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The Hostage is the eleventh episode of the series Enos.


Counterfeiters take Lt. Broggi prisoner, and Enos and Turk use creative police methods to free him. While Lt Broggi is being held hostage, his niece is getting married. When Lt. Broggi fails to arrive she realizes something is wrong and aids Enos and Turk in their efforts to rescue the officer. Due to misunderstandings, a massive manhunt is conducted for Enos and Turk, who are now wanted in relation to Broggi's disappearance along with minor misunderstandings with other police agencies along the way. In the end, the two reunite Lt. Broggi with his niece at the church only to learn the groom is not there! When asked where her husband to be is, she explains he is a police officer and was called out on the manhunt to find Enos and Turk, prompting Lt. Broggi to send the two officers to find the missing groom for the wedding.


Enos: Dear Daisy, California Beaches are really somethin’. Seems like everybody in the world thinks so too.

Enos and Turk are out by the beach, walking back to the car. Enos remarks that it looks like the world goes on forever and ever off the horizon. Turk asks hasn’t anyone told Enos the news, that they found Columbus was wrong and the world is flat. Shocked, Enos asks if he’s kidding him and Turk says he is. They both laugh and Enos calls Turk a rascal. Turk asks if Enos sees anything real suspicious and Enos says he saw a lady walking a leash with no dog on the end. Turk says it’s the sunshine. They get in the car and Enos starts driving.

As they go around, Enos and Turk notice a van pull out in front of them that is about to lose it’s license plate. Enos follows the van and Turk asks if Enos is going to cite him. Enos says no as they want people to know the uniform is a sign of friendship. Turk laughs and says Broggi couldn’t say it better himself, although what he would say would be different. Turk puts up the light so they can pull over the van. The two inside the van notice the police car and think someone tipped the cops off. The driver pulls out a gun.

Enos goes around the van, noticing the side of van says it’s a printing service and he wonders what they print. Turk notices the gun and yells for Enos to watch out before the driver shoots at him, the bullet going through the windshield and shooting out their light. The van takes off, losing it’s license plate. Enos gives chase, Turk grabbing Enos’ ‘lucky hat’ from the back and handing it to Enos who puts it on. They locate the van and Enos says he’s about to make his move, prompting Turk to tell him something he doesn’t know. The van continues to try evading them but Enos goes around the various cars the van put between them. The van tries to go down an ally only to find a clothes line and stall in the way. The van spins out and the two men make a run for it on foot.

Enos and Turk stop by the van, Turk commenting that he wishes folks wouldn’t sell clothes in the street. Enos says he hopes no one is hurt and they run to the street to see the two men were gone. Turk says the truck ain’t before they go and look in the back. Turk says he found the answer to Enos’ question, finding plates for $20. Enos takes the plates saying it’s the best plates he’s ever seen. Turk asks that Enos saw plates in Hazzard and Enos says once, that he and Rosco caught Jimmy Orduly on his first time out. Turk gives him a raised eyebrow and Enos says it was easy as the plate had Andrew Jackson ‘nippin’ on shine’. Turk laughs and they continue searching the van.

Burt calls Mr. Paxton, their boss who is on his yacht. He explains that they lost the plates and the van to the police and there was nothing they could do. Paxton tells him to get back to the boat. After hanging up, Al asks Burt if Paxton was mad. Burt says no, which is worrying him.

Broggi and Dempsey look at the plates in the police lockup, Dempsey commenting they are really good. They put the plates away and Dempsey looks at the newspaper to see the plate recovery made the headline. He tells Broggi that kind of publicity never hurts, especially at budget meetings. Dempsey asks which officers made the recovery and Broggi reluctantly admits it was Enos and Turk, to which Dempsey says ‘Strate and Adam’s again’. Broggi agrees and they discuss that the secret service will be there to pick up the plates that afternoon. Enos and Turk arrive, informing Broggi that the van was stollen but they found a credit card receipt in the van for gas for an ‘Al Dinsmore’. Dempsey grins and informs them that he is particularly pleased. Dempsey puts an arm around each Enos and Turk, informing them that they are the best looking counterfeit plates to have been confiscated off the streets in the last thirty years and they saved a lot of people. Dempsey says he can leave for his three day deep sea fishing trip with the knowledge that everything at Metro is taken care of.

Broggi is informed he has a phone call and says he will take it in his office. He tells Turk and Enos to come with him as he ‘thinks I can find the appropriate words of gratitude between here and there.’ The three enter Broggi’s office, who admits he is still thinking before picking up the phone. His niece Carol is the one on the phone, reminding him that they have her wedding rehearsal at noon. Broggi assures her that he hasn’t forgot and he’s on his way now. She also reminds him the wedding ceremony is at six o’clock. After hanging up, Broggi informs Turk and Enos that his niece is about to get married and she is like his own daughter. Turk and Enos congratulate him. Broggi tells them that Carol’s husband is going to be a police officer. Enos says ‘just like us’ and Broggi says he thinks he’ll pass on that before leaving. Noticing that Broggi left them in his office, Turk says ‘the man’s got a lot on his mind.’

Broggi exits the police station and goes to get in his car when he is approached by two men. Burt and Al inform Broggi they are kidnapping him and they all get in the car.

Enos and Turk work in the office, Enos getting the address for Al Dinsmore. Broggi says that Al will tell him his credit card was stolen. Enos tells him not to call someone a ‘fibber’ unless they caught them in a lie and Turk says then they need to go catch him. As they go to leave, a woman comes in. She introduces herself as Carol Dawson and says she is looking for Broggi. Enos and Turk realize this is the niece that is about to get married. Carol says Broggi never showed for the rehearsal and Enos suggests that he may have had car trouble.

The phone rings and Turk answers it. Paxton is standing next to a restrained Broggi and tells Turk that he needs to get his ‘buddy’ on the other line. Turk has Enos pick up the second phone and Paxton informs them that he has kidnapped LT. Broggi and they will trade, Broggi for the plates. Paxton adds the next call will be to a phone booth at 6th and Maple in exactly three hours. Enos asks how do they know that this man has Broggi and Paxton puts Broggi on the phone. Broggi asks ‘is that you my boys?’ and they confirm it. Broggi tells them that a good officer doesn’t make deals and Paxton pulls the phone back and reminds them that the next call is in three hours before hanging up. Paxton tells Broggi he hates brave cops and Broggi says he does too. Paxton tells Broggi he better hope his officers disobey him and Broggi says he can count on it.

Enos and Turk tell Carol that it was Broggi who called. Turk lies, saying Broggi is on a confidential and important assignment which Carol accepts. Enos and Turk suggest Carol heads home for now, and Turk offers to call him when Broggi comes in. She writes down her number for him. Carol goes to leave but Enos calls her, to which Turk warns him not to say anything. Enos tells Miss Carol that he just wants to wish her the best and that Broggi is a fine man to work for. She tells him that she is sure Broggi feels the same before leaving. Enos tells Turk he can’t believe someone would kidnap the lieutenant and only a crazy person would do that. Turk agrees and says it will take someone even crazier to get him back.

Al rushes over to Paxton, informing him that he just discovered he left a receipt in the van with his name on it. Paxton comments that they now have Al’s address and he will stay on the yacht until this is all over. He walks over to Broggi, who is eating a sandwich. He comments about Broggi still having his appetite and Broggi says ‘waste not, want not.’

Enos and Turk arrive at the beach-side apartments, where Al lives. Enos says Captain Dempsey would know what to do and Turk says he’s in Comunicado on the high seas and they need to do this on their own. Enos says he wonders what Broggi would do if they were the ones kidnapped and Turk says he would probably pay the kidnappers not to bring them back. They find the door but someone steps out just as they reach for it. Both hide by the door, telling the man to freeze. The man does and Enos addresses him as Al Dinsmore, saying they want to talk to him. The man denies being Al Dinsmore, despite having just exited Al’s apartment. Turk says he told Enos Al would deny everything before telling the man to ‘kiss this wall’. He pushes the man against the call and checks his pockets, finding more belongings of Al Dinsmore. The man stomps on Turk’s foot and runs. Turk and Enos chase after him into the street. Enos comments this is harder then catching a greased pig at the Hazzard fair. They manage to tackle the man to the ground and arrest him.

Enos and Turk get lunch from Sally at the food truck. Enos says they need to talk to the guy and Turk says they need to wait until he’s interrogated first. Enos puts down his lunch without touching it and Turk tells him to relax, that they got Dinsmore and they only need to get him to tell them where Broggi is. Enos says he doesn’t think the man will talk. Turk asks why isn’t he eating and Enos says he’s worried. Turk says he is too but Broggi would tell them ‘waste not, want not’. Enos agrees and takes his lunch and says he wonders what would they have done if they hasn’t caught the guy. Turk says what they would have done was get two hundred ‘g’s’, got themselves some counterfeit plates and made the exchange. Enos asks what is a ‘g’ and Turk says ‘a thousand dollars man!’ Enos asks where would they get that kind of money and Turk says they would have used the funny money. Enos asks where they would have gotten that. Turk says they would have lifted it from the police evidence bin and that he saw some in there when they were logging in the plates. Enos is shocked and Turk says it’s phony money. Enos says he couldn’t do that and Turk says he won’t have to because they got Dismore. An officer comes out and informs them that the detectives are done interrogating the man. Turk asks that they can talk to Dinsmore now. Confused, the officer explains that the suspect they brought in is “Fast Eddie Rio”. He says the LAPD have been after that guy for two years and they did good work. Alarmed, Turk says ‘Enos’ and starts heading inside. Enos protests that they can’t do this and Turk says they aren’t stealing, they are borrowing and they are doing it to save Broggi’s life. Enos says he isn’t sure and Turk says to just keep saying ‘this is for LT Broggi.’

They head inside to see Kick sitting at the evidence locker desk. Turk asks Tina, one of the officers in the station why Kick is at the evidence cage. She explains Luther, the regular officer, was feeling sick so Kick is filling in. Turk thanks her. Turk asks Enos what now and Enos says that if a fox wants in a hen house, it needs to make sure the rooster has other things to think about. Turk comments ‘speaking of foxes’ and they notice Carol at the station. They approach her, saying hello and Carol informs them that she thinks something has happened to her uncle. They go into Broggi’s office and Enos, despite Turk’s protests at first, explains that Broggi has been kidnapped. Carol asks why hadn’t she been informed and why aren’t they doing anything. Turk and Enos say they are doing something and it can’t be made public or Broggi will be killed. She asks if she can help and Enos asks Turk if she will give ‘the rooster something to think about.’ Turk agrees and they explain their plan to Carol.

Turk and Enos go to see Kick, and Turk tells Kick that he has a phone call down the hall on the payphone from a woman who is ‘breathing heavy.’ Kick leaves to answer it and Turk and Enos go into the evidence locker. As Turk grabs the plates Enos says they can’t since the secret service is coming to pick them up for their big case. Turk says he knows and that’s too bad. He puts the plates back before grabbing the counterfeit money. As he pockets it, another officer comes in and they duck down to avoid being seen. The officer sees the evidence locker is open and shuts the cage, locking it. Turk and Enos wait until he leaves to find they are locked in. Turk tells Enos to give him the key but Enos says he left it on the desk, frustrating Turk. Enos starts chanting ‘this is for lieutenant Broggi’ and Turk tells him to find him something to push the door open. Enos suggests a crowbar. Turk says it’s too light then tells Enos to grab him the fur coat. Enos grabs it and Turk takes the hanger saying he is going to teach Enos how to make ‘dudads do.’ Enos starts coaching him as Turk uses the hanger to reach for the key and Turk snaps that Enos is making him nervous.

Kick flirts with Carol on the phone, talking about sports and art. Meanwhile Enos and Turk manage to get the key and Turk unlocks the cage. They manage to re-lock the door as Kick returns, asking what are they doing. Turk says they were just checking out the lock. They return the key and Kick tells them that no one is going to get in there that don’t belong while he’s on duty. Turk and Enos leave.

As Paxton comes outside to look around, Broggi says he doesn’t suppose it would do any good to tell him he won’t get away with this. Paxton sits beside him, saying no and Broggi says he didn’t think so. Broggi asks what if by some cruel twist of fate he doesn’t get his plates back and Paxton says halfway to Mexico they will drop off a little fish bait. As Paxton gets up Broggi says it might almost be worth watching Captain Dempsey’s face when he hauls out 185 pounds of police lieutenant from the sea.

Turk and Enos head to a small store, and Turk explains that his contact Sid Constar said that the plates are average but it’s the best they can do on time. Enos asks who he’s supposed to be and Turk says he’s Mr. Big from Atlanta. Enos says he hopes his accent won’t give him away. Turk explains Sid Constar set up the meeting for them and Enos asks who Sid is. Turk explains he is a former counterfeiter who is serving ten to twenty and he had the warden at the prison let Sid use his phone. Enos is confused and Turk says he has pull.

They go into the store and meet with Bubba Louie. Turk says he’s the guy Sid called about and Bubba asks about Enos. Turk says Enos isn’t the heat and shows a bag of cash before asking about the plates. Bubba pulls out license plates, shocking Enos and Turk. They take the bag and Turk says he needs to go see Scout Master. Bubba watches them leave, saying he should have known as Constar hasn’t sent him a live one in years.

Secret Service The Hostage

Enos and Turk meet up with Scoutmaster, who Enos mistakes for a ‘fellow boy scout’. Turk explains they need good twenty dollar plates and they need them fast. Scoutmaster informs them that a few guys came through with some good plates looking to get rid of them and agrees to set up a meeting for them.

Enos and Turk wait for the sellers near the beach and Enos says this is better than a dark alley. Turk agrees saying it’s inconspicuous. Enos asks what will they do if they can’t make a deal for the plates and Turk says they will go jump in the ocean, making Enos groan. Turk tells Enos that this is street work and to let him handle it. They notice two men walking over but Turk assumes they can’t be the sellers. The two men approach anyway and greet Enos calling him ‘cousin’. Enos says he recognizes that talk and asks if they are from the south. The lead man says he’s from Atlanta and they say to do business. The one says they are the best plates the two of them ever seen and Turk says he’ll be the judge of that. The one man says ‘you’re friends tongue is kinda frolicsome.’ Enos says that sometimes he ‘transmits when outta be receiving.’ The man asks for the money and Enos says he needs to talk to Turk. Turk dismisses him and continues with the exchange. Enos insists that Turk needs to listen to him and Turk says Enos is gonna blow it. They make the exchange and the sellers remark that they were ‘hunting crow and wound up catching an eagle.’ They reveal that they know it’s funny money before pulling out their badges showing they are Secret Service. Enos says he was trying to tell Turk that the man isn’t from Atlanta and the man admits he is from Luckenbach Texas. He informs Enos and Turk that they are under arrest.

After searching Turk and Enos, the two Secret Service agents find there are no weapons or ID on them. Turk explains that they are police officers working for Special Metro Division. The agent from Texas asks if Broggi is still running that Unit and excited, Enos asks that he knows the Lieutenant. The agent confirms he does, adding that he knows Broggi enough to know that he wouldn’t let cops like Enos and Turk walk the streets with funny money. The other agent says Broggi wouldn’t want people like them at all. Enos snaps at the two saying insulting him and Turk is one thing but he will not let them talk about Broggi like that. The other agent, Larry, goes to cuff the boys but they are crashed into by a pedestrian, knocking the agents over. Enos and Turk run for it, getting in the car and driving away. The two agents give chase after them. Enos gets enough of a lead that they are able to pull over and get out of the car to hide, watching the agents drive by. Enos suggests they go by the police station to explain what happened, but Turk says that if they do that then Broggi will be dead. Enos gets upset and Broggi apologizes before saying the first thing they need to do is get some wheels that aren’t hot. Enos suggests Carol and Turk says he has her number before they run to a payphone.


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  • Enos mentions seeing counterfeit plates before and Turk asks that he's seen it in Hazzard.
    • Enos describes catching 'Jimmy Orduly' making counterfeit plates for $20 but his plates had Andrew Jackson drinking moonshine
    • In Repo Men a group from out of the county moved in to run a counterfeit operation inside Hazzard. While Enos was in the episode he was not present when Rosco made the discovery of the counterfeit plates
    • In Granny Annie, Annie Cargill was making counterfeit $5. Enos never actually saw the plates, but he did watch over Annie for the majority of the episode while she was in prison.
  • This episode introduces a member of Broggi's family, his niece Carol.
    • This is the first time a family member of one of the characters of Enos is introduced on screen.
  • Broggi says he weight's 185 pounds
  • Turk again demonstrates his connections on the street with the mention of Sid Constar, a former counterfeiter and the Scoutmaster
  • Enos was once a boy scout


  • One of the Secret Service Members admits he is from Luckenbach Texas. Interestingly enough 'Luckenbach Texas' is also the name of one of Waylon Jennings singles that reached number 1 on the Country charts in 1977.