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"The Sound of Music – Hazzard Style" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss is excited about the Mickey Gilley charity concert at Hazzard Square, and it is not because of the music, but because of money. Boss is working with Heep and Morton, a pair of recording pirates who are making a recording of the concert so that they can sell it. When Heep and Morton are confronted by federal agents Marjorie Dane and Ben Jordan, Heep and Morton throw the recordings inside the General Lee, framing Bo and Luke. Mickey knows that the Dukes are innocent, and they work together to find Heep and Morton. Boss later cons Mickey into a performance with his celebrity speed trap.


Balladeer: Now when the Duke boys got their minds set on something nothing else registers. Not even Cletus on their tail in hot pursuit. But they ain’t thinking about women chasing or car racing. They’re concentrating on one thing. Music. The Mickey Gilley concert in Hazzard. Now Boss Hogg, being Hazzard’s leading patron of the arts is awful proud, especially since he found a way to rip off the concert. With the help of these two jake-leg record pirates, Heep and Morton, black market tapes of Mickey Gilley got to be worth their weight in gold


Bo drives the General as he and Luke are being chased by Cletus.

Town Square

Mickey Gilley is performing ‘Object of My Affections’ in the town square. As he sings many people dance. Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter all sit together, Daisy dancing in her seat. Nearby in a van, Heep and Morton are illegally recording the concert. While the concert continues Boss and Rosco dance together. Jesse wonders where the boys are and Daisy says not to worry about it.


Cletus is angry about chasing Bo and Luke because he is missing the concert. Bo jumps over a billboard and Cletus attempts to follow but goes through the billboard instead. Cletus remarks they are supposed to hid behind them.

Town Square


As the concert continues a man comes up and takes Daisy’s hand. She happily goes off with him to dance, to Cooter and Jesse’s amusement. Boss continues to dance by himself now that Rosco is sitting down. The song finishes and everyone claps. Meanwhile two people sit in a blue car watching the event. The woman, Marjorie Dane, notices Heep and Morton’s van. She points it out to her partner Ben Jordan. When they move to get closer, Morton notices them and he and Heep flee with the master tape on foot. As they run to the street, Bo and Luke arrive in town. Morton stops them and has Luke climb in the back of the General so he and Heep can get in. They have the boys drive them away at gunpoint. The federal agents see the General drive away, assuming Heep and Morton had partners. The federal agents go back to their car and chase after the boys.


Bo leaves town and asks who is chasing them but they only tell him they mind. The federal agents catch up to the General and Bo goes down a dirt road before jumping over a creek. The two agents stop. Morton tells Bo to pull over and stop the car. Bo does and gets out along with Luke and Heep. Morton climbs onto the driver door. Heep says they are going to leave the boys there before asking if there is any questions. Bo asks if the gun is loaded and Morton shoots the ground asking if there are any more questions. Bo pretends to be dizzy and kneel down but Heep says he knows Bo is going to throw some dirt on them. Bo remarks they can’t blame a guy for trying before telling Luke to help him up. Luke does, flinging Bo at the two men. They throw both men down and escape. The men get their guns and shoot after them. Luke says they didn’t seem amused and Bo says he would like to know what that was about. Luke tells him to go back to town, neither knowing the master reel is in the back seat.

Police Department

Boss is on the phone selling Mickey Gilly tapes. Rosco hangs up an astrology poster. Boss sells 6 dozen tapes and turns to Boss is surprise asking what that is. Rosco explains that he ordered the horoscope for the month and Boss tells him for focus on his new business deal. Rosco protests, saying according to his horoscope he can’t go into any new business. Boss says he doesn’t like this stuff and threatens to fire Rosco. He says he’ll make Rosco the pin boy at the Dawn to Dusk Bowling alley at Pool Hall. A knock comes at the door and Ben and Marjorie come in. They explain they are looking into record piracy in Hazzard. Boss and Rosco learn that the feds are after Heep and Morton and that the two escaped capture by taking Bo, Luke, and the General Lee. He further learns that the tapes are gone too and the truck is in custody. After they leave Rosco tells Boss this business just isn’t in the stars. Boss says he needs to think about this.


Bo asks if Luke really thinks talking to Rosco will be any good and Luke says every little law around there is Rosco. Bo laughs as he agrees.

Police Department

Morton and Heep call Boss and inform him what happened. Boss and Rosco listen on the phone, going from happy to furious. Cletus comes into Rosco’s office saying he doesn’t know why but Bo and Luke are outside and insisting to see Rosco. Boss hangs up the phone and he and Rosco run outside, leaving Cletus in the office to eat Boss’ pizza.

Outside Bo and Luke explain the story to Boss and Rosco. Boss asks if that is their story before saying the whole thing stinks and tells Rosco to search the car, shocking the boys. Rosco pulls out the master tape, which Bo asks what it is and Rosco says it is an illegal recording of Mickey Gilley’s concert. Bo reminds him they were nowhere near the concert. Boss asks where it came from before telling Rosco to lock them up. Boss and Rosco head to the Police department, Rosco pulling along Bo and Luke. Bo keeps protesting and trying to explain but Luke tells him it’s no use and they might as well hand over the other tape. Bo, Boss, and Rosco are all confused and when Bo asks Luke insists there is another tape. Bo goes to the General with him to get the other tape but they drive away. Boss announces there is no other tape and tells Rosco to go after them. Rosco lazily calls ‘freeze, freeze’ as he watches them drive off. Boss asks why he won’t go after him and what has come over him. Rosco says ‘my planets are in the wrong houses’. Boss insists for him to go after them saying if Rosco loses the boys, he won’t have a house on any planet, especially that one.


As the boys flee they realize that Boss is probably involved and they got caught with the tape. Luke says Bo will figure some way out of it. Surprised, Bo asks that he will. Meanwhile a truck comes from the other direction and Luke swerves away. The back of the truck opens, dumping plastic models out the back. Rosco drives toward it, seeing the figures on the road and conclude the boys have ran over half the citizens of Hazzard. He swerves around some before accidentally going off a dirt ramp into a tree. He tells Flash it pays to buckle up.

Town of Hazzard

Marjorie and Ben get out of the van after inventorying it. Ben insists that they will come back for the van as it is Morton and Heep’s tools. Marjorie heads out to find the owners of the General Lee. Ben tells Cletus he can impound the vehicle and Cletus promises them he will be helpful as he plans to ask for a raise. Ben leaves to stake out the impound lot.

Police Department

Boss calls Morton on the phone and says it’s too hot for them to return to Hazzard right now. Morton says they can’t do anything without the master tape and the truck. Boss assures him he will get the truck and the tape to them. He sends them to the old saw mill to wait. Rosco comes in as Boss hangs up, asking for a hand. Rosco gives him a plastic arm to Boss’ shock. Rosco says the boys got away and asks what is it going to take to convince Boss it’s not their day. Boss insists it is as the boys are prime suspects and Rosco needs to go get the truck to the saw mill.

Hazzard Garage

Marjorie goes to see Cooter, asking about the General Lee by saying she wants the car for her collection. Cooter laughs saying it’s a real special car and she asks that he knows who owns it, offering him $50 as a finder’s fee. Cooter says she is wasting her time but she insists on renting on of his cars to find out for herself. Cooter lets her just take the car, tells her where the Dukes live, and warns her she is wasting her time as she leaves.

Impound Yard

Boss and Rosco arrive at the Impound Yard and Boss sees Ben staking it out. Boss says he’s going to distract the agent while Rosco goes and sneaks around to bust out the truck. Rosco protests, saying the truck won’t start an Boss asks him to try. Rosco says no, about to reference his horoscope and Boss threatens to fire him. Rosco agrees to try, leaving.

Duke Farm

Jesse prepares to milk the goat Bonney when he hears Luke over the CB. He goes to his truck and answers and Luke explains about the record pirates. Bo and Luke are amused at Jesse ranting and Luke says they just need to find them. Jesse asks how can he help and Luke says to meet them at cotton Holler in a half hour. Jesse leaves to meet with the boys. Marjorie watches him go before radioing Ben and informing him of what she saw. Marjorie heads after Jesse.

Impound Yard

While Ben tires to watch the impound, Boss arrives and tries to talk to him. Ben continues to look around him to try and watch the truck. As Boss distracts him, Rosco gets up to the truck and crashes through the gate. Ben tries to give chase but Boss insists on coming along.

Cotton Holler

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse meet up. Luke says they will have to split up and check the area. He says for Jesse to search this side the holler’ which Jesse agrees. Bo tells Daisy to take everything north of Willow Creek and asks her to have Cooter check everything south of Rim Fire Ridge. Daisy agrees and Luke says for them to call the others before doing anything. Daisy spots another vehicle coming toward them and Jesse tells the boys to leave. They do and the car follows them. Jesse realizes the person was looking for the boys.


Rosco drives down the road with Ben and Boss behind them. Rosco notices the agent gaining on him and becomes frustrated. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are coming from the opposite direction with Marjorie behind them. Rosco and the boys swerve to avoid each other, causing Rosco to go through a fence. As he gets back on the road, he runs Marjorie off, who hits a tree. Ben and Boss are ran off in the other direction and Bo looks back to check on them off.

Jesse calls to see if the boys are alright and Bo assures him they are fine.

Cotton Mill

Rosco arrives to give the two men their truck. Rosco asks if they can give him a ride into town and while Heep originally refuses, Morton agrees to have him driven to the main road, saying after that Rosco can hitchhike back.


Ben and Marjorie decides to follow the vehicles. He says for her to follow the Dukes and he’ll follow the van. As the two prepare to leave boss asks how he’s supposed to get back to town and is town to hitchhike back.

Dawson’s Digs

As Bo climbs out of a mine shaft, Luke talks to Jesse on the CB. Jesse says he just checked the ‘switching shack over railroad side’ and Luke says they have nothing. Daisy joins the conversation saying she just checked the Old Howard Place and its empty too. They agree to keep looking and Bo and Luke drive off again.

Saw Mill

While copying a tape, Morton remarks they are dumb. They decide to pack up and leave.

Boar’s Nest

While exercising in the Boar’s Nest, Boss tells Rosco they need to find a way to make sure the pirates don’t blackmail them before Boss is ready to blackmail the pirates. Rosco is still reading his horoscope but agrees. Boss tells Rosco to go take pictures of them duplicating the tapes and will arrest the pirates after. Rosco says he loves it before saying it isn’t going to work. He argues any pictures he takes will come out fuzzy. Rosco and Flash leave as Rosco tries to tell Boss about his horoscope. Boss pulls the book from Rosco, yelling at him as he leaves. He then reads the book, shocked and horrified at his own horoscope.

Abandoned Elementary School

Abandoned Ememtry school

While Bo and Luke are checking the old Elementary School, Ben sees their car. He pulls up and grabs his coat as he gets out, accidentally leaving his badge in the front seat. When the boys call on the CB, Ben starts to talk to them. Luke keeps his finger on the CB so that Jesse and Daisy can hear what is going on. Luke asks for his identification and Ben is surprised to find he doesn’t know where it is. He tells the boys they are going to have to take his word for it. Luke tells him about Boss having the tape, surprising Ben. Daisy arrives, distracting Ben with her horn. Luke kicks away the gun and the boys grab onto the jeep as Daisy drives by, all three escaping. Marjorie pulls up and Ben tells her to ride with him. She agrees, getting out of her car and getting in his.

As Daisy drives, Bo asks what if that guy was telling the truth and was a federal officer. Luke says he could have or he could have been lying and they had no way of knowing. Daisy remarks the man is gaining on them. Bo asks if she can lose them and she says she won’t have to. Daisy pulls into the bushes and the boys get in Jesse’s truck. Jesse drives the other way, getting past the federal agents. As the boys get up from hiding on the floor, Luke says he hopes it wasn’t a real federal agent as he doesn’t want to get Daisy and Jesse and involved. Jesse says he was involved the minute he started looking after the two of them.

Daisy is caught by Marjorie and Ben, who show her they are real federal agents. They ask if she understands that she just aided and abated two suspects. Daisy says her cousins are innocent and when they ask her how to get back to town she gives them directions, saying to take the first left. The two officers leave and when they reach the intersection they decide to turn right, thinking Daisy lied to them only to find a washed out riverbed. As he tries to reverse, the car gets stuck.

Cotton Mill

Rosco arrives at the Cotton Mill to find that Morton and Heep are gone. Rosco becomes upset, coming back out to tell Flash that they double crossed them first and you can’t find an honest crook.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is eating chicken and reading the horoscope when Morton and Heep come in. They tell Boss the tapes are in the truck and they want to see the money. Boss tells him as soon as he finishes his snack but Heep takes a chicken wing from him. The two threaten Boss and Morton pulls out a gun and Boss opens the safe. They decide to take all of Boss’ money and Boss threatens them with the pictures Rosco has of them duplicating the tapes. The two are surprised.

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest to fin Boss is gone. Luke sees the safe is open and Bo finds a note saying that Boss was kidnapped and the kidnappers want ‘the pictures’. As the boys try to figure out what it means, Rosco and Cletus come into the office. Cletus goes to cuff them and Luke hands them the note. Rosco reads it, becoming alarmed and admitting he never took the pictures. Bo and Cletus ask what pictures and Rosco tells them to stay out of it. Luke says it is their business and Bo says even though they haven’t lost any love over Boss they don’t want to see him hurt either. Luke offers to help and Rosco says he appreciates it but he’ll do it himself. He leaves with the command for Cletus to arrest them. Cletus goes to cuff them and Luke asks if Cletus can see what is going on. Cletus says Rosco is a smart sheriff an if it was something too dangerous he would have sent Cletus. Bo points out it won’t help against dangerous criminals and Cletus says if he doesn’t arrest them Rosco will never forgive him. Luke points out that if they don’t go after Rosco, he might not be alive to forgive Cletus.

Cotton Mill

Boss is tied to a chair in the Cotton Mill, waiting for Rosco to come save him.

Boar’s Nest

Cletus and the boys go outside. Cletus remarks he can get in a lot of trouble for this but Boss is his kin. He takes his cuffs back from Luke before following the boys in their cars.

Cotton Mill

Rosco arrives at the Cotton Mill and tries to sneak inside. Before he can get the drop on anyone though, Boss sees him and gives away his position. Morton comes up behind Rosco and captures him. Rosco tries to bluff that he didn’t bring the pictures with him but when Boss insists that he give them the pictures, Rosco admits he never took them. Boss tells him to give them something and Rosco offers a picture of Flash. Heep and Morton decide to take Rosco and Boss as they leave, putting them in the back of the van before driving off.


Cletus tells Bo and Luke about the van over the CB and they radio the others. Cletus sees the van and calls Bo and Luke, saying that the men are on Old Post Road headed towards Mud Flats. Luke tells Bo to cut through Pokerville Pass and Bo agrees.

Mud Flats

Boss tells Rosco that they are going to be killed as they ride in the back of the van. Boss sobs saying he doesn’t want to die as Lulu would get all his money. Rosco says he has an idea, that all they have to do is wait until his horoscope runs out then they are home free. Boss threatens to kill Rosco. Morton drives into a construction site, damaging the van and getting it stuck in the mud. They get out to try to dislodge the van only to see Bo and Luke arriving in the General. In the van Rosco manages to start getting them untied.

Bo and Luke stop when they see the van but neither crook. They get out of the car only to have a tire shot out. Heep and Morton are both driving toward them in large bulldozers from each side. Bo and Luke each take cover behind different trees. Luke slips on the mud and falls to the ground. Heep tries to run him over but Luke manages to jump onto the scoop of the bulldozer. Bo starts running in the other direction and Morton shoots at him. When Morton runs out of bullets Bo rushes him and they start wrestling out of the machine. Luke gets Heep out of the bulldozer as well.

Boss and Rosco get free and escape from the van. They see Heep and Luke fighting as well and Morton an Bo. Bo and Luke knock out the criminals as Daisy arrives. She sees the one bulldozer going for the General and yells for Luke. Luke and Bo start running to the General but Luke is closer. Luke gets into the General and tries to start it to get the General out of the way. Cletus pulls up along the General and they are relieved when Luke gets out of the way before being horrified to see Cletus is now in the way. Bo runs over, opening Cletus’ door and getting him out of the car.

Balladeer: Bo and Luke finally found out that Jordan and Dane were real federal officers, but they were forgiven seeing how things turned out. With no hard evidence to connect Boss and Rosco to Heep and Morton, Boss and Rosco managed to one again wiggle themselves off the hook. And owing his life to Bo and Luke, Boss cleared the boys of any connection in the record piracy. And remember that reward on them record pirates? ‘Course it hadn’t occurred to Boss that in clearing the Dukes they’d get the reward money, which they’d later donate to the Hazzard Orphan’s Fund. So he did the next worst thing, and put up the Hazzard celebrity speed trap; where you don’t leave, until you sing. A lot.

Town of Hazzard


Cletus arrests Morton and Heep before handing them over to the federal agents. Boss and Rosco were let go for lack of evidence and were cleared. Mickey Gilley arrives to give the Dukes the reward money and in anger, Boss catches him in a speed trap and makes him put on another concert in the Town Square.

Rosco and Cletus sell drinks and popcorn as Mickey Gilley comes out. He dedicates his first song to the Dukes and Rosco. As he sings, the Dukes and Cooter all enjoy the concert. Rosco and Cletus want to dance but Boss makes them sell food. Cooter, Bo, and Luke pick on Daisy a little during the song and he gets back at them. Boss starts dancing as well, enjoying the concert.

Balladeer: To bad Rosco don’t have more patrol cars. Or next week folks in Hazzard would be hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


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  • Mickey Gilley holds a concert in Hazzard at the beginning of the episode. He returns after to give the reward to the Dukes for capturing the record pirates and in an act of revenge, Boss has his caught in his Celebrity Speed Trap.
    • Mickey Gilley sings two songs in this episode. "Object of My Affection" and "The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time".
  • This episode focuses on two record pirates.
    • The previous episode to revolve around record pirates was in Find Loretta Lynn when a group of individuals kidnapped Loretta to get back at a group of record pirates
    • the last episode to have the Dukes take down record pirates was in Daisy's Song.
  • In this episode Rosco has become interested in Astrology
  • Rosco's experience with photography is used again in this episode