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Tommy Dunkirk is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


In 1976 he helped Sandra and Phil execute a $1 million hijacking but were unable to take the money out of Hazzard. They hid the money but were unable to find it again. In 1981 they see a newspaper article about Phil's friend Luke Duke finding the money and head to Hazzard to get it back.


The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

As they enter Hazzard, he informs the others that they are being followed and the man is still hanging in. Despite Phils’ attempts, the man doesn’t leave and he tells the others he isn’t going away. Sandra decides to call locals for help. Sandra makes the call and they hear Bo Duke say they are coming to help. After the General lee runs the man off, they stop to talk to their rescuers. They see Phil knows them and are introduced to Luke and Bo Duke while Phil introduces them. They all head back to the Farm to meet the other Dukes.

They arrive at the farm where they meet Jesse and Daisy. When Luke asks what they are doing in Hazzard and Sandra says they were looking for the Dukes, he elaborates saying when they read the serial numbers on the bills they found they couldn’t get there fast enough. Phil explains how they were falsely blamed for the hijacking and are there to clear their names. He explains the company thought it was an inside job, and they still do. Jesse says they will stay on the farm during their search and Daisy says he can stay in the parlor. They unload their luggage.

The ride out with Bo and Luke to where they found the money. Bo, amused, informs them Rosco is behind them and they all look. Luke explains Rosco is the Sheriff and spends half his time chasing Bo and Luke around. After Bo jumps the creek, Luke says Bo usually is more radical. As Bo continues to drive, they see Cletus coming at them straight on and they cringe away, thinking they are about to wreck but instead Bo causes the officers to crash.

They arrive at the creek and get out. Bo points out exactly where they found the money and he asks what is upstream. Luke says swamp mostly. They decide to head back to the Farm and pick up the search tomorrow.

They return to the farm and Luke says he has a map inside. They go into the kitchen to look at it and Sandra leaves to ‘freshen up’. When they hear Sandra yell, they run in to check on her. He sees Bo on the ground after the intruder threw a chair at him and stops to take it off and help Bo up. After Luke says again that they will find the money first, he goes out with Bo and Luke to look over the map and shuts the door to give Phil and Sandra a moment.

The next morning he goes into the house to tell Luke that Bo and Phil are ready to leave any minute now and Luke tells him he’ll be out, that he’s just waiting for Kate. He goes outside and watches Bo, Luke, and Phil leave having decided to stay at the farm.

He sees Jesse return to the farm after being away. He hears Jesse confront Sandra, having learned they were behind the hijacking. He goes into the kitchen, pulling a gun on Daisy and Jesse. He hands the gun to Sandra, tying them up. Sandra returns the gun and they leave to meet up with Phil, taking Daisy’s jeep.

They take the jeep to the bridge to get to Bear Point. They arrive to see Luke and Phil found the money. Luke admits he was beginning to suspect them but what he doesn’t know is why they left it. He tells him they had to stash it in case they got stopped and they figured to come back. When Luke says they didn’t get the jeep from Daisy without a fight he says Daisy wasn’t in a position to fight. Luke gets mad and he quickly says that Daisy and Jesse are fine. Luke goes to leave to check on his family but Phil pulls a gun on him. Bo arrives and Luke kicks Phil’s gun away. He goes after the gun only to be tackled by Bo. He punches Bo in the face as Sandra is pulling on him. Bo manages to get the upper hand and knocks him out. He is arrested by Rosco and locked in jail.