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"The Late J.D. Hogg" is the sixth episode of the third season of the Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg manages to foreclose on the Duke farm fair and square, thanks to Cletus, and he also has the Dukes wrongfully arrested on a federal charge. But then Boss gets news from his doctor that he supposedly has some type of terminal illness that gives him only two weeks to live, and Boss Hogg believes that the only way to save him from the devil is to perform good deeds until it is time, so Boss Hogg gives the Dukes their farm back, and he drops the charge. The Dukes have to deal with Linc McKay (James McIntire) and Dell Webber (Ray Young), a pair of thieves who plan to rob the truck that is transporting the outgoing mail out of Hazzard County, which includes $100,000 in Social Security checks, and all the papers that Boss Hogg signed. It is up to the Dukes to get the mail back from Linc and Dell so the papers that Boss Hogg signed can get to their destination. Boss Hogg's doctor receives a report that his diagnosis of Boss Hogg's condition was an error, and Boss is healthy. Boss is pleased at the correct results, but he is devastated when he realizes that the good deeds that he has already done cannot be reversed.


Balladeer:Now if you spot General Lee tearing through Hazzard not being chased by something check your calendar, it’s probably the first of the month, and the mortgage is due to Boss Hogg. Now Boss don’t own every farm in Hazzard, but the ones he don’t own wouldn’t support a rabbit.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse head towards town, pulling a trailer behind the General. Luke, while driving, says they got plenty of time and Jesse says he won’t rest easy until the money is in Boss’ hand. Bo says they have been late for the last few and Jesse agrees they have made it. In his car, Rosco talks to Flash saying the Dukes are coming. Seeing the car, he rushes after the General, alerting the Dukes. They take off to avoid Rosco, losing the trailer in the process. Rosco crashes into it, destroying it and stopping him. Rosco calls Mabel and has her connect him to Boss.

Balladeer: The Boss gets a physical every year to ensure a long life. But since the good die young most folks figure old Boss is just wasting his money. Now old Flash don’t like the look, the smell, or the sound of Boss.

Doctor Carney’s office

Boss learns Rosco is calling him, and hearing Boss’ voice Flash starts barking. Boss tells him he wants good news and explains that he has a chance to foreclose on the farm legally and now Rosco has messed it up. He says if Rosco doesn’t succeed he will be out of a job.


Cletus is waiting at a road block and the Duke’s stop. Cletus takes the General’s keys to give the car a complete vehicle inspection. Cletus says he has to do a compete safety check and Jesse refuses to get out of the car but Bo and Luke do.

Post Office

McKay and Webber look over the post office, planning to rob it for $100,000 of social security checks.


Cletus continues to look over the car and Jesse snaps that the bank closes at three o’clock, which is in ten minutes. Cletus accidentally slips that Rosco told him to hold them until three. Bo and Luke tell him to check under the hood. As Cletus and Luke look under the hood, Bo takes the keys to start the engine. When Cletus asks where the dipstick is, Bo says he’s under the hood before Luke climbs in and they drive off. Cletus calls Rosco, who has gotten the wrecked trailer off his car and tells him that the boys got away and he’s chasing them. Rosco says to shoot out their tires but Cletus says he used all his live ammo the day before on target practice. Rosco tells him they will cut around and box the Dukes in. Having failed, Rosco gets frustrated and kicks his car. The car starts going downhill and Rosco is forced to run, yelling for Flash to get on the breaks. Rosco is forced to lay on the ground to keep from getting ran over. He yells at Flash for being a terrible driver but concedes that at least Flash wore a seat belt. Exhausted, he tells Flash to turn out the lights on top of the car, which Flash does to his shock.

Town of Hazzard

Alex rushes Boss to the Bank and Boss jumps out of the back of the car as it hits 3 o’clock. He watches the Dukes arrive and tells them that the Bank is closed and now that Jesse is late for the third time in that year he is foreclosing on the farm. Jesse tries to pay him and Boss refuses to take it as the bank is officially closed. Rosco and Cletus arrive as Jesse bangs on the door, accidentally breaking the window. Boss yells for the Dukes to be arrested from inside the bank and Bo, Luke, and Jesse are taken into custody.

As Cletus locks the three up, he tells them that they are being charged with breaking into the bank and it is a federal crime. Jesse is upset as he realizes Boss won. Upstairs Boss and Rosco celebrate and Rosco brings up Boss selling the Duke Farm. Boss gets a call and Doc Carney informs him that the test results came back and Boss has about two weeks to live. Shocked, Boss drops the phone. Rosco hangs it up, not understanding but realizes something is wrong. Boss tells him that he has two weeks before he dies. Rosco misunderstands at first before realizing what Boss said. Daisy learns what happened with the Dukes and rushes to the Police Department, furious. Inside Boss tells Rosco not to tell anyone, especially Lulu. Rosco asks what the condition is that Boss has and Boss admits he doesn’t know. Considering it is fatal, Rosco pulls away from him. Daisy storms in, yelling at Boss for what Boss is doing and reminds Boss that one day his judgment will come and he will have to answer for what he’s done and she hopes he has fire insurance. Boss becomes alarmed about what Saint Peter will say and Rosco says not to worry about that since he’ll be going in the other direction. Boss remarks it isn’t too late and he is going to make amends for what he’s done. He tells Rosco to release the Dukes.

Rosco and Cletus release the Dukes and Cletus offers them cold beers. Bo is stunned and Luke and Jesse are not believing it. Rosco says that Boss has cancelled all their back due bills and released the General Lee. Jesse is suspicious and the boys all agree they don’t trust it. Bo thanks Rosco as they go to Boss’ office. Jesse confronts Boss about what is going on and Boss shows him some papers that he’s signed. The first is giving Jesse the full title to the Farm, the second gives Bo and Luke a full pardon for all their previous traffic violations, the third gives the shopping center parking lot to the Hazzard County Little League, and the last one gives the Hazzard County Orphanage and the Widows of Hazzard the net gain of Hogg Enterprises. Jesse confronts him on why he would do that and Rosco lets it slip that Boss Hogg is dying. Boss protests and Rosco decides that it’s only right for the Dukes to know and explains to them that Boss has about two weeks. Shocked Jesse asks to confirm it, which Boss does. Rosco, Bo, and Luke leave. Jesse stays and Boss decides to pull out some of his shine. The two sit down and happily drink together. Outside the Barber Shop, McKay and Webber steal a car. The owner, Charlie, tries to stop them and runs into Bo and Luke, informing them of what happened.

Carney’s Office

Carney gets a call back that Boss and another person’s records were mixed up. He is furious they could make such a mistake. They start to call around, trying to reach Boss to tell him about the mix up.


Bo and Luke catch up to the car thieves and Luke snaps at Bo asking if he’s going to catch them or tailgate them. After noticing them, McKay decides to lean out the window and shoot at Bo and Luke. Bo remarks they aren’t supposed to do that and Luke tells Bo to keep on the road. The road ends and Bo and Luke think they got the thieves, but a tire in the General blows and they are forced to stop as the others get away.

Balladeer: Looks like Bo and Luke are gonna see the pearly gates before old Boss does. While Bo and Luke were sorta hanging around, and Doc’s office was still hunting Boss’s haunts to give him the good news, the bad news was the two uglies were moving along with their plans for the big robbers.

Police Station

Boss and Jesse continue drinking, nearly finished with the bottle. They talk about the old days and Boss remarks he doesn’t have many left. Jesse asks if there is anything he could do to help and Boss asks if he would keep him company while he goes around to visit a few people who he wants to do good things for. Jesse agrees and Boss asks him to help with the finale arrangements. Boss remarks he wants just a couple hundred words on his tombstone for all the things he’s done for Hazzard. Jesse says he doesn’t think there is a piece of marble that big in Hazzard. Boss hears the phone ring and ignores it, grabbing the envelopes to mail for the Hall of Records in Atlanta.

As Boss and Jesse leave, Boss stops to see a woman and her daughter and gives her some money for Pralines. After a moment he gives the mother a wad of cash to buy a factory. He compliments another man’s dog before giving Alex the day off, changing it to the year off with pay. Someone tries to call the C.B. and Boss says he’s through with business and pulls out the wires. He says he is going to live till he dies. They stop at the Post office and Jesse mails the letters at Boss’ insistence. Bo and Luke pull up and Boss tells them what they are up to and Boss tells them that beer will be on the house at the Boar’s Nest.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy serves Bo, Luke, and Cooter beers before getting a call from Maybel and Doc Carney. She is told that Boss isn’t dying and announces it to the Boar’s Nest. Everyone celebrates. Daisy tells them that Boss doesn’t know and the Dukes leave to tell him.

Hazzard Orphanage

Boss and Jesse go to the orphanage and inform the current owner that Boss is turning over everything to them. The man faints and Boss tries to bring him around.


Bo tries to reach Boss on the C.B. and while Boss and Jesse get into the car Boss gives Jesse a cigar, using a $50 to light them to Jesse’s shock. The two drive away and Bo gives up and remarks he hopes nothing happens to which Luke agrees. Cooter is out driving around and tells them he sees nothing. Boss and Jesse pass by Cooter, beeping as they pass. Amused Cooter tells them where Boss is and the boys get excited. They pass Boss and turn to chase after him. Jesse tells Boss that he thinks the boys are trying to get his attention and Boss says he’s chased them enough and to let the boys chase him. Jesse tells him to slow down as he isn’t ready to make the trip to the afterlife with Boss. Bo says to cut him off at Conyan Corners and Luke agrees. Boss is slowed down by another car and nearly crash into an oncoming car. Boss celebrates the success and Bo and Luke manage to cut them off. Bo and Luke explain that there was a misunderstanding and he’s going to live. Boss is shocked before he and Jesse hug in celebration. However as Jesse reminds him of what he did, Boss starts to become concerned. He heads off to unmake those changes. As he leaves Luke realizes that if Boss stops the mail then they lose the farm and are in jail.

McKay and Webber steal the mail truck and leave the driver on the road.

Police Station

While Rosco is smoking a cigar in Boss’ office with Flash, Daisy comes in. He is upset at first when Daisy asks if he’s heard the good news. Daisy tells him that Boss isn’t dying and explains the misunderstanding. They hug in excitement but Flash only barks at the news.


Boss finds the driver and helps him. He learns that the mail truck was stolen. Not thinking, he rushes after the truck to stop them. However the Dukes didn’t see the man and do not know the truck was stolen.

 Police Station

Boss returns to see Cletus and Rosco celebrating and tells them that they need to go find the mail truck and confiscate it. He tells them it was stolen. Rosco wants to call the F.B.I. but Boss says he doesn’t want them to recover the truck. Rosco is disappointed in Boss at first but he and Cletus head out. Rosco sends Cletus to go from County 7 to Beaver Fork while he takes Route 61 to Old Mill Crossing. Boss then gets in the car with Rosco.


After learning that the mail is gone, Bo and Luke send Jesse to ride with Daisy and they leave to stop the others. Bo and Luke nearly crash into Cletus and Cletus tells them where he was headed and where Boss and Rosco went. Bo and Luke head out after Boss and Rosco and radio Jesse and Daisy. They says they are cutting across Moss Creek and want the others to meet up with them at Morgan’s Meadow. Jesse agrees. Cletus sees a man ‘Billy Bob’ an asks him what is wrong with his truck. As he goes to look he steps on the creeper and skates away despite Billy trying to help him. Cletus manages to land in a pond with a fish in his shirt. Boss asks about how fast Rosco can go and Rosco says it’s the fuel pumps. They spot the mail truck and chase after it but the Dukes, not knowing it was stolen, help the mail truck get away.

As the Dukes celebrate their success they hear Cletus on the C.B. remark that the mail truck had been stolen. They head out after the mail truck again, this time to stop it. The two crooks move into Charlie’s stolen car. Rosco and Boss manage to get back on the road but are ran off again by the Dukes coming back. They split up at a fork and the car drives past Daisy. Jesse remarks he say Charlie Watkins car and Bo and Luke remember that the car was stolen and tells Jesse and Daisy it’s them. Daisy turns around and follows them. However Daisy hits a fence and blows a hose. They tell the boys that the thieves are going across Morgan’s Meadows and to cut them off at Sweetwater Overpass. Cooter overhears in his C.B. and heads that way as do Bo and Luke. Rosco and Boss get back on the road, also hearing the message. Bo and Luke leave Rosco through an old barn, having it fall on them and trap them.

Bo stops at a bridge and gets out. Luke drives away and Bo waits for the car to pass before jumping down on the back. Bo hangs on the top and manages to get through a window and into the back. Before they can do much, they are cut off by Luke and Bo wrestles the gun from McKay. Luke runs them off the road and Bo and Luke capture them. Daisy, Jesse, Cooter, Boss, Rosco, and Cletus all arrive. Cooter helps the Dukes reclaim the mail.

Balladeer: Don’t mess around with the Dukes when the Farm’s at stake. What with all the witnesses, there wasn’t much Boss could do about all them letters. And maybe he wasn’t gonna die real soon but he sure was gonna be a mighty sick man for a while, trying to get something back that he gave to the good people and children of Hazzard. But then, every little bit counts and old Boss would rob an orphan for a widow’s mite. And as for the Dukes, Jesse wasn’t about to take advantage of old Boss’ misunderstanding about dying, and he agreed to continue making payments, providing that Boss dropped his charges against the Dukes. Finally y’all can now begin to understand why the mail is a little slow in Hazzard County.

Town of Hazzard

Boss tries to reclaim his money from the child and her mother earlier but the girl kicks his shins. The Dukes escort the mail truck.


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  • Cletus apologizes to Uncle Jesse for stopping them and Jesse yells that he isn't his Uncle Jesse to which Cletus says he's sorry about that too.
    • Jesse has previously told Cooter and Brodie he isn't their 'Uncle Jesse' when they called him that.
  • Cletus says the Bank of Hazzard is part of the Federal Trade and Banking Commission.
  • When saying Boss owns their farm legally, Jesse remarks 'Lock, Stock, and Maudine' referring to the families Mule.
  • As of this episode the Orphanage owns it's own land.