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"To Catch a Duke" is the Sixteenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Myrna Roby (Martha Smith) and Burt Roby (James Crittenden), who pulled off a jewelry robbery in Nashville, come through Hazzard County, where they immediately get busted on one of Rosco's phony charges. When Rosco and Boss learn who the Robys are, the Robys escape, and hijack Bo and Luke in the General Lee. Now Boss thinks Bo and Luke were in on the robbery. When Boss finds the jewels with Rosco's dog Flash in Rosco's patrol car, he thinks that Rosco is in on it too, so he fires Rosco, not knowing that the Robys had thrown the jewels into Rosco's car, intending to come back for them. Bo and Luke have to work with Rosco to clear themselves.


Balladeer: Well, it must be Saturday in Hazzard County. The Duke boys are going fishing, and Daisy’s on her way to visit Aunt Kate for a couple of days. And Uncle Jesse? Well, he’s just out for a ride.

Bo and Luke are heading out with fishing polls in the back of the General. The boys catch up to Jesse and call him on the CB. Bo tells him they are coming by and Jesse asks if they did the chores. Bo confirms it and Luke tells Jesse that Daisy called and said she’ll be home on Monday. Jesse says that is good but since Daisy is gone, that means the boys did the laundry and made the beds. Bo confirms it and tells him to get out of the way. Jesse says he isn’t passing him unless Jesse wants him to and to take his best shot. Bo tries to pass him but Jesse doesn’t let him. Bo spins out and Jesse comments that’ll teach him. Bo and Luke laugh about it before heading to the lake.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter puts two dollars of gas in a car and sends them on their way before he sees a green car with a blown radiator. The two jewel thieves in the car bicker, Burt trying to keep his wife calm. They pull into the garage. Cooter looks at the car and tells them to run over to the café on the square and get some coffee and something to eat and Cooter will have it fixed in no time. As they leave, Cooter calls after them to try the meatloaf.

Police Department

Boss starts the Hazzard County Council Board meeting, which is just him and Rosco. Boss explains there is no new business in Hazzard. Boss says they need to get new laws on the books and bring up old laws people have forgotten. Boss notices a car parked in Rosco’s spot and Rosco explains that is his ‘new secondhand used car’ and Boss asks how Rosco could afford that with the salary Boss gives him. Rosco says he saved his nickels and dimes. Boss asks about his new watch and Rosco says it’s just zink. Boss confronts Rosco about the calls from Nashville he's been getting and Rosco explains that is his Aunt Emma and Uncle Wilbur and he sends them money periodically. Boss tells Rosco that he and Cletus need to start getting in money. Cletus is sent out to collect fines.



Bo and Luke are fishing and Bo says Billy Burette was right about that place as they have never caught that many fish in one sitting. Bo remarks he wishes Flash was there and when Luke asks why and Bo says to they can have catfish and hush puppies. Luke tells Bo to just talk less and fish more. Cletus arrives startling both and asks them for their fishing license. They hand over the license and Cletus says it’s no good anymore. The boys protest they just got them two months ago and Cletus explains there is a new law to have a new license every week and the law was just passed twenty minutes ago. Bo asks if this is a twenty minute old law how are they supposed to know about it and Cletus says he doesn’t know. Cletus lets Bo take the fish but he takes the poles.


Myrna and Burt walk away from the Garage, Myrna angry. Burt calms her down by reminding her they got the jewels, no one knows where they are, and he loves her. She smiles and they kiss. Rosco, who is putting a fake fire hydrant by a car and writing a ticket notices and at first finds it cute before remembering it is now against the law. He yells for them to freeze, startling both, and runs to them with the fake hydrant. Rosco says he got them on ‘osculation’. The couple continues to hold their hands up as Rosco reads the regulation before handing the fake fire hydrant over and telling them to put their hands down as he writes them a ticket. Rosco says it will be $20 a piece and they need to pay it in person at the jail. Myrna says they will be happy to pay it. Rosco is stunned and leads them toward the police station. As they walk over, Myrna hides the jewels by picking a flower. Rosco starts to explain the Ladie’s Auxiliary planted them before explaining that he has to give them another fine for picking a flower. They go inside.

Bo and Luke head to town, Bo asking why are they taking the shortcuts and Luke says he figures they should make it to Rosco before he outlaws shortcuts. Luke and Bo joke about Boss next making a law against having hair. In the police station Rosco brings the fine total to $50. Flash barks but Rosco tells her she will have to go out by herself. Bo and Luke arrive at the Court House, seeing Flash come out and greet her before going inside. Flash finds the jewels. Bo and Luke go in and confront Rosco about the ticket. Bo says they aren’t going to pay it and Rosco asks if they can hush as he is busy taking money from these nice tourists. Bo asks what they did and the boys are annoyed to learn they only kissed. Rosco asks for their social security numbers and Myrna protests but Burt already handed it over. Bo says they don’t have all day and Rosco says that is a shame because he does. He tells them to go as when he’s done with the couple he’s going to go get lunch and he will not talk to the boys until after that. Angry Bo and Luke leave. Boss Hogg comes in and learns about the fines. As Boss and Rosco talk a report comes from Nashville about the Roby’s jewel robbery. Boss tells Rosco to keep an eye out for the Roby’s and Rosco hands the papers back to find they are the Roby’s. They immediately pull guns on the two and made them get down before fleeing outside. They decide they’ll get the jewels later and seeing Bo getting in the General come up behind him and tell him they just got company. Bo asks Luke if he wants to drive. Boss and Rosco come out to see the Dukes flee with the two.

Cletus drives in town and starts talking about how good of a day it is as Rosco explains what happened. Cletus takes off while Rosco and Boss go to follow. Myrna has Bo stop so they can get out. Bo and Luke try to escape and Rosco finds the keys aren't working. They hear Flash growling from the backseat and Rosco finds that she has the jewels. The Roby’s see them from a distance. Boss suspects that Rosco has been working with the Roby’s, with the new car and watch and having the jewels and calls the Nashville. Rosco says he’s innocent but Boss refuses to listen and says Rosco has shown disloyalty.

Bo and Luke run from Cletus and try to explain to him that they were driving at gun point. Cletus refuses to listen. At the Court House Boss confronts Rosco who can’t answer how he got the jewels. Boss tells Rosco that he is fired. Outside, Burt wants to leave but Myrna refuses to leave without the jewels.

Luke tries to protest that Cletus knows them better but Cletus refuses to believe them. They boys decide to lose Cletus. Bo runs him off the road and into a bush. Bo comments that when they find the people who got them in trouble he wants the girl. Luke asks what he can possibly like about a girl who waves a gun at him and Bo says that isn’t what it is.

Duke Farm

While Jesse is cooking, the boys call him to fill him in. Luke apologizes and Jesse tells them not to be sorry. He asks where they want to meet and Bo says there was a place he and Luke played hookie from school together. He goes to tell Jesse but Jesse says there’s no need as they never made a move he didn’t know where they were and Bo is referring to the Okmulgee Indian Caves. Bo and Luke look awed at the face he knew and Luke says Jesse makes him wonder sometimes.

Police Station

Boss rips off Rosco’s patches and takes his badge as Cletus watches. Rosco pleads his innocence and demands a trial. Boss holds a trial right there and declares Rosco guilty and ends the trial. Rosco says he wants to go to a higher court. Boss makes Cletus Sheriff and Boss says they are headed to the Boar’s Nest. Cletus apologizes to Rosco and says he never wanted to be Sheriff like this. Rosco says that’s alright and Cletus will make a fine Sheriff. Cletus says he would appreciate if he could ask Rosco’s advice from time to time and Rosco says anytime Cletus wants, and he gives Cletus two pieces advice there, never ask for a raise and be proud of his job. Rosco picks up Flash and says he guesses they just need to go find the Dukes to prove their innocent. The Roby’s wait outside for Boss.

Okamulgee Indian Caves

Jesse meets with the boys and Jesse says he can't think of a way for them to get out of it. Bo says they didn’t have anything to do with it and Jesse says he knows that but they need to prove it. Bo says he figures he and Luke were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rosco and Flash come out of the caves, agreeing and startling the Dukes. Rosco says he used to come there to skip school too. Jesse asks where his uniform is and Rosco lets it slip that Boss fired him. The Dukes are surprised and Rosco justifies Boss’ choice. Jesse asks that he is still going to stick up for Boss and Rosco says Boss will apologize after the boys admit to the crime. Bo says the truth is they are innocent, just like how they believe Rosco is innocent. Jesse remarks that just this once they can work together. The boys agree but Rosco refuses. He says he’s going to make a citizen’s arrest and Jesse apologizes to Rosco but Rosco pulls out a gun and Jesse tosses it aside. Bo and Luke flee and Jesse hides the gun until they are gone before returning it to Rosco. Rosco chases after Bo and Luke and calls Boss to let him know that he’s following the Dukes on Route 36. Boss tells him he is not sending his sheriff out of a wild goose chase. Rosco continues to follow the boys but a rock slide starts. Bo and Luke get by but Rosco gets ran off the road. The boys stop to check on Rosco before moving on. Luke says they’ll have to clear Rosco too and Luke realizes that if Boss has the jewels then the thieves are still in town.

Bo and Luke decide to follow Boss and Cletus, who left with Alex to go to the Boar’s Nest. The boys see the couple from earlier are also following. Luke suggests letting them make a move on Boss which shocks Bo. Luke says they’ll catch them with the jewels and Bo asks what if it doesn’t work to which Luke says they’ll put in to be roommates at the state pen.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco and Flash go into the Boar’s Nest. Jesse and Cooter are playing checkers. As Rosco sits down, Jesse calls over and tells him he just wants to say again how sorry he is that Rosco isn’t Sheriff. Rosco says he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him and Cooter says even the Davenports feel sorry. Rosco says if they are so sorry then to tell him where Bo and Luke are. Jesse says they aren’t that sorry. Outside Bo and Luke see Boss and Cletus arrive at the Boar’s Nest. Inside Rosco orders a beer and is informed he was ordered not to be served. When the waitress explains Rosco isn’t even allowed to be there, Rosco goes to leave but Jesse offers him his beer. Rosco says he doesn’t want any of that slop and Jesse plays along, confirming that the beer is just terrible. The Roby’s arrive and rob Boss in his office. Bo and Luke sabotage their car, pushing it down the hill into a tree. The two Roby’s exit the building to leave but find their car is totaled. Rosco decides to leave and the Roby’s see him, deciding to go with him.

Bo and Luke see the Roby’s take Rosco and head after them to rescue him. Boss and Cletus come outside to see Rosco leaving with the crooks and being followed by Bo and Luke. Bo tries to cut Rosco off, causing him to hit his car off a tree. Cletus, Boss, and Alex join the chase. Cletus tries to run them all off the road but Bo and Rosco both go around him. They almost hit Boss and after Boss and Alex are forced to stop and Cletus hits another car, Rosco and Bo leave the Boar’s Nest parking lot. Bo asks why Rosco never drives that good when he chases them. Luke calls Jesse, who is by the Old Picard place. Jesse agrees to set up a road block. Myrna starts shooting at them. Rosco is surprised she would shoot at her friends and the Roby’s say the Dukes aren’t friends of theirs. Rosco concludes that must mean the boys are his friends. Rosco tells the Roby’s that if they stop shooting at the boys he will help them and offers to try and call Bo and Luke off. He reaches the boys on the CB but they tell Rosco they aren’t going to leave him. Rosco tells Myrna to go ahead and shoot but when she does he rolls up the window on her arm. Rosco then pulls over, Bo and Luke coming up behind them. Bo and Luke praise Rosco and Rosco gets the jewels back. Rosco says he’s sorry for not listening to them and Bo tells him to say whatever he wants when Boss reinstates him. Myrna threatens to tell everyone they were all in on it if the boys don’t let her and Burt go. Rosco tells her to hush and Luke says they’ll have to take the chance. They pull Rosco aside and explain a plan to him.

Balladeer: Now Luke’s plan had four things wrong with it. One, it was hard. Two, it was dangerous. And three, it had no guarantee. And four, Rosco liked it. Rosco was to return to Boss, taking the jewelry with him, while Bo and Luke took them Roby’s along with them. But not before contacting Uncle Jesse filling him in on what’s he supposed to do.

Luke calls Jesse and has him put everyone in town on the CB. Jesse tells them to be careful. Rosco puts the two in the General while he heads back to the Boar’s Nest with the jewels. Bo and Luke get the Roby’s in the General. Jesse calls the Hazzard net and has everyone listen to their CB. Jesse talks to Amos and tells him to have everyone listen to channel 22. Rosco heads to the Boar’s Nest practicing what he will say.

Boar’s Nest

Boss lectures Cletus about the cars when Rosco storms in with the jewelry. He tells Boss he wants his job back. Boss says he doesn’t trust Rosco as he is double crossing the Dukes. Boss tells Cletus to arrest Boss but Rosco pushes Boss into his seat and says the Dukes said Boss wouldn’t listen. Rosco calls the Dukes on the CB and says they are ready.


Luke checks with Jesse and then turns on the CB before having Bo go at it. Bo starts driving recklessly. Bo is asked to slow down but goes off road. Luke explains they are on old Ridgerunner Road. Bo leaves the road to go back on the main, taking the car up on two wheels to the passenger’s protests. Bo says they stole the jewels and Burt says that is no secret. Realizing what the boys are trying to do, Myrna tells Burt to shut up. Luke asks them who helped them and Myrna tries to keep Burt quiet. Luke tells Bo to head to Wilton Bridge before explain that the bridge was washed out in a flood last winter and the fact they can’t jump it don’t matter much as they would rather die than go to prison, which Bo nods along to. Bo heads to the bridge and jumps it. Burt admits to everything and everyone hears that they are all innocent. Luke has Bo slow down and they head to town.

Balladeer: Well, with the whole town CB witnesses to the confession, Boss had no choice but to drop the charges against the Dukes. And about that money that Rosco and Boss were gonna split; Mama and Lulu got to it first. But Bo and Luke were off the hook, so Jesse was the only one who got stuffed.

Bo and Luke return to town, being congratulated by Jesse. Cletus arrests the couple and Boss apologizes to Rosco and Rosco corrects him saying what Boss owes him is his badge. Boss agrees and promises to reinstate him. He adds he is going to give Rosco a share of the reward money, settling on 90-10. The boys help Jesse in the General and they head home. Jesse threatens to un-weld the doors and Bo suggests to weld the doors shut on the pickup.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Tony Brubaker as Tony Brubaker


Hazzard County[]


  • Despite having little money, Rosco financially helps support an Uncle and Aunt in Nashville.
  • The Ladie's Auxiliary Club planted the flowers in front of the police station
  • While in high school, Bo and Luke would sometimes skip school to the Okmulgee Indian Caves
    • Jesse says he knew about it and Rosco says he used to skip school there as well. Another place they cut school with along with Daisy was mentioned in The Runaway


  • This is the first episode that Daisy Duke was absent in
    • Daisy is the second Duke to be absent from an episode as Bo was not in Baa, Baa White Sheep due to John Schneider filming a movie.