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Roads to early hazzard

The Roads Back to Early Hazzard: A history of the people, the cars, and the area that brought Hazzard County to life is an un-licsensed book about the first five episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard series.


The book is written by Jon Holland, a self-proclaimed Dukes Historian who lies in Williamsburg Virginia. The book is a collection of ten years of research he did on the series and focuses on the creation of the series and the first five episodes filmed in Georgia. Jon Holland is the president and founder of the Hazzard County Car Club and can be found at His official website is

The book was published in September 2007 .


The Roads Back to Early Hazzard is broken up into various chapters. The Foreword is written by Don Schisler with an introduction written by Jon Holland.

The first part covers Conyers, Covington, Social Circle, and Atlanta Georgia, places that were all used in the filming of the first five episodes. The book features information about locations used along with pictures taken by Holland during his own trip to those locations.

The second part covers the history of the General Lee and the creation of the iconic car used in the series. Holland focuses on the original three General Lee's and gives behind the scenes information from various interviews on the creation and history of the three vehicles.

The third section gives a list of the episodes that were filmed in Georgia, going over different trivia for each episode.

The fourth section goes into the various cars used in the Georgia episodes, where the various vehicles came from and how they were incorporated into the show.

The last main section reviews the actual filming of the series.

Holland closes the book with acknowlegements and a discription of the various reserach trips he undergone to create the book.