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"The Great Insurance Fraud" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg's new insurance fraud scam is threatened when con artist Ward S. Davis and his girlfriend Lavinia pull a phony car accident at Bottomless Lake after buying a $1,000,000 policy from Boss Hogg. Lavinia wants Boss Hogg to give them the $1,000,000. Coy is afraid of driving anymore because he was sideswiped during the fake accident, and he believes that he killed Ward. Vance sets out to figure out what really happened, but he ends up kidnapped. Can Coy overcome his fear of driving in time to help the rest of the Dukes find Ward and Lavinia, and rescue Vance?


Balladeer: Now in most places, having a car crowd you a little ain’t worthy of much notice. But in Hazzard, trying to forcing the General Lee out of the way is right up there with jumping off a tall building. It looks like trouble for the Dukes. If y’all think that’s something, you ought to see the way Rosco’s rigged his bathroom plumbing.

As Coy drives down the road with Daisy and Vance, they hear a horn honking and see a car come speeding up behind them. The three Duke’s are surprised when the car passes them. Meanwhile up ahead, Rosco is excitedly showing Flash an electronic device that he invented. He starts to explain it, but hearing a car he hits the button, having a stop sign pop up and the Dukes and the brown car drive through it. Excited, Rosco heads out to chase the pair.

The three cars speed down the dirt road and Daisy notes that the man is speeding pretty fast. Vance remarks that he wishes they could tell the driver that Rosco is probably after them and not the brown car and Coy offers to draw Rosco away from the stranger. Meanwhile Rosco hits a rock, knocking off a back fender of his car. The Dukes take a right at the upcoming fork and are all three stunned when Rosco takes a left, following the stranger’s car. Up ahead a farmer is stacking crates and Rosco nearly hits him, jumping off the road and driving through a hey pile. Rosco gets back on the road and catches the other car. Ward asks if there was anything wrong. Rosco tells him to get out of the car and that he will have a $300 fine. When Ward asks ‘isn’t that kind of steep’ Rosco remarks it is if ‘you’re sucker enough to pay it.’ Flash barks at him and Rosco offers to ‘get him off the hook’ for $150. Ward asks what would he have to do and Rosco says for him to buy one of Boss Hogg’s insurance policies. For $150 the policy covers 1 million dollars for accident insurance. Rosco tells him to make up his decision and the man takes Rosco’s pen to sign the policy.

Duke Farm

When the three arrive at the farm, Jesse remarks he wasn’t expecting them home so soon and asks if there is anything wrong. The boys get out of the car, telling him about Boss Hogg’s traffic trap. Jesse stops them from getting out of the car any further, saying he doesn’t see the fence posts he sent them to get. They explain they forgot and Jesse sends them to go get the posts. The three get back in the car and leave.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco look over the numbers of the latest scam. Boss remarks they have sold 83 policies, bringing the total to $12,450 they received. The two celebrate and Boss says he is using all the money for Rosco’s ‘grand prize’ claiming he will be sending Rosco to Hawaii. Rosco is shocked and Boss says it is only for when Rosco meets his sales quota, but refuses to tell Rosco what the sales quota is. Boss then pushes Rosco out to sell more policies.


Ward returns to the RV where Lavinia is waiting. She asks how it was going and he says the phony insurance racket is just like they heard. Ward shows her the million dollar policy and she says all they need to do now is fake the accident and collect. Lavinia goes into the RV to get changed.

Cooter’s Garage

Cooter gets Ward gas at the station. Cooter tells him the total and Ward asks if he will take a credit card. Cooter confirms, reading the name on the card before going to write up the charge. Ward asks if he can use his phone, which Cooter confirms saying as long as it’s a collect call and to call Mabel at the operator’s office. Meanwhile Lavinia watches from across the street.


Vance and Coy head back toward town while Lavinia and Ward prepare their car for a fake accident. When Ward finished he runs the plan by Lavinia, saying he has a bomb set for 1 minute and 15 seconds to give him tile to bail out. Lavinia moves to another position to watch and Ward starts the car. As he drives down the road, he bails out near a curve.

Coy comes around the other side of the curb and Daisy and Vance yell to him in warning. Coy avoids the car and they see it go over the side. Coy stops and comes back. All three get out of the General and while Coy and Daisy go toward the car, Vance calls for Rosco saying that a car went off of blind curve into bottomless lake.

Duke Farm

While Jesse is washing Dixie, he hears the call from Vance over the CB. Alarmed he leaves.


Vance notices a yellow car but prioritizes the wrecked one. He calls Rosco again, who hears, before running over to Coy and Daisy. The three get down to the lake but don’t find any survivors.

Rosco calls Enos and tells him to get over to the lake.

Daisy, Coy, and Vance all dive into the lake but none of them can find anything. Coy insists on looking again but Vance and Daisy say it’s too late. As they get out of the lake, Jesse arrives. Vance and Daisy notice how upset Coy is and insist that it’s too late. Daisy finds a license plate and they head back up to the street. Rosco and Enos arrive, Enos hitting the back of Rosco’s car and causing them to bicker for a moment. Rosco also loses a fender.

Rosco and Enos are stunned that the car is gone and Jesse asks if the kids are alright. Rosco says they’ll go look for survivors. Vance explains what happened to Rosco while Coy stands beside them in shock. Daisy gives him the plate and Rosco says he’ll go find out who it belonged to. As they try to talk to Coy he says it all happened so fast and he doesn’t know what happened. When Coy says it was probably his fault, Rosco says then they have to hold him. Enos protests saying Coy is in a state of shock but Rosco says to put him in the vehicle. Enos reluctantly does. Jesse tells Rosco that he doesn’t have any call to arrest Coy and Rosco says someone is responsible.

At the RV, Ward and Lavinia celebrate. They are overjoyed at the second car witnessing the accident and Lavinia says after she goes to see Boss Hogg the next day they will have one million dollars.

Police Department

Vance, Daisy, and Jesse come to the police department. Coy is in a cell downstairs with Enos. Enos lets the Dukes in, saying he is glad they are there because Coy hasn’t spoken once. Coy ignores his family and Jesse says he needs to pull himself to gather. Vance says that accident was going to happen no matter who was driving and as Daisy tries to say he’s the best, he gets mad reminding them that the other driver is dead. The Dukes realize they can’t say much to Coy while he’s in jail so Jesse asks how much is bail. Boss arrives saying it will be five thousand dollars. The Dukes get upset and Boss tells them that he drew up a second mortgage on the farm at 20% and if they accept it, he’ll let Coy out. The kids protest but Jesse immediately signs it. Coy protests more but Enos lets him out. The Dukes leave. Coy gets behind the wheel but freezes. He tells Vance he can’t drive anymore to all the Dukes’ shock.


Enos and Cooter supervise a diving team looking for the car. Unable to find it, Cooter thanks them and tells them to go home. He tells Enos they should head back to town.

Duke Farm

The Dukes sit down to eat. Daisy notices Coy isn’t eating and Coy says he’s not hungry. Jesse suggests Daisy get the rhubarb pie she baked and Coy leaves, saying he’s not feeling good. Vance and Daisy talk to Jesse about how worried they are. Vance remembers the yellow car and tells them there was another witness that may have been scared and drove off. They decide to go look for the yellow car. Jesse says he’ll stay and talk to Coy.


Rosco’s sleeps on the hood of his car when Flash wakes him up. He hears the General coming by and puts up a fake stop sign before chasing after Vance and Coy. They pass the Greenville Junction and Vance jumps the General. Rosco calls Enos to back him up by making a road block at Miller Junction. Rosco gets excited thinking about the Hawaiian Vacation he can win and accidentally crashes into Enos, running both of them of the road.

Vance stops and talks to two fishermen before seeing Dixie Lee kissing a boy in her convertible.

Duke Farm

That night Coy starts having nightmares about the accident. He wakes up Vance, telling him it was about the accident again. Vance gets up and moves to Coy’s bed, telling him it’s alright and he needs to try to go back to sleep. Vance says they will check again tomorrow.

Bottomless Lake

Next morning Coy and Vance head out to see if they missed anything. As they drive, they miss Lavinia’s yellow car. Spotting the boys, she calls Ward to inform him about the boys actions.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is eating a massive breakfast when Lavinia comes in, asking if she can talk to him. Boss happily agrees, inviting her in. She introduces herself as an attorney, saying she represents Ward Davis’ estate. Boss says he never heard of the man and asks what her reason is for coming and she tells him about the insurance policy, shocking Boss. Lavinia says she is the beneficiary and Boss owes her one million dollars to which Boss accidentally admits it was never supposed to pay off. Boss accuses her that she is bluffing and she says she can prove Ward was the one in the car when the accident happened. Boss says they’ll have to fight it out in court, but Lavinia calls his bluff and says that she knows it’s a fraud and all she has to do is call in the State and Boss will go to jail for twenty years. She gives him twenty four hours to get the money before leaving.

Bottomless Lake

As Vance and Coy check the lake bed, Ward pulls up next to the General Lee. He spots the boys as Vance tries to reassure Coy. Coy tells him to forget it. On the hill Ward manages to get a large rock loose and roll it down the hill toward the boys. Hearing the rock, Vance drags Coy away from the falling rocks. The two get up and Vance suspects someone tried to kill them. They climb up the kill but Ward flees. When they get up to the top, Vance shows Coy that the boulder had to have been pushed. Coy challenges him, asking who would want to kill them and says he’s reaching.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco arrives at the Boar’s Nest and announces he has good news. He tells Boss that the car belonged to Ward Davis, upsetting Boss. Boss tells him about the insurance policy and says it is all Rosco’s fault.

Duke Farm

Jesse, Daisy, and Vance sit in the kitchen, reading the paper with a deadline of ‘Coy Duke refuses to deny guilt in accident’. Coy comes into the kitchen and Jesse ties to hide the paper, but Coy says he’s already read it. Daisy and Jesse express displeasure at the headline but Coy says it was true. Vance and Coy argue about it and Vance insists it wasn’t an accident. Coy says it was his fault before leaving to go out to the barn. Jesse tries to assure the others and Vance says Coy is just scared and he will keep looking for the yellow car.

Boar’s Nest

Boss makes lunch while telling Rosco that he plans to put everything he owns into someone else’s name until everything blows over. Rosco asks who he plans to give everything and Boss says it will be Rosco. He signs over everything to Rosco on a paper and makes Rosco give him a dollar for the paper. Rosco asks if it is all legal and establishes that everything is his. When Boss assures him it is all legal, Rosco addresses him as ‘fathead’ and tells him to go wash his car. Boss is shocked but Rosco insists that everything is all his now.

Cooter’s Garage

Lavinia goes to Cooter’s and he fills her car with gas. As she leaves, Vance arrives having planned to ask Cooter to help him find the car. Vance sees her pull away and stops to talk to Cooter. He asks about the car and Cooter says a nice looking lady from Atlanta. Vance says he say her leave the accident, to Cooter’s confusion, and leaves to follow.

As they leave town Vance chases after Lavinia. She speeds away to escape. A truck runs both off the road in different directions. Lavinia makes it back to the RV while Vance picks up her trail and finds the RV as well. He gets out of the General and cautiously approached the RV. Lavinia answers when he knocks and she agrees to talk to him, inviting him to have some lemonade with her. Lavinia distracts Vance so Ward can come up behind him and knock him out. They talk about what to do with Vance, agreeing to ‘use their backup plan’ and gags Vance. Lavinia says she’ll make a deal with Boss while Ward calls Ringo to get the chopper there.

Boar’s Nest

Boss shines Rosco’s boots while Rosco and Flash both eat ribs. A knock comes at the door and Daisy brings a bucket and a mop. She tries not to laugh as Rosco says Boss will clean the floors after he finishes shinning both Rosco’s boots and Flash’s nails. Boss hears Lavinia calling him on the C.B. as Daisy leaves the office, causing her to pause. Daisy listens in as Boss talks to Lavinia, agreeing to pay her a quarter of a million dollars. Vance wakes up to hear the deal as well.

Duke Farm

While Vance and the General are being hidden, Daisy calls Jesse and Coy at the farm. She fills them in on what she learned. Cooter also listens in on the conversation and when Daisy asks where Vance is, Cooter informs them what happened. Jesse says he and Coy will go find Vance.

Boar’s Nest

Boss orders Rosco to go get the money but Rosco reminds him that Boss isn’t in charge anymore. Boss insists it was temporary and Rosco says he can’t do that. Boss eats the bill of sale and informs Rosco that he has nothing and to go get the money.


Coy spots the tail end of the General behind an R.V. They pull over to investigate and Vance, hearing a vehicle, begins to kick the R.V. door. They investigate to find Vance and Vance fills them in on what they learned. Vance gives Coy the keys and tells him to drive. Coy refuses to Jesse and Vance’s disappointment. Jesse tells Vance that he knows what he needs to do and that he’ll follow them in the pickup. As the boys go to get in the General, Vance claims to have suddenly got dizzy, alarming Coy. He says he can’t drive in the state he is in and that Coy needs to take him to the hospital. Coy gets him in the General and starts driving, to Jesse’s amusement.

While on the road, Vance informs Coy that he is alright and Coy isn’t afraid of driving at all, to Coy’s anger. Vance assures Coy that he didn’t kill anyone.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco give Lavinia her money. Rosco accidentally reveals that Boss tried to cheat her out of ten thousand dollars to Boss’ fury. As Lavinia prepares to leave, Daisy comes in and reveals her for a fake. Ward comes in and has all three put up their hands. Lavinia takes Rosco’s gun, disarming him and they put Rosco and Boss in a closet. They decide to take Daisy along as a hostage. As they leave, Flash gets the closet door open.

Coy, Vance, and Jesse see Ringo’s chopper go ahead of them and land at the Boar’s Nest. Lavinia and Ward drag Daisy to the chopper and when Daisy fights Ward knocks her out. As Ringo takes off in the chopper, Vance, Coy, and Jesse arrive. They spot Daisy in the chopper and follow it.


Daisy wakes up in the chopper and attacks the pilot, causing Lavinia and Ward to attempt to restrain her. The chopper lowers and Vance climbs out of the General and onto the chopper. The inhabitants notice him but Daisy resumes attacking Ringo. Ringo tries to maintain control of the chopper, gaining altitude as Coy and Jesse stops. Jesse gets in the General and Coy takes off again to keep up with the chopper.

Vance continues to hang onto the chopper while Daisy continues to attack him. Vance gets on the side and dumps the fuel for the chopper, forcing Ringo to look for a way to land. Furious, Ward pulls out his gun to shoot Vance but Daisy knocks the gun away. Ringo is forced to land and Ward and Lavinia run. Vance chases down the crooks while Daisy restrains the pilot. Coy manages to grab Lavinia and Jesse helps Daisy. The Dukes take custody of the group while Rosco and Boss arrive.

Coy becomes excited realizing he never hurt anyone. Boss reclaims his money and Rosco arrests them all. Coy thanks them for staying by him and Jesse says to make sure everyone is arrested first.

Balladeer: So everything worked out for the best. Them flim-flammers got just what they deserved. Boss got back his $250,000. That is, most of it. This time it was the boys who threatened to blow the whistle to the State Insurance Commission unless old Boss closed down his operation and made a big donation to the children’s hospital and tore up that second mortgage that Jesse gave him. Rosco never made his trip to Waikiki Beach, he never even got his dollar back from Boss. As for Coy, well now that he is his old self again, he just couldn’t keep his hands off the General Lee, which means everything is back to normal. And you’re looking at normal in Hazzard county.

County Jail

Rosco arrests the three crooks, putting the men in one cell while Enos puts Lavinia in another. Vance claims some of the money to Boss’ protests and the rest of the Dukes amusement.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy holds a tray of beers while Boss pours them all into a single bottle. Rosco comes in, dressed for Hawaii with Flash. Boss and Rosco bicker while Daisy laughs at them.


Coy drives the family home, everyone happy that he is normal again. Coy jumps the General for fun.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Believing he killed a person while driving, Coy Duke becomes afraid to drive for a short period of time
    • Coy is the only Duke shown to have this concern
  • Rosco again shows his ability to work with electronics by making a stop sign that will pop up at the touch of a button
  • Boss Hogg has Jesse take a second mortgage out on the farm in this episode
    • At the end of the episode the mortgage is voided
  • Boss Hogg signs everything that he owns over to Rosco for a temporary period of time.
    • Previously, Boss had tried to get out of trouble with the IRS by signing everything he owned to his nephew Hughie Hogg in The Return of Hughie Hogg. Hughie almost immediately betrayed him just like Rosco did in this episode, showing Boss had not learned from previous experiences.