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"The Hazzardgate Tape" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg has reaped a bonanza through hijacking, stolen cars, and bootlegging, thanks to a new state highway. But there are other counties that the highway runs through. Sharkey (Earl Montgomery), Hopkins (F. William Parker), and Bowman (William Bramley), the even more corrupt commissioners of three of those counties, want Boss to pay for refusing to share the loot, and their plan is to take over Hazzard County. The Dukes have no choice but to team up with Boss Hogg to save Hazzard County from a fate worse than Boss Hogg. The Dukes let Boss Hogg hide out at the farm until Coy and Vance can expose Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman by tape-recording a conversation between them.


Balladeer: When Coy and Vance get a shot at picking up some chore money, well they grab it. Jobs in Hazzard are scarcer than a chicken with a mouth full of molars.

Coy drives the General as Vance sits next to him, shirtless and counting money. After he puts on his shirt and calls Jesse and Daisy.

Duke Farm

Daisy is preparing food as Jesse comes in and the boys say they are coming home and they are hungry. Jesse says there is food for them, but there is also chores for them to do too.


Rosco calls Enos on the CB telling him to get his quota on tickets. Enos protests that it’s cheating and Rosco says it’s not cheating if they are breaking the law. Rosco asks if he heard someone pass Enos and Enso says it was just Vance and Coy. Rosco tells him they were speeding and for Enos to arrest them. Enos asks if they were speeding and how could Rosco tell. Rosco says for him to just do it as he’s headed to the Boss’ house.

Coy hears Enos and Vance asks if they are going to miss Daisy’s lunch. Coy says no and speeds off. They pass farmer, Silas Pew, who is stacking crates. Enos crashes through the crates as he continues the chase. The boys pull off the road and hide in a set of bushes as Enos drives by. They attempt to leave but find they can’t back out of their hiding spot again. Vance looks to see the back tire has no traction and comments that he thinks that not only are they going to miss lunch, they will probably miss dinner too.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Rosco meet with Boss Bowman of Choctaw County, Boss Hopkins of Hatachape County, and Boss Sharkey of Yreka County. Boss Sharkey explains that since the new state highway came through, his hijacking operations have gone down 32%. When the other Boss’ agree they are struggling, Boss says he’s sorry to hear that but doesn’t understand how this affects him. Sharkey says the state highway goes through his territory and bypasses theirs. The three Boss’ explain they want a new deal and Boss asks that they do. Sharkey says they want a piece of Hazzard County’s  action. Boss refuses. The meeting ends and the three leave. After they leave, Boss tells Rosco to never let him do that again and admits he’s shaking like a ‘bowl of jelly’ adding he was good. Rosco tries to steal a sandwich but Boss takes it away.

Hadley Farm

The three Bosses arrive at a shack in Hazzard to discuss what Boss did.

Vance and Coy decide to take a shortcut through the Hadley Farm to get home faster. Seeing the cars however the two stop and wonder who it belongs to. They decide to get out and see what is going on and get out of the General before sneaking over. Inside the three Boss' sit down with Norton and Janco standing behind them. Vance boosts Coy up to the top of the barn, where he hears the three boss’ planning to kill Boss Hogg and taking over Hazzard and kill Boss Hogg. Recognizing who they are, Coy informs Vance the identities. However Coy accidentally pulls the frame of the window free, falling back and knocking Vance down. The five are alerted by the noise and run outside to see. Vance pulls Coy up and they flee. The two henchmen make it out first and follow them around the barn. The five men follow, seeing Vance and Coy and Sharkey sends Norton and Janco after them. The two get in a blue car and pursue.


Coy drives with the hitmen behind them. They pass by Silas, who becomes distraught, and the men knock over all his crates, infuriating him. Janco starts shooting at them and Vance wonders what they want with Boss Hogg, however Coy is more worried about them saying he can’t die as he has a date.

Duke Farm

Vance calls Jesse on the CB, who hears it along with Daisy. Jesse also hears a gunshot and asks about it, to which Vance says that is why they are calling. Vance fills them and says they are headed to Wilton Corners and suggests they call Rosco but Jesse and Daisy says they are coming themselves.


Norton attempts to pass Coy. Coy jumps the General and Norton does as well. They come up to Wilton Corners just as Jesse and Daisy do in Jesse’s pickup. Jesse pulls between the hitmen and the boys. The men get frustrated and decide to run Jesse off. Seeing what the men are doing, Vance and Coy stop. Jesse is nearly driven off the road but is able to stop. Norton then runs off accidentally and the Dukes decide to leave for town to warn Boss.

Hadley Farm

Janco and Norton return to the farmhouse and inform the bosses that they lost the Duke’s. Sharkey says for them to get rid of Hogg and they leave.

Hogg Family Home

Vance and Coy pull into town with Jesse and Daisy behind them. The four come up to the door as Boss comes out. Surprised to see them, Boss says for them to leave before he has them arrested. Coy and Vance tell him about Boss Sharkey but Boss refuses to listen. Jesse gets upset and yells at Boss to listen to the boys. Boss says it’s just an act and he’s going off on a jog. He goes into the street and starts to stretch. Norton and Janco arrive and see the Dukes on the side of the road and Boss standing in the center. The men rush at Boss and Vance and Coy pull Boss out of the road. Boss realizes they are right and asks the Dukes to save him. Vance and Coy put Boss in the General as Jesse and Daisy get in the truck. Jesse isn’t able to get the truck started and watches as the boys leave town with Norton and Janco following.


Janco starts shooting at the General as they follow behind. Boss gets worked up and Vance tries to calm him down while driving. Meanwhile up the road, Rosco and Enos are on the side of the road. Rosco scolds Enos, calling him a dipstick. Rosco says that ever since Cletus went on vacation three days ago, Enos hasn’t written a single ticket. Enos says everyone is following the law but Rosco says he doesn’t care. Hearing an engine, Rosco recognizes it as the General Lee. Rosco says they will be speeding and when the General passes, Rosco and Enos get in the cars to chase. As they other car comes up, the two men become frustrated that there are now police between them and their targets. They give up the chase.

The Dukes celebrate the victory and pull over to talk to Rosco and Enos. After Enos hits the back of Rosco’s car, Rosco angrily tells him to write two tickets, one for the Dukes and one for Enos. Rosco then goes to see Vance and Coy, noticing Boss. Boss explains that they just saved his life. Rosco is surprised and Boss fills him in.

Hadley Farm

Norton and Janco explain to Sharkey what happened. Sharkey realizes Boss is going to probably hide out somewhere for now and instructs his men to shift focus to the orange car for now.


Boss gets out of the General and he, Vance, Coy, Rosco, and Enos discuss what to do next. Rosco says he and Enos will take Boss home and Boss says he can’t go back home. Vance says Boss needs a hideout and Boss says he will hide out at the Duke Farm. Coy says no and Vance agrees saying it will pull Jesse and Daisy in. Boss tells them that they saved his life and now he is their responsibility. Enos agrees saying he saw it in a movie once. Vance agrees to take him back and Coy calls Jesse and Daisy, who are with Cooter, to inform them of their decision. Rosco and Enos help Boss back in the General.

Duke Farm

The Dukes, Enos, Rosco, and Boss all return to the farm. Enos looks outside for any sign of trouble. In the living room, Rosco stays by Boss’ side as he paces. Boss is worried and tells Rosco to keep between Boss and any of Sharkey’s men. Rosco tries to calm him. On the porch, the four Dukes are sitting and discussing what to do. Jesse says they are having an old-fashioned range war. When Daisy says innocent people can get hurt, Jesse says that is the dumbest part of any war. They remark they need Boss to win this.

Norton and Janco watch the Dukes from on the hill. They decide that they can’t miss or leave any witnesses this time. They pull out a smoke bomb, saying they’ll smoke the group out of the farmhouse.

Daisy and the Duke’s go to Boss and Daisy suggests they have lunch to Boss’ joy. The group all go to kitchen and Daisy pulls out a large plate of chicken from the fridge. Jesse and the Dukes are mildly amused by Boss and Rosco’s antics as Boss vents about the various ways Sharkey can get to him. When Vance and Coy jokingly points out the possibility of food poisoning, Boss refuses to eat. Boss proposes the Dukes are helping Sharkey and Jesse becomes annoyed. Boss orders Rosco to taste the chicken but Rosco refuses. Annoyed, Daisy grabs the chicken from them and takes a bite before scolding them. Boss apologizes to her and asks for the chicken back. Daisy gives it to him and he eats it. Jesse explains they are trying to save his life and Boss says he is grateful.

Janco and Norton move toward the house where Enos is wondering around in the front. They slip past Enos and get to a window. They toss a smoke bomb into the house, which the Dukes immediately notice. The two cover the front door as the house fills with smoke. However, Enos spots them, pulling a gun on them. As the two men drop the guns, the others come out of the Farmhouse. Boss comes out first, hugging Enos and knocking both into the water trough. Seeing their chance, the two grab their guns and flee. Boss scolds Enos for ‘trying to drown him’. Vance and Coy spot the men as they drive off and chase after them in the General. Enos and Rosco attempt to join the chase but Boss refuse to allow them to leave. Rosco and Enos protest that the Dukes could get hurt but Boss insists that they stay. Jesse and Daisy get upset but Boss explains that he is his main priority. Daisy wants to do something, and Jesse says they’ll call the boys and tells them to come back.


Vance is annoyed as he realizes Rosco and Enos aren’t behind them. Jesse calls them over the CB and explains the officers are not coming. When the men start shooting at them they turn around and drive in the other direction. Norton says to let them go as the officers are probably coming to back them up and he doesn’t want to mess with them. Vance and Coy head back to the Farm.

Duke Farm

The boys return and run into the house. They confront Enos and Rosco. Jesse backs them out and they notice that Rosco is hiding in a closet. Boss opens the door, upset that they let Sharkey’s men get away. Boss asks what he’s going to do now and Vance announces he’s got an idea. Vance says if Boss can get proof of their illegal activities, they can get rid of all the Bosses. Boss is not impressed by the plan, refusing. Vance explains his plan and Boss and Rosco are so happy they not only agree to the plan, but offer to drop the boys next three violations in the future. Coy refuses saying they will have to do this plan, not the Dukes. Boss begs Jesse to make Vance and Coy do the plan and Jesse and Daisy back him up. Vance and Coy reluctantly agree. Boss then grabs the phone and has Mabel connect him to Sharkey’s car phone.

Sharkey answers his car phone to find Boss on the other side. Boss tells him he wants to meet and Sharkey agrees. Boss tells the others that Sharkey is coming to his house and they celebrate. After hanging up however, Sharkey expresses his plan to kidnap the boys and Boss.

Town of Hazzard

Vance and Coy stop by the Otis Plunkett’s TV and appliance Store. They rent some equipment that is charged to Boss. The boys then head to Boss’ and call in to check with Jesse and Daisy. Jesse is on Clear Creek Road and Daisy is on Mill Road. Vance expresses they are the backup and he hopes they don’t need them.

Hogg Family Home

Boss stands in his living room with Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman while Norton and Janco watch. Boss talks to them, offering a toast. He excuses himself to go outside to get it, listening to the Bosses talk about him as he does. Vance, Coy, and Rosco record the meeting and Boss comes over to check on them and Rosco hushes him. Hearing the three Bosses talk about the illegal operations they are setting up, Boss is ready to protest but Rosco hushes him saying ‘they are hanging themselves in there.’ Sharkey says all that is left is to kill Boss and the Dukes before realizing Boss has been a while. Janco and Norton head out to find him. Vance, Coy, and Rosco try to get Boss to go back inside but Janco and Norton find them. The two drag all four inside. The three Bosses are not happy and learn Vance and Coy recorded everything that was said. Vance scolds them and Sharkey silences him before asking about the tape. Sharkey decides to kill them all now but Vance and Coy knock out Norton and Janco. Rosco gets his gun back and holds the group at gunpoint while Boss, Vance, and Coy leave with the tape. Vance and Coy carry Boss to the car as Enos arrives and send him inside to help Rosco. Enos stumbles through the yard and gets inside to see all the Bosses and guards holding out their hands. When Enos sneezes over the flowers, he drops the guns and they are captured. Norton and Janco shove Enos and Rosco in a closet and they leave to chase after the Dukes and Hogg.

Outside the Dukes shove Boss in the General while inside the Bosses agree that they need to go after the Dukes. Sharkey says there is an extra ten grand apiece for the bodyguards if they succeed. The five leave to go after the Dukes.

Coy and Vance manage to get Boss in the car and drive off. Inside Rosco continues to call for help and the five men leave to chase the General Lee.


Janco, Norton, and Sharkey spot the General Lee. They cut across a dirt road to cut off the General. Boss is nervous about the men escaping and Coy swerves to avoid the oncoming car with Sharkey and his men. Coy continues toward Capitol City and the men begin shooting at them. Vance calls the others, saying they are on 22 off of Capitol City road and they got trouble. Jesse asks what kind but hears the gunshots telling them ‘never mind’. Boss is worried about how Sharkey and his men got away, threatening Sharkey if he and his men harmed Enos and Rosco in anyway.

Hogg Family home

Rosco and Enos continue to bang on the door, screaming for help. Enos crashes through the door after sneezing, knocking it over and Rosco says if the government ever saw him, they would declare him a ‘dumb-guided missile’. Rosco helps Enos up and they head out after the men.


Realizing Coy isn’t giving them any good shots, Sharkey calls the boys on the CB. He says they don’t want to kill them and if the boss toss out the tape then Sharkey and his men will leave. Boss refuses saying they are lying and Vance tells him it’s not happening as they are going to the police. When the shoots resume, Coy yells at Vance telling him to stop making the men mad.

Rosco and Enos get back on the road, Rosco calling them on the cb. Boss tells Vance to check on how they are and Vance responds to the call. Enos tells them he’s fine and Vance says they need his help. The two take a shortcut.

The Dukes pass Silas, who is moving pipes, and pass by Jesse who they hand off the tape to. Norton turns to follow Jesse. The group pass by Silas again, who moves out of their way. Daisy drives by Jesse in the other direction, taking the tape. She continues back toward Capitol City and Sharkey and his men turn to chase Daisy. Daisy and the blue car pass Silas on their way back to the boys. Meanwhile Rosco and Enos catch up, just as Silas is crossing the road and drive through his pipe.

Daisy is in the front with Sharkey and his men behind her, followed by Rosco and Enos. Vance and Coy fall in behind Sharkey and Jesse behind the boys. They hit a five mile mark to Capitol City. Janco shoots out one of Daisy’s tires and she grabs the tape, running on the road. Norton stops and Janco goes to shoot her but Coy hits the car, knocking it up into a truck that is parked on the road. The boys then run over, closing the doors and trapping Sharkey and his men.

Balladeer: Boss Sharkey and his gang had some vigorous explaining to do to the authorities. Boss Hogg knew that he had the Dukes to thank for saving Hazzard from a fate even worse than him. Oh, and that promise that Boss made to the Duke boys about being entitled to three ticket violations for saving his hide, well if you think they got two more coming well you’re wrong. Boss never was one to keep a promise, which brought everything in Hazzard back to how it’s always been. And to celebrate his good fortune, Boss’ celebrity Road Block had nailed Mel Tillis.

Town of Hazzard

The Dukes, Boss, Rosco, and Enos watch Boss Sharkey and the rest get arrested. Boss thanks the Duke Family for their support while Rosco writes Vance a ticket remarking ‘Happy Birthday to you.’ Vance asks what that is for and Boss explains it’s for the fire hydrant. Vance looks at Boss, holding the ticket out and Boss, upset, remembers he swore to forgive their next three tickets. Vance rips it up and the Dukes leave. As they drive away, Boss and Rosco agree to give Vance a ticket for littering.

Boar’s Nest

Boss, Rosco, and Enos sit at one table while Jesse, Vance, and Coy sit at another. John works behind the bar and Mel Tillis plays a flute before changing to a violin. Daisy serves drinks before Mel begins to sing. Through the song, Mel Tillis plays an assortment of instruments. When he finishes, everyone comes up to greet him. Boss says he loved it and is ripping up the ticket. Mel Tillis remarks he’s all wallet. Boss tosses the pieces and Jesse calls him out for littering. Enos gives him a ticket and everyone cheers, Rosco even patting Enos on the back.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Cletus Hogg and Cooter Davenport are absent from this episode
  • At the beginning of the episode Enos crashes through a stack of crates belonging to a farmer named Silas Pew. The Balladeer says that when the day was over, Enos stacked crates for Silas until after supper.
  • The bank is closed on Saturdays
  • Enos says that he took and passed a Junior Lifesavers Course the month before
  • Mel Tillis is captured in Boss Hogg's Celebrity Speed Trap.
    • Mel Tillis sings 'Stay a little longer'. This is Mel Tillis' second appearance on the show, however it was his only appearance as himself.