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The Rustlers is the third episode of season two of the Dukes of Hazzard.

A prize racehorse is a down-on-his-luck friend of the Duke family's one chance to make some money, but the steed is stolen, first by Boss and Rosco, then by professional thieves, who plan to race it on the national circuit.

Balladder: Now you’d think just lookin’ at Bo and Luke that they ain’t got a care in the world on this lovely morning in Hazzard County. And they don’t. Can’t say the same for Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane though. Rosco just keeps wakin’ up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed. Mainly cause his bed don’t have no good side. Not until that day comes when he can catch the Duke boys at something.

Tolliver Farm

While Bo drives and conducts, Jesse and Luke sing Amazing Grace.  Meanwhile Enos is also driving with Rosco in the passenger seat following them. Rosco is convinced they are doing something, saying there is mesh in the car. The boys arrive at the Tolliver farm and start unloading the feed for Burl. They see his sister Sherry and Burl shows them one of his horses. Burl and Sherry explain that they want to enter the horse in the Mrs. J.D. Hogg Stakes’ race where the prize is $10,000 but there is a $500 entry fee. He is asking the boys for their help. Burl tells the boys to give the horse a try and Bo agrees but asks if there is anything to time him against. When Burl says no, Luke suggests the General Lee’s speedometer. Burl agrees. Bo gets on the horse and Luke sets up the General. Rosco and Enos, still watching, uses his watch. Luke lets Bo know that they got up to 40 miles per hour. Rosco wants to tell Boss. Luke and Bo agree to help out and convince Jesse.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Now Boss Hogg is close to his money, some say he sleeps with it, some say he has his underwear knitted out of 10 dollar bills. But either way he’s not about to give up any of it. So instead of gambling on the Lulu Hogg Stakes, he’s buying himself a guaranteed winner.

Boss is on the phone with Lulu and she tells him that he better be sure. Boss assures her she is buying the winning horse now. He hangs up and turns to a horse trader about the horse. Boss asks how much he wanted and he tells him its $7,500. Rosco comes in, stopping the sale and announcing he had just seen a horse at the Tolliver farm that covered a quarter of a mile in nineteen seconds. Boss sends the man away and talks to Rosco about the horse. The horse trader and his partner listen to the conversation outside between Boss and Rosco. Boss looks through his records, confirming he owns the mortgage on the Tolliver farm and Burl hasn’t paid in years. The two leave for the Tolliver farm, Dunlap wanting to sell the horse to a Harvey Halsey.

Balladeer: What Boss don’t know is Mr. Dunlap and his buddy here are in the business of getting horses for nothing. That is when nobody’s looking. They call themselves traveling horse traders, traveling horse thieves is the way I’d put it.

Tolliver Farm

While helping around the Tolliver Farm, Boss Hogg and the Sheriff arrive. As Rosco gets out, his keys catch on the steering wheel and he turns on the siren. The horse takes off despite the others attempts to stop it and Bo runs and jumps on another horse, taking off after them and getting Sherry off. Dunlap and his partner time the horse from the hill. After Bo rescues Sherry and they return, Boss offers to forgive all the debt on the Tolliver Farm and pay the entry fee if Burl agrees to let him give the horse a time trial. The Dukes are reluctant but agree to house the horse at their farm for the night. On the way back to town, Boss radio’s Rosco to tell him about his success and how he plans to have Bo and Luke arrested.


The next day Cletus Hogg arrives after being called to Hazzard by Boss. Bo and Luke are driving with the horse trailer when they see Cletus swerving all over the road. They debate if he’s crazy, drunk, or both. Cletus is ran off the road and the boys pull over as Cletus blows up his car. They go to check on him while Rosco takes the horse from the back and puts a different horse in. Cletus tells them the steering went out and they help him back to the road. Cletus tells them he is staying with the car and after the boys are gone Rosco tells him to take the horse to Kitrich Mine.

Fair Grounds

Burl, Sherry, Jesse, and Daisy wait for the boys while Boss talks to Lulu over the C.B. She tells Boss not to disappoint her this time. Bo and Luke arrive and Burl, Sherry, and Dunlap all realize that it’s a different horse. Jesse asks the boys if they let the horse out of their sight and they remember the car accident with Cletus on Pin Creek Road. Luke realizes they have been framed. Everyone insists the boys couldn’t steal the horse but Boss orders for them to be arrested anyway. Rosco and Enos goes to arrest them but accidently is cuffed to Boss instead. The boys run and Rosco  chases after them. Bo causes Rosco to crash on Widow Baxley’s farm, enraging her.


Boss yells at Rosco for losing the boys and tells Rosco to take care of the horse before coming back to free him from jail. Enos finds the right key and asks about the pets Boss mentioned to which Boss says it’s a tiger and Enos says they are cute.

Base Camp

In Dunlap's base camp he calls his buyer and settles on $30,000.

Duke Farm

Jesse, Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Cooter have watermelon on the porch and talk about what’s going on. Burl told Cooter he isn’t pressing charges. They conclude Boss has the horse nearby before they all scatter to find the horse.

Balladeer: Now this must be serious, no one even grabbed the watermelon. Uncle Jesse checked all the old stables in Hazzard County. Daisy checked the Bigelow place and the Old Parker Barn. And Cooter checked out the ancient Choctaw Indian Caves. The Choctaw’s don’t live in them caves no more, but something hairy and hungry does now. No question about it, finding a stolen horse ain’t gonna be easy. Except for Rosco, now he knows where the horse is.

Kitrich Mine

Rosco brings the horse some food before leaving.  Dunlap and Cowen followed him there. They prepare to steal the horse.

Luke and Bo check in with Jesse, who says he was at the old Sheridan place already.


At the Police entrance to the station, Enos greets Rosco and tells him to clean out the hay in the car. Enos remarks his log book is mostly empty and Rosco says that he doesn’t want to fill it out, accidently saying he was at Kitrich Mine. Daisy approaches Enos and he tells her everything he knows. Boss and Rosco come out as Daisy leaves and they realize Enos told her. Daisy radios the boys and tells them what she learned.

Kitrich Mine

Dunlap and Cowan leave with the horse, nearly colliding into Bo and Luke as they do. Bo and Luke arrive at the mine to find the horse is gone. Realizing it was the van, Luke puts out an APB for the van going south on Route 110 heading towards Cedar Valley. They are then approached by Boss and Rosco. Rosco manages to get the cuffs on them.

The horse thieves blow a radiator and need to stop.


Boss calls Lulu and promises her that she will have the winning horse. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are in the jail cell upstairs. Luke offers a deal and Bo offers to go get the horse. Bo and Luke keep talking and threaten to tell Lulu with their one phone call. Upset Boss realizes they need the horse back by 5 pm that day and they agree that if the boys don’t get the horse they will be arrested. Rosco lets them out and they runoff to find the horse, promising not to tell Lulu.


As Bo and Luke leave, Cowan brings the van to Cooter and Cooter starts looking over it, telling him he’ll have it ready in about an hour and seeing all the red clay he asks what the man is doing in Bronson Canyon. The man denies it and Cooter writes it off. Cooter notices that the van used to say Dunlap’s.

Tolliver Farm

Bo and Luke arrive at the Tolliver farm to talk to Sherry and Burl. Cooter calls them to tell them he spotted the van. He tells them about the red clay and the boys head there. Cooter agrees to meet them at Pine Creek Crossing on the condition that he will get to fight. Burl and Sherry head to the fairgrounds. Luke comes up with a plan.

Fair Grounds

Boss Hogg pays the entrance fee for the horse and is told that the horse must be there by 5 pm. Sherry and Burl arrive and are anxious. Burl looks to Jesse and Daisy for reassurance and Jesse and Daisy agree but aren’t sure themselves. It’s already 3 and they have to have the horse there by 5.

Bronson Canyon

Bo, Luke, and Cooter check on the thieves to see they are getting ready to bolt. Bo and Luke head to the camp with a fake horse tail that Cooter made. The boys take down the horse thieves and Luke sets up the truck with the fake tail. Luke takes the horse and Bo takes the van while Cooter follows in the General. The horse theives get up and follow Bo and Cooter while Luke heads to the fairgrounds.  Afte checking to ensure they are being followed and are far enough ahead, Cooter pulls up and Bo jumps from the truck to the car. The theives catch the truck only to find the truck is empty. Bo and Cooter cut through their friend Dobro’s south 40. Luke continues to head to the fairgrounds when he is joined by Bo and Cooter. They are spotted by the thieves. Sam, the Fairgrounds employee, reminds Jesse and the rest they have one minute. Daisy says a lot can happen and Luke arrives with the horse while Bo and Cooter cut off the horse thieves to be arrested.

Balladeer: Dunlap with the rest of his horse thieves got five years in State Prison. Next Saturday, Manases won the Lulu Hogg Stakes Race by five lengths. And Lulu Hogg lost the chance to be there when she came down with a gout from eating pig knuckles. Burl Tolliver won enough money to pay off his mortgages to Boss. And Rosco almost lost his head and his job when he admitted to Boss that he forgot to play Boss’ bets on Manases. Someone once said that nice guys finish last. Well not always. Not in Hazzard County.

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  • This is the first time Rosco is referred to as Rosco P. Coltrane. The P will remain part of his name for the duration of the series.
  • While talking about aggravations from Boss, Lulu reminds him of the Rolls Royce that was made into a cube in Repo Men and a Mink Coat that was made of possum.
  • A poster behind Jesse Duke dates this episode during the Hazzard Fair being held from Monday October 30th to Saturday November 11th. That would put the year of this episode in 1978.
  • Bo and Cooter cut through Dobro's field. Dobro was a mutual friend of theirs seen in One Armed Bandits.


  • Dorthy Best, who plays Sherry Tolliver in this episode, is the wife of James Best. However they would not be married for another five years