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Ghost of the General Lee

The Ghost of the General Lee is the sixth episode of season two

While Bo and Luke are skinny dipping, a pair of pool hustlers steal the General Lee. Rosco gives chase, believing them to be the Duke boys. When the pursuit ends with the General crashing into a lake, and no bodies are found, everyone thinks that Bo and Luke have been killed. Boss Hogg takes advantage of the situation by claiming that, before the accident, the boys stole his valuable antique watch. Bo and Luke find themselves arriving at their own wake, and eventually, come up with a ghostly plot to scare the truth out of Boss.

Balladeer: They say the hills are alive with the sound of music, of course in Hazzard the intruments that they use aren’t the usual kind. And that’s “Dixie” being playing for going 95 miles an hour.

Bo and Luke are driving to test a new camshaft when Rosco chases after them. He radios Enos to tell him he has Bo and Luke on 9-11 heading to the county line. Enos joins the chase from Snake Nation Road. Hearing Enos’ radio messing up, Luke pretends to be Enos and tricks Rosco into going to Hopkin’s Crossing. Enos and Rosco crash at the crossing and Bo and Luke drive by.

Sweetwater County Line

Chief Lacey drops off two crooks and tells them to stay out of his county and let Rosco deal with them. They decide to head on through town but want to steal a car first. They find the General Lee alone, as Bo and Luke are skinny dipping to let things cool off. They take the car and the clothes inside. Bo and Luke see the car getting stolen and attempt to give chase. The thieves drive away, being spotted by Rosco. They go down Route 99 and Rosco calls for Enos, thinking it’s Bo and Luke. They watch the General go into the Pond. Enos and Rosco are horrified when no one comes out and Enos goes into the water to rescue the boys. Enos surfaces with the boys clothes and Rosco calls for an ambulance and a wrecker. Enos and Rosco are devastated, believing the boys are dead.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco informs Boss that the boys are dead. Boss is shocked and Rosco informs him that Enos is currently dragging for the bodies. Boss says he never expected this, adding that the boys will never be forgotten.


Bo and Luke look for clothes from a clothes line but a dog barks at them and they run.

Boar’s Nest

Boss gets an idea to say the boys stole a watch from him. He says he has a valuable watch in the safe in his office and claims that Bo and Luke took it from him.


Bo and Luke stop by to see their friend Becky Mae for clothes but get ran off by her mother and Luke says he learned that a man has never been truly insulted until he stood buck naked in front of a women and she didn’t even notice. Bo adds 'or care'.

Boar’s Nest

Cooter meets Ernie and Phil and makes a bet on their pool game. Jesse is concerned about Bo and Luke and says that his big toe is hurting and that means trouble. Cooter jokes to say his shoes might be too tight to which Jesse says he’s not his uncle. Boss and Rosco come out and announce to Jesse, Cooter, and Daisy that Bo and Luke have died. Everyone is shocked and Cooter yells that he’s got to be wrong. Jesse and Rosco talk for a moment and they agree that Bo and Luke had enjoyed the chases with Rosco, and Rosco enjoyed it too. Boss ruins the moment by announcing that Bo and Luke stole his watch. Jesse vows to spend the rest of his life proving the boys were innocent.


Bo and Luke steal the clothes from a scarecrow until they are shot at by the owner. The boys flee while they are chased.

Duke Farm

Jesse holds a wake for the boys at the Duke Farm. Many people come and offer their condolences. Bo and Luke come back and get their clothes off the clothes line. Noticing the number of cars, they comment how strange that is since Daisy wouldn't entertain guests with the wash still on the line. Inside, Lawrence offers Jesse his assistance. Bo and Luke peak in and are stunned to see the wake, wondering who died. Jesse sees the boys and is overly happy. He goes outside, brushing off one of his older friends, Sunshine, who is worried about him. Outside Jesse approaches the boys and hugs them to their confusion yelling 'there you are'. They ask who died and Jesse becomes furious and takes them to the barn.


Jesse holds a wake at the Farm. Cooter, Lawrence and his wife, and Sunshine are among those who attend.

He asks why they are alive and they are confused. Jesse says that they are supposed to be dead after they stole a watch. Bo explains that is all news to them. They tell Jesse what happened and Bo wants to go to Rosco to report the General was stolen but Jesse stops him as they are supposed to be dead and if Bo does that he will be arrested. Daisy comes out to see what is taking Jesse so long. Seeing Bo and Luke she screams and faints. Everyone runs outside as the boys hide in the barn while Jesse tells their guests she was hysterical. Jesse sends everyone back into the house and Cooter stays to help. After they all leave, Daisy says she saw Bo and Luke. Cooter says it couldn’t be possible only for Bo and Luke to fall out of their hiding place, putting Cooter into shock who collapses on Jesse. The boys explain they aren’t dead and explain to Cooter and Daisy what happened.

Boar’s Nest

While holding a dice event out back of the Boar’s Nest, Ernie sees Boss Hogg’s safe through the back door.

Duke Farm

Rosco arrives at the Farm and Cooter decides to take the boys into town. Daisy and Jesse go out to greet Rosco as Cooter drives away. Rosco asks where he’s going and is told that there was an emergency call. Rosco thanks him for forgiving him for everything. As Cooter drives he is followed by Enos. They realize they need to loose Enos and Bo and Luke get out and toss off the tires on the back of Cooter's truck, causing Enos to wreck but also nearly causing Bo to fall off the truck and be saved by Luke.


Cooter shows the boys the General. When Cooter remarks that if Boss and Rosco saw them it would scare them straight, Luke asks Bo if he got what Cooter just said. Bo agrees and Cooter asks if they will fill him in, but Bo says they don't have to as it was his idea.


Enos writes out their orders for lunch. Rosco goes to take a nap but hears Luke’s voice over the C.B. accusing him of killing them. Luke calls Rosco down to the Sheriff’s impound and Rosco goes in to see the General Lee glowing, alarming him. Luke invites him in for a ride. Enos returns and Rosco tells him he thought he was the boys. When Enos doesn't beleive him, Rosco shows him the car. Bo plays around with the trunk and hood to scare them even more. Enos wants to call the preacher. While hidden under the steering wheel Bo drives away and purposely wrecks the Sheriffs car. Rosco and Enos chase them. Luke guides Bo through a sight that Cooter made as Bo drives around the town square. During the chase, Rosco knocks down Avery’s ladder and sends Enos to get him. Rosco then crashes into a hydrant at the Sheriff’s Impound. Bo and Luke escape, but pass Boss and Alex as they do. After they wreck, Boss calls and radios in with Rosco. Boss figures someone is defending the boys memory and Rosco proposes it was Cooter. Rosco accidentally admits the stolen watch is in the safe at the Boar’s Nest, which the boys overhear.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy comes into the Boar’s Nest only to be captured by Ernie and Phil. They tie her up in Boss’ chair. They find they can’t open the safe so they decide to steal it. Everyone heads to the Boar’s Nest and hearing Luke on the radio, Boss realizes Bo and Luke are alive and he tells Rosco who is happy about the news. While Ernie and Phil take the safe, Daisy knocks the phone free and calls Enos, telling him to get to the Boar’s Nest. Bo and Luke arrive, freeing Daisy as she tells them about the guys in the pick up. Ernie and Phil pass Rosco, then Boss.  


Bo and Luke follow Ernie and Phil, Rosco is following the boys, and Boss and Alex are following Rosco. As they pass Jesse, he joins the chase. They head toward Sweetwater and Chief Lacey sees them and joins in. The safe cause Phil to loose control and all the cars with the exception of the General crash into a large pile. Lacey makes Boss open the safe and prove Bo and Luke are innocent. Lacey arrests Ernie and Phil. Bo decides this is all a lesson to him for leaving the keys in the General. Boss repays the insurance company and writes a check for Daisy that was the $500 reward for finding the watch.

Balladeer: Well Boss had to pay back the insurance company for the money he collected for the watch that had never been stolen. And Daisy got the reward for messing up the robbers plan of making off with Boss’ safe. And Bo and Luke? They celebrated their return to the good life by going skinny dipping again. Where do you recon their car is?

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  • This is the second time Bo and Luke end up in trouble while attempting to go skinny dipping. The first time being Deputy Dukes
  • Rosco tells us in this episode that he can't swim.
  • Boss says that the pocket watch he carries around belonged to Jefferson Davis, his namesake.


  • This episode was stated by John Schneider in an interview as being one of his favorite episodes due to Rosco's emotions.