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"The Treasure of Soggy Marsh" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg frames Coy, Vance, and Daisy for the theft of his gold cufflinks, has them arrested by Chickasaw County Sheriff Ed Little, and makes Enos busy doing things that do not even need to be done. Boss Hogg wants Enos and the Dukes out of the way so Biff Gregory (John Laughlin) and his accomplice Pruitt (Andrew Robinson), two men that Boss Hogg made a deal with, can go ahead with their plan to search Soggy Marsh for $500,000 that a man named Kingston robbed from a bank 10 years ago. Instead of keeping them away, Boss's efforts actually spur the Dukes to escape and try to find out what is going on. But when Daisy finds Gregory and Pruitt first, she gets kidnapped, and it is up to Coy, Vance, and Jesse to rescue her.


Balladeer: Ever since deputy Enos Strait come back to Hazzard from the Big City, he’s been chasing the Duke boys ‘cause he was ordered to. This time it’s his own idea. You know, the repair business is a major industry in Hazzard. Looks like ol’ Enos is gonna have to put in some overtime to pay for that water tower.


Enos chases after the General Lee while Coy drives with Vance beside him. Vance asks what Enos wants this time and Enos tells him over the C.B. that he’ll tell them when he catches them. Vance says they never will find out and Enos continues the chase, hitting a water tower as he does.

Police Department

Boss excitedly reminds Rosco about Kingston robbing a bank ten years ago and that a half million dollars was hidden in Hazzard. Rosco says they never found a trace of it. Boss says Kingston’s old cellmate just informed him that he was on his way to Hazzard to find the loot but he needs Boss’ help to get diving gear.


Enos continues to chase the boys through a stream and onto a rocky road. One of the General’s ties goes and the boys are forced to stop. Enos greets them, apologizes about the tire and even offers to change it. When the boys ask what he wanted, Enos admits he was just practicing and that he has orders to drop everything he was doing and go to the northwest corner of the county. Vance asks what is so important and Enos says he has to repaint all the divider lines, which will take him almost a week to do. Enos tries to tell them to give his best to “Uncle Daisy” to which he laughs over the mistake and rushes off. Curious the boys watch him go and remark that there is no paved roads up there. They decide to look into it.

Police Department

Pruitt and Biff arrive at the police department to talk to Boss and Rosco. Rosco is putting together a snack for Flash, reminding Boss that he can’t have any as he’s on a diet. Pruitt and Biff arrive and Boss reminds them that half the money they find belongs to him in this deal. Pruitt asks how soon can they get the gear and Boss says for them to park in the woods somewhere and he’ll call them as soon as he finds a way to keep the Dukes busy. The two leave.


Enos paints lines on a dirt road with a roller.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco wait for the Dukes in Boss’ office. Boss tells Rosco he’ll keep the boys busy and gives Rosco diamond cufflinks, telling him to hide them in the General. The boys run into the bar, asking Daisy if she’s ready to go. Daisy says she just needs to set up for dinner but Boss says that isn’t true because he needs her to run over to Chickasaw and get new menus for the Boar’s Nest. Daisy says they never had some before and Boss says they do now. Daisy says she would love to help but her jeep is at Cooter’s for brakes. Boss insists they need the menus today and the boys agree to drive her.

The boys go to head out and Boss offers to give the boys free sandwiches. The Dukes are all surprised and Rosco successfully hides the diamonds. Boss tries to get Daisy to make soup but Rosco comes in after Daisy finishes the sandwiches. Boss takes the food and the group leaves for Chickasaw.

Boss calls Sheriff Little and informs him of the Dukes coming his way with stolen diamond cufflinks that have been in the family for generations.

Rhuebottom’s Store

Boss comes over to Rhuebottom’s, collecting the scuba gear with Rosco. Rosco begins breaking stuff to Boss’ annoyance and Rhuebottom’s frustration. They load up all the gear in Pruitt and Biff’s trunk, Rosco nearly falling with it all to everyone’s horror. Boss and Biff pull Rosco out of the trunk.

Soggy Marsh

Boss and Rosco dock in Soggy Marsh while Pruitt and Biff set up to go scuba diving. Boss asks if Rosco can smell the money but all Rosco smells is fish. Biff and Pruitt dive into the water and Boss celebrates their fortune.

Chickasaw County

Daisy arrives at the print shop to pick up the menus and is informed there never was any menus. As the boys wonder why they were on a wild goose chase, they are all surprised by Sheriff Little’s arrival. He tells them he has a warrant to search the General Lee, which the boys tell him to go right on ahead, and Little finds the diamond cuff-links to the Dukes’ surprise. Daisy knocks Sheriff Little over and the boys drive off at her insistence.

Little chases the boys through town, Daisy watching from the print shop. They stop long enough for Daisy to climb in before leaving town. Little continues to chase after them and they jump a construction site. The General stalls out and Little catches all three.

Chickasaw Police Department

Sheriff Little locks the three Dukes up, Coy and Vance in one cell and tells them they get one call between the three of them. The boys try to explain that Boss is up to something. Daisy says she’ll call Uncle Jesse and Little goes with her to the phone. Daisy asks the operator to connect her to Hazzard ‘587’.

Soggy Marsh

Boss gets a call from Bessie Lou at the shack that he and Rosco are playing checkers in. Boss tells her to patch him into the conversation before she connects the call to Jesse.

Duke Farm

Jesse is at the table having a drink when the phone rings. Hearing Daisy’s voice he asks where has she been as the boys left two hours ago to pick her up. Daisy says they are in the Chickasaw County Jail and explains what happened. Jesse says Little is too smart for that before leaving to go get them.

Soggy Marsh

Boss and Rosco celebrate before heading out to check on the divers. Boss hesitates long enough to steal all of Rosco’s quarters. The two get on the boat and head out to where the divers are, who are still on the bottom of the lake.


Enos continues to pain lines and nearly gets hit by a car, getting splattered with paint.

Chickasaw Police Department

The jailer shows Jesse to the prison cells. The kids ask how long it will take and Jesse says that Sheriff Little said the circuit judge has to set bail and he won’t be there for another five days. The kids are upset and they ask why. Jesse thinks that Boss wants them all out of the way for a few days. Jesse concludes something big is happening and Vance says they ain’t got time to wait.

Soggy Marsh

Boss and Rosco use masks to look into the Marsh but don’t see the divers. Rosco asks if they cheated them but Boss concludes they can’t. They go to look again but Pruitt and Biff surface. Boss asks if they found anything yet and Pruitt says this is where the map says it is. They think they might have to move and try again. As the two dive, Boss and Rosco go to take the boat back to shore but Rosco accidently knocks Boss into the water.

Chickasaw Police Department

The jailer goes to bring the Dukes lunch when he sees Daisy trying to fix her shoe. She asks him for help and he agrees to come into the cell. The Dukes overpower him and take his keys, locking him in the cell before running away. They go outside where Jesse is waiting and jump in the General. Coy remarks they are lucky Sheriff Little didn’t look for a spare key. As Jesse goes to follow he nearly collides into Sheriff Little, who was returning to the jail. Little goes around the pick up to chase after the Dukes. They leave town and Coy manages to lose Little while hiding off a side road. The Dukes decide to go to Boss’ office.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco go to Boss’ office, a woman from the Hazzard Health club tending to Boss, who is sneezing from his dip. Boss remarks he doesn’t want to get sick and pass on before he comes into a half a million. Rosco says that would be terrible, but just in case he could sign over his shares to Rosco, angering Boss.

Little calls Boss from a phone in a park and informs him that the Dukes are free. Boss tries to convince Little to go back to Chickasaw but Little refuses, upsetting Boss. As they go to hang up the phone, Rosco accidently wraps it around Boss’ neck. Boss says they need to do something and Rosco suggests dropping the charges. Boss says they need to keep the boys from Soggy Marsh. Boss says they might have to call out the irregulars, to which Rosco suggests Enos saying he is irregular. Boss says that is a good idea. They call Enos and Boss pays off the woman from the health club.

Enos hears Rosco call for him and Rosco says for Enos to drop everything and come back to the Boar’s Nest. Enos drops his mike into the paint and misses what office he’s supposed to go to.

Police Department

Daisy waits in the General while Vance and Coy sneak into the Police Department, looking for anything that would tell them what Boss is up to. Vance has Coy check the files cabinet while he checks the desk. While looking at the desk, Vance sees Boss’ calendar with a note about Rhuebottoms, getting rid of Enos, Kingston, and Pruitt. Vance rips the page out but Enos comes knocking at the boy. The boys hide and Vance puts a trashcan on Enos head so they can escape. Enos tries to chase after them, threatening to tell Uncle Jesse. The boys get in the General and Daisy drives away just as Enos gets into his car. In an effort to chase them, he hits a parked car.

Outside of town a bakery truck is attempting to go to the Hazzard County Mobile Home Park with a cake. The driver is nearly hit by the General and Enos but then trips on his own, destroying the cake. Meanwhile Daisy swerves to avoid a tractor but Enos is unable to, jumping over it and into a pond. The Dukes stop, checking on him before heading back to town.


The boys went to Rhuebottom’s, and Mr. Rhuebottom explained about the scuba gear that Boss bought. He tells them about two guys that were with Boss and the car they were using. The boys thank him before leaving.


The boys fill Daisy in and then radio Jesse. They meet up and Jesse remembers Kingston being connected to a robbery about ten years ago. Vance suggests that Boss is after it. Jesse says they found Kingston on 67, pointing out on a map where it was. Using what they know the group sets out to check any place deep enough to dive.

Boar’s Nest

The Lady from the Health Club gives Boss a message and Rosco tries to help her.


The boys go to Running Springs but don’t find anything. Jesse then checks the Hazzard Pond and Daisy goes to Hazzard Lake. Meanwhile Little pulls Enos from the lake and tells him to get into the car so they can go.

Soggy Marsh

Pruitt and Biff dive again while Daisy arrives at Soggy Marsh. They find the strong box with the money. Daisy spots the men and calls Vance to let them know she found the divers. Boss and the others overhear the conversation as well and everyone heads toward Soggy Marsh. Boss and Rosco conclude they are being double crossed.

Pruitt and Biff come ashore and Daisy gets back to keep from being spotted. Pruitt and Biff go into the cabin and Daisy sneaks back to get a closer look. Biff spots her and grabs her. Daisy’s yelling gets Pruitt’s attention as Biff brings her inside. Daisy tries to hit Biff with a chair but is stopped by Pruitt with a gun. Daisy is tied to chair and informs them that others are coming.

Pruitt and Biff decide Daisy is secure enough for them to leave. Vance and Coy arrive and they decide to take Daisy with them as a hostage. They leave on the boat as Jesse arrives, and Vance grabs a bow and some arrows, telling Coy to follow them in the General on the shore while he and Jesse take the other boat. The Dukes split up as they give chase.

Jesse and Vance conclude the men have a car stashed, communicating with Coy by radio. Down the road, Little and Enos meet up with Boss and Rosco and pass them on the road. Rosco tries to run Little off and both cars run off. They get back on the road and continue the chase. As Daisy notices the boat behind them she gets excited. Pruitt begins shooting at them and Vance prepares to shoot back. Rosco gets excited at the idea of arresting the Dukes but Boss says to forget about them and focus on the crooks.

Vance shoots dynamite arrows at the boat and Pruitt continues to shoot back. When Puritt tries to shoot again, Diasy knocks the gun away and frustrated Pruitt asks what she’s doing and what she was even doing there in the first place. Jesse realizes they are going to lose the two men and calls Coy saying he can’t keep up anymore. Coy jumps the General into the marsh, causing the men to abandon the boat. Vance dives off the boat with Jesse to hold the two men until Coy swims over. They fight and the Dukes win. Daisy swims to Jesse’s boat to get out. Vance and Coy take down the two crooks as Boss and Rosco arrive. They try to claim the box but Enos and Sheriff Little arrives and arrests the crooks.

Balladeer: And that’s how the Dukes finally recovered the treasure of Soggy Marsh and turned it over to the Atlanta Bank it was took from 10 years ago. Pruitt went back to prison with a brand new cellmate and Cooter fished out the General Lee and brought him home nice and dry, although he coughed a little for a few days. Which sort of explains why most folks don’t leave Hazzard. No matter how slow the day starts out you never know what the day is gonna bring.

The Dukes are thanked for returning the money At the Police Station, Sheriff Little, Enos, and the Dukes watch Boss tear up the charges and the map.


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Hazzard County[]

Chickasaw County[]

  • Chickasaw City
    • Chickasaw Print Shop
    • Chickasaw Police Department


  • The operator in this episode is Bessie Lou, who was last seen in Vance's Lady
  • According to Boss Hogg's Calendar, it is Thursday July 21st, 1983
    • That is seven months after the episode aired.
  • While mentioned and just like the previous episode, Cooter does not actually make an appearance in this episode