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"The Legacy" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard


Lucinda Meadows (Jan Clayton), the first woman Jesse ever courted, returns to Hazzard to claim an old $5,000 debt owed to her late husband by Boss Hogg. Not surprisingly, Boss Hogg refuses to pay it. Lucinda and the Dukes find a legacy -- nine full barrels of moonshine called "white lightning" -- in a mine under the Duke property. Lucinda plans to get the $5,000 by selling Boss Hogg the moonshine, which Boss Hogg plans to sell to Mean Joe Hatcher (Gregory Walcott).


Balladeer: Did y’all ever have one of them days when everything was clicking along peaceful and perfect, just waiting to go wrong? Well, the Dukes have a lot of days like that. And this one is no different.  Then Duke boys cut their teeth on them Saturday afternoon cowboy movies. Looks like some of it rubbed off.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse are driving in the General Lee when a car comes up behind them honking their horn. The driver yells to get over as she doesn’t have breaks. Bo remarks that they are going to need wings if they try to hit dead man’s curve at more than 20 miles per hour. The Dukes realize whoever it is doesn’t have breaks as she passes them. Bo tells Luke to pull up alongside and he’ll see what he can do. Jesse tells him to be careful as Bo climbs out and jumps into the other car. Bo tries to keep control of the car and Luke allows it to ram into the General a few times before they can slow the car down and guide it to a stop. As all four get out, Jesse talks to the woman and they see who each other are, Jesse and Lucinda. Happy the two old friends reunite. Jesse tells the boys how both he and Boss courted her. Luke comments he’s surprised she escaped and she remarks that they were so busy fighting her husband slipped in and proposed. Jesse insists on getting her to Cooter’s and paying for the repairs, snapping at Bo and Luke to get to it as he is so flustered, amusing the boys. Bo remarks he’s never seen Uncle Jesse act like this before and Luke says Bo’s never seen him around a pretty widow woman either.

Boar’s Nest

Boss appoints Cletus as the temporary acting Sheriff of Hazzard since Rosco and Flash went to Capitol City for Obedience training. Boss tells him that he has taken over Roscos’ pay and kickback. Wilbur Fudge comes in and Boss explains he is temporary acting deputy. When Wilbur protests due to not knowing anything about being a deputy, Boss says he will learn on the job. Cletus tells him to watch him and do exactly as he does. Cletus trips and falls and Wilbur copies the movement, stressing Boss who prays for the county.

Town of Hazzard

Cooter looks over the car and tells Lucinda that the breaks are completely shot. He explains it’s going to take most of the day to get the car running again. Lucinda says that will give her time to do some business and Cooter leaves to call Pete for the break kit. Lucinda tells Jesse about the I.O.U. from Boss Hogg to her husband. Jesse asks if the boys got earmuffs, confusing them, and says Boss is going to scream to high heaven when he sees that.

Boar’s Nest

Lucinda goes to see Boss and Cletus in Boss’ office, showing him the I.O.U. Boss tries to claim it isn’t his signature on the paper but Cletus says that everyone would recognize that chicken scratch of his. Boss claims there is a statute of limitations that ran out after seven years. Boss refuses to pay her the money.

Duke Farm

Boss has Cletus and Wilbur go to the Duke Farm to spy on the Dukes and Lucinda, knowing she wasn’t going to give up. The Dukes are having dinner, and Jesse has dressed up. The Dukes talk about how Boss is sinking to a new low and the kids tease Jesse about dressing up to impress Lucinda. Jesse gets upset saying he fixes up especially if a lady is present. Daisy asks if she’s cold grits and Jesse tells her not to sass her elders. Lucinda tells them that Cyrus had told her that if things ever got rough she needed to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Jesse remarks he might have been talking about the Rainbow Mine and that Jesse and Cyrus used to hide out there at times but no one has been there since. Daisy says they are full of bats, rats, and creepy things like Bo and Luke. Jesse says they need to check it out as it is on Duke property. Bo and Luke set out to check into it. Cletus and Wilbur watch before following.

While driving Bo notices the officers and tells Luke that Wilbur is behind them, laughing at the idea of it. Luke says that if there is anything there they don’t want Cletus to be there and to lose them. Bo agrees. As Bo drives Luke says he thought Bo was going to lose the officers and Bo snaps that if there is one thing he can’t stand it’s a side seat driver. He tells Luke he’s going to lose them as he passes the sawmill. Cletus tries to cut through the sawmill and when he comes out the other side they find the car was cut in half. Bo and Luke drive by.

Rainbow Mine

Bo and Luke arrive at the Rainbow mines. Luke grabs a spare rope and lowers Bo down into the mine on a platform. As Luke does the crank gets stuck. Bo asks what happened and Luke says he’s going to try and work the rope lose. However he sees the rope start coming apart and tells Bo to grab something but Bo says there isn’t anything. Luke tosses down another rope and Bo holds onto it as the platform falls. Bo then climbs down and Luke asks if he’s alright before tying off the rope and climbing down after him. The two look around before finding nine barrels of moonshine. They realize this was the ‘pot of gold’. Luke decides to get a sample for Jesse.

Duke Farm

Jesse tests it and announces it’s disgusting. He tells them that it’s the worst thing he’s ever had and it shouldn’t even get them in trouble. Luke says Lucinda’s not getting lucky anywhere. Bo remarks he didn’t know shine went bad and Jesse tells him good shine doesn’t before getting a small bottle he has that is about the same age and tells the boys to smell it, not drink it. Jesse says it’s only used for medical purposes. Hearing Lucinda, he tells the boys not to say a word about the rotten whiskey as she has fond memories of her and Cyrus. Lucinda sees the bottle and immediately knows it was Cyrus’. She remarks Cyrus wanted to take care of her and it’s too bad he was such a terrible moonshiner. The Dukes are surprised and she explains she always knew, she just didn’t want Cyrus to know she knew. She asks what is she going to do with it all. Luke says to sell it to Boss and she says she won’t lie to him but Luke says she won’t have to, all they need to do is slip him a sip of Jesse’s moonshine and Boss won’t be listening to her at all.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke take Lucinda to Boss’ office and asks her to turn on the CB without being spotted. In the office, Lucinda pours a small glass for Boss while Cletus is in the room. Cletus asks if he can join to toast to the old days but Boss refuses saying he wasn’t around in the old days and he’s not too thrilled to have Cletus around in the new days. Boss tosses Cletus out and Lucinda turns on the CB. Boss tastes the shine and is shocked. He says it is the best sipping shine he ever tasted. Lucinda says she has nine more big barrels full as old as the sample. She asks if Boss knows anyone who would want it and he days he does providing the price is right. Boss offers $60 a barrel and Lucinda apologizes and asks for $600 and Boss says that comes to $5,400.  She insists on 10% down and Boss agrees telling her he will give her 50% down, shocking everyone. However he counts out the money and cuts it in half, making her 50% worthless without the other half. After they all leave, he starts counting up how much he will make. Boss says he’ll made about 49,500 from this. He tells Cletus that the boys will have to move the shine for her and Cletus will arrest them for moving shine.  In the car they look at the money and Luke says he knew they were in trouble. Lucinda says that Boss wants the shine delivered to the Boar's Nest by 3pm tomorrow.

Balladeer: Boss had put out the word that he was gonna sell nine barrels of the world’s best shine. But there was only one buyer. The others have been eliminated by mean Joe Hatcher.

After hearing Boss had the ‘worlds best shine’ Hatcher and Blaine head to Hazzard. Hatcher calls Boss to say they will match his price for the shine. Boss is getting a shave at the Boar’s Nest and tells him that he was just about to sell that shine to one of Hatcher's competitors. Boss becomes alarmed when Hatcher threatens his life. He promises Hatcher they will have the shine tomorrow at three. Cletus asks if he’s rushing things a bit. Boss says Rosco’s methods are behind the times and pulls out electronic bugs and tells Cletus to put one on each car and they can follow the boys wherever they go.

Duke Farm

Cletus sneaks around the farm while Jesse and Lucinda sit together on the front porch swing. Bo is spying on them and informs the others he thinks it’s getting serious and Daisy scolds him, reminding him of the phrase ‘ladies first’ and Bo moves aside to let her watch. Jesse and Lucinda talk about Martha and Cyrus, Jesse saying without the kids he would have gone crazy. They hear a noise and Jesse gets his shotgun. Cletus steps on a rake, hitting his head and knocking a bucket on him before falling in the water trough. Jesse says its sounds big enough to be a jackass and they go to find Cletus running. Jesse fires a branch and drops it on Cletus. The kids come out and all confront Cletus. Jesse and the Dukes scold him and Jesse threatens to shoot him and Cletus runs away. Jesse shoots into the air, making all five laugh in amusement. Jesse says that Boss probably sent him and the Dukes realize they need to be careful.

Boar’s Nest

Boss counts the money from his speed traps when Hatcher comes in. Boss asks what are they doing there today. Hatcher threatens to break every bone in Boss’ body if anything goes wrong in getting the shine.

Duke Farm

The next day Bo and Luke head out in the pickup, Jesse telling them not to take any chances, make sure they aren’t followed and to get the shine out. Bo tells him not to worry about it and Luke says they are going to stash it in the woods behind Watkin’s Road until Lucinda gets the money. Daisy decides to tag along after the boys and takes the General. Jesse gets started on the chores.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Cletus play poker in the Boar’s Nest until they hear the bug start beeping. They radio Wilbur, who has the beeping lights in his car as well. They learn Wilbur is getting closer to the Dukes and he tells them he’s going north on Old Country Road. Boss tells him to follow the boys and he and Cletus head out to help.

Rainbow Mines

Bo and Luke bring up the shine barrels and load them on the pickup. Bo asks if there is anyone around and Luke looks. Wilbur continues to follow the beeps as does Cletus, who is followed by Boss and Alex. Boss says he doesn’t trust Wilbur to hold back. They all continue to head toward the beeps, being followed by Hatcher.

Bo and Luke finish securing all nine barrels. Bo comments he’ll go take a nap but they hear a siren. They run down to cut everyone off, Wilbur and Cletus arriving. Cletus goes to arrest them and Boss and Alex arrive. While the five talk and Luke gets Boss to give him the other half of the bills by starting to burn their half, Hatcher steals the pickup and all the shine on it.  He attempts to hit the group but everyone but Boss dives out of the way and Luke tackles Boss to save him. They all check on Boss and Cletus reminds Boss that Luke just saved his life. They all realize the shine is gone and move to follow. Bo and Luke try to take Boss’ car but Boss refuses. Cletus and Wilbur leave and nearly hit Boss and the boys. Bo and Luke dive on the back of Boss’ car. Boss has Alex drive, throwing Bo and Luke off the back. Daisy then arrives to pick them up. The boys flip a coin and Luke wins.


Hatcher nearly hits a motorcycle and a passenger. They nearly hit Cletus next and when they come across Boss and Alex they are forced to detach the side car. They then swerve to avoid the General. Daisy calls Jesse and Lucinda to let them know what is happening and they head out to join the others in the jeep. Hatcher meets up with Blaine and they move the nine barrels into their van. They head back the way they came, passing Cletus, then Alex and Boss. Boss sees them and orders Cletus to turn around. The Dukes hear it and are nearly hit by the van. Luke jumps the creek to get in front of the van. They manage to catch up and Daisy informs Jesse of the change of vehicle and to cut them off at Cherokee Crossing. Hatcher and Blaine start throwing barrels out the back, destroying them as they do. All the barrels start falling apart. Jesse and Lucinda set up a road block with the jeep and Hatcher crashes. As he and Blaine get out, one barrel is left. The two try to flee but Bo and Luke chase them down and capture them. Boss, Alex, and Cletus arrive. As Boss heads for the last barrel, Bo and Luke get the bows and arrows and shoot the last barrel full of arrows. Boss and Cletus try to get to the barrel and take out the arrows but all the shine drains out to everyone else’s amusement.

Balladeer: There wasn’t even a drop of shine left for old Boss to drown his sorrows, which probably saved him from being poisoned. Seeing as how Emery made the arrest, he was in line for a nice reward, since he wasn’t a regular deputy. Lucinda could have some fun pasting the money together. Which sure beats doing the crossword puzzle. You know friends, kissing is like riding a bicycle. You never forget how. Even in Hazzard County.

Wilbur arrests Hatcher and Blaine under Cletus’ watch. Lucinda says goodbye to the Dukes. When Lucinda kisses Jesse, the three kids all turn away but sneak peeks.


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  • Jesse introduces the boys to Lucinda Meadows, saying she was the first lady he ever courted. She is also one of the first women Boss Hogg courted.
  • Cyrus Meadows and Jesse Duke used to run moonshine together and hid in the Rainbow Mines periodically as part of the mines are under Duke property.
  • Jesse mentions his wife's name as Martha in this episode


  • Cletus is temporarily promoted to Acting Sheriff and Rosco's absence from the episode is explained by Rosco and Flash going to Capitol City for obedience training.
  • In error the Balladeer comments that 'Emery' made an arrest, but it was Wilbur Fudge who made the arrest.