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Tommy is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Boar's Nest Bears[]

Tommy is part of the Boar’s Nest Bears basketball team. When his coach quits, Boss hires Rosco to take over as the coach. He is unimpressed when Rosco explains what a ball is and starts bouncing it. He takes the ball from the Sheriff, telling him that they know what a ball does. Rosco remarks that he’s learning already. They see Bo and Luke arrive and begin throwing balls at the hoop.

When Rosco tries to stop them, they overwhelm him. Boss comes out, trying to stop them too but they ignore the team owner.

The next day they meet for practice and Boss announces that he is now the coach. He expresses dislike of the situation. He yells at Boss saying they need a real coach. Boss tries to prove he can be a coach but he tosses the ball and Bo, who arrived with Luke, catches it. The two take over, telling them to fall into line and Tommy and the other kids do. When Boss calls out to Bo and Luke, Luke holds the ball. Boss tries to get the Dukes to coach, which they ask for and when Boss agrees they all cheer.

They stay at the Duke Farm for a training camp and Daisy takes him and the other members of the team out for a run.

Later he practices with Bo and Luke as Rod Moffet joins the team and sleeps in the barn with the other kids. The next morning they are woken up by Bo and Luke before learning Rod is missing and they look around the farm for him.

After Rod is found, they play basketball on the farm.

On Friday they go out onto the court to practice for the big game, wearing jersey number 51. They are intimidated by the Chickasaw Chiefs as they arrive but Bo says that the team isn’t that good and Luke tells them to run some drills, which they do.

Luke returns alone to inform them that Bo had to run an errand and Rod can’t play in the opening. He protests that they have to do something. He says without Rod they don’t have a chance. Luke says that isn’t true, that they have really come together in the past week and they will probably surprise themselves. Luke then goes over the plan with them.

They start the game and the Chief’s take a quick lead.

Luke addressed the team at half time. When Luke and Rod tell them to keep doing their best, he promises that they will try. They do better in the second half but the game is temporarily halted when Daisy and Bo arrive with Rod’s birth certificate. Jesse says that Rod plays and they celebrate. They pull ahead in the last half and he scores the finale points, winning the game. They celebrate.

Later they have ice cream with the Chief's in the gazebo.