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"The Great Bank Robbery" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg, who is unwilling to pay longtime Hazzard Bank employee Clarence Stovall his $30,000 pension, fires him one day short of retirement. Clarence decides that he will get his pension whether the greedy Boss Hogg likes it or not. Instead of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit to expose Boss Hogg's unwillingness to pay his pension, Clarence angrily takes the $30,000 from the Hazzard Bank, which is owned by Boss Hogg. Jesse, who is a friend of Clarence, learns about it, and he tries to set Clarence straight while Bo and Luke, knowing that Boss would have Clarence arrested by Rosco, try to find a way to put the money back where it was at, without getting spotted.


Balladeer: It’s a hot Hazzard’s day. Dukes are headin’ for town to make a very important deadline. Wouldn’t you just love to read them job requirements for a Hazzard County deputy? Now if you’re wondering what the bank’s doing open on a Saturday, if Boss Hogg could make a dollar he’d open on Judgment Day, even if there wasn’t any time left to spend it. And this here is Clarence Stovall, one of Uncle Jesse’s oldest friends. He’s got only one more day to go before he retires on his pension.

Luke, Daisy, and Bo ride in the General toward town. Cletus is down the road, on the phone with Boss telling him he hasn’t seen anything. Boss in the bank claims he doesn’t believe him, accusing him of sleeping. Boss says if he doesn’t write any tickets then they can’t raise money for the J.D. Hogg relief rehabilitation and philanthropic fund. Cletus asks if he’s supposed to give a ticket to a bird when he notices the Dukes. Boss says to give them a ticket. Cletus gives chase and Luke says he’s been driving legally. Daisy says if he pulls over they won’t make it to Mary Belle’s cake shop before it closes. Luke speeds away and loses Cletus by causing him to jump in the pond.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss sits as his desk when Clarence Stovall walks over to get the trash. Boss tells him he is fired as of tomorrow. Upset, Clarence asks about his pension and Boss says he is cutting down and he isn’t giving any more handouts. Clarence reminds him he’s been working for Boss for 30 years and is entitled to a pension which would total $30,000. Boss says that the pension money has been eaten up and besides he isn’t entitled to a pension as he hasn’t worked 30 years since tomorrow would be 30 and he is fired today. When Clarence reminds him tomorrow is 30 years he tells him he is still fired as of today and to finish out the last 20 minutes of the day cleaning.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy arrive at the bakery to pick up a cake for Clarence’s retirement party. Daisy heads inside, Bo reminding her she’s got two minutes before they close and asking for some sugar cookies too. He and Luke then head over to the bank to remind Clarence of the event. Inside Rosco tells Boss that he really knows how to handle ‘the help’. Boss says he just did what he had to and this rule will save him $30,000. Bo and Luke go up to one of the tellers to have them get Clearance.  Boss approaches them saying if they are there to argue about the ticket they can forget it. Bo laughs and says they didn’t get it and they are there to see Mr. Stovall. Boss tells them to leave and Rosco offers to take a message and Luke thanks him before telling him that Uncle Jesse is holding a party on Monday, after Clearance’s last day of work. Bo and Luke leave and Boss snaps at Rosco. Outside Daisy gives them the cookies. They see Cletus arrive in his messy water filled car and they share a laugh before going to leave. Boss and Rosco confront him about it but Cletus ignores them to go give them a ticket. Luke gives him a cookie and they leave.

Boss and Rosco yell at Cletus about letting the boys go. He tells them that he was ran into Pringles Pond. Boss says to arrest them. Boss tells Rosco to create a new law before ordering Cletus to get cleaned up, make a warrant, and arrest the boys.

Duke Farm

As the Dukes prepare for the party, they continue to do chores around the farm which includes repainting the farm house. While Bo and Luke pain, Jesse gathers firewood and cooks on the grill and Daisy cares for a baby raccoon. Jesse tells her to get him healed and back out in the woods. They are surprised to see Clarence arriving at the farm. Jesse approaches him and Clarence explains he’s leaving. The Dukes are shocked, but Jesse says it’s fine on the condition that Clarence has dinner with them and then spends the night before he leaves for Florida. Jesse tries to take his suitcase inside but when Clarence tries to stop it, it accidentally opens to show a large amount of money to all the Dukes’ shock.


Rosco radio’s Cletus from Sawmill Road, telling him he and Flash are headed to the Duke Farm and asking for Cletus’ location. Cletus says he passed Pile Junction. Rosco says they need to sneak up on the Dukes and not to make a sound.

Duke Farm

As Clarence collects the money with the three younger Dukes watching, Jesse confronts him about stealing it. Clarence explains how he was fired by Boss to avoid paying him his pension and that he wasn’t thinking when he took it. The Dukes are upset on his behalf but also say that he can’t just steal the money. Clarence agrees and the Dukes promise to help him out of this mess, as once a friend of the Dukes you are a friend for life.


The Dukes see Rosco approach and Bo and Luke take the money. Luke tells them to meet them at Jensen’s Hollow before Bo drives them away, Rosco following. As they drive they are approached by Cletus from the other direction. Cletus and Bo nearly collide and to avoid it, Cletus goes into a pond and Bo hits a tree. When Luke tells him that is one way to stop Bo tells him not to rub it in. Rosco pulls up to them as Bo is unable to get the General to restart. Bo asks what are they being arrested for. Rosco notices the suitcase in the back popped open due to the impact and seeing the money, he says he is arresting them for a bank robbery. Bo tries to explain it but Rosco says they can explain it to the judge. Bo kicks the gun from his hand and he and Luke get back in the car. Bo gets the General started and drives away. Rosco shoots toward the sky to stop them, breaking off a branch that falls on him. Luke teases Bo about ‘punting’ them out of trouble but Bo reminds him Rosco thinks they are bank robbers now.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss and tells him what he saw. Boss asks if Rosco is sure he wasn’t hallucinating and Rosco says he doesn’t think so, unless it was from hunger. Boss holds up four fingers to test Rosco. When Rosco gets it right he gets excited. Boss pulls out a phone book to call all the banks in the area to see which one had been robbed. He comments he doesn’t understand how someone could be such a fool to let their bank get robbed while his bank is 100% burglar proof. He tells Rosco he installed a time lock on his vault. The entire time Rosco is trying to get more than the 90/10 cut.

Jensen’s Hollow/Still Site 1

Bo and Luke fill in Clarence, Jesse, and Daisy on what happened with Rosco. Jesse says the only way to get out of this is to ensure the money is put back before Boss even learns it is gone. Clarence tells them it can’t be done as Boss is there at eight o’clock on Monday when the vault is opened in order to count the money. Luke says they just need to put the money in the vault before Boss opens it and Clarence explains that he has a key and the combination.

Town of Hazzard


While Cletus’ car was with Cooter, Cletus walked around town waiting for people to break the law and write them tickets. A citizen runs away while Cletus tries to write them a ticket. When he sees Ms. Heferty jaywalk he tries to give her a ticket but she hits him with her purse and walks away.

Hazzard Garage

Clarence, Jesse, and Daisy meet at Cooter’s garage and Bo and Luke sneak in the back door. Cooter tells them they have trouble as Cletus is out in-front of the bank. Daisy agrees to go lead Cletus away. After she leaves, Clarence agrees to give Bo and Luke the key and combination so they can run over to the bank before being noticed.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is frustrated as all the banks tell him they were not robbed. Rosco finishes off Boss’ pork chops while he is on the phone. Boss asks if he’s sure he saw the money. Rosco says he’s sure before noticing the chops are gone. Rosco says Boss had ate them all and asks if he’s sure they called all the banks. Boss says he is and there isn’t a bank he overlooked. Rosco says except his and Boss suddenly becomes alarmed saying they have to go to the bank. Rosco reminds him of what he said earlier and Boss says only a jackass would be positive and they need to leave. They run outside, Boss saying they can never tell with the Dukes. Startled by Flash, Boss has to get in the back seat.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy kicks over a ‘keep off the grass sign’ before calling Cletus over. Meanwhile, Bo and Luke climb onto the top of the garage. Daisy shows him the sign and Cletus picks it up. Bo and Luke continue to go across the building tops headed to the bank. Luke nearly falls off the roof and Bo manages to save him. Meanwhile Cletus accidentally hits his hand as he tries to nail the sign back in with a rock. Bo and Luke climb down and slip into the bank.

Bank of Hazzard

Bo and Luke go to the Bank and Luke reads off the combination for Bo. Outside Daisy and the others are alarmed to see Boss and Rosco arrive. Inside Bo and Luke are stunned when the combination doesn’t work. They go to try again but hear someone unlocking the front door and hide under a desk. Boss and Rosco get inside and Boss tells Rosco if anything moves to blast it. They run to the vault and conclude the vault isn’t tampered with. Boss reminds Rosco about the time lock, which Bo and Luke overhear. Boss says they need to find a way to trap the boys with the money. Bo goes and pulls the sprinklers and he and Luke flee. Rosco accidentally shoots the roof and the alarm goes off. Hearing it, Cletus run over to see what is going on and Bo and Luke come out. Luke tosses the money to Bo to keep it out of Cletus’ reach.

Balladeer: The last time old Luke tossed a ball to Bo, he dropped it.

At the Garage, Cooter remarks it looks like the boys are getting away. Bo and Luke flee to the General and Luke drives them away. In the bank Boss tells Rosco to turn off the sprinklers. Outside Cooter remarks that Bo and Luke still had the money and Clarence remarks he shouldn’t have gotten them involved. Jesse assures him that they will work it out and Cooter questions they will, Jesse says they will.

In the bank Boss wants to check the vault and they remark it’s still locked. Boss tells Rosco to lock up the boys and he calls Cletus on the CB. Cletus informs him he’s right on the boys tail and Boss tells him not to let the boys escape.


Bo and Luke run from Cletus who is ran into the pond again. Bo says they need to get him a drip dry uniform and Luke says they are headed back to Jensen’s Hollow again. Boss radio’s Cletus again and Cletus tries to radio back but it’s too static filled. Rosco says it sounds like he’s in the pond again. Boss laments his incompetent staff. Boss says he wants a 24 hour guard on the guard and for Rosco to get out the Hazzard County Sheriff Reserves. In his excitement, Boss accidentally sets off the fire alarm again.

Still Site 1

At the still site, the boys fill in everyone about the time lock. Clarence remarks about the boys being fugitives to which Luke says they are used to. The five discuss the time lock. Deciding to turn himself in, Clarence comes up with an excuse to get water for coffee and heads over to the cars, taking Dixie. The Dukes notice him leave and chase after him in the General. They pull up alongside and tell him to pull over. When Clarence doesn’t, Bo climbs over into Dixie and stops the jeep. Jesse yells at Clarence, saying that they don’t give up. Luke says for the others to go back to the Farm and call it a day and he and Bo will camp at the still site before meeting them at Cooter’s in the morning. Everyone agrees.

Hazzard Garage

Reserve force arrival

Sunday morning, Boss and Cletus guard the bank doors. The Dukes meet up at Cooter’s and Luke says they got only one chance and Monday at 8am they need to find a way to get everyone out of the bank. Cooter informs them there is some action at the bank and Rosco has arrived with two new men. The Reserve duty arrived, saying its Homer Snead and Bib Tucker. Jesse remarks they are into everything, including firemen. Bo says it’s getting tougher but Luke argues it just got easier. Luke says that Boss is the Fire Chief so they can use that. At the Bank, Boss explains the situation to Bib and Homer. While Boss talks, Cletus tries to get his attention repeatedly. Boss yells at him and Cletus points out Daisy is at the Garage. While Boss, Rosco, and Cletus go to the garage, the others are left at the bank.

Boss, Rosco, and Cletus go to sneak into the Garage but Cletus trips, accidentally firing his rifle and alerting everyone inside. Boss and the others rush inside to see Clarence, Daisy, Cooter, and Jesse playing cards. They ask where Bo and Luke are, who are watching from the loft, and Jesse says they aren’t there because he doesn’t allow them to gamble. Boss and the others go to spread out and Cletus mentions what cards Daisy has, upsetting her. They conclude the boys are in the loft and Cooter remarks ‘there ain’t nothing up there but mice J.D.’ Boss sends Rosco up anyway. Rosco looks around out the window where Bo and Luke are hanging to the storm drain on the side. The pipe gives way and Bo and Luke fall. Hearing it they all run outside but Bo and Luke have already fled to the General. They take Daisy’s jeep and drive after the boys.


As Boss, Rosco, and Cletus chase Bo and Luke, Cletus starts shooting at them, shocking the boys. Luke tells Bo to lose them fast. As Rosco drives under a tree, Cletus gets stuck on a branch. Rosco turns back for him but they lose the Dukes. They head back to the bank. Luke calls back to the others to tell them they lost Boss and the rest and they are calling it a day. He says they’ll see them tomorrow.

Town of Hazzard

The next morning the Dukes, Cooter, and Clarence meet at the Garage. Cooter changed into a plaid shirt and Daisy wears one of Bo’s. Luke, Clarence, and Cooter sync their watches at 7:15. Luke sends Daisy and Cooter out to get in position. Luke tells Clarence to wait until they come back at 7:45.

At the bank the four see Bo and Luke pass by in the General. They all give chase. Hearing Bo and Luke down the road, Daisy and Cooter swap out with Bo and Luke, Daisy putting on a blonde wig. Bo and Luke head back to town in Dixie and the others think Daisy and Cooter are Bo and Luke and head after them.

In town Jesse takes some papers to make a fire. Bo and Luke get a flat and quickly change it. Jesse tosses papers and rags in an old furnace and moves the vent so that the smoke will go out the window. He lights it and once it starts smoking he runs outside to yell about a fire. Members of the fire department start running to the fire station and putting on their gear. Jesse and others stop and pick up the two deputy reserve sheriff’s, who agree to go help put out the fire. Clarence waits nervously as Bo and Luke are late. Bo and Luke get back on the road.

Daisy stops in the road and her and Cooter laugh. Rosco and Cletus approach them and are stunned to see Daisy and Cooter. Cletus thinks Daisy looks great in that wig and Rosco and Cletus head back to town.

Jesse leads the fire department in approaching the situation. They spray down the building as Boss runs over. Jesse sprays him over and apologizes. While Boss takes charge, Bo and Luke stop for Clarence. They head over to the Bank. Boss learns from the others that a fire was started in an old stove and no damage was done. Boss is relieved and starts counting the money he gets until he realizes that no one is guarding the bank. Boss rushes back to the bank with Homer and Bib but falls over a ladder that Jesse is moving. Jesse apologizes and Boss says he’s in on it. Looking at Jesses’ watch he sees it’s eight. Meanwhile Bo, Luke, and Clarence get into the vault.

Boss starts running to the bank when Rosco and Cletus arrives. Boss sees Bo laying on the steps and Luke and Clarence standing by the door. Boss demands to know what they are doing. Boss says the Dukes stole his money and they all go into the Bank. They go to the vault and Boss remarks that all the money is in the vault. Cletus says they don’t have any crimes against the Dukes. Boss says they haven’t accounted for why the boys were in the bank when it was closed. Luke says they were testing the bank. Bo remarks that Boss wasn’t able to keep them out. They threaten to tell everyone that anyone can just walk into the bank unless Boss rehires Clarence for his last day of work. Boss agrees.


Balladeer: And that’s the way the Dukes boys got ol’ Clarence hired back for one more day to qualify him for his pension. Now Boss, being the sentimental sort, got all mushy. Now I ask you, wouldn’t you like to have friends who would break into a bank to keep you out of trouble? Sort of makes you want to move to Hazzard, don’t it?

Boar’s Nest

A retirement party is held for Clarence at the Boar’s Nest. Boss gives Clarence a broken pocket watch as an ‘award’. Jesse steps up telling him to put it away as they want him to have a fishing pool.


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Hazzard County[]


  • At the beginning of the episode, Daisy mentions they are headed to Mary Belle's cake shop. This may be the Mary Belle from earlier in the series, who was said to be Daisy's best friend.
  • This is the second time in the series where a character resorted to stealing due to their pension being cut
    • The first character to do this is Rosco P. Coltrane after the people of Hazzard voted to cut his pension. It was explained in the first few episodes of season one that after the vote occurred, he started working with Boss for his illegal deals.
  • The Balladeer references Bo being on the football team in high school saying 'he was 10 for 12 and no shoes'
  • Boss mentions in this episode that he has put a new time lock on his vault door.
  • Boss is shown to be the fire chief again. This was last mentioned in Return of Hughie Hogg