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Tinker Churchill is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

While sunbathing in swimsuits on the top of the camper, Sam and Tinker listen to Mason get a call and glance at each other in amusement as Mason asks about a reward. A few minutes later Mason comes up to tell them they got a job in Hazzard. She immediately complains saying ‘Mace Sugar it’s Sunday’. When he reminds them of their finances they reluctantly agree saying ‘okay Mace’ however when he leaves the girls lay back down.

They arrive at the Police Station to see Rosco sleeping. After Rosco is woken up she says they are there over a ‘couple of fellas that you caught with a whole bunch of marijuana’ as she puts a hand on his shoulder. She takes his hat and puts it on. Boss Hogg comes in and says they aren’t FBI and for Rosco not to talk to them. However Boss gives them the Duke’s name by accident. As they leave she puts Rosco’s hat back on his head.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and they are watching the family. When two men arrive to talk to Jesse and Daisy, Sam hands her the binoculars to look at the new arrivals. Sam asks if she’s seen them and she says no. After Mason runs the plates and returns, they learn who the two men were. After the two men go to leave, Tinker suggests they follow them but she says to wait as Jesse is using the phone. They listen in on the conversation together between Jesse and Luke. They return to Mason before leaving to find Cooter, where the boys said they hid the pot.

Hearing Mason say ‘uh oh’ while driving they go up to see Davis and Ryan are following them. Mason comments ‘you good lookin’ things know what to do.’ She comments they will just see about that. They go to get helmets. They climb outside and jump over the car. Together they pull the tarp off and get inside. When they take the car off the trailer the men turn around. They continue to chase after them until a hub cap comes flying. Sam tells her to look out and she pulls over. Mason tells them to head to Cooter’s Farm and gives them directions.

They come flying up on Cooter’s farm, seeing Bo and Luke running for the General. They get out and approach the boys. She runs at Bo before kicking him and then punching him in the face and knocking him onto the hood of the General. They take off their helmets, shocking Bo and Luke to learn they are women. Jesse and Daisy arrive, Jesse carrying a shot gun and telling them to back off from his boys. Mason and Cooter also come over and they discuss what happened. They decide to trust the Dukes. She remarks that the question now is how they will find Ryan and Davis. Luke offers their help. She says it would be better if they stay hidden out at Cooter’s as they will only get in the way. Luke tells her that she is forgetting it’s them, not her that is in trouble with the law. Bo snaps that if they get caught it is him and Luke going to jail. She is amused but Mason argues to let the boys help. Jesse tells them to get rid of what isn’t a water heater, and they agree. Before they can do much, they hear sirens approach. Rosco and Enos arrest them all.

While sitting in the jail, Luke signals to them a plan. They wait and when Jesse yells ‘go for it boys’ they all jump forward, tackling Boss, Rosco, and Enos. She helps hold down Enos’ legs as they handcuff the three together. They all flee and she gets in her groups car to drive away.

As they all regroup, her and Bo look over the damage to her car from the hubcap. Luke suggests they analyze the dirt from the hubcap and she says they can figure out where the car has been driving.

After Bo and Luke return with the hubcap they listen to Mason give his analysis and the boys talk about where it could be, Bo settling on Razorback Mountain.

They head to Razorback Mountain and discuss how to get up to the top, suggesting they go around the back but Luke tells her it’s too steep and Bo says you’d need a mountain goat. When two guards come into the clearing, her and Sam pretend to be startled and feint. After they spring up and the guys congratulate them on their acting, having used the distraction to take the men out.

As they watch Bo and Luke go up the mountain, she says she is worried about working with the boys as they are amateurs. However the guards get free and pull guns on them, to her annoyance. They are told to get in the car and as they move toward it, Sam pretends to have broken her ankle. She stops to check on her and Mason knocks out both men. They go back to talking about getting up the hill and she says Bo and Luke said they would have to be like mountain goats to do it. Mason tells them to make like mountain goats and they take off.

They climb up the mountain to find Bo and Luke. After reaching the top they hide their hang gliders, laughing about Bo and Lukes’ comments before setting out to find them. When they learn the two were captured she comments ‘poor little things’. However they get found by Dempsey and his men. She greets Dempsey saying ‘long time no see’ as she tosses her gun.

They are tied up in the barn and left with the boys. Bo tells them it doesn’t look like they did too good. She tells him not to worry about it as her and Sam didn’t do much better. They watch Bo and Luke get free. When the boys get up she asks that they wouldn’t leave them would they and Bo shakes his head saying ‘of course not’. Luke unties her and helps her up. She thanks him and he tells her she’s welcome. Bo says they don’t have time for this and they leave heading to where they hid the gliders. Bo helps her unpack and set up her glider.

She and Bo strap Sam into a glider. She hands over two bombs saying that should take care of it. They are alarmed when Luke suddenly takes off. She tells Sam to stay with him. Bo takes her hand and they run down the hill. They reach the cars and she goes to get in the driver seat. Bo protests and asks what is she doing. She tells him she doesn’t have time to argue with him, this is her case and she’s driving. Bo tells her that she is going to have to give him a whole lot reason more than that for him to let her drive the General. She smiles and kisses him. Bo asks where are they going and gets in the passenger seat.

As she drives she spots Luke and Sam, and Bo says they are above Hillford Pass. Bo gives her directions.

After finding the truck, she chases after Dempsey’s car and Bo says it looks like they don’t want to play games with her. She says she does and Bo gives her a nervous laugh. She forces them off the road. She jumps out, putting a gun on them and telling them to hold it and she wishes they would move as this time they are gone forever. Bo tells them she isn’t kidding. As they rejoin the others, Bo puts an arm around her.

Later her and Bo and making out on the General when Mason says they need to go. Bo walks her to the RV so she can go. Bo kisses the top of her head and they both laugh. They wave goodbye to the Dukes as they leave.