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The Dukes of Hazzard Daisy Dukes it Out

The Dukes of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It Out is an interactive racing video game developed by Sinister Games and published by SouthPeak Interactive in North America and Ubi Soft in Europe for the PlayStation in 2000.


Like the first game, its story is told through a series of animated cutscenes: disguised as a geologist named Melanie Shaw, Daisy Duke's childhood friend Missy Law comes to Hazzard County with plans to rob Hazzard Bank and frame Daisy for the crime. Gameplay is similar to its predecessor and primarily consists of the player completing tasks and beating time challenges, collecting icons, delivering passengers to specific destinations, and running errands for characters, while avoiding Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and Deputy Enos Strate. The player plays as Bo Duke,  Luke Duke, and Jesse Duke. Unlike its predecessor, the game also allows the player to play as Daisy and introduces an open world environment. A free-roaming joyride mode removes all enemies and allows the player to explore all of Hazzard County, including locations from the television series such as the Boar's Nest.

The game features 18 levels, most of which are played while driving the General Lee; six levels are played as Daisy, who drives a Jeep. Country rock music plays during each level. The game features a total of eight soundtracks, which can be changed by the player. Items such as wrenches can be collected to repair the player's vehicle when it takes too much damage, while nitro gas can be used to give the player a temporary increase of speed. A multiplayer option is also available, in which players can compete against each other in a variety of game modes. Other vehicles, including Jesse's truck, can be selected during multiplayer mode.

Daisy Dukes it out is the second video game, following The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home and taking place before The Dukes of Hazzard: The Return of the General Lee.

Story line[]

After winning first place at the Capitol City Speedway, Bo and Luke are headed to the Farm with Rosco and Flash chasing them. Enos joins in the chase and the game's first mission is to escape Rosco and Enos and arrive at the farm. After arriving, the boys get out of the General and Bo presents the trophy to Uncle Jesse as Luke tells him they got first prize. Jesse says there wasn't any doubt in his mind that they would win before hearing Rosco and Enos' sirens. A young woman comes out of the house, saying that was the best breakfast she ever had. Jesse introduces her as Melanie Shaw and says she is with the 'geology people up at the State University.' He explains she is on a field trip in Hazzard, but Rosco and Enos arrive before Jesse can explain why. They attempt to arrest Bo and Luke but Jesse scolds them for their lack of manners before introducing Melanie again. Daisy arrives, getting a glare from their guest, and Daisy comments that nobody told her that they were having a party that early. She and Melanie shake hands and Daisy asks if they have met before, which Melanie denies. Jesse finally explains who Melanie is and she tells the others that they are looking for possible oil. Everyone is surprised by that, and Jesse says it's just a possibility and not to say anything to anyone, especially Rosco. Luke comments Geology sounds fun before asking if Melanie needs any help. Bo says he is a whiz when it comes to rocks. Rosco informs them that they are actually about to be arrested. Bo tosses the trophy into Enos' hands, causing him to fall into Rosco and the two escape in the General. Enos gives Daisy the trophy before he and Rosco chase after the boys. Jesse asks Daisy if she can show Melanie around Hazzard, which Daisy agrees. The two get into the Jeep, and Melanie tells Daisy she just has to meet up with her associates in the town later. The second task is to drive around Hazzard County to visit various landmarks.

After arriving in Town, Melanie introduces her assistants, Johnny Rob (cowboy hat) and Billy Ben, who are loading a white van. After introductions, Daisy leaves. Johnny asks if Daisy recognized them and Melanie says she didn't, and that by the time Daisy figures out what happened, they will be long gone, and Daisy and her cousins will be in jail. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are contacted by Cooter, who is at Emma Tisdale's house and asks them to go to his garage and get some parts he forgot for her motorcycle. The next task is to go to Cooter's, get the parts, and take them to the Tisdale home. After delivering the parts, Cooter needs some time to fix the motorcycle. Miz Tisdale needs to do her mail runs but doesn't want to ride with Bo and Luke, so Bo calls Daisy on the CB to come take Miz Tisdale around. The fourth mission is to drive as Daisy, taking Miz Tisdale on her mail run around Hazzard.

After dropping Miz Tisdale off at the post office, Daisy gets a call from Cooter asking her to drop by the garage as he has a surprise for her. When she goes inside, she is overly happy to see her old Road Runner, and Cooter explains he's been working on it and thought it would be a good 4th of July surprise. Daisy is excited to drive it over to the Boar's Nest, to which Cooter says is good since he has some engine work to do on Dixie. Meanwhile Rosco and Enos try to figure out how to get their cars out of a ditch. A van stops and picks them up, having Melanie and her associates. The five of them go to the Boar's Nest. Melanie tells Boss about the possible oil on the Duke Farm. Melanie sits down with Boss, saying she will help him get the Duke Farm, but in return she wants to know where the Mean Green Machine is. Boss and Rosco deny knowing it at first, but after Melanie flatters Boss a bit, he relents and says she will need to prove there is oil on Jesse's farm first. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are preparing for the 4th of July race. They drive out to the Hazzard County Fairgrounds with Cooter to drive around the track. The fifth mission is a practice run. Meanwhile Daisy arrives at the Boar's Nest just in time to see Boss, Rosco, and Melanie leaving with the van following. Curious and suspicious, Daisy decides to follow them to see where they are going. The sixth mission is to follow Boss' car without getting too close.

They arrive in Boggy's swamp where Boss reveals the Mean Green Machine, to Daisy's shock. Boss asks where the oil is, and Melanie gives him a map of where she suspects the oil is located on Jesse's Farm. While Boss goes to leave to find the oil with Rosco, Melanie swipes the controller from his pocket. After Boss leaves, Melanie says that her boys can rob any bank or reserve in the country with the machine. However, they all hear a stick break as Daisy tries to slip away. The two men capture Daisy and bring her to Melanie. Daisy realizes Melanie is actually Missy Law, who should currently be in jail. Missy says that Daisy is going to pay for ruining her life. After they knock Daisy unconscious, Missy dresses up to appear like Daisy and leaves with the Road Runner.

Sometime later, Missy passes Bo and Luke on the road, who assume it's Daisy and that something is wrong. The seventh mission is to catch Missy in the General. Before the boys can catch the Road Runner, they are cut off by Enos. When Luke asks why Enos did that, Enos explains that earlier Daisy had robbed the Hazzard Bank. Rosco joins the conversation on the CB, informing Enos that he is to arrest Daisy and the boys as the boys are to charge with aiding and abetting. Luke says that Daisy would never rob a bank, even at gunpoint and the boys run from Enos to find Daisy.

Missy arrives in the Swamp again, where her men are putting an unconscious Daisy in the Road Runner. Missy puts the money in the back of the car. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are closing in on their location. As Daisy wakes up Missy informs her that she is now a wanted bank robber. When Missy's associates tell her the duke boys have arrived, they leave. Mission eight begins with Daisy informing Bo and Luke that Melanie Shaw is actually Missy Law, and the two vehicles escape from Rosco and Enos through the swamp. Luke blows up the bridge out of the swamp however Rosco succeeds in the jump and arrests Bo, Luke, and Daisy.

After the three are locked in the cell at the Police Department, Jesse asks how much the bail will be. Boss informs him that bail will not be set until after the 4th of July weekend when the circuit judge comes through town. Bo and Luke realize they will miss the race and Boss and Rosco leave to put the recovered money back in the bank and then head to the Duke Farm. Meanwhile Jesse talks to the kids and is surprised Missy Law, who nearly had Daisy sent to a girl's reform school when they were children, is back. Daisy also reveals to everyone that Missy has gotten the Mean Green Machine. Jesse says if Missy is still angry at Daisy for turning her in, then she will probably use the Mean Green Machine for Revenge.

Daisy talks about a time when her and Missy were almost like rivalries. She mentions that when they became old enough to drive, they used to race around the county and one day Missy dared her to race to the County Line. Mission nine is driving as Daisy in the race against Missy. During the race Missy remarks about some guys that won't wait for them even though they are the prettiest girls in Hazzard. Daisy wins the race and the two guys who were waiting for them were Missy's associates. They were trying to use Missy and Daisy's cars to ship moonshine into Chickasaw County. Daisy refuses to participate and Rosco and Sheriff Little arrive. Daisy tells the truth about what happened, and Missy and the two associates were arrested.

Daisy is upset that she didn't recognize them all, but Jesse says it was a long time ago. Enos comes in and apologizes to them all for the mess. Daisy asks him to let them all go so she can catch Missy, but Enos says he can't do that. He opens the cell to give them their lunch, but Luke pulls him in. The dukes escape the jail after locking Enos in the cell. Mission ten starts, using Jesse's pickup to free the General and the Road Runner from the impound.

After liberating the cars, Jesse uses the pickup to slow down Rosco and Enos. Cooter meanwhile contacts Bo, Luke, and Daisy. He tells them he spotted Missy's van and gives Daisy directions. Mission 11 is following Cooter's instructions driving the Road Runner to Missy's location in the swamp. Unfortunately, Missy and her associates have already gotten the Mean Green Machine and are inside. Mission 12 is the General Lee vs. the Mean Green Machine, using dynamite arrows to take it out. After forcing the machine to stop, Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Daisy get out to confront the trio inside. Rosco and Enos also arrive. However, Missy and the rest manage to escape, making everyone concerned. After Boss and Rosco go out to the Duke Farm, following the map Missy gave them. They find a table with a box on it. When they open the box, they find a can of oil with a note on it saying 'to the greediest Hogg, love Missy Law. Furious, Boss yells at Rosco.

The 4th of July qualification begins and mission thirteen is driving the General to qualify for the race. After qualifying and even setting a new record, the dukes head to Cooter's to get the finale inspection. On the way however Daisy notices Missy's van headed to the Quarry. Bo turns the General around and follows the van into the Quarry. mission fourteen is following the van. After arriving in the Quarry, they find the van was a lure for a trap. Once they are inside, the van escapes out of the Quarry and the gates close behind it before two explosions set off a rockslide, trapping the Dukes and Cooter in the Quarry. Mission fifteen requires the player to drive to the dynamite shed, get dynamite, and drive back to the gates to blast them open.

That night everyone gathers to watch the three cars that qualified race. Rosco steals a hotdog from Boss to give to Flash. Cooter finishes looking over the General and the prepares to start. A fourth car is added, Missy's car with her two associates driving. The race is started and mission sixteen is to win the race. The General wins, but before they can celebrate Missy drives the Mean Green Machine onto the track. Alarmed, Boss sends Rosco to do something, but Rosco trips on the hotdog he gave to Flash and knocks Boss over. Daisy gets in the Road Runner, cutting off Missy and saying for them to finish this. Daisy drives off, Missy following with her associates behind her. Luke tells Daisy to lead them to the rock quarry as he has an idea. Mission seventeen is following the Mean Green Machine in the General and firing dynamite arrows at it. Bo and Luke stop the machine, but Missy escapes in her car, leaving her associates to be arrested by Rosco. Bo and Luke decide to go after her but Daisy stops them saying this is her fight. Bo and Luke follow Daisy and Enos follows the boys, leaving Boss and Rosco to take the associates into custody.

The finale mission has Daisy drive after Missy and forcing her to stop. After she does, Missy tries to flee on foot but Daisy stops her and gives her a right hook to the face, knocking her on the ground long enough for the rest of the Dukes, Boss, Rosco, and Enos to arrive. Enos and Rosco arrests Missy while Boss hands Bo the first place prize for the race. Bo returns the money to pay part of the mortgage on the farm. Daisy then gives Enos kiss on the cheek in thanks.



  • Daisy's Road Runner makes an appearance. The Road Runner was destroyed by Bo in Season 2.
  • The Mean Green Machine makes an appearance, dating this episode sometime after Season 5.
  • The video game takes place over the 4th of July weekend.