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"The Ransom of Hazzard County" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Recently, the cash flow from Boss Hogg's scams has slowed all the way down to a little trickle. In Boss's opinion, things would be better if he could get Enos out of the way, and get a deputy who would do two things for him -- look the other way, and keep the Dukes out of the way. In order to do that, Boss promotes Enos to the job of Hazzard Commissioner of Records, and then Boss hires Billy Joe Coogan (Michael Alldredge), who is from Cedar City, as the tough new deputy who proves to be an unexpected challenge for the Dukes. What Boss does not know is that Coogan is hatching a crooked plan with a man named Eddie Hollis (Joseph Whipp). Coogan and Hollis have helped Boss Hogg with scams before, but now, there is more than $150,000 that Boss skimmed from the county over the past few years, and he placed it in a hidden account. Coogan learns about it when he sees Boss's secret ledger, and Coogan and Hollis demand that Boss give up the money, or the spillway at the Hazzard dam will be opened up as far as it will go. If the spillway is set wide open for long enough, all of Hazzard will be flooded under about 10 feet of water, and every farm in Hazzard County will be washed out, so the Dukes are in a race against time to stop Coogan and Hollis, and help Enos get his deputy job back.


Balladeer: I’m fixing to give y’all some elements to make up a pretty good Dukes yarn. First, you take the Hazzard Dam, which has been the Dukes fishing hole for about four generations now. The Dukes was fishing, no y’all got that ain’t you? Now, about this time Enos’ car had give up when the fuel pump decided to take an early retirement. At which time, Boss Hogg was out on a personal inspection tour to figure out another way to milk that county. And that’s how things got started.

Hazzard Dam

Bo and Luke are still fishing while Daisy stands behind them reminding them that they all promised Uncle Jesse they would be home by ten. Luke begins to pack up and Daisy tells Bo that they got enough for dinner and it’s time to go, to which Bo jokes that there isn’t enough for him. Bo calls out to one fish in particular, Henry, and says he’ll get him some other time.


Enos is on the side of the road, his car dead. He tries to call for help but the CB but gets no answer. Meanwhile down the road, Boss watches as Rosco sets up a fake school crossing. Enos gives up when he sees the General and flags them down.

Rosco asks Boss if it’s a cleaver plan and Boss says they will find out when someone comes along. He says that it better work as the cash flow from his scams has trickled down to a drip. They hear a car and see Bo drive through the crossing.

In the General, Bo drives with Luke and Daisy upfront and Enos in the back. Bo remarks not remembering seeing that before and Luke says there isn’t a school anywhere near there. Hearing a siren Bo confirms Rosco is behind them and Daisy says it’s another speed trap. Enos says that isn’t fair and Luke says they don’t have time for Rosco right now as Uncle Jesse is waiting. Bo says he knows and they are going. Ahead there is a bridge with a truck in front of them. Daisy comments ‘come on Bo’ and Bo asks what he’s supposed to do since there is only room for one car. On the other side of the bridge Rosco gets around him and cuts him off, forcing Bo to stop.

Boss and Rosco get out and Bo asks what they are doing. Bo, Luke, and Daisy all get out of the car and Rosco prepares to write them up for a $100 fine over the school crossing. Boss says he is a witness but Enos shoves Bo aside to stick his head out the window and explain Rosco can’t fine them since the school crossing isn’t legal. Luke says they have a witness and Bo says everyone in Hazzard will take Enos word over Boss’. Daisy says it’s time to say goodbye and Bo says it was a nice try to Rosco before thanking Enos and the Dukes get back in the General. Boss and Rosco protest, yelling at Enos as Bo drives away.

Police Department

In his fury, Boss hits his cigar box, destroying the box and all the cigars inside. Boss starts sobbing as Rosco says it was the last box. They both agree it was all Enos’ fault and Boss says that Enos has costed them a fortune. Boss suggests they get rid of Enos and hire a new deputy like them. Boss adds if they pick out a real tough cookie they might get the Dukes too. Rosco reminds him that the towns people will not like it and Boss says he’ll take care of it as he’s going to promote Enos. Unable to light his cigar, Rosco helps but accidently lights Boss’ hat on fire too. Rosco puts it out by pouring water on Boss and Boss asks if he can do anything right.


The Dukes get ahold of Cooter and he meets them on the road. Enos gets out of the general and gets into the tow truck. Cooter says he was just at Allabee’s getting meat loaf.

Police Department

Boss goes through his book of contacts to find some people he worked with in the past, calling Billy Joe Coogan. Billy Joe is surprised that Boss is asking him to be a deputy but agrees. Coogan agrees and Boss says he’s glad to hear it. He tells Coogan to get there quickly and Coogan says he’s on his way.

Cedar City

Billy Joe tells his partner Eddie that he just got the break they were looking for. Eddie says they have been looking for a big hit and one just dropped into their laps. They agree to work it from both ways to rip off all of Hazzard.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco celebrate, Boss saying he got a new deputy who will take care of the Dukes and make them a fortune. Boss shows Rosco his secret ledger with $151,238.67 he has scammed from county funds over the years. Boss says with all their scams going full blast will let that number will climb. Rosco asks how he plans to get Enos out of the way and Boss says to wait and see.

Boar’s Nest

The Dukes, Cooter, and many people in Hazzard gather to see Boss ‘reward’ Enos for his service to Hazzard. Boss and Rosco tell them all that they will promote Enos as a reward. Everyone is baffled and happy until Boss says that Enos will be Commissioner of Records. Everyone starts to become concerned and Boss says he will have to turn in his gun and badge as he will be a civilian. Luke says there’s the catch and Enos asks to be left as a deputy. Jesse asks to leave him alone too and Cooter says Enos is the only decent law man they have, offending Rosco. Daisy says they need Enos, and the people in Boar’s Nest second that. Boss announces that he’s already hired the replacement for Enos, introducing Deputy Coogan to everyone. Luke says they didn’t waste any time replacing Enos and Bo asks where Billy Joe came from. Boss says he is from Cedar City and he’s very experience. Boss says he can assure them that Coogan is the most qualified. They take Enos’ badge and gun, handing them to Coogan before Boss, Rosco, and Coogan go into Boss’ office, Boss saying for Enos to meet him in town in an hour.

Everyone is upset by the news and Bo says Enos just got railroaded. As Enos rubs the spot where his badge used to be, Luke says right now he needs some cheering up. The Dukes an Cooter stand up, pretending to be thrilled by the news and congratulating Enos. Enos forces a smile.

Hazzard County Building

Bosss and Rosco take Enos into the basement of the building for the records room. They turn on the lights and Enos protests about the number of spiderwebs and dust. Boss says not to worry about it and shows him the 50 years worth of records, all covered in dust. Rosco says he’s going to be busy before accidently knocking down an enormous stack of books that buries Boss. Enos and Rosco manage to pull him out of the pile.

Coogan meanwhile finds Boss’ ledger and goes over how much money Boss has.

Boss gets out of the pile and orders Enos to be in that office from 8 to 5 and Enos isn’t to come out except for lunch. Boss and Rosco return the booking office and Coogan hides his activities. Boss tells Rosco to get all the scams up again, the floating crap games, rigged parking meters, phony speed traps, the moonshine, bookmarking, all of it. Rosco says all they got to worry about is the Dukes. He calls Coogan ‘Cooligan’ which Boss corrects and orders him to find and arrest the Dukes. Coogan agrees and leaves.


Bo asks if Luke saw the look on Enos’ face when they dropped him off at his new job. Luke says it looked like he was being led to his own hanging while he drives. Luke says they need to get his badge back and Bo says being a deputy is Enos’ whole life and that Coogan fella doesn’t sit right with him. Coogan suddenly falls in behind the boys. Luke and Bo are confused and Bo says he doesn’t waste any time. They become even more confused and stunned when Coogan starts shooting. Bo tries to yell at him, asking what the heck he’s doing up he and Luke see a tree is blocking the road and Luke is forced to stop. Coogan orders them out of the car, pointing his gun at them. Luke moves around the car to be on the same side as Coogan and Bo, and when Bo says Coogan has no call to do that he says the badge is all the call he needs. Luke stands by Bo, asking what the charges are. Coogan says speeding and evading arrest. He orders to boys to get against the car and threatens them. Luke turns to hit him but Coogan hits Luke first. When Bo turns around he kicks Bo in the rips and shoots his pistol to force them to freeze, saying he’s adding attacking a police officer. Luke tries to check on Bo, but Coogan has him go to the hood of the car while he cuffs Bo, who protests that it’s too tight. Luke asks where they found him and he says for them to never mind.

Impound Yard

Clyde opens the gate to allow the General Lee to be impounded.

Police Department

Bo and Luke watch from their locked cell as Jesse and Daisy arrive to talk to Boss, Rosco, and Coogan. Jesse yells at Boss specifically, saying he is really getting him riled up. Daisy says all they are doing is hounding the boys and Boss says the bail is $500. Seeing Jesse cave, Bo begs him not to pay it but Jesse hands over the money saying it’s all the seed corn money they have. The boys are upset but Coogan lets them out. When Luke mentions getting the General Boss tells them that the General isn’t leaving the impound as it’s evidence until next week. Bo and Luke protest that it isn’t legal and Bo snaps at Coogan, who promises to deal with them again. Jesse calms the boys but when Coogan shoves Daisy he becomes enraged and the boys and Daisy have to drag him out of the police department. Boss says the whole family has a temper and starts having Rosco and Coogan start up Boss’ illegal dealings.

Outside, Bo tells the others that he and Coogan are going to have it out. Jesse tells him to calm down and they will get rid of him but legally. Cooter reaches them, saying he was just coming to get the boys out. He tells the Dukes that Boss has the floating crap game up and running, the bookie joint operating, and making a large amount of moonshine. The Dukes realize that is why Enos was dismissed and they say they will ensure Boss doesn’t get away with it. Luke says they need to get something on Coogan to get him out. Luke asks if they can borrow the pickup which Jesse very reluctantly agrees. Jesse asks to use Cooter’s phone to call Cedar City and Cooter and Daisy decide to form a committee to get Enos back his job.

Town of Hazzard

Bo parks the pickup in town while he and Luke watch Coogan exit the police department. The boys are baffled when Eddie, Billy Joe’s partner, suddenly takes off in a car and prompts Billy Joe to pull him over. Bo asks why someone would take off like that in front of a smokey and Luke says it is Hazzard County, but adds it is strange.

Meanwhile Billy Joe, pretending to be giving him a ticket, informs Eddie about the money that Boss has hidden away. Billy Joe says maybe they can scare the money out of Boss and Eddie suggests using a bomb threat. Eddie agrees to head over to Greenville to get dynamite to make an example. Bo and Luke meanwhile notice it’s taking far too long to write a ticket. Billy Joe and Eddie go their separate ways and the boys watch Coogan cite an old woman for jaywalking. Luke says he thinks the two men are working together and the boys decide to follow Eddie.


Bo gets frustrated as Eddie is going to Greenville and they can’t catch up in the pickup. A car comes from the opposite direction and Bo has to swerve to avoid it, running off the road. Bo laments that Uncle Jesse isn’t going to be happy with him and Luke says they can’t get Coogan without the General. They conclude they need to break out the General but Bo says it isn’t going to be easy since Clyde is the best guard Boss ever hired. Luke says Clyde is also in love with Daisy. Bo agrees and Luke calls Daisy on the radio.

Hazzard Garage

Luke explains his plan, saying Daisy will decoy Clyde and he and Bo will go over the fence and bust out the General. Cooter says while they do that, he’ll run out and get the pickup. Jesse says he’ll stay and wait for the call from Ceder City about Billy Joe Coogan. Daisy says she’s going to enjoy this as Clyde is cute. Bo says they should go as the General and Clyde are waiting. He adds ‘Clyde’s real cute’ to which Daisy insists he is as they leave, Bo adding ‘so are you.’


Boss and Rosco leave from collecting at the crap game and Rosco drives them back.

Town of Hazzard

Eddie puts dynamite in Rosco’s car.

Police Department

Eddie calls Coogan, saying he planted the bomb. Coogan, having already written the ransom note, goes to enter Boss’ office to which Flash barks at him and he yells at her. He puts the note under the phone.

Impound Yard

Daisy pulls up by the impound yard where Clyde is pacing. She wishes the boys luck as they get out. As the boys head to the gate, Daisy drives by Clyde and greets him. She pretends that her jeep stalls out. Clyde goes over to her, asking if she’s having problems and Daisy confirms it. She says it sounds like it’s a clogged fuel pump and the two look at the engine while Bo and Luke make their way to the General. Bo asks how to get the General out and Luke notices a tow truck has the ramp down, suggesting they jump the General. Luke adds it’s Bo’s lucky day as he’s letting Bo drive. Annoyed, Bo thanks him before they get into the car. When Bo starts the General, Clyde realizes what happened and he and Daisy watch the boys jump the General out of the Impound Yard. While Clyde freaks out, Daisy closes the hood and leaves, prompting Clyde to realize Daisy tricked him.


Bo and Luke head to town, Bo saying it’s great to have the team together again. Luke says they need to figure out what Coogan is up to and Bo says they also need to get Enos his job back.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy brings Dixie in the back ally, parking near the Feed and Seed store and the boys come in behind her. The three talk, Luke filling Daisy in on how Coogan was brought in to help Boss with his rackets. Bo says they figure all the evidence is in Boss’ office and Luke says they need Daisy’s help to get in, saying she could be taking Enos some lunch. Daisy agrees, leaving for the coffee shop.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco return from going around the various illegal operations. Coogan holds out the phone, saying it’s for Boss and Clyde informs Boss and Rosco that the boys broke out the General. Boss becomes upset and Coogan promises to arrest the boys. Boss says they won’t get bail that time. As Boss and Rosco go into Boss’ office, Flash growls at Coogan again. In the office Boss goes to put the money he got in the safe. Boss then tells Rosco to call the still but Rosco finds the note Coogan left. Rosco reads it out loud. It says they want the 150 thousand or they will blow up the town. Boss becomes alarmed and Coogan comes into the room as Rosco finishes reading the paper, saying it was signed from the ‘doomsday gang’. Coogan asks if something is wrong, startling them and Boss hands him the note to read.

Outside Bo and Luke come across the town square, hiding behind the gazebo. Bo notices Eddie, pointing him out to Luke.

Rosco is frantic that Hazzard and Flash could get hurt and demands Boss pays it. Boss refuses as it’s his money and he wants to know who these men are and how they found out exactly what Boss has scammed away. Coogan recommends Boss pays the ransom but Boss refuses. Rosco says he’s being a ‘fathead’ and he won’t let Boss risk his, Lulu’s, and Flash’s lives. Coogan goes to the window, pulling on his ear. Eddie notices the signal from his car. Bo and Luke notice Eddie call someone, Luke saying he would like to know who the man is talking to.

Boss answers the phone, Rosco saying to say hello from him until Boss tells Coogan and Rosco that it’s the ‘doomsday gang.’ Rosco says not to say hello from him. Boss tells Eddie that he has a lot of nerve threatening him, making Rosco frantic. Eddie assures Boss that they mean it and when Boss asks what if he didn’t believe him, Eddie says for them to look out the window. Boss, Billy Joe, and Rosco go to the window and watch Rosco’s car blow up.

Startled, Bo and Luke rush over to check it out. A group of people begin to gather while Boss and Rosco realize they mean business. Eddie leaves while Cooter rushes over with a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire. The boys and Daisy talk as Boss, Rosco, and Coogan come outside. Boss asks if anyone saw who did it while Luke helps put out the fire and Enos comes out to see what happened. Rosco says he told Boss not to make them mad, and Bo asks who he’s talking about. Rosco tells them about the ‘Doomsday Gang’ and the ransom. Boss tries to hush Rosco but Jesse and the other Dukes start asking questions. Luke pulls out a detonator from the car, showing it to the others. Rosco takes it from Luke but burns his hand in the process and Bo quickly helps show him how to hold it. Jesse asks Boss what is it about. Boss says there isn’t much to tell, he got a note and a phone call. Bo asks when he got the call and Rosco says just before the explosion. Luke brings up the car phone and Bo says the man is long gone. Coogan again recommends that Boss pays the ransom. Boss again disagrees as he won’t give the county’s money. Cooter asks since when does the county have 150 thousand in county money and Boss says they don’t and that is why he can’t pay. Jesse says it doesn’t matter since they won’t pay it anyway. Luke recalls Coogan giving Eddie a ticket earlier and Coogan gets mad, attempting to arrest the boys. Boss stops him however, saying this isn’t the time as they are having an emergency and he wants Coogan and Rosco to go find the bombers.

The officers leave and Cooter remarks they have problems before but not like this. Enos goes to stand by the Dukes and Daisy asks if Uncle Jesse thinks these men will destroy the whole town. Jesse says they did a good job on the patrol car. As Coogan and Rosco leave, Bo and Luke decide that Coogan is somehow involved. Luke asks if Jesse has heard from Ceder City. Jesse says he is going to drive over and Daisy says she will drive him before giving Enos the lunch she bought for him. Cooter goes to get his truck and haul off the car. Enos tells the boys that he wishes he was still a deputy. Bo tries to reassure him, saying he will be and Bo can’t stand to see Enos in that suit much longer anyway. Enos thanks him and Luke says for him to eat his lunch.


Coogen and Eddie talk, deciding that the town isn’t doing as they hoped and realizing they are going to have to do more to scare the people. Eddie suggests they blow up a building and Coogan shows him a map of Hazzard, proposing that instead they blow up the dam.

Hazzard Dam

The two go to the dam and Coogan says that is the target. Eddie points out it would take far too much dynamite and Billy Joe says all they need to do is open the spillway.

Town of Hazzard

Cooter says goodbye to the boys and Enos after hooking up Rosco’s totaled car. Enos jokes that Cooter needs to clean up the mess as it looks terrible. Bo says he would like to know how Coogan fits into all of it. Enos says he didn’t make the phone call as he was with Boss and Rosco but Luke points out he could have easily left the ransom note. Luke says they will go look for clues and Enos finds a paper saying that is the type they wrap dynamite in. They notice the name is torn off but read enough to realize it was from Greenville, where they were chasing Eddie toward. Bo says the Greenville Construction Company sells dynamite. Luke decides to make a call, Bo and Enos both looking to see if they have a dime.

Hazzard Dam


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Hazzard County[]


  • Hazzard's Office of Records only goes back 50 years
  • Boss founded the oldest craps game in Hazzard when he was in High School and has been running it ever since
  • The last time a bomb has gone off in Hazzard to destory a car was Enos' Last Chance


  • Coogan mentions having worked for Boss in the past. Billy Joe's actor Michael Alldredge played one of Boss' henchmen in the episode People's Choice. Eddie's actor Joseph Whipp also previously played in Diamonds in the Rough as a phony FBI man for Boss.