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The Head Hunter is the tenth episode of the series Enos.


Enos needs $5,000 to clear his name when a bank robber claims that Enos pocketed the stolen cash when he arrested the robber.


Enos: Dear Daisy, I sure am sorry to hear our school teacher Miss Jenny Graham is being evicted from her home by Mr. Hogg unless she comes up with $5,000 real fast. I don’t see how we can get that kind of money in a hurry, to help her save her place. I’m sure gonna bust my britches trying.

Enos and Turk are in the car and Enos asks Turk how he can get $5,000 fast. Turk is surprised, laughing and saying Enos can’t be serious as he’s asking ‘Penniless Pete’ how to get that much money. Turk is stunned to see he actually is serious.

In the bank, a black man with a shot gun in a cowboy hat holds everyone hostage as the bank teller puts money in a sack. When she finishes cleaning out one drawer, he has her move to the next teller station to clear out that drawer.

Enos and Turk hear the dispatch inform them that the Bank at Riverside has a possible robbery, code 3. Turk tells Enos ‘there you go, buddy-roe, rob a bank.’ Annoyed, Enos snaps ‘I’m serious’ and Turk remarks ‘I’m Turk, nice to meet you.’ Both laugh and Enos asks him to hand over his lucky hat.

The robber exits the bank and hails a taxi before getting in and riding away. A man runs out of the bank, and seeing a car flags it down. Enos and Turk, who are in the car, are informed the robber escaped in a cab. They chase after it while the robber in the back seat takes some of the money from the bag and put it in his jacket. Turk radios in that they are pursuing a Domino Taxi and moving south on Van Hies. Turk tells Enos this is the second time this month a bank robber used a taxi to escape. Enos says it would take longer to wait on a bus, causing Turk to comment that when Enos is right, he’s very right. Enos pulls up along the taxi, but the robber shoots the shotgun at them to Turk’s alarm.

Enos continues the chase, the taxi going around a park that Enos drives through. Alarmed, Turk asks what is Enos doing and Enos says ‘a hypotenuse’. Turk asks what he’s talking about and Enos says it’s the side of a triangle. Turk yells that they are chasing bank robbers and what is the hypotenuse thing. Enos says they are on it and going up and over is faster than going around. Turk screams at Enos but Enos drives up a ramp, landing onto the taxi. The taxi hits a bump and both cars flip to which Turk screams that he ‘ain’t believing this.’

While Turk focuses on the cab driver, the robber climbs out of the window and starts fleeing into the park. At Turk’s insistence Enos chases after the robber on foot. Enos manages to tackle the robber to the ground and they wrestle around until Enos accidentally rips the man’s hair off to find the man was wearing a mask and wig and is actually a white man. Enos gets back, covering the man with his pistol asking ‘what in the world.’ As the man, Ray Howell stands Enos calls him out on the disguise but is collided into from behind by a man on a bicycle who was wearing headphones and looking away. Howell escapes as Enos gets up and while the bank robber got away, Turk has arrested the cab driver and Enos reclaimed the money bag.

The Los Angeles Tribune captures Enos and Turk’s arrest on the front page. Captain Dempsey remarks that it’s officers like Enos and Turk that make the metro squad what it is today. Broggi stands up from his desk, offended, and tells Dempsey that it’s not fair to condemn the entire squad because of them but Dempsey explains it was a compliment, flattering Turk and Enos. Enos apologizes for the robber getting away but Dempsey says they got the money back so the bank is happy. Dempsey laments that the cab driver isn’t talking, but says he’s a three time loser already and they’ll catch the robber sooner or later. Enos says it’s sooner if they have his way. Dempsey praises them all before leaving. Turk asks if that is all and Broggi says he needs to ask about one minor thing. He says the picture of the robber is a black man but Enos reported the robber what white. Enos explains that the man was wearing a mask and Broggi, unimpressed, tells Enos to go through the mugshots and try to identify the robber.

Ray throws darts at a cutout from the morning paper that features Enos’ face. Molly, his girlfriend, counts out the money he stole to come to a total of five thousand dollars. Ray is frustrated that Enos saw his face, saying Enos is the only cop in the world who has. Ray decides he needs to kill Enos before Enos ID’s him but Molly protests that there must be another way. After thinking about it for a moment, Ray determines that he will have the police take care of Enos for him.

Enos and Turk go into the locker room and Turk comments about Enos not finding anyone who even remotely resembled the robber. Enos remarks there was a few before the mask came off and Turk laughs, proposing there was another mask under that one. Kick comes into the locker room, hitting his locker in anger. Enos and Turk ask what happened and he tells them that Broggi suspended him for three days for moonlighting. Enos is confused what that means and Turk explains it means Kick was working a second job to get some extra money. Kick explains that while it’s not against the law, it goes against Broggi’s personal rules. Enos asks what is wrong with earning the sweat off your brow and Turk says there is no argument from them, just don’t let Broggi know. Kick is surprised, asking that Enos is looking for extra money and Turk admits Enos needs $5,000. All the officers laugh hysterically at Enos and Turk gives him a regretful look.

Enos goes through the newspaper at home that night, looking for a new job knowing that he shouldn’t do it. He sees a job about Biometric Electronic Engineer, asking what in the world is that and seeing jobs all relating to computers. Enos says Miss Jenny was right, he should have stayed after school more before noticing a job he can do.

Enos meets with the hiring manager at the taxi service, who says they are hiring temporary drivers and the manager agrees to hire him if he’s a good driver and has a commercial license. Enos offers for him to call to Hazzard for recommendations but the manager asks for someone local. Enos informs him he’s part of the police force but would rather them not know he’s moonlighting. The manager agrees with Enos’ concern and decides to give Enos a trial.

Sally Stele comes into work as her phone rings, answering it. Ray informs her that Enos stole five grand off the top of the bank haul in hundred dollar bills before turning it in. Sally hangs up and calls the bank in order to speak to the manager.

A man exits a hotel in a hurry, looking at his watch. He yells for a taxi, getting Enos. He tells Enos that he needs to make a plane to Dallas in fifteen minutes, asking if Enos can do it. Enos confirms before driving off and looking at a map as he does. The driver is concerned, asking if Enos knows the way to the airport. Enos confirms he does but he’s looking for the quickest way ‘as a crow flies’. The passenger agrees but Enos nearly gets in an accident. The passenger asks if Enos is sure this is the correct way and Enos says ‘as a crow flies’. The passenger gets more nervous as Enos explains he is going to cut through a movie studio.

Enos enters a studio and the security begin chasing him. The passenger asks Enos to drop him off anywhere in the studio but Enos promises he’ll get him to the airport in time. Enos remarks that the man may not believe it, but he doesn’t drive taxi’s full time to which the passenger says he fully believes. Enos explains he took the job to keep his teacher from getting evicted. The passenger asks if Enos works for a record company but Enos continues to speed through the movie studio to the passengers rising fear. Security continues to chase after Enos and Enos explains about Miss Jenny and Boss Hogg, saying the man can be really mean and Enos isn’t’ sure he means to be so mean.

Enos arrives at the airport and parks outside of a garage, saying they made it with three minutes to spare. The passenger falls out of the backseat, nearly passed out and an airport employee walks up, confused and asking if they need some help. Enos confirms it and explains about the flight. The employee helps Enos put the passenger on a cart of bags and they rush to the door. Enos brings up the fare and the passenger hands Enos a hundred dollar bill, telling Enos to keep the change. Enos protests but the passenger tells him to use it for the ‘school mom’. The employee of the airport tells Enos he can handle it from there and they leave into the building.

Sally meets with Captain Dempsey and LT Broggi. She tells them that there is five thousand dollars missing from the money Enos turned in and Dempsey tells her that is impossible as Enos would never do anything like that. Broggi adds that he can think of a lot of things to call Enos, and he has, but ‘crook, never’. She asks how they explain the money and Dempsey says she is taking the word of a bank robber over one of Metro’s finest. She says the bank manager confirmed the money was missing. Broggi asks if Enos did take it, why would he only take five thousand. Dempsey says he brings up a good point and Sally tells them either Enos thought he could get away with only that much or he needs five thousand dollars specifically. Sally says they will be doing an investigation, angering Dempsey and Broggi. Sally says that Enos is not to know he’s being investigated and no one is to know she’s part of internal affairs before she explains her plan.

Enos arrives at Broggi’s office, having been called. Broggi introduces Sally and Enos, saying that Sally is a newspaper reporter who wants to do an article on a typical officer in the metro squad and Enos was selected. Enos asks why to which Broggi says is a great question and one he can’t answer. He says he does expect Enos to answer all of Sally’s questions though with the whole truth like a good Eagle Scout. Enos salutes and agrees but asks about his patrol duties. Sally says she will ride with him and interview Enos between crimes. She asks if Broggi understands to which the lieutenant snaps ‘don’t make me answer that Miss Steele.’

In the car, Sally asks Enos about his salary being able to cover all his needs. Enos admits things are more expensive in LA and Sally says that Enos would like to get extra money then. Turk mentions the five thousand dollars Enos needs and Enos says he doesn’t need five thousand dollars (a true statement as Enos has already began to raise some of the money and no longer needs to raise the entire amount). Turk tells Sally that he was kidding about the money. Turk points out a place and Enos pulls into the store. They tell Sally to stay there before getting out. They ask the bartender what is going on, who says ‘it’s Godzilla, the incredible Hulk, and King Kong all rolled into one.’ He tells the two officers good luck as Turk and Enos head inside.

As Enos and Turk locate the man tearing up the bar, Enos asks why Turk told her that. Turk says he was just kidding and Enos says he doesn’t think Sally knows that. They duck as the drunk man throws something at them before picking up a chair. They ask him to give up and he tosses the chair at them. Turk remarks that did it before they approach the man. The man continues to drink and Enos and Turk both flank him. All three prepare for a fight and Turk tells him to settle down. He grabs Turk and tosses him. Enos says he wishes the man hadn’t done that before moving to arrest him but the man picks Enos up and swings him around. Sally comes in as Turk notices a net over them. They drop the net and Turk helps knock the man over. As Enos and Turk attempt to restrain the drunk man, Sally comes over and assists. As they cuff him, Enos says Sally would make a great cop and asks if she ever thought about a career in law enforcement.

The three go to a food truck to get lunch, Enos saying it isn’t catfish and Turk remarks somehow a ‘catfish burger’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sally asks if they eat there often and Turk says on special occasions, Enos adding they sometimes don’t. She says she has a feeling they can afford to eat better and suggests they have nice apartments. Enos says he’s fixing his up and Sally asks if she can come back to Enos’ place after work. Turk agrees, saying Enos gets off in an hour. Sally says that is great before excusing herself to make a phone call. Turk gets frustrated with Enos, saying Sally is handing it to Enos on a silver platter and he’s stalling before asking why. Confused, Enos asks what, making Turk even more frustrated. Turk says sometimes he doesn’t believe Enos and Enos just can’t be this naive. Enos is even more confused, shocking Turk who just takes Enos’ ketchup for his hotdog.  

Enos and Sally go to his apartment, and Enos shows her saying ‘this is it.’ Sally looks around, commenting it’s nice. Enos misunderstands her comment, assuming she means the room smells bad and tells her he got a three month room freshener shaped like an owl. She asks if Enos has something to drink and he offers buttermilk or chocolate milk (he adds chocolate to the buttermilk for those who don’t like it). She asks for water and Enos leaves to get it. While he’s gone she pulls off one of her earrings and looks around. Enos returns, talking about well water and she says she finds his words hard to believe. Enos says he would never tell a lie and his teacher told him Washington would never have been president if he lied. Sally says she dropped her earring in Enos’ car. Enos asks if she’s sure and she insists and asks Enos to go find it.

After Enos leaves she goes through his place. Unable to find anything, she figures Enos would have a ‘country bank.’ She goes into the kitchen and finds a box hidden away with a few hundred dollar bills in it. Enos returns and she quickly hides the tin, approaching Enos and yelling at him, demanding he takes her home right then. She adds that Enos can tell his school teacher that he will never become president. Enos is confused but takes her home.

Enos and Turk talk in the locker room. Turk asks that she said ‘take me home now’ and Enos says ‘just like that, real mad like’ and that she said Enos would never be president. Confused, Turk says ‘oh, anybody can.’ Enos adds that she refused to speak to him after that. Turk says this is crazy. Kick comes in, calling Turk and saying Broggi wants to see him ‘on the double.’ The two are surprised and Enos asks if Turk is getting in trouble without him. Turk says it seems impossible, but possible. Turk ruffles Enos’ hair before leaving, making Enos laugh.

Broggi tells Turk that what he tells him is top secret and must not go beyond that office. Turk is stunned but adds ‘whatever you say Sir.’ Broggi explains that he is going against orders, but Sally Steele is actually a sergeant in the Internal Affairs Division. Turk asks that she is a head hunter and Broggi says she is out to ‘lop off’ a certain officers head for allegedly misplacing five thousand dollars and it’s Enos. Turk laughs asking ‘Enos’ before protesting there is no way and anyone who says Enos is a crook is a rotten liar. Broggi tries to speak but Turk keeps going adding ‘and you too Sir if you think so’. Turk says he’s sorry and Turk can suspend him from the force but Enos isn’t a crook. Broggi tells him to cool it and that he’s on Turk’s side. Broggi says just this once he want’s to clear Enos as much as Turk does but he needs help. Turk says anything he wants. Broggi asks if Turk ever saw Enos take money. Turk says this is stupid before telling him ‘no.’ Broggi asks if Turk was with him every second and they conclude Enos was alone with the money and had an opportunity. Turk says he’s making him mad again and he told Broggi that Enos doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body. Broggi orders him to keep his voice down, adding please and saying he agrees with Turk. He says they are both on Enos’ side here. Broggi says Sergeant Steele seems to think Enos needed five thousand dollars for something and Broggi has no idea what that would be. He asks if Enos ever mentioned that amount of money and Turk says Enos wouldn’t steal no matter what. Broggi asks if he found out something, and Turk asks if Broggi wants him to be a spy. Broggi says no, he wants Turk to be a friend and to help Enos.

Enos and Turk go to the bank and Turk says he has to cash a check so he will go in with Enos. As they go inside, Sally parks having followed them. Enos and Turk reach the tellers at the same time. Enos asks to send a cashier’s check to Daisy Duke of Hazzard County. The clerk says he just needs the amount. Meanwhile to keep his cover while listening in, Turk asks to cash a check himself. He is shocked that Enos hands over a hundred dollar bill. Meanwhile the teller is confused that Turk is asking for $1, which Turk justifies by not wanting to deplete his checking account completely. The two leave and Sally goes up to the teller who helped Enos, demanding to know what Enos wanted.

Molly calls Sally in her office. She says she is a hooker who is being forced to pay the cops for protection. She says she’s tired of it and wants to get back at them so if Sally promises not to arrest her, she will set up a time to catch one. Sally is unsure but when Molly says it’s Enos Strate she asks where and when. After setting up a meeting, Molly hands up and tells Ray she doesn’t like this and asks if there is another way. Ray says if they don’t frame Enos, then he will be forced to kill him. Molly decides to frame Enos and calls him to have Enos arrive at the time she agreed to meet Sally.

Turk and Enos are in the locker room and Turk asks Enos to tell him exactly what the anonymous lady phone call was. Enos says that the woman said for him to meet her alone at the corner of Mora Park and Woodman at eight o’clock and she will give him the name of the bank robber. Turk says don’t do it and when Enos asks why Turk says because it stinks. Enos is confused and Turk says someone is trying to frame Enos. Enos asks who would want to do that and Turk says ‘Sally’ shocking Enos. Turk explains that Sally is a head hunter and she is out to put Enos’ on a silver platter. Turk explains that some of the money, five thousand dollars, was missing from the money Enos recovered, surprising him. Horrified, Enos explains that he would never take any money he didn’t earn and pleads that Turk understands that. Turk explains how it looks and that Enos needs to come up with answers. Enos says he is going to meet with the lady and prove the bank robber took the money. Turk tells him he’s got a gut feeling and he needs to be careful.

Molly waits at the corner with an envelope. Sally is in a phone booth across the street. Enos arrives and approaches Molly. She shoves the envelop at him and flees. Enos stands put, confused, but Sally walks up showing Enos her badge and taking the money from the envelope. She reads Enos his rights. Enos is speechless.

In Broggi’s office, Sally watches while Broggi tells Enos that under the circumstances there is nothing he can do but suspend Enos pending a formal hearing. Broggi says Sergeant Steele’s initial report has some incriminating information before adding that her report needs further substantiating. Enos tells Broggi he didn’t take the money. Broggi says he believes Enos, he honestly does and asks why Enos had gotten caught getting kick backs from a cheap ordinary hooker. Enos informs him that the lady was supposed to give him the name of the bank robber. Broggi says Sally was there and saw it all. Enos says he probably should have stayed in Hazzard and Broggi admits while he has had that thought dozens of times he feels real bad about this, more for Enos’ sake than Broggi’s. Broggi adds he never thought he would say that. Enos says he appreciates that and there isn’t anything to do but wait for his trial. Broggi corrects him, saying it’s a hearing and for Enos to hand over his badge and gun. Enos does before leaving, giving Broggi a last handshake. As the door closes behind Enos, Broggi stands up and informs Sally that ‘I don’t like you.’ She says she was just doing her duty and Broggi admits that maybe why. Sally leaves.

Outside the office, Enos approaches Sally. He says he just wants her to know that he doesn’t hold anything against her and he is going to find the woman with the red hat who set him up and have her explain the whole thing. Sally asks how can she believe Enos when she found money hidden in his apartment. Horrified, Enos asks that she was snooping and she says she was investigating. She brings up Enos sending money to Daisy and Enos asks her to leave Daisy out of it. Sally refuses, saying Daisy is involved and she has already started to look into Daisy’s past to see brush ups with the law. Enos pleads with her to leave Daisy alone.

Sally leaves Enos and runs into Turk. Turk addresses her as Judas and asks why didn’t she just have the hooker kiss Enos for the thirty pieces of silver. She asks what is Turk trying to say and Turk says he isn’t trying to say anything, he is telling her that she set Enos up. She protests that isn’t true and she can have his badge, to which Turk says if she can take it she got it. Turk then excuses himself to find the woman who set up Enos when Sally calls after him, admitting she wants to prove Enos innocent too. Turk stops before turning to her and smiling, concluding that Enos ‘got to you too.’ He then offers to let her come with him and Turk and Sally leave to find Molly.

Enos goes to see his boss at the taxi service, explaining he wishes to work full time. He agrees to have Enos work full time, telling him to take car number twenty.

Turk and Sally drive along the strip, looking for Molly. Sally says she was stupid letting Molly go, but she promised she would. Turk tells her not to worry about it and they may find her yet. He tells her to keep the good thoughts.

Enos is out driving when he stops at a light and notices Molly behind the taxi next to him. Enos gets excited for finding her and does a U-turn in the middle of the road before parking two spots behind Molly. He wonders why she is driving a cab. A few seconds later he sees Ray come out of the bank, robbing it. Ray signals Molly to come get him but Enos cuts her off and Ray gets in the back of his car. Enos drives off and Molly follows. Ray sits up in the back to realize he got in the wrong cab. He remarks Enos isn’t Molly and Enos says he isn’t’ black. He points the shot gun at Enos saying for Enos to do as he says.

Turk and Sally are about to go to another place prostitutes usually stand at when they hear a call over the radio about a bank robbery. Hearing the robber escaped in a taxi and is close by, they decide to chase the bank robber, Turk quoting Enos and telling Sally to buckle up.

Enos picks up a police car in the chase and Ray has him turn left at the next light. The cop car has a hard time following and falls behind. Turk and Sally come from the other direction to see Enos and the robber in the first car, followed by Molly, then a police officer. Sally protests that she thought Enos was innocent and Turk says Enos is, but with Enos nothing ever seems what it is. They join in the chase.

In Enos’ car Ray says Enos looks familiar before realizes it’s Enos Strate. Enos confirms it and he tells Enos that if he tries anything, he will blow Enos’ head off. Enos sees a truck coming up with a car carrier that has the ramp down. Enos tells Ray to buckle up before hitting it and jumping over the truck. Ray is horrified and as they land Enos asks if he is alright. Enos pulls into the police station, all the others following. Enos gets out, pulling Ray out of the car and telling Turk that he told him it was the robber. Enos asks Sally to get the money as he doesn’t want to get in anymore trouble. Molly asks if Ray is alright, which he confirms before the police officers drag him away. Enos and Turk inform they were looking for Molly, who apologizes for what she did. When Molly starts to cry, Turk escorts her away. Sally, who is left alone with Enos, gets his attention and tells him that if he ever decides to run for president someday, she will vote for him. Sally then kisses his cheek as Enos giggles before leaving. Enos says he appreciates that, adding he got kissed by a sergeant.

Enos is reinstated by Captain Dempsey in front of a number of officers. He says he guesses that is what Enos wanted then anything else in the world. Enos thanks him and says he felt naked without his badge. Dempsey and Broggi informs Enos that Broggi has a ‘token’ from the bank, a five thousand dollar reward. Enos says he cant’ accept it, to Turk and everyone else’s shock. Enos says they should do their duty without expecting anything in return. Broggi goes to pocket the money but Enos asks if he can send it directly to Jenny Graham of Hazzard County, making a saddened Broggi pull it from his pocket. Enos says if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t know half of what he knows now.

Enos: Dear Daisy, I bet old Mr. Hogg was fit to be tied when he couldn’t evict Miss Jenny from her home. You know how riled he gets when somebody spoils his fun.


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  • Enos talks about an old school teacher of theirs named Jenny Graham
    • Enos says she taught him what a hypotenuse was and it took him staying after school for three days to learn it
    • Enos implies he wasn't the best student at school, saying Jenny had told him to stay after school more often
    • Enos claims Miss Jenny told him that George Washington would never have become president if he had lied about chopping down a cherry tree
    • A minor plot point is that Boss Hogg is planning to evict Miss Jenny Graham from her home unless she can come up with $5,000, which Enos supplies for her.
  • Enos picks up a second job temporarily in this episode, working as a taxi driver
  • Captain Dempsey, Lt Broggi, and Turk are all very defensive of Enos through the course of the episode, refusing the believe Enos would steal money from the bank
    • In a similar manner, Rosco was very upset when Enos was being fired in Enos Strate to the Top. That was also the last episode that Enos was temporarily removed from the force.