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"The Return of Hughie Hogg" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard


Boss Hogg calls his nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) back to Hazzard to get rid of the Dukes. Hughie coaxes Bo and Luke into joining the Hazzard County Fire Department so that he and his two henchmen, Barclay (Pat Studstill) and Norris (Roger Torrey), can sneak moonshine to the Duke farm, and frame Bo and Luke for possession of moonshine. Hughie also swindles Boss out of everything Boss owns by having a phony IRS agent (John H. Fields) audit Boss. Now the Dukes and Boss have to team up to take Hazzard back from Hughie, while Rosco's sister and Lulu's sister Hortense Coltrane (Frances Bay) is in town for a visit.


Balladeer: Not a lot of folks jog. In Hazzard, most the jogging is done on four wheels or legs. In this case there’s six legs and two of them could stop a Confederate cavalry charge. Now Maudine isn’t Jesse’s girlfriend, she’s Jesse’s mule. Well, well, it’s old Hughie Hogg, trying to sneak his way back into Hazzard. As you may have figured out by now, Hughie Hogg is Boss’ nephew.

Bo and Luke are driving when they see Daisy riding a horse. Daisy waves at them and the boys stop. On the road, three cars come driving by. Hughie’s bug, a fire truck, and a third vehicle. Daisy explains she’s exercising Country Boy for Mary Belle. Seeing the Dukes, Hughie starts using the siren on the fire truck. The horse gets scared and runs off. Bo drives after them and Luke gets on the window to help Daisy. Bo tells Luke to be careful as Daisy is the only good looking cousin he has. Luke pulls Daisy off the horse and Bo slows to a stop. Daisy says the horse got away from her and Bo says no wonder with the weasel Hughie. Bo wants to go after him but Luke says first they got to get the horse. They all get in the car and drive out after it.

Town of Hazzard

Boss gives a public display of Hughie donating the fire engine to Hazzard, Flash sitting on the hood. Boss tells the people that Hughie is donating a ‘brand spanking new used fire truck’. As everyone claps, Bo pulls up in the General and him and Luke get out. Hughie hides behind Cletus and Rosco and Bo starts yelling at him for spooking Daisy’s horse. Hughie says it was an accident and he's got witnesses. Boss says if Bo lays a hand on Hughie he’ll have them arrested. Luke warns Hughie that they have about had it with him. Boss suggests they do something useful with that energy like joining the Hazzard County Volunteer Fire Brigade. When Hughie says they are too chicken, Bo volunteers him and Luke. Luke says Jesse will probably want to join as well. Rosco tells them to scoot and they leave. Boss ends the presentation. He and Hughie talk about how Hughie plans to have Bo and Luke arrested.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke chop wood while Daisy is working nearby. All three agree every time Hughie is around all it means is trouble for them. Jesse says everyone has a right to a second chance and maybe Hughie turned over a new leaf. Daisy says a snake that sheds it’s skin is still a snake. An alert comes out over the CB that there is a fire at Zach Wheaton’s farm. All four Dukes head out in the General and Dixie. Hughie and Rosco plant moonshine in the house while they are gone.

Balladeer: Now the reason Boss knew there was a fire at Zach Wheaton’s Farm, he told Zach to set it. Zach did, because Boss held his mortgage. Don’t power corrupt something terrible?

Zach Wheaton’s

As everyone arrives, Boss announces that it was just a false alarm and the Dukes regroup, concluding that something isn’t right and they didn’t get called out for nothing.

Duke Farm

Jesse tells Bo to get his hands off the food so he can say grace. As Jesse finishes they go to eat but hear siren’s. Bo continues to eat, ignoring it. Rosco and Cletus show that they have a warrant. Bo says they are just going to keep eating because by the time they find anything their stew will be ice cold. Rosco tells Bo not to bet the farm on that. Rosco then finds the two bottles of moonshine, alarming all the Dukes. Luke signals to Bo and Bo shakes Rosco’s hand to trick Cletus in cuffing Rosco before they run. Jesse and Daisy hold them up long enough for Bo and Luke to drive away. Rosco and Cletus get separated and chase after them. Realizing how close they are sticking, Bo asks Luke if he’s been giving Rosco driving lessons.

Boar’s Nest

Boss closes the Boar’s Nest for a private party. He and Hughie have lunch, toasting to Bo and Luke’s arrest.


Luke tells Bo that Watkin’s Bridge is still out as Bo approaches it and Bo snaps that this is one heck of a time to tell him. They jump the bridge and Rosco refuses to attempt, stopping. However Cletus hits him knocking him down into the water. Rosco says for Cletus to help him and Cletus agrees, saying he will after he catches the boys. Cletus goes after Bo and Luke.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Hughie are interrupted by a new arrival. He says he assumes Boss is 'Jefferson Davis Hogg' and Boss tells him they are closed. He hands over a card saying he is a federal agent. He says Boss has payed $87.14 in taxes over the last seven years and that there will be an audit tomorrow morning at 9 to go over Boss’ properties. The man leaves and Boss says this is the worst day of his life.


Cletus is still following Bo and Luke, who jump a creek but accidentally gets the back end of the General wet in the water. Cletus comments that he can never keep up with them if he didn’t have a shortcut.

Boar’s Nest

Boss sobs, telling Hughie that when they do the audit they will find it easier to list the properties in Hazzard that Boss doesn’t own. Hughie tells Boss to put everything he has into someone else's name until after the audit and Boss agrees but then says he can’t as there is no one in Hazzard he would trust to give it all back. Boss says the only person he can trust is Jesse Duke and Hughie suggests putting it in Jesse’s name. However Boss says he can’t because of Bo and Luke. Boss gets the idea to put it in Hughie’s name, but Hughie warns him he might cheat Boss out of everything he owns. Boss says that blood is thicker than water and Hughie wouldn’t do that. Boss and Hughie write up a paper to agree to put everything in Hughie’s name.


Billy Ray-0

Bo and Luke keep running and Cletus falls in behind them again. Luke tells Bo to watch out for Billy Ray who is on the road with his load of hay. Cletus tries to jump over Billy Ray's wagon but instead goes through the hay. Billy Ray starts yelling at him, asking if he’s trying to kill him and asking what is wrong with him. Cletus apologizes and Bo and Luke suspect it was Hughie behind the moonshine in the house. Bo has Luke call Cooter to see if he’s seen Hughie.

Cooter hears Luke calling and tells them he hopes they are laying low before adding that Hughie and Boss went into the county building an hour ago and they are still there. Cooter promises to watch for them. Boss and Hughie finish singing over everything to Hughie. Boss then heads home with Alex while Hughie heads to Hopkin’s Road. Cooter calls Bo and Luke to let them know.

Hughie meets up with his conman as Bo and Luke watch. They don’t know who the man is that Hughie is paying but they are concerned. However before they can do anything they are confronted by Norris, who makes a citizen’s arrest.


Bo and Luke ask Rosco to listen to their side of the story as Rosco locks them up under the supervision of Hughie, Barclay, and Norris. They try to warn Rosco that Boss is in danger and Hughie says that they threatened Boss’ life.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Alex arrive at the Boar’s Nest to see all his stuff is thrown out. He is stunned to see his office was redecorated with a steel door replacing the former wood door. Hughie explains he made their agreement permanent. Boss asks how Hughie could do that to him of all people and Hughie starts crying saying he prays that the devil can forgive him for this. Boss tells him there is no use in crying over spelt shine and Hughie says he bit the hand that fed him. Boss assures him that he’s proud of Hughie. Hughie says he knew Boss would understand and Boss says he does, just like Hughie will understand when he returns everything. Hughie stops the crying act, saying he can’t do that. Boss snaps and says he’s going to get the law involved but Hughie reminds him he can’t due to the IRS. Boss says he’ll go get his friends and Hughie reminds him he doesn’t have any. Boss decides to go to his enemies, and learning he needs to get through a solid steel door he decides to bail Bo and Luke out of jail.

Police Department

Boss writes the check for the Duke boys, surprising Bo, Luke, and Cletus. Barclay and Norris come in and stop them saying that Boss’ check is no good as Boss put everything, including his bank account, in Hughie’s name. Boss reminds them that it was only supposed to be temporary and Luke says Boss should be proud of Hughie and Boss says he doesn’t intend to take it lying down. The two deputies threaten to arrest him if he doesn’t leave. Boss leaves and Barclay, Norris, and Cletus lock Bo and Luke up again.

Duke Farm

Boss and Hortense arrive at the Duke Farm. They tell Jesse and Daisy what happened with Hughie. Hortense makes her dislike of Boss clear. Boss tells Jesse that he promised Lulu he would take care of Hortense and asks if Jesse will put up Hortense in the barn. Daisy objects saying that Hortense will stay in her room and Jesse says Boss can stay in the barn. Hortense makes Boss carry the bags outside.

Police Department

Bo and Luke look out the window to see that Hughie’s men are renaming the town to 'Hughie Town'. Bo says they can’t let Hughie do all this and Luke says Hughie is more dangerous than Boss and they got to get out. Bo asks ‘just like that?” and Cletus calls down ‘lunch time’ to which Luke agrees. Cletus comes down and asks if they mind if he eats with them. Bo tells him to go ahead and Luke suggests Cletus comes into the cell with them. Cletus agrees and puts down the food to unlock the cell. Bo comes out to help him, only to toss Cletus in the cell and he and Luke run out. Cletus whispers that the Dukes are escaping. Before Bo and Luke can make it out they are recaptured by Norris and Barclay, to Cletus' disappointment. Bo and Luke are locked in the cell again and Cletus is let out while also being fired.  Cletus reminds them it wasn’t him who got beat up. Bo wonders if the food is still warm.

Duke Farm

Daisy gets up for the day and checks the fridge. Seeing nothing she looks around the kitchen to see the food is gone. She goes outside to see Boss and Hortense on the porch, Hortense apologizing for Boss.

Town of Hazard

The owner of Joe’s Hardware Store is tossed out. They collect a larger rent from the barber shop. Rosco finds his police car was sold and goes inside to confront Hughie. He tells Hughie he should whip him and Hughie asks if this is about his patrol car. Rosco says no before correcting it to yes and saying he isn’t going to forget that either, but it’s mostly over Boss. Rosco threatens to knock him into next week and Hughie has Rosco arrested. As the two deputies go to put Rosco in the cell, Bo, Luke, and Rosco work together to break free, shoving the two in the jail, and all three flee. They run over to Cooter’s. Norris and Barclay get free and chase after them. They arrive at the garage where Cooter just finished moving an oil drum. The two believe the shaking drum is where one of the three are hiding and kick it over. Not finding anything they turn to see someone under the car which turns out to be Cletus. Cletus says Bo and Luke borrowed a clunker and left town. They leave and Cletus tells them to put in a good word with Hughie for him. As they disappear from sight, Cooter and Cletus help Luke and then help Rosco while Luke gets Bo. Bo, Luke, and Rosco decide to head back to the farm.

Duke Farm

The three arrive at the farm and Jesse, Daisy, Boss, and Hortense come outside. Jesse asks where have they been and Luke says they were in jail and didn’t Boss tell him. Boss admitted that with everything going on he forgot. Boss says they need to join forces to get rid of Hughie. Luke asks if Daisy can decoy Hughie to which Rosco protests and Boss explains the paper they need is in a safe. Luke says he has an idea and invites everyone inside to explain his plan.

Boar’s Nest

Hughie and his men raise the Boar’s Nest ‘Bucket of Beer’ from 5 to 10 dollars. Daisy goes into the Boar’s Nest to see Hughie, carrying a picnic basket. Daisy flirts with him and invites Hughie to a picnic. Hughie agrees and they go outside, getting in his car together and driving off. Cooter pulls up to the Boar’s Nest with Hortense and Boss while Bo pulls up with Luke and Rosco. Cletus drives a crane over to the back. Luke tells Rosco to be the lookout and to whistle if he see’s anything. Cletus lifts Bo and Luke onto the roof, Luke bringing a chainsaw and Bo a rope. Luke starts to cut into the roof and the three guards inside hear the noise but assume it’s the air conditioning. When one reminds them they don’t have an air conditioner, they send Roy to see what it is. Seeing Roy, Rosco tries to whistle but fails. Bo goes to check it out and jumps down on Roy. Rosco cheers Bo on as Bo knocks Roy down and sends him rolling down the hill. Norris sends Barclay out to check due to Roy taking too long. Rosco tries to use a whistle but it doesn’t work. Bo hits Barclay and tosses him down the hill to join Roy. Luke gets through the roof and Cletus lowers him in the office. He wraps the rope around the safe, Norris hearing. Luke has Cletus take him up and Norris comes outside to see Bo. He pulls a gun on Bo but Rosco comes up behind him. Bo and Rosco put a tire on him and toss him down the hill. Cletus puts the safe on Cooter’s truck. Bo signals Daisy with a flaming arrow, who shoves a pie into Hughie’s face and runs to Jesse to get back to the others. As Boss and Luke secure the safe, the three of Hughie's men run up the hill.


After filling in Hughie, Hughie and his three men all head out to chase after the Dukes and Cooter. Boss gets open the safe and starts throwing things out that he doesn’t need. Luke tells Bo to do something evasive to hold up Hughie’s men. Bo starts swerving, making Rosco yell. Hughie falls in behind his men. Luke tells Cooter to have Boss put the papers in a bag and they will pick him up ‘on the run’. Rosco says Boss hasn’t run in 30 years. Bo says he needs to learn how to fly. Luke tells him to jump and boss yells about it but Hortense threatens him and forces him to jump. Boss jumps and gets in the General. Boss looks through the bag as Hughie decides to cut around. They decide to trap the General on the bridge. However they learn too late the bridge is out and Hughie and his men crash into each other in the air. Boss finds the paper and they all get out. He rips it up.

Balladeer: Boss worked all night long getting his own name back on the deeds to his own property. With a little prodding from Hortense. Boss never did find half the papers that he tossed away including about a dozen mortgages. Which meant that he couldn’t collect on any of them, except Jesse’s and he wasn’t’ about to take advantage of Boss’ misfortunes. With Rosco and Cletus back on the job the truce between Boss and the Dukes was over. When Boss gave Luke a bill for damaging the roof and Rosco gave them a ticket for speeding while they was being chased by old Hughie which put everything in Hazzard right back to normal which could drive a wooden person crazy.

Hortense forces Boss to work. Cooter takes Hughie and his men out of town. Boss yells for Hughie to get out and stay out as he doesn’t want to see Hughie again until he needs him. The Dukes arrive to pay the mortgage to Boss, with Rosco, Flash, and Cletus watching. Rosco gives them a speeding ticket and the Dukes argue it.


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Hazzard County[]


  • For unknown reasons, Boss Hogg has taken over as the Fire Chief
    • Previously it was Amos.
  • The Duke Family join the Volunteer Fire Department
  • Boss says that the only person in the whole world he trusts is Jesse Duke