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The Runnawy

"The Runaway" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Suzy Holmes is on the run from her snobby father, wealthy Tulsa, Oklahoma industrialist C. J. Holmes, who has sent two private investigators named Les Sloane and Mitch Henderson to Hazzard to stop Suzy from marrying her fiancée Fred Andrews, just because Fred is a farmer. C. J. wants Suzy to marry someone within her social class, not someone involved in what C. J. sees as an unglamorous profession. C. J. will stop at nothing -- even kidnapping Jesse. Jesse gives C. J. a stern lecture about the dedication and self-sacrifice of farmers. When C. J. finally comes to his senses, after Daisy's yellow 1971 Plymouth Road Runner plunges off of a cliff because of a jammed throttle, and explodes, C. J. is no longer against the marriage taking place. As an apology to Daisy for the destruction of her car, C. J. gives Daisy a new white 1980 Jeep CJ-7 called Dixie.

Balladeer: As stock cars go, General Lee is a county fair mudder. The boys keep him that way with an occasional test run. Don’t ya just hate it when somebody runs right past ya, especially when you don’t even know your racing.

Bo and Luke are driving a large vehicle nearly pushes them off the road, kicking up mud on the windshield which prevents Bo from seeing. Rosco sees the event and chases after the vehicle. They kick up more mud, causing Rosco to spin out.

Boar’s Nest

Boss raises the prices at the Boar’s Nest when he notices a vehicle. Rosco pulls up and tries to write them a ticket but Boss becomes interested. He discovers they work for a man named C.J. Holmes, a prominent business man. As they talk Bo and Luke pull up. When Bo gets upset about what happened, Rosco tells him it don’t make no difference as he’s giving them a ticket but Boss says he is not. As everyone starts to argue, Suzy slips out of the car. Boss yells for Bo and Luke to let it go. The boys decide to leave. The investigators realize Suzy is gone and Boss accuses the Dukes of kidnapping. They head after Bo and Luke and Boss tells Rosco to call Enos. Rosco says he gave Enos the day off and he’s bass fishing, but they call him anyway. When Rosco calls, Enos gets to the car and Rosco says he is on Highway 126 and for Enos to take Ridgeway Road to cut off the Dukes. Enos leaves to help. In the car, Bo asks Luke to get him an apple and Luke finds Suzy instead. Boss tells Rosco to hurry after them, figuring there will be a reward. The boys notice they are being followed by Rosco and are surprised to learn Boss is there. Suzy explains they are after her and asks the boys not to stop and they tell her they aren’t about to. Bo causes Enos and Rosco to collide and the Dukes drive away.

Duke Farm

The boys bring Suzy back and Daisy loans her some clothes while Jesse warns them that Rosco is probably going to be coming to the farm. Daisy asks why she’s running away and she explains she met and fell in love with a man named Fred but her father doesn’t like him because he was ‘just a farmer’ and Jesse gets upset.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco walk back and Boss is trying to figure out how much money he would make in his reward.

Duke Farm

The Dukes and Suzy have lunch as she finishes explaining. While Suzy and Fred plan to meet up and runaway together, Mabel tells the investigators where to find her. Jesse learns about Suzy and Fred’s plan and Jesse tells Fred he isn’t sure how safe the farm is going to be for much longer so he needs to rent a car with a C.B. Suzy decides for Daisy to be her maid of honor, Jesse to give her away, and Bo and Luke being Fred’s best men. Daisy however alerts everyone to the arrival of the private investigators. Jesse tells them his plan.

Daisy and Suzy take off toward the old playground. After the investigators follow, Bo and Luke head out. Suzy gets out of the car and runs to the playground where Bo and Luke are waiting. They explain they are going to Sumner Farm. The investigators catch Daisy to see Suzy was not in the car.

Sumner Farm

Balladeer: Now this is the Sumner Farm. Ol’ Nate Sumner grows weird stuff don’t he?

Enos is hiding out at the Sumner Farm and radios in to Rosco to tell him that the General is approaching. Rosco asks if they have the girl and Enos says they do. Enos moves and they realize they can’t go there, having spotted him. Luke tells Bo to head to the Shawnee Indian Cave instead, causing Rosco to crash.

Telephone Company

The Investigators return to town and call C.J. Holmes. He decides he is coming to Hazzard (It’s about 10:22 am) and he wants them to pick him up at the airport at 2:30.


Bo and Luke continue to run from Rosco. Luke realizes the cave is no longer an option and tells Bo to head to Putnam’s Creek. Bo reminds him the bridge is out and even he can’t jump it. Luke says that there is an old barge. They all get on the barge, but it sinks and allows Rosco to catch them.

Police department

Rosco is reading Bo and Luke their rights and Bo teases him. Suzy explains she wasn’t kidnapped but Boss won’t hear it. Rosco sends Enos away as he starts sneezing. The two detectives receive a call from Boss about finding Suzy. L.B. picks up the General. Bo and Luke suggest that Rosco is allergic to something in the room, maybe Suzy’s perfume and use that to escape. Rosco and the investigators try to chase but get caught in road work until Rosco clears it.

Daisy is washing her car when she gets a call from Luke. They tell her to meet them where they used to pick up the bus and sneak off to cut school. Fred and C.J. are on their way to Hazzard and Bo and Luke meet with Daisy and switch cars. Daisy tells them to careful as she just washed the car and she warns them if there is even a speck of dust she will make them eat cold grits for a week. Daisy takes the General and Rosco chases after her. The boys head for the garage, as does C.J. Enos joins the chase but Daisy loses them both.

Hazzard Garage

C.J. and his men arrive and talk to L.B. Bo and Luke are amused by L.B. talking about them. L.B. sends the men away and Bo and Luke leave Suzy with him while they go to distract the men. Meanwhile Jesse is shopping and runs into a friend of his, Willie, who they talk to. C.J. overhears and concludes that he is related to the men who have Suzy. He decides to kidnap Jesse.


Jesse notices the vehicle following him and radios to the boys. He doesn’t tell them that they are following him though, alarming the boys when he cuts off. The men use Jesse’s C.B. to inform them that they have Jesse. Daisy joins the conversation after the investigators leave saying Jesse isn’t going to want them to make the swap. However Suzy tells them to forget about her and she will make the swap. Bo and Luke head out to talk about it but encounter Rosco and Enos. Bo goes between their road block and they chase after them. However as they go down a steep hill the throttle gets stuck. Unable to stop the car and having the Kissing Cliff ahead, Bo and Luke are forced to bail out of the car and Daiy’s car is destroyed. Enos and Rosco are distracted by thinking the boys are dead, allowing them to steal the keys to Rosco’s vehicle and Enos’s car.

C.J. talks to Jesse. Jesse says C.J. is running his daughter’s life and C.J. insists he and his daughter care more about each other than the Dukes do about each other. Jesse says the boys care about him, but they also car about doing what is right. Rosco and Enos get a ride back to town and Boss is furious that they let the girl go.


The boys talk to Suzy and tell her they made a promise. She agrees to follow their plan. Luke calls Les back and tells them that they are agreeing to the swap but they want to do it on Crystal Lake Bridge. Boss, Rosco, Enos all hear from the police station and Fred from his car. Luke says to be there at 3:45.

Crystal Lake Bridge

L.B., Suzy, Bo and Luke arrive at the bridge. Jesse goes with Daisy and L.B. while Suzy says goodbye to the boys. Fred arrives and Bo and Luke throw the investigators off the bridge. Bo, Luke, Suzy, and Fred get in the General as L.B., Daisy, and Jesse get in the truck. They all flee and C.J. and his men chase after them. Rosco and the rest join the chase. Luke shoots out the old water tower to help their escape. All three following vehicles hit the water. Only L.B. makes it through. The Dukes escape.

Suszy fred wedding

C.J. and his daughter make up

Balladeer: When they told Daisy about her car, she took it pretty good. Boss took losing them oil wells with his usual grace. And the very next day, Suzy and Fred got themselves all hitched up. Just like the Duke’s planned. With all of C.J. Holmes money and power, he couldn’t stop Mother Nature. Besides that, he figured if Fred was man enough to whoop him and his two bodyguards, then he should be good enough for Suzy. Daisy gets herself a brides maids gift, a car named Dixie. And like a lot of folks in Hazzard, Suzy and Fred lived happily ever after. And all because of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Daisy chases Bo and Luke around the farm with a frying pan for wrecking her car. Boss sobs and Rosco and Enos try to cheer him up. The next day Suzy and Fred are married. C.J. arrives and makes up with Suzy and accepts Fred before presenting Daisy with a jeep as a brides maid gift.

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  • Daisy receives her jeep Dixie
  • Boss recalls how C.J. lost a cocker spaniel a year before and when a boy found the dog he rewarded the boy with an oil well
    • Rosco mentions that he loves puppies.
  • Mabel tells the Investigators that the Duke Farm is on Mill Pond Road, 18 miles from town
    • It will later be changed to Old Mill Road.
  • Waylon mentions that there hasn't been a chase like this since the Dukes helped Cale Yarborugh escaped Hazzard in Dukes meet Cale Yarborough.


  • This was the last episode that Daisy's yellow Plymouth Road Runner was used as it met its demise when it went over Kissing Cliff due to a jammed throttle. It was replace by the Jeep "Dixie".