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Tom Pryor is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Tom Pryor is a former revenuer and current Federal Agent who was a long time friend of Jesse Duke's.


Witness for the Persecution[]

He goes to visit Jesse and Jesse assures him that while a lot of whiskey has left Hazzard since they last met, not a single drop had been from the Duke home. Tom puts some cream into his coffee and says he switched over to the federals. Jesse remarks that he gets a feeling he is about to learn why he’s honored by Tom’s presence. Tom explains that the biggest racketeer in the south is about to go on trial in Savannah tomorrow and he has the key government witness who is going to testify against him. He says until then they need a safe house to hide him but cautions that anyone who hides the witness will be in danger and no one will hold it against Jesse if he says no. Jesse says he himself would. Tom tells Jesse that it won’t be easy and they have men everywhere. After Jesse agrees he asks him to keep the witness as cooperative and comfortable as possible, to do his best to give him whatever he wants. Jesse agrees saying he’d be glad too as it ain’t going to be too hard as they don’t have that much to give anyway. Tom says he knew they could count on him before radioing to have the witness brought in.

When Boss comes in, Jesse becomes upset and asks ‘that is your witness’ to which he nods. He watches Boss and Jesse fight and when Jesse says he thought Boss was in Baluxy foreclosing on some poor old widow lady’s soybean farm, Tom explains that was a cover story they had made. He says no one would expect to find J.D. in the home of his ‘oldest’ before trailing off, not knowing how to label Boss and Jesse’s relationship. When they start fighting more he suggests they leave to let them work out the details and thanks Jesse again before heading out, Jesse telling him the sooner the better.

The next day he calls Jesse to tell him when they will pick up Boss fro the trial.

He arrives at the farm and sits with Jesse to pick up Boss, listening to Bo over the C.B. saying he’s on his way with Boss. After Bo says they need to make sure he’s ready to go, he backs up and directs his truck in order to leave the farm quickly. He waits with Jesse as Bo, Luke, and Boss arrive and run to his car. The hit men also arrive and shoot out his radiator and his tire. He lays down cover fire from behind the door to allow Bo and Luke to escape with Boss.

Later he presents a certificate of valor to Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Daisy for their assistance.