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"Too Many Roscos" is the third episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


While Rosco is chasing the Dukes, a pair of bank robbers runs the sheriff's car off the road. After the car sinks into the lake, the robbers kidnap Rosco. While the town grieves over Rosco's apparent fate, the robbers are plotting their next move: unveiling a third associate, a vicious crook named Woody - who looks exactly like Rosco! Their ultimate scheme is to rob an armored car that is scheduled to arrive at Hazzard Bank. When Bo and Luke expose the phony Rosco, Woody and his associates imprison the Duke cousins at their hideout (along with the real Rosco) so they cannot interfere in their plans.


Balladeer: Well sir, it was a lovely spring morning and Bo and Luke had the General out for a little spin. Nothin’ really special. But what to their wandering eyes should appear? Yup, you guessed it. Two damsels in distress. Which for Bo and Luke usually means trouble. You see, that sizziling repartee is what makes the Duke boys so popular in Hazzard. Boss Hogg was worried sick over the expected arrival of one million dollars in brand new bills from the Atlanta Federal Reserve to replace the worn out bills, which in itself is a miracle. Since once Boss gets his hands on money, it don’t do too much circulating.

Town of Hazzard

Luke drives as he and Bo are in the General, jumping over a creek. The boys come into town where they see two women by a yellow car with a flat. Luke spots Sue Ann and Mary Hansen, to Bo’s excitement too. Bo steals Rosco’s phrase, saying ‘I love it, I love it’. The boys stop and Bo asks where they have been hiding out. They offer to tell the boys while they change the tire. Mary hands Bo the keys and Bo looks to Luke, unsure but agrees. Luke stays with the girls while Bo gets to work.

Police department

Boss reviews the bank shipment with Enos and Rosco, drawing where they will be positioned on a chalk board. Boss draws the street and makes two circles for the bank and the truck. Boss says the driver will have photo positive ID’s of them both. He then makes an ‘X’ for Enos and Roso’s positions. Rosco tells him if they add an ‘x’ for Flash, they will have a ‘tic-tac-toe’ to Enos’ amusement and Boss’ frustration. Boss says he wants them to go practice.

Town of Hazzard

The girls and Luke watch Bo, Luke asking of Bo is through yet. Annoyed, Bo starts telling the girls what they are going to do, before changing that to what ‘Bo’ will do since Luke hasn’t been helping. Bo says they will take the tire to Cooter’s and get it fixed. The girls ask when they can pick it up and Luke offers for the boys to deliver it at a picnic at Jensen’s Hollow in an hour. The girls agree and Luke notices Bo forgot a wrench, giving Bo and attitude about it.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss has Rosco and Enos practice outside the bank while two men watch, filming the entire thing.


Arnie and Kelly watch the tape they made, asking Woody if he’s seen enough. When Woody says he supposes so, Kelly reminds them they have been watching Rosco for a month so Woody better know so. Arnie says when the armored truck comes in the next day at noon, Woody will be the new Rosco. Woody assures them he can be Rosco, revealing his face which looks exactly like Rosco’s. Arnie says the Doctor did a great job on the plastic surgery and they can’t tell the difference between Woody and Rosco. Woody remarks they need to get the show on the road. Arnie and Woody leave to get Rosco.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco exits the police department and sees the General is near a red zone. Arnie and Kelly watch as Rosco gets in his car, pushing the General into the red zone. Bo and Luke, returning with the fixed fire from Cooter’s, see the act and yell at Rosco in protest. Bo tries to explain that Rosco cant’ write the ticket because he just pushed them into the red zone. Luke sits on the tire as Rosco says they are getting the ticket. Luke asks if Rosco knows the meaning of the word integrity, confusing both Bo and Rosco. When Rosco says no, Luke says it’s something Rosco doesn’t have a lot of before ripping up the ticket to Bo’s amusement. Rosco says he’s going to write them another one, but Bo says he needs to go get another ticket book as that one is empty. Rosco tells them to wait right there as he does, which Bo agrees to do. As soon as Rosco reaches his car the boys get into the General and Bo tells him to mail it to them before they drive off.


Rosco chases the boys and Kelly and Arnie chase him. In the car, Bo asks Luke what integrity means and Luke tells him to forget it for now. Bo is worried because he knows they will be late for the picnic. As the chase continues on, Kelly and Arnie take a side road and ram into Rosco, sending him into the pond. Meanwhile down the road the boys realize Rosco isn’t behind them and concerned, decide to go back. Rosco climbs out of the pond and Kelly and Arnie force him into the car.

The boys arrive to see Rosco’s car in the water. The two become concerned because they can’t see Rosco and assume he’s in the car. The boys become frantic, diving into the car to find him. After they surface Bo asks if there is any sign of him and when Luke says no they dive again. Bo starts yelling for Rosco and dives a third time. Luke calls for him and Bo surfaces with his hat. Luke decides to call Cooter, telling Bo to get out. They comment that Rosco can’t swim and realize he’s most likely dead. The two are distraught over the fact. Bo decides to try again and Luke tells him there’s nothing more they can do. Luke goes and calls Cooter and Bo tears up, holding Rosco’s hat. Luke also calls Daisy and Jesse.

Hazzard Lake

Cooter comes out and Daisy and Jesse follow in Dixie, worried as Luke couldn’t tell them what was wrong. All three arrive and Bo and Luke show them the car. Bo tells them they dove a few times, and Luke says they haven’t found Rosco. Cooter removes his hat and Bo says they didn’t mean any harm. Jesse says it wasn’t their fault and they have some things they need to do. Cooter tows out the car and Jesse says they need to tell Boss and Lulu.

Hide Out

Rosco is tied to a chair, blindfolded. Rosco is furious at being kidnapped but the men insist they didn’t kidnap him, they borrowed him for a bit. Rosco says you can’t borrow a person like a cup of sugar and asks what their goal is. They untie the blindfold, saying maybe Rosco can figure it out. Rosco is shocked to see Woody in his uniform. Woody gets too excited by his role of confusing Rosco, that he admits their goal is the armored truck coming to Hazzard. Rosco tries to tell everyone that their plan won’t work because the driver will know it’s not Rosco. Woody says he doesn’t think so. He thinks everyone will think Woody is Rosco, and that Woody and the others will make off with the money and leave Rosco behind to take the blame.

Police Department

Boss is upset, wondering where Rosco is. Enos says he hasn’t been able to get Flash to eat, commenting she is a loyal dog. As Boss goes to leave, Jesse comes in with Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Daisy. Boss tries to make a joke but seeing how upset they are, Jesse tells them they need to talk. The kids step outside and Jesse tells Enos and Boss to sit down. The two do and Jesse says they lost Rosco. Boss, not understanding, says he did too as he hasn’t seen Rosco for two hours. Jesse explains that Rosco has passed on. Enos realizes that means Rosco is dead. Jesse explains what happened and Boss and Enos become devastated. Boss says someone needs to tell Lulu. Jesse says they figured Boss would want to do that. Boss says he does and he needs to call her. As he goes to his office, he wonders how can he tell her. Meanwhile Enos grabs Flash, hugging her and promising to care for her.

The Dukes head outside, and Bo says he and Luke are going to the church. Jesse says they will come to.

Hide out

Kelly comes in, informing Woody and Arnie that he was listening to the CB and the whole town of Hazzard believe that Rosco is dead. Rosco becomes upset at the idea, wanting to get to the funeral. Kelly asks what they should do. Arnie says Woody will show up and pretend that he got hurt in the accident and was lost. Rosco says no one will buy that and they make it sound like he hit his head on a rock or something. The three hijackers decide that is a perfect cover story.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Lulu look at a picture of Rosco as they prepare a wake, and Boss promises Lulu that Rosco will have the greatest wake Hazzard ever seen.

Duke Farm

The next morning the Dukes head out to Town for Rosco’s wake.


The armored truck with the money heads to Hazzard and Woody heads to town. Woody makes a fake bruise on his head.

Hogg Family Home

Enos stands outside for the wake, greeting the people who attend. The Dukes arrive and Enos offers to help Jesse out. He greets the rest of the Dukes as Bo and Luke help him with Jesse. Enos then helps Daisy out before directing them in. Meanwhile Kelly drops off Rosco in town.

The Dukes come inside and Daisy consoles Lulu and Flash and Jesse goes to Boss. Bo and Luke shakes Boss’ hand and move aside. Daisy also apologizes to Flash. Outside Enos sees Woody and becomes excited, realizing Rosco isn’t dead. In his joy, Enos runs inside screaming about Rosco. Thinking the shock of losing Rosco has finally hit Enos, Boss and Lulu get up in their rush to comfort Enos and calm him down. Enos informs them that Rosco is outside. The entire group rushes outside to see Woody. Assuming it’s Rosco, Enos, Lulu, and Rosco all hug him before he’s swamped by the others. Daisy hugs Woody and Bo and Luke shake his hand, saying no one is happier to see him than they are. Cooter points out the bruise on his head and Woody says he hit his head on a rock when he was swimming out. Daisy proposes they get him to Doc Applebee’s and Woody claims he already saw a Doctor. Flash comes out, barking and Woody goes to see her but Flash snaps at him, shocking everyone. Woody calls Flash a boy, which Daisy corrects and Woody says he thinks Flash is mad. Bo and Luke are worried, as are everyone else.

Woody then goes to Boss, asking him about the armored car. Boss is confused before remembers the million dollar money delivery. Boss says it’s eleven o’clock and runs inside to get his hat, Lulu following. Woody goes to follow but Bo stops him saying he and Luke would be happy to take the parking ticket that Rosco was going to write. Not knowing what the boys are talking about and more worried about the armored car, Woody tells them to forget the parking ticket, shocking the boys. Boss, Enos, and Rosco leave and the boys watch with Daisy and Cooter, all confused. They remark he’s acting strange and Cooter says it’s not strange but rather weird. Jesse tells them to let Rosco get some rest first. Luke brings up the issue with Flash but they brush it off. Jesse figures since they are in town they should do some business. He leaves with Daisy and Cooter, Bo asking for them to get him some socks. Bo remembers he still has Rosco’s hat and Luke says they should go do it.


The armored truck continues to head to Hazzard, on time to get to noon.

Hide Out

Arnie and Kelly check their watches. Rosco checks his as well, but is confused as to why.

Police Department

Boss, Enos, and Woody review the plan again for the truck’s arrival. Bo and Luke come into the station, Bo wearing Rosco’s hat which is too big for him and is covering his eyes. Boss asks what are they doing there and Luke says they forgot about the hat. Bo hands it over saying it’s a little big for him. Woody puts it on, but realizing it’s too small quickly takes it off. He thanks Bo, but calls him Luke by mistake, surprising everyone. Enos says that it was Bo and Luke says he is Luke, to which Bo points at him and says the same. Woody tries to brush it off. Boss shoos them out and Bo says he’s glad Rosco isn’t dead. Before they can go back to the meeting Boss gets a call but he’s confused when ‘Rosco’ doesn’t say his usual ‘say hello from Rosco’. When he prompts it out of Woody, he answers in his usual ‘no’ fashion before learning that the armored car has a flat tire. Boss goes into his office and Woody leaves to call his buddies.

Town of Hazzard

Woody makes the call, informing the others that the truck will be an hour late. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are using the only other public phone booth in the town of Hazzard to call Doc Appleby. Appleby informs Luke he hasn’t seen Rosco in a while and it is possible that ‘Rosco’ has a concussion and is just confused. He tells Luke for him and Bo to bring ‘Rosco’ to see him at the Capital City Hospital. Luke says that is easier said than done before filling Bo in. Bo laughs and asks how Luke plans to do that.

Police Department

Woody comes back in and Enos greets him. Woody asks where the aspirin is, confusing Enos since it’s been in the same medicine cabinet as it always has been. Enos then offers to get him something to eat from Vinnies, and Woody asks who that is. Enos says he makes Rosco’s favorite possum pie. Bo and Luke come back in and Enos greets them. Woody asks what are they doing there. The boys explain they called Doc Appleby and they were told to bring him to the Capitol City Hospital. Woody refuses but the boys insist and Bo goes to escort him but Woody pulls on a gun on him. Everyone is surprised and Luke pulls Bo behind him as Enos takes the gun away. Enos says the boys are right and ‘Rosco’ needs to listen to the doctor. He insists he can handle the armored car without Rosco. Realizing he can’t get out of this without causing suspicion, Woody agrees saying he’s got to take some documents into Boss’ desk first. He goes the wrong way at first, which the three hesitantly correct him. As Woody closes the door, Luke comments he’s never seen anything like that before, not even in the marines.

In the office, Woody calls his friends and tells them the Dukes are taking him to the hospital and if they want to pull off the job they need to get him out of this. Arnie says they are on their way.

In the main office, Woody says he’s ready to go and Enos assures him he’s doing the right thing. Meanwhile the other two men finish locking Rosco in the closet and head out to find Bo and Luke.


Arnie and Kelly head out looking for the boys. In the General, Woody tries again, saying he doesn’t really feel that bad. Woody again gets Bo and Luke mixed up and Bo tells him ‘you keep making the same mistake. That’s Luke, I’m Bo. You’re sick.’

Arnie and Kelly locate the General. The two chase after the General, surprising Bo who was driving. Bo asks what they are doing and Luke says Bo will get a chance to talk to him. The car starts ramming into them. Woody suggests they pull over but Bo says he wants to run away. Luke encourages him to drive but Woody tells him he said to pull over before slamming on the break to Bo’s shock. The General stops and Arnie and Kelly get out, covering them with guns. Annoyed, Bo asks if he’s satisfied and Arnie tells ‘Woody’ that he did a good job. Luke realizes that the person with them isn’t Rosco, and Bo is a little slower on it. Woody addresses them, informing them of his real identity and Bo demands to know where Rosco is. They put Bo and Luke in the car and Arnie takes the General.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss is frustrated that Rosco is missing.


Kelly and Woody finishes securing Bo and Luke to chairs, telling them they aren’t going anywhere for a long time. Arnie says they need to go as they have ten minutes. They disable the phone and the three men leave. Luke tells Bo to move the chair toward him and he’ll get Bo’s knife. Meanwhile the three men leave in their car. Luke manages to get Bo’s knife and starts to cut him free. They hear something in the closet and agree to check it after getting free.


The armored car gets close to town as the three men do too.


Bo and Luke get free. Bo opens the closet and they are happily shocked to see Rosco, who falls into Bo’s arms. They quickly free him, saying they thought those men killed Rosco. Rosco says ‘wait until I get a hold of them, especially that ugly one who looks like me’ and the boys tell him they need to get into town. Rosco puts on his uniform and Bo helps, trying to get him free. The three get into the General and Bo drives them back to town.

Town of Hazzard

Boss is still frustrated that Rosco isn’t there. Enos tries to distract him. Meanwhile Arnie, Kelly, and Woody arrive. Arnie tells Woody to make his performance good. Woody asks when does he do otherwise.


Bo jumps the General, alarming Rosco. Luke pulls Rosco up from where he fell over in the middle seat, trying to call Boss and Enos on the CB but they don’t get an answer.

Bank of Hazzard

Woody arrives, confusing Enos who says he was supposed to be on his way to the hospital. However they all disregard it as the armored car has arrived.

The guard looks at Rosco and Enos, checking the ID’s to make sure they were the right people. The driver gets out and goes to the back, knocking to inform his partner that it’s safe. As they hand the money to Boss, Woody pulls out a gun and holds Boss up for the money. Kelly and Arnie help lock up Boss and the rest and they get away. Bo and Luke arrive, letting the guards, Enos, and Boss out. Furious Boss confronts Rosco, assuming Bo and Luke caught them. Rosco tries to explain but Bo and Luke try to elaborate. Boss concludes they are all insane and Rosco informs Luke that he overheard the men’s plans to go to the state line. The boys decide to head out, Luke driving and Bo riding shotgun this time. Confused and having no idea what is going on, Boss and Enos chase after them in Enos’ car.


The three men celebrate their win, having no idea the General is behind them along with the police officer. Rosco says the men are so far ahead he isn’t sure they can catch them. Bo suggests they take Miller Road to the crossroads, which Rosco agrees with but Luke says that is if they take if. Bo says they will, calling for Jesse.

Jesse and Daisy are at the Farm and Bo gives them a quick explanation and asks them to set up road blocks. The two agree, Daisy leaving for Spruce Lane and Jesse leaving for Willow Road.

Luke jumps the General across a gully they forgot about and Enos manages to do it as well. Meanwhile Daisy reaches Spruce Lane, forcing Kelly to go where she wants. She radio’s the boys to tell them. Again the men pass Jesse, who force them onto Old Mill Road. Luke then spots the crooks car and the three are shocked to see the General. Luke overtakes the car and rams them until he forces them off the road and into the pond. The General stops as the three men get out. Rosco stops Luke and Bo saying he will handle the arrest. The three men come out of the water and Rosco takes their guns and Bo and Luke take custody of the other two. Rosco tries to take the money from Woody, who says ‘let me have it’. Rosco says he shouldn’t have said that before punching Woody in the face.

Enos and Boss arrives and Boss yells for Enos to arrest everyone, especially Rosco but to be careful as Rosco is already hurt. Woody gets up and Boss is confused by the two Rosco’s. Jesse and Daisy arrive and no one can tell the difference between the Rosco’s. Rosco then gives the money to Boss, addressing him as his little fat buddy and Boss concludes this is the real Rosco. He says what they said at the bank now makes sense since there is more than one Rosco. Boss thanks the Dukes and tells Enos not to arrest them or Rosco, but arrest the crooks.

Bo and Luke try to remember what they were doing when all this happened. They suddenly remember the picnic date they were supposed to have the day before and rush home, telling Daisy and Jesse to get home safely.

Balladeer: Well Rosco got his identity back, Boss got his Sheriff back. The Duke boys got two traffic tickets and missed the girls at the picnic. Flash got his appetite back and there’s still about three hours left before dinner. Just enough time for something else to go wrong.

Police Department

Rosco announces police enforcement is his life as he celebrates the escape with Lulu, Boss, Enos, and Flash by giving Bo and Luke the parking ticket. The Dukes aren’t amused by it but they don’t argue. Daisy even kisses Rosco’s cheek.


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Hazzard County[]


  • This is the second episode that the characters thought a member of the main cast had died
    • The previous episode was Ghost of the General Lee, where everyone thought Bo and Luke had died and held a wake for them at the Duke Farm
    • Just like Rosco and Enos were distraught, thinking they led Bo and Luke to their deaths, Bo and Luke were distraught thinking they led Rosco to his death
  • This episode is the second time criminals have made themselves look like the main characters to commit a crime. The previous instance was in Double Dukes where two men pretended to be Bo and Luke.
  • This episode reiterates that Rosco can't swim
  • Boss is so worried about Rosco that he forgets about the million dollar bank shipment
  • The Town of Hazzard only has two public payphones
  • Woody made a lot of mistakes pretending to be Rosco that brought up suspicion
    • He 'forgot' which way the medicine cabinet was as well as his favorite food place and Boss' office
    • Flash suddenly had an dislike to him and he couldn't remember if Flash was a boy or girl
    • He couldn't keep Bo and Luke straight and continued to call them the wrong name
    • Forgot to say 'say hello from Rosco' when the phone rang
    • One of the biggest red flags to Bo, Luke, and Enos was 'Rosco' pulling a gun on Bo
  • Luke references his time in the marines, saying he's never seen anything like the behavior they are witnessing from 'Rosco' before


  • James Best had a dual role in this episode: his regular role of Rosco and as Woody, Rosco's criminal double.