, but instead? Old Luke is putting out fires as the Senior Smoke Jumper for the Forestry service. Now that’s hot. Sweet Daisy Duke followed her heart after some slick Romeo. It didn’t work out but friends, you talk about changing! The Duke on her jacket doesn’t mean her name, that’s where she goes to Graduate School and getting’ a PhD in Ecology. Yap, that’s Daisy. Remember old Cooter? He took a bath, and got a shave, and got himself elected to Congress. Only in America. Now Boss is past, God rest him, but he left his empire to Sheriff Rosco and Rosco’s doin’ his best to maintain Boss’ standard of low villainy. But, he’s still Rosco until Boss Hogg returns. And Uncle Jesse is the Grand Marshal of the whole Reunion of the whole reunion. That is if they can even get it off the ground. Anyway you’ll see everybody, cause they’re all comin’ to the Hazzard Homecoming. And Believe me, you don’t want to miss that.

Cooter arrives first in Hazzard Square and see’s Uncle Jesse. The two excitedly reunite and Jesse tells Cooter about some of the events that are going to occur, including the Possum Cook off, the Rattlesnake Chili Cook off, and others. When Jesse greets a few people and is ignored (Sam and Martha, later Jake) Cooter becomes upset that people are treating Jesse badly. Jesse deflects to talk about the Toughest Person Contest and greet Bertha Jo, but Cooter insists to know what is going on. Jesse admits he’s in trouble.

At the Farm, Jesse tells Cooter he can only tell the story once. The kids return home one by one. First is Bo with Miss Talladega, a woman named Tammy, who gave Bo a ride after he crashed his car. Next is Daisy on her motorcycle. Lastly is Luke on a fire engine, where he kisses a female blonde firefighter before coming to the farm. They all sit down for lunch at the picnic table and Jesse has Bo grab the fliers to show everyone what they have been missing. Jesse explains that a real-estate developer named Josephine Max had moved into Hazzard and is planning to create a theme park in the Hazzard Swamp, horrifying

Luke, Daisy, Bo, and Cooter. They all protest that Mama Max can’t do that and Jesse agrees explaining that in order for them to do it, they need to cross the Duke Farm and Jesse won’t allow it. The people of Hazzard are angry at Jesse because they want the jobs and money a theme park would bring, but Jesse can't allow the swamp to be destroyed. He tells them Mama Max is filing a lawsuit against him and that there has been a town meeting that has been called, even filling the others in about Rosco Coltrane now ‘Boss Rosco’ as he is the County Commissioner of Hazzard.


Jesse explains the situation to Cooter, Daisy, Bo, and Luke

Balladeer: So now old Rosco wears two hats, Sheriff and Boss Commissioner, and Cletus is now Chief Deputy, driver, and dog man. Rosco tries hard to run likes just like Boss did. Crooked. Rosco and Mama Max are tangled together thick as thieves.

The Dukes and Cooter go into Town where they arrive to see Rosco, Mama Max, and their people at the town meeting. Having planned it out ahead of time, Mama Max tells the people of their intention to sign the lease on Saturday and Rosco suggests an overland race between the General Lee and a challenge car. Bo is all for it, but Cooter and Luke point out that the General Lee has been sitting. Mama Max proposes that the race will decide the fate of the farm and Jesse and Bo agree, only to find that the challenge car is Buzz and the Double Zero, the only car that has ever beat the General. Luke, Bo, and Cooter leave to find the General.

Balladeer: While the boys went off to find General Lee, Daisy went off to the Tough Person contest to cheer her friend Bertha Jo. The rules were very strict. No guns, knives, or bottles. You see Bertha Jo’s Daddy raised mules. The first time she was kicked in the head, she got the idea of fighting mule style. It was simple to just kick her opponent out of the ring. Again. And again. And so on until he was plum wore out just trying to get back in the ring.

Jesse and Daisy watch Bertha Jo and cheer her on through the elimination round. Bertha wins the round. In Rosco’s office; Rosco, Mama Jo, Cletus, and Riker celebrate the con. Mama Max tries to butter Rosco up before leaving with Riker and expressing they need to get their real driver, Cam Cutler.

Cooter takes Bo and Luke to his old barn to pick up the General. They go inside and are horrified to find the barn is empty. The three start to suspect Mama Max stole the General but are interrupted by the arrival of Enos. After the four greet each other, the boys fill Enos in on what has been happening. Enos points out that no one has moved the General in years judging by the dust on the floor. He excuses himself to go to the farm and the other three laugh at their lapse in judgment. Cooter realizes his friend Red would have been the last to be in the barn.

Balladeer: Red Perkins was the second best mechanic in Hazzard. But when Cooter went to Congress, Red became number one.

Cooter, Bo, and Luke arrive to see Mavis, Red's daughter, has taken over. She takes them to the General, which they saved but is in bad shape. At the Farm, Jesse and Daisy are pealing apples. Jesse jokes that if she throws the peel over her shoulder it will form the initial of who she will marry. After he goes insides Daisy throws it and it forms an S at Enos’ feet. Enos greets Daisy and asks her to go out with him which she agrees. He leaves to go see his parents. Jesse remarks he hasn’t changed much but Daisy says she isn’t so sure.

Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Mavis get started on the General Lee while Rosco and Cletus watch. Rosco doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with the car. Rosco goes to see Mama Max and vent about the boys ‘trick’. Mama Max introduces him to Cam. The boys and Mavis work through the night.


Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Mavis celebrate the General Lee starting for the first time in years

The next day Bertha Jo wins another round and Daisy is cheering her own. Bertha Jo explains to Daisy about her concerns about facing Bubba, as she loves him and she doesn’t want to beat him in front of everyone and she will have to throw the fight. Daisy argue that she can’t do that and convinces Bertha Jo that she needs to fight seriously. Meanwhile the boys and Mavis get the General to start. Bo and Luke take the General out for a test drive, ignoring most of Cooter’s advice. They are chased by Rosco and Cletus, causing the two to crash. They are then pursued by Cam and Riker. They signal they want to race and Bo wants to do it but Luke refuses telling him that they need to save it for Saturday. When Bo and Luke refuse again, Cam causes them to flip.

Balladeer: Now the old Boar’s Nest was destroyed during a wedding reception, so a new one opened across town.

Hang out

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Enos toast at the Boar's Nest moments before Bo and Luke start a bar fight

Enos picks up Daisy for their date and kisses her. Cooter drops Bo and Luke off at the Boar’s nest to keep them out of trouble. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Enos talk about what happened and they spot Riker and Cam. Bo recognizes Cam and he and Luke realize Cam was hired to race against them. Bo and Luke confront them and a bar fight breaks out. Enos join in to help Bo and Luke; and Daisy takes one out as well. After Mama Max yells at Riker for his ‘muscle’ being useless.

The next day, Bo, Luke, and Cooter talk about the race and Jesse tells them that the race is important because if Mama max loses the race they can’t build the theme park. Meanwhile Mama Max gives Rosco a $25 thousand dollar advance and they show Rosco their plan of using a replica of the Double Zero with an illegal engine in the race. Buzz’s car will start the race, then change with the phony car until the last check point where they will switch back.

Rosco expresses missing Boss and talks a little about the swamp, showing some regret at the idea of it being destroyed. Daisy and Enos are having a picnic and Enos and they talk about how much things have changed. Enos asks Daisy to marry him and accidentally drops the ring, saying it took him ten years to get the courage and when she expresses surprise he says this had been going on since the seventh grade. They drop the ring and she finds a strange fern and realizes she might have discovered a new species. As she gets excited Enos tells her it’s 32 years and he can’t’ wait another 32. She agrees to marry him and they leave.

Marriage licence

Rosco agrees to officiate Daisy and Enos' wedding

Some of Mama Max’s people see the event. Thinking Daisy found the ore they did, they report in. Mama Max says they will know for sure what Daisy found by her next move. At the farm Daisy tells Bo, Luke, and Jesse that her and Enos are going to get married on Saturday at the end of the race, and the Dukes are all excited. Daisy gets a fax confirming that it is possibly a new species and her and the boys deliver a set of forms to Rosco from the Environmental Protection Agency that will put a halt on all business for the swamp. Enos also asks Rosco if he will marry him and Daisy, and Rosco agrees. Rosco reports this to Mama Max who tells him to lose the form. After she tells Riker to kidnap Daisy Duke.

During the Tough Person contest, Bertha kicks Cletus down with one try. As she celebrates Daisy tells her the news. Daisy goes around making various preparations and is attacked in an ally and kidnapped. Jesse, Bo, and Luke are called and informed that Daisy was kidnapped and they will let Daisy go if the Dukes lose the race. They realize they need to tell Enos; and Bo and Luke compete to see who will have to tell Enos what happened, Luke being the one selected.  Mama Max goes to see Daisy. Bo and Luke help Jesse with making the Rattlesnake Chili to their annoyance. Enos arrives at the house and the boys tell him that Daisy was kidnapped. Enos tells them he’ll pay the ransom and the boys explain it’s over the theme park. When Enos questions the logic Luke realizes they are missing something.


Bo and Luke deciding who will tell Enos about Daisy

Mama Max arrives and learns about Daisy’s wedding, complicating matters. Daisy convinces Mama Max to help her plan her wedding.

At the farm Bo, Luke, Enos, and Jesse try to figure out a plan. Luke says they need to rescue Daisy during the race, shocking them. Enos asks how they are going to do that and what is Jesse cooking. In the Cotton Mill, Riker is forced to call and make changes to Daisy’s cake. Jesse leaves to take his chili in for Saturday’s judging. The bakery calls the Duke farm, talking to Bo and Bo confirms the change before informing the others that Daisy is making the kidnappers plan her wedding. They realize that the kidnappers will have to go to town to do so.

Bo, Luke, and Enos stake out various places. Enos radios Bo to check out the car of one of the men they fought and Bo checks out the van, finding cotton lint. The three head to the Cotton Mill and confirm Daisy is there. Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Enos sit together to plan the rescue. Buzz is informed of the plan to use the illegal engine and he is angry. Rosco goes to see Mama Max, as he wants to make sure she will follow through with her end because these jobs can help the people of Hazzard a lot.


Mojo arrives to help out Mama Max

Ms. Hazel from the store hands out the fabric and patterns for the brides maids and Daisy asks Mama Max to be in her wedding. Mama Max agrees and her friend Mojo and his boys arrive to guard Daisy during the race, just in case the Dukes try anything.

Balladeer: The Big day finally dawned and never has Hazzard seen so much going on at once. Everyone was all head up about the old fashioned moonshine race between General Lee and Double Zero. For the first time anyone could remember, most folks was betting against General Lee. They were settin’ up for the end of the race and Daisy’s wedding. Her brides maids were all gussied up and ready to go and next to that was the rattle snake cook off wee all the folks were real excited because all the judges were still alive. And unbeknownst to anybody, Mama’s boys were working on a surprise for the Duke boys along the route. Y’all pay attention. Back at the mill Daisy was hoping her con allowed the boys to figure out where she was. At the tough person fight, poor Bertha Jo and Bubba were the finalists. Friends, it was heart rendin’.

Cam and Bo get ready to drive. Luke and the passenger try to load the boxes of water into the trunk to find the Duke’s set were taped together. Bo helps Luke and they finish loading as Cam takes off. Bo and Luke are ran off the road by a tractor and Bo goes through a barn. Bo pulls over and Luke and Enos switch places. Bo continues the race as Luke goes to the Cotton Mill.

After passing the check point, Bo and Enos head to back up Luke. Bubba throws the fight with Bertha Jo. Luke radio’s Bo to go get help as new people have arrived. Bo finds Bubba and Bertha Jo and takes them back with him. Bertha Jo gets the guards to open the gate and her and Bubba take them down. Enos has them tie them up and Enos, Bo, Bertha Jo, and Bubba charge into the cotton mill. Luke joins the fight and after they free Daisy they head back to Town Square with Riker in the trunk. Bo, Luke, Enos, and Daisy find Buzz had sabotaged the car to prevent Cam from winning. Cam leaves town and the boys agree to finish the race fairly. Buzz keeps to the main roads while Bo goes overland and Daisy changes in the back of the car. Bo jumps the General a few times before coming up to Sticks River and jumping it. Jesse and Cooter watch in concern when the General slides in at the last moment and wins the race. Rosco explains in the end that he conned Mama Max into buying the swamp and tells everyone about Boss Hogg’s memoirs. He quotes part of it saying "When picking a sucker, always pick a con artist,cause they're the easiest to fool, cause they're always trying to get something for nothing." He goes to arrest Mama Max but Daisy stops him as it’s her wedding.


Daisy and Enos prepare to be married

Everyone agrees to sort out the mess later and have the wedding first. Rosco messes up twice saying weddings make him nervous. Before the wedding can occur, Daisy’s ex husband who is driving a country music band tour bus arrives saying he’s lost. Daisy gets upset and faints. She announces that she can’t get married again. She apologizes to Enos and he tells her he understands and he’ll wait until ‘she grows up’. He gives her the peel she threw earlier saying they are meant for each other. Not knowing what else to do, Daisy asks if anyone wants a free wedding and they ask Bubba and Bertha Jo. The two agree.

Jesse Duke: Y’all Come back now, you hear?



The cast of The Dukes of Hazzard reunites.

Main Character[]

Guest Star[]



  • Michele Edison as Fight Fan Waitress
  • Steven Boe as Cam Cutler
  • Tony Boldi as Scott Loud
  • Jeanette McMahon as Baker's Assistant
  • Mark Newsom as Nate
  • Michael Raines as Mama Max Thug
  • Rocco Salata as Mama Max Thug


  • When filming began, Denver Pyle had lost a significant amount of weight, had short hair and (save for a mustache) was clean shaven. He was given a "fat suit" to wear, similar to what Sorrell Booke had worn in his days of playing "Boss Hogg". A scruffy white wig was placed under Pyle's trademark red cap, and a false white beard was applied to his face using spirit gum. Pyle's weight loss was attributed to the fact he was suffering from lung cancer at the time. The film was Denver Pyle's final performance before his death on Christmas Day, 1997.
  • Waylon Jennings did not reprise his role as "The Balladeer" in this film for unknown reasons. He did, however, lend his voice to the 1998 PlayStation and PC game The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home. For this film, country singer Don Williams served as the narrator.
  • Several of the cast's articles of clothing were originals from the TV series, including Bo's shirt and Uncle Jesse's dungarees.
  • The traditional "Good Ol' Boys" theme song is not used. Instead, the opening credits use a montage of old and new footage, with the song "Carrying On," sung by John Schneider and Tom Wopat as Bo and Luke recount some of their adventures.
  • In the absence of Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke had died several years prior to production, and Boss was also said to have passed away), James Best's character, Rosco P. Coltrane is now the County Commissioner (as well as Sheriff).
  • Cooter Davenport has become a United States Congressman. This reflects how Ben Jones, who portrays Cooter, actually did become a United States Congressman some time after the TV series ended.
  • The Dukes home is now a two-story house instead of the dilapidated farmhouse seen in the series, and the surrounding grounds are also far smaller. No attempt is made to explain how this new house came to replace the old farmhouse in the movie. (However, as the original 'Boar's Nest' bar is said in the movie to have burnt down during a wedding reception and had to be rebuilt, a similar bizarre fate might be assumed to have happened the Duke's home).

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The movie was released on Region 1 DVD along with The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood! on June 10, 2008. Releases on other regions have yet to be confirmed.


Reunion is available on Prime Video and iTunes for $10, while Hazzard in Hollywood is available on Vudu and iTunes for $10.

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