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The Pastor, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Close Call for Daisy[]

He and Daisy, still in her nurse costume, go outside of the Church to wait for Bo and Luke who are supposed to be delivering the props for the Church theatre group. Bo says she can’t figure out where the boys are and he adds he doesn’t know and they might as well call off the dress rehearsal until tomorrow. He tells Daisy not to lose the notes the director gave her, which she promises she won’t. He adds that she might as well leave that costume there as well so it can be taken to the cleaners with the rest of them. Daisy agrees and he heads back inside to inform the others.

A few moments later a man comes in needing to use the phone as his associate is having a medical emergency.

The man comes back later, asking about the nurse who was at the Church. He explains the nurse was a local girl named Daisy and she wasn't a nurse, she was playing one for the church.

Bo and Luke arrive, dropping off the props and apologizing as they ran into some trouble. He tells them that rehearsal has been called off and Daisy is already gone. Luke asks what he’s talking about and the Pastor explains she left just a few minutes before the men in the limousine came looking for her. Luke asks if it was black and he nods. Bo asks if the license plate had an N.W. and he says that is the one. The boys become alarmed, admitting that the limo shot at them and they will likely shoot at Daisy. The boys take off, Bo yelling ‘thanks a lot Reverend’ as they go.