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The Meeting is the fourth episode of Dukes of Hazzard, season two.

Bo and Luke drive along the highway, testing out some new shocks on General Lee when Rosco P. Coltrane soon catches them going half a mile over the speed limit with his new radar gun, but they easily lose him by making him crash into a lake. Meanwhile, a mob man named Blackjack Bender meets with Boss Hogg for a meeting place and gives him half of a $1000 bill after Boss Hogg recommends the jail. Later, Blackjack's limo breaks down, but Bo and Luke, who jumped over them in General Lee come up to them and offer Blackjack a ride. Later at Cooter's garage, Cooter (to be continued)

Balladeer: Now for all of y’all new to Hazzard County, folks around here tend to be very individualistic. Like if there ain’t no road going to where they’re going, they’ll make one. Especially if it’s the Dukes doin’ the going.

Bo and Luke are headed to town when they see a large number of sheep covering the road. After scaring them with the horn they keep driving. Bo takes them down a dirt road and when Luke complains Bo says it’s the best way he can figure out how to test the new shocks. They get back on the road and pass Rosco’s new speed trap where he has a radar gun. Rosco calls Cletus and tells him to help arrest the boys. The boys don’t want to mess with Rosco so they take off. Bo pulls through the Boar’s Nest, impressing two men who are waiting there. Bo sends Rosco into the pond.

Boar’s Nest

While in his office, Boss is approached by an old acquaintance named Black Jack Bender. He tells Boss that he’s a toy designer now and offers 10 thousand dollars for a place to hold a meeting. Boss suggests the Hogg Hotel as all he has to do is evict Widow Stargrass from her suit. It is turned down so he suggests Hogg’s Incognito Hotel where everyone registers under the name of Smith. After that is rejected he suggests the Jail and Bender accepts that. Once they settle on that, Bender goes into the bar to make a phone call and gives Daisy $50 in exchange for her tips to use the payphone where he tells his men to come. As he leaves Daisy asks how the man could be nice to her and so rude to his mother and Boss leaves.


Bo decides to do one last jump to test the shocks. However he nearly lands on three guys in a limo where Bender’s car broke down. The boys go back to apolgoize and Bender offers them $100 to have one drive him back to the jail and the other fix the car. The boys agree.


When another limo pulls up, Cooter remarks ‘here comes’ another $32.42. Boss tires to greet another person but is brushed off. He whiles for Cooter to get the limo, which he does to the boys amusement. Boss greets another car, remarking he remebers the people in there from the old days. While Boss doubts the cover story of a toy convention, Cooter finds a large number of guns in the limos.

They call Jesse and Daisy and fill them in. Jesse is concerned and they say they need to figure out what is going on. Daisy decides she is coming too. The Dukes leave together.


The members of Bender’s group sit to start their meeting. Daisy and Jesse arrive at the door and Daisy says she came to see her boyfriend Cletus. She is told he’s out to breakfast and Daisy says it’s noon. He tries to write her off and Jesse puts a foot in the door saying he wants to talk to Rosco. The man threatens to break his leg. Daisy and Jesse leave and talk to the boys who were listening from nearby bushes. Luke decides someone needs to get arrested.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss, telling him that he can’t even get in his office. Boss explains that it’s all rented out. Boss says he will split it with Rosco but Rosco cannot arrest anyone, especially the Dukes. Boss threatens to make him the night rent-a-cop at Shorty’s all-night rib shack and pool hall. The Dukes meanwhile wait for Rosco. Bo and Luke pretend to start fighting as Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse watch amused. Rosco gets involved and Bo punches Rosco in the face. Jesse encourages Rosco to throw them in jail and Rosco tries to but Boss stops him. He says they are fumigating the jail and tells Daisy she is to take a dozen catfish and champagne lunches to the jail for the crew and to charge him for it. Luke decides to use this to their advantage.


Daisy and Cooter unload two tables with Bo and Luke hidden inside. Daisy and Cooter offer to wheel in the tables but the guards refuse and send them away. Jesse tells Cooter and Daisy that if the boys are not out in five he’s 'loading for bear' and going in after them. They take the boys to the meeting and they overhear what is going on. Bo and Luke decide to flee but get caught by the group. Black Jack marks them for death and has two of his men take them away to be killed.

When they get outside Cooter takes off with the vehicle the boys are in that is still attached to his truck. While Daisy distracts them, the boys take off. Jesse holds the four bodyguards off long enough for the boys to cross the tops of the buildings and get to Cooter’s garage, breaking a window in the process which Bo says Cooter won’t be happy about. Luke uses the phone to call and ask Maybel for help. After the boys escape, Black Jack and his friends plot out to find them.

Phone Company

Bo and Luke wonder what is taking Maybel so long when they hear an explosion. They run over to find Maybel tied up and help her out of the building. They decide to get the General, which was hidden in a hay pile. Bo says they are headed to Atlanta and Luke says he’s going the wrong way. Bo says he isn’t if Luke considers what is behind them, showing they are being followed.


Black Jack’s men call to tell him that they see Bo and Luke at Oak Bridge on highway 12. Rosco and Boss remark about how for once they are rooting for the Dukes. Luke reminds Bo that Jensen’s bridge is out. The boys jump it but are shot at, damaging the windshield.  After radioing in, Black Jack orders highway 12 and State 17 to be cut off. Bo and Luke decide they are done running.

Duke Farm

Jesse, Cooter, Cletus, Daisy, Bo, and Luke meet up. They talk about the situation and plan their next move.


Daisy drives up to two of the men, telling them she hopes they don’t mind if she goes skinny dipping as they are at her favorite swimming spot. While she throws out some clothes and pretends to be swimming, they go to spy on her only to be knocked out by Cooter with a wooden plank. Jesse distracts two more. Recognizing him from earlier, they decide to follow him. Jesse captures them in a hay trailer. Cooter drives up to two more and asks what it would be worth to them to tell them where the Dukes are. The men threaten to kill Cooter if he doesn't tell them and Cooter claims the boys are in his trunk. When they look in the trunk, Cooter and Cletus capture them, commenting that the guards are mean but dumb. Bo and Luke grab the last two at the Feed and Grain store when they were getting gas. Jesse then goes to town.


Jesse knocks and seeing who it is, Boss tries to keep him out. Jesse comes in with the white flag anyway and tells the sydicate leaders that they got all eight of their men. Jesse tells Rosco that he needs to arrest them and Rosco deflects to Boss. One wants to kidnap Jesse but Bender stops them and Jesse leaves. Rosco points out that was a mistake. They leave to follow Jesse and Boss and Rosco decide to follow them.


Jesse leaves with the four mob bosses following in Rosco’s patrol car, while Boss and Rosco follow the syndicate men in Cletus’ patrol car. When Rosco asks whose side are they on, Boss yells that they are on the winning side (whoever that is). Cooter, Daisy, and Cletus emerge from their hiding place in the bushes and set a net trap in the jail. Bo and Luke are hiding and watching the chaos around the square. Bo and Luke pass Jesse and get everyone's attention, though during the process, Boss and Rosco sprung a leak in Cletus’ car after bumping into Rosco’s. The boys run back into the jail, with the four syndicate men following. Jesse, Boss, and Rosco follow next, with Boss and Rosco crashing into the back of Rosco’s car, severely damaging Cletus’.


Bo and Luke offer to surrender. While the four fight over what to do with them, a net is dropped on them by Cletus. Bo and Luke get the guns from them and they are all arrested. Later they are handed over to the FBI. Bo, Luke, Jesse, Daisy, Cooter, and Cletus all give Rosco the credit. They are taken to Atlanta and turned over to the FBI by Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Cooter. Daisy gives Cletus a thank you kiss.

Balladeer: Naturally, Boss and Rosco took all the credit. Even though they missed out on the cash. Because Rosco’s 50% of 50% of 50% of that $10,000 bill added up to nothing more than 200% of a mess of confetti. Daisy made sure Cletus got a proper reward for his part in the proceedings and that’s how Bo and Luke took the syndicate for a ride, all the way to the FBI in Atlanta.

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  • Enos Strate is absent in this episode and the next due to having his appendix removed. Boss Hogg temporarily replaces him with his cousin Cletus as the deputy for Rosco.
  • Boss has a few connections to the sydicate in Chicago from his days running moonshine
    • Boss remarks later in the series that he has a dream of getting involved in the sydicate.
    • Boss also pleads to save the Dukes lives as he detests violence and killing
  • Black Jack calls Boss 'Curly' and says that Boss 'lost all is hair', showing the last time they saw each other Boss had hair


  • In this episode we are told that the initials J.D. for Boss Hogg's name stand for Jefferson Davis.