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"The New Dukes" is the first episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke have left Hazzard to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing on the NASCAR Circuit. Boss Hogg is so happy about it that he unleashes his ultimate secret weapon: the Mean Green Machine. It is a monstrous vehicle which is part of Boss Hogg's plan to rob the Bank of Capitol City. But the robbery of the Bank of Capitol City is just a test run of the Mean Green Machine. Boss's actual plan for the Mean Green Machine is much bigger than a bank robbery. Boss and two men that he hired, Josh Scroggins (William Russ) and Hatfield (Mitch Carter), have a money printing press hidden away, and they have the right paper to print money on, but they need engraving plates to print the money with. An armored truck that will be passing through Hazzard County has U.S. Mint plates in it that will print $100 dollar bills, and Boss plans to have Scroggins and Hatfield use the Mean Green Machine to hijack the armored truck so that they can get the plates. But Boss is unaware that Bo and Luke's cousins Coy and Vance have returned to Hazzard after a six-year absence, to help Jesse and Daisy run the Duke farm. Also, Enos returns to Hazzard from Los Angeles, and is sworn in as a deputy by Rosco, which gives Rosco two deputies -- Cletus and Enos.


Balladeer: Now I want y’all to take a real good, long, look. ‘Cause Hazzard County History is being made. Bo and Luke are leaving Hazzard to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing on the NASCAR circuit, and the whole family is takin’ ‘em to the airport. Old Bo just couldn’t resist throwing in one last jump. Just for old times sake. Bye boys.

Bo and Luke leave in the General to the airport with Daisy and Jesse. Cletus watches, waves goodbye commenting that they are really going to do it. He and reports back to Boss, who is sitting in his dinning room at home with Rosco about to have a celebration meal, Champaign and all. Cletus says they really did it. Boss asks what the raise was that Cletus says he’s been promising for two years and Cletus says 5% and Boss says that he will get a 10% as of now. Boss gives his food to Rosco as well before dancing around the dinning room and the living room and singing about his joy. Boss then calls two of his men. He tells them that Dukes are gone and asks how long until the secret weapon is ready to go. They say three o’clock and he tells them to make it two. Rosco asks when does he get read in on the plan and Boss says when the time comes and for now all Rosco needs to know is come Friday he will be the richest man in the state. He says nothing will rain on his parade, but Rosco opens the campaign and it sprays on Boss.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Jesse return from the airport and Jesse remarks now is a good time to unweld the doors. The two looks around the farm, concluding it’s empty without the boys. Daisy says she’s happy the boys are going to the NASCAR circuit but things aren’t going to be the same. Jesse says it was bound to happen and it’s not like the boys left them high and dry as they made sure Coy and Vance could be there. Daisy says no one can be like the boys. Jesse agrees and says that Coy and Vance aren’t ordinary either, Coy is a test driver in Detroit and Vance was in the Merchant Marines. Daisy expresses concern of not recognizing them after six years. Hearing an engine, Jesse says he thinks she will recognize them. A blue car jumps over into the farm property and they both laugh, Daisy agreeing she recognizes them. Coy and Vance stop the car and Vance greets them before getting out. Vane hugs Daisy as Coy gets out. Coy then comes over to greet them. Coy mentions they ran into Cooter on the way over and Daisy says that Boss and Rosco are still up to their old tricks. Jesse asks if they remember where Reed Impleman’s house is in Capitol City and asks them to get some tractor parts he ordered. Daisy agrees to go with the boys. As the three drive away Jesse remarks they are back together.

Police Department

Boss calls Rosco and Cletus into his office before calling Enos in to their surprise. Rosco is happy to see him and Enos explains that he’s the new deputy. Boss says that the Governor sent a letter, commending Enos for his work in the LAPD and orders Boss to either hire Enos as a Hazzard County Deputy again or he will make Enos part of the State Police and station him in Hazzard County. Boss says he’s making Enos a deputy again, to which Rosco says he’d be proud too and welcome Enos back. Cletus also welcomes him home but Boss interrupts them. When Rosco calls him a dipstick, Enos says he never thought he’d be happy to hear that again. Boss says Enos and Cletus will split a patrol car and a paycheck.

Enos cleans off Rosco’s car as the Dukes pull in. Daisy gets so excited she starts honking the horn, startling Enos so much he falls in the bucket. Daisy rushes out of the car to Enos, kissing him to Coy’s surprise and Vance’s amusement. Daisy asks why Enos didn’t tell her and Enos says he wanted his old job back first. Coy and Vance remark he hasn’t changed and Enos is surprised to see them. They tell Enos that Boss and Rosco don’t know they are in town yet and would prefer to keep it that way. Daisy says they are on their way to Capitol City before they leave.

Capitol City

Scroggins and Hatfield uncover the mean green machine for a test run. They drive to Capitol City, shocking many of the residents. The tank drives directly into the Capitol City bank and forces the tellers to put the money in a small container. As the machine backs out of the bank, Daisy, Vance, and Coy arrive. Stunned they chase after it.


The two men in the tank the two men notice the blue car following them. One gets out and shoots at them before they use an oil slick. Coy gets upset but Vance calms him down. They chase after the tank again and the men in the tank stop and burn the Dukes car. Vance, Coy, and Daisy get out just before. The vehicles leaves and the Dukes try to figure out what happened.

The two men reload the tank on the trailer.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco play cars in the office and Boss concludes Rosco has lost. As they celebrate, Daisy, Vance, and Coy come in. Boss and Rosco are shocked to see them. Boss says he they thought they saw the last of them and Rosco says they were worse than Bo and Luke. Vance says they are back for good, upsetting Boss and Rosco even more. They tell Boss about the robbery of the bank robbery and Rosco nearly blows the whistle a few times. Boss tells the boys that they might not be on probation they will try to find something to arrest the boys for. When the Dukes leave Boss is upset, saying of all the people to come back it had to be them and they make Bo and Luke look like choirboys.

Duke Farm

Vance and Coy help chop fire wood as Daisy explains what happened to Jesse. Jesse says they probably stashed it somewhere and the boys think it’ll come to Hazzard. Vance wonders if Boss and Rosco know more than they let on. Jesse remarks they are going to have to use the General.

Seminole Canyon

Boss and Rosco go out to meet Scroggins and Hatfield. Boss informs his robbers that he heard they succeeded in robbing the bank. They go into the barn to look over the tank and Scroggins and Hatfield show Boss the $28,000 they stole. Rosco mentions they only spent half that on the tank and Boss tries to cover it up. He takes the money and says he needs to use that to keep Coy and Vance out of the way.


Coy and Vance take the General out for a test drive, seeing what all the car can do. Coy mentions that the General handles good, just like the first time Bo and Luke let them drive it and they head for Willow Road.

Police Department

Boss gets some candy before telling Rosco about his plan to steal $100 printing plates. He explains that the plates have been taken around to various banks and they are leaving Biloxi and the plan is to hit the convoy and steal the plates when it passes through on Friday. Boss says they are going to print for a few days before ‘finding’ the plates and turn them over to the FBI. Rosco asks why they can’t keep printing and Boss says they can’t risk getting caught with the evidence. Boss decides he needs to get back in shape and pulls out two hoops.


Vance and Coy go to the burned out car and find the tracks from the tank. They pull out part of the track and go to see Cooter.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter looks at the tire track and informs them it is an 8x12 made by the Bull Run Tire Company in Atlanta. Vane asks how to find out who sold the tires. Cooter says he’ll call around. Cooter then welcomes them back to Hazzard.

Police Department

Boss gets a phone call from his men and informs Rosco that the armored car is on schedule. Rosco, holding Flash, cautions Boss they still have the Dukes to worry about and Boss says for Rosco to take care of them tonight.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter talks to his friend Murphy, learning he sold those tires to a man named Josh Scroggins. Vance and Coy listen intently and Cooter thanks his friend before hanging up. He informs Vance and Coy that Josh Scroggins is in Hazzard. The boys thank Cooter before leaving.

Duke Farm

In the dark, Rosco goes over to the General to plant the stolen money in the General’s trunk. After nearly hurting his thumb, Rosco leaves.

Hazzard Post Office

The next morning Scroggins leaves the post office with a number of boxes. Coy and Vance pull into town and Scroggins and Hatfield see them. The Dukes recognize them and the two men flee, but drop a few papers from the back. Coy and Vance try to chase after them on foot and the car turns and chases them. Vance welcomes Coy back to Hazzard as they run form the car. The two dive out of the way as the car passes, Coy sarcastically welcoming Vance as the car drives off. The two get up and find the papers that were dropped. They get back to the General, intent to chase after the men, but Rosco, Cletus, and Enos all arrive and block them in. Coy angrily confronts him but Rosco insists on checking over the car. Enos apologizes to them before opening the trunk. When they see the money, Coy and Vance trip Cletus an Enos and run for it. They get in the General and drive away. The officers follow.


Coy and Vance decide to take another route to get in front of the crooks. They catch up and jump across the creek. Coy and Vance get behind the two crooks and Coy assumes in a quarter mile he’ll have them. However another car is coming toward them and runs Vance and Coy off the road. The General floods and the officers catch up. Realizing they are caught, Vance and Coy surrender.

Police Department

Cletus reads a comic as Daisy and Jesse visit Coy and Vance. Jesse explains that the bail was set at $5,000. Jesse also explains that he tried to use the mortgage on the farm but Boss refused it. Enos comes in and announces that he just paid the $5,000 bail for the boys by selling his car. Vance and Daisy say they can’t let him do that but Enos says he already did it. Cletus lets Coy and Vance out.

The Dukes and Enos go outside, everyone thanking Enos. Coy says they will pay Enos the money back. Vance shows them the paper they found and Enos tells them that it’s the paper you print money on. Vance and Coy realize what is happening.

Boss and Rosco are in Boss’ office and Boss is called to be informed that the armored car should be in Hazzard in an hour. Boss goes to call Scroggins and Hatfield.

Duke Farm

As the Dukes eat at the kitchen table, Daisy remarks the boys aren’t eating and she would almost assume they don’t like her cooking. Coy apologizes and Vance says it doesn’t make sense. Jesse suggests that Boss will start his own mint. Vance asks about the newspaper Jesse is reading and Jesse shows them an article about $100 plates on tour around the banks. Coy and Vance realize that Boss will try to hijack the pales. The Dukes all head out, Jesse taking his truck, Daisy in Dixie, and Coy and Vance in the General.


The convoy with the plates drive down the highway, the tank waiting. They force the motorcycle in the front off of the road and into a pond. They force the armored car to flip and steal the plates before driving away. Coy and Vance drive by, seeing the armored car and the driver tells them to chase after the tank. The two men in the tank notice them immediately and shoot the windshield of the General before taking out a tire. Coy and Vance work to change the tire. The men then CB boss to meet them at the hideout. Coy and Vance get the General back on the road. As they drive they notice a pickup pass them with a trailer but keep driving. They come to a dead end and Vance gets an idea of chasing after the pickup.

Seminole Canyon

Hatfield asks Scroggins why they came back, as they have everything and they should just take off. Scroggin says he wants to make sure Boss and Rosco can’t report them until they are long gone.

Vance and Coy stop, realizing they don’t know where to go anymore. They see Rosco and Boss drive toward Seminole Canyon and decide to follow them.

Boss and Rosco arrive at the hideout and go inside. They talk to Scroggins and Hatfield, who reveal that they are betraying Boss. Boss gets upset and tells Rosco to arrest them. Hatfield pulls out a gun and Rosco says instead he’ll just give them a warning.

Coy and Vance are forced to detour around to the hideout and go in to find Boss and Rosco tied up. They quickly untie the two and Boss lies saying they spotted the machine and had gone to arrest the men before they were captured. Vance and Coy says they are helping and Boss and Rosco are amused. The four chase after the two men with the machine.


Vance and Coy discuss their concerns about how far the men got ahead of them. Rosco calls Cletus and Enos on the CB and Boss tells them that they need to look for a pickup on Seminole Road. The two men hear the conversation and hearing Enos say they are setting up a road block, decide to continue on in the machine.

Cletus and Enos set up the road block and get out, Enos grabbing an ax to chop down a tree. Coy and Vance pass the pickup and realize the men are going to be in just the tank. Enos and Cletus continue to set up the barricade and take cover together behind the car. However when the tank doesn’t stop, Cletus pulls Enos out of the way. They chase after the tank, Cletus mad and saying it’s nothing but a bully. Cletus pulls up along the tank but seeing the spiked wheels becomes frantic. The tank hits the car, forcing Cletus and Enos off the road.

Vance and Coy catch up and the tank throws flames at them. Vance finds one of the dynamite arrows in the back and thanks Bo and Luke before lighting a stick of dynamite. Coy jumps over the tank and Vance drops the dynamite on it, forcing the tank to stop. The boys, Boss, and Rosco capture the two. Vance and Coy shake hands.

Balladeer: Now if anybody didn’t know that the Duke Family was up to snuff, they’d know now. See what I mean? Rosco had the pleasure of throwing the crooks in the slammer. He was dang lucky he didn’t have to go with them. Enos got his bail money back and went a-callin’ on Daisy. Just like he used to. Now you might say that everything was back to normal, uh except for one little thing. When the boys went out to the get the Mean Green Machine, it was gone. Only I got a sneaking hunch that someday, it’ll be showing up in Hazzard again.

Duke Farm

The Dukes look at the newspaper to see Coy and Vance made the front page. Daisy says she’s proud of the boys.

Police Department

Cletus, Enos, and Rosco arrest the two thieves, nearly accidentally locking Rosco in with them.

Duke Farm

Daisy comes out of the farm house in a dress, greeting Enos who brought her flowers. Daisy kisses him.


Vance and Coy conclude that they are glad to be back in Hazzard and they wouldn’t trade it for anything. They arrive to get the machine only to find it is gone.


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  • Bo and Luke leave Hazzard to start a career on the NASCAR circuit. Vance and Coy return to Hazzard after being gone for 6 years to help fill the gap.
    • Sometime after leaving the Farm in 1976, Vance joined the Merchant Marines for a while and Coy was a test driver in Detroit
    • According to Boss and Rosco, Vance and Coy got in more trouble than Bo and Luke when they lived in Hazzard
  • Enos Strate returns from working at the LAPD to be a Deputy Sheriff of Hazzard again.
    • By order of the Governor, Enos is reinstated as a Deputy of Hazzard. The alternative would have been Enos made a State Police Officer stationed in Hazzard
  • Coy expresses that Jesse taught all the Duke kids how to drive
  • At some point Bo and Luke let Coy drive the General Lee


  • John Schneider and Tom Wopat are not in the first 18 episodes of season 5, so in this episode Bo and Luke had a cameo, but their stunt doubles played them while driving the General Lee in the start of this episode.