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Thelma Claire Rogers, or T.C. Rogers, is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Thelma Claire is the daughter of Jim Rogers, the former Supervisory Director of Hazzard County, until Boss cheated him out of office 15 years before. She grew up in Hazzard and was a friend of Bo, Luke, and Daisy's. She left for college and married before returning to Hazzard to compete against Boss in the same election.


People's Choice[]

She arrives to Hazzard for the election when she sees Bo and Luke suddenly stop and approach her. Luke tells her that they are conducting a survey on if women like boys with blonde hair or men with dark hair. She says she prefers men who are bald and Bo offers to get a razor out of the car. She laughs, amused. Rosco approaches them to announce to the boys that he is giving them a ticket. Stunned she asks that it is Bo and Luke before asking if they remember her and telling them her name. Stunned the boys remember who she is. Bo asks what happened to her teeth and legs and she explains she changed while away at college. Luke asks how long is she home for and she says it kinda depends on if she wins or loses. Bo asks what and she explains about the election. Luke says that she’s got her work cut out for her and she asks that they think she doesn’t know that since Boss beat her dad 15 years ago by stealing the pencils out of the voting booths. She says not this time. Bo says he likes her spunk and offers to be her campaign manager. Luke suggests that she would need more than one, and she nods. However both the boys try to ask her out and she tells them to wait a minute as she doesn’t have time for this. She says she needs to get settled in and register at the court house before six o’clock. Bo and Luke take her bags asking what are they waiting for.

She goes with the boys into the Registrar’s office and asks Enos for a form. They learn that Emery is getting married but she needs Emery to sign the application for it to be valid. Learning Boss organized it, Bo and Luke head to the door. She calls after them to wait a minute before asking if one of them will be kind enough to explain what is happening now. They tells her they are going to see Emery.

They arrive in Chicamahonee at Emery and Mabel’s wedding and Luke helps her out of the General Lee. They run to the church and she apologizes before explaining to Emery that she needs him to sign the application so she can be eligible to run. She is relieved when Emery says that isn’t a problem and takes the paper, signing it. After learning they need to go back to Hazzard for it to have the county seal to be valid, she begs him to come back. Bo and Luke rush to get Emery back and Mabel takes her back to the court house behind them in Mabel's truck.

Her and Mabel arrive and Bo and Luke present her the paper telling her she is officially registered. She says she couldn’t ask for two better campaign managers. However Rosco comes in and announces he is arresting Bo and Luke. Hearing Bo and Luke are being arrested for not reporting to Boss as they didn't know Boss was their new probation officer, she asks Rosco if they can be released under their own recognizance and Rosco tells her they recognize each other having been cousins their whole life, confusing her. She is stunned when the boys take off but Luke tells her to tell their Uncle Jesse ‘Still Site Four’ which she commits to memory. Then her, Emery, and Mabel laugh with Enos about what happened.

She meets up with Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse at Still Site Four and she suggests maybe she shouldn’t run against Boss. Jesse tells her that is what Boss wants her to think. She tells them she tried to buy some time at the WHOGG station but Boss wouldn’t let her until the day after the election. She says it doesn’t pay to fight the system sometimes and Jesse tells her it does and he’s been doing it his whole life. He tells her that the dirt on the ground they love so they fight for it and her dad did and now it’s her time. Luke tells her to meet him and Bo and Cooter’s in an hour.

She meets up with them and sits in the back seat of the General. As Bo drives around the square she speaks through the speakers on the General to make her speech. She promises to make the position one of integrity and trust. She says that Boss manipulated their taxes into a private fund to fill his pockets. Rosco chases after them, making it harder for her to talk. After she finishes they flee from Rosco and Enos. She is stunned when the boys jump the car to escape. Bo asks if she’s alright and she says she is fine.

The next day Luke says about moving again and she asks ‘now what’. Luke says they are going toward town. She explains she doesn’t understand. Bo explains Cooter set the C.B. to the same frequency as the radio station. Luke says all she has to do is use the mike and she explains that is against FCC regulations and she would be breaking the law. Luke says Boss already broke the law by refusing her time and Bo asks if she will please get in the car and she agrees. She takes over the radio saying Boss will give higher taxes, higher bank rates and a secret set of books. She introduces herself and says that she is promising to use the tax money for better schools, roads, and social services.

On Thursday her and Daisy check the election and she admits she is worried about Bo and Luke. While sitting with Daisy, they see Bo and Luke in the kitchen. Two men come in announcing that there is thirty seconds before the polls close and her and Daisy get upset, saying there is still an hour left. She watches the men leave, suspicious.

She goes to the County Building with Jesse, Enos, Daisy, and Boss. Bo and Luke charge in with the ballot box and try to flee but Jesse makes them vote first. She watches Rosco charge in for them and the boys run. Daisy tells her it’s just a normal every day happening. Jesse and Enos count the votes and they learn it’s a tie. When Jesse says it means half the county isn’t afraid to vote against Boss, she remarks she wishes one more felt that way. She learns Emery forgot to vote.

Bo and Luke come in with Emery and she watches him vote. She closes her eyes as Jesse sees the vote and is told she won. She hugs Daisy in joy. When Boss fires Emery she explains that Emery’s job falls under her office and Emery stays. Rosco says he’s going to arrest Bo and Luke and T.C. tells him that no, as the boys new probation officer she is taking full responsibility for them until their case is reviewed. Everyone goes to cheer for her but she stops them saying to cheer for her hero, Emery Potter. She kisses him.

Later her and the Dukes meet her husband and toddler child at the bus stop.