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Tom Colt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Double Sting[]

While Bo and Luke Duke are driving, he intentionally rams into the General Lee. They bump each other a number of times, damaging the General's fender before he runs them off the road. He drives away to the Boar’s Nest and approaches Daisy at the bar as she is telling the boys about her costume of a circus bareback rider. He calls her baby and offers to be her horse. She tells him as soon as she finds the front end. Angry he grabs her by the wrist and tells her he doesn’t take any dirt from a bar maid. He is suddenly punched in the face by Bo. He gets up and hits Bo again before being tackled by Luke. After a few more boys join in, he wrestles on the floor with the rest. He is arrested by Rosco and Bo yanks him to his feet before shoving him out the door.

That night he exposes himself to poison ivy, which he has a severe allergy to, and fakes the symptoms of the plague. He lays in bed pretending to be ill so that Rosco would call a doctor and the doctor would look over him. After the doctor assumes he has the plague, Jesse starts looking over him while he pretends to be unconscious.

As Jesse is caring for him, he comments Colt was smart, getting the law all quarantined while the bank was hit. However they made one mistake by picking Hazzard. Jesse tells him that he and the boys are going to make a run for it and he is invited to come along, but if Rosco has his way,  Colt’s partners will have the money split and spent before he leaves otherwise. Jesse adds they already have it all planned and it would be a shame for him to rot away in the jail.

When the Sheriff and deputy fall down the stairs responding to the yells of Jail Break, he leaps up from the bed saying to get out of there and runs out with Bo and Luke. The three of them get in the General Lee, Colt getting in the back.

As they head down the road, Bo and Luke comment about Cooter leaving them lunch in the car and he tells them he hopes they aren’t planning to stop for lunch. They hear Sheriff Ragsdale on the radio and when Luke comments that if he had two more cars he’d invade Russia. Colt asks that he had that many and Bo says they’re just that mean. When Luke informs them that the Sheriff’s are working together, Colt tells them not to forget the FBI and State Patrol. Bo asks why would they be after them and Colt tells him that bank robbery is a federal rap. He then puts a hand on each of the Dukes’ shoulder saying ‘Welcome to the Big Time!’ Bo says they didn’t rob a bank and Colt laughs telling Bo to tell that to the judge. Bo cuts across country and Luke asks if he’s alright. When they pass a police car and Luke says that looked like Hammerhand, he yells that Bo better step on it as the sheriff is after them. They lose him.

They stop by a creek and he asks what are they going to do now. Luke says they are sitting tight until dark and he asks 'then what'. The boys ask about throwing in with them and Colt asks that they want to be wheel men. He says he’ll take them to the boss and let him decide. Bo excitedly asks him how he faked the plague. Excited Colt told him it was just poison ivy and acting. He tells the boys that no doctor has actually seen the plague in that part of the county. Thinking the boys are distracted he then rushes over and steals the General.

He arrives at the shack to see Daisy there as well. When Wendle asks what he’s doing there he tells him that he ran into trouble. When Daisy comments ‘you poor man, that’s a terrible case of poison ivy’, he tells the rest that it didn’t work any better in jail either. He asks about Daisy being the girl from the bar and Irving dismisses the question before he starts asking Colt how they can escape in that car. Colt snaps saying ‘look little man’ and that it will be a whole lot easier than trying to hide Daisy. They listen to Wendel rant about their incompetance. He tells them he wants to see the money and Daisy says he should be seeing about getting lotion on the ivy. Wendel keeps ranting and he walks away, heading inside. Inside he asks again about the money but is told it won’t matter if they can't get away.

When Wendel turns to him to help kill Daisy by drowning her in the RV, he comment’s ‘Don’t look at me. I’ve been sick’ before going outside. He finds Cooter Davenport letting the air out of the tires on the RV. He learns that the RV has two flat tires and the distributor cap to the General is hidden. Before they can do anything, they are suddenly attacked by Bo ramming into the shack with Cooter’s truck and Luke shooting dynamite arrows at them. They take cover. The entire shack is shoved into the water and they dive out of the house as the law show up. They are arrested by Rosco and Enos but are handed over to Ragsdale.