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The Town of Hazzard is the main residential area located in Hazzard County, Georgia.


Interstate 104 (North and South) leads to the Town of Hazzard. [1] As well as Route 36 (West and East). [2]

Hazzard Square.jpg

The Town of Hazzard is laid out in a main square with most of it's prominent businesses located along the roads and a grassy area with a gazebo in the center that functions as the Town Square.


Hazzard was settled sometime in the mid 1700's with the Duke Family early residents. [3] Some time before 1872 the town had been renamed to "Sleepy City" and the Hogg Family, Coltrane Family, and Davenport Family had settled into the area. [4] Later the town's name is changed back to Hazzard.

During Hughie's attempted take over in 1981, the Town was renamed Hughie Town, but changed back the very same day. [5]

Prominent Locations

  • Bank of Hazzard County
  • Barber Shop
  • Billy Joe Fong's CB Radio's [6]
  • Bisbee Cafe [7][8]
  • Carol's Jewelry [9]- a store located next to Rhuebottom's
  • Dan's Auto Parts Store [10]- a store with a yellow sing on a back alley in Hazzard
  • Dixie Dinner [11]
  • Doctor's Office [12]
  • Drug Store [13]- on the other side of the street from the Bank. Shares a space with the Ice Cream Parlor and the Bus Stop
  • Fanny's Flowers [14]- Flower shop next to the Post Office
  • Fire Department
  • Franky's Fabrics- [15] on the other side of the street from the Hotel
  • Furniture Mart [16]- Furniture Store next to the USO and the Phone Company Office
  • Gordan and Lowell Attorney Office [17]
  • Haggard's Bakery [18]- Owned by Sarah Jane
  • Hazzard Garage
  • Hazzard Bus Depot- larger bus stop that was later added to the town. [19]
  • Hazzard Cleaners- owned by Mrs. Walker[20]
  • Hazzard County Police Department
  • Hazzard County Building
  • Hazzard County Gazette [21]
  • Hazzard County Telephone Company- BLD 712[22] It is next door to the Theater.
  • Hazzard Court House
  • Hazzard Dry Good's Store- proprietor is J.D. Hogg [23]
  • Hazzard Emporium [24]- a shop that opened next to the Telephone Company and replaced Seth M. Barley Co. [25]
  • Hazzard Gold & Silver Emporium [26]
  • Hazzard Jewelry Store [27]
  • Hazzard Photo Shop- owned by Jake Sumner[28]
  • Hazzard Theater [29]- located between the Furniture Mart and the Drug Store
  • Hogg Family Home
  • Hotchkiss Funeral Home- 102 Riskin Ave. [30]
  • Ice Cream Parlor [31]- on the other side of the street from the Bank. Shares a space with the Drug Store and the Bus Stop.
  • J.D. Hogg Furniture Mart[32]
  • J.D. Hogg Real-estate [33]
  • J.D. Hogg Ritz Plaza Hotel [34]- Managed by Wally[35]
  • Joe's Hardware Store [36]
  • Kelly's Place [37]
  • Martin's Emporium [38]
  • Maynard's Clother's [39]- Two businesses behind the Bank
  • McCob's Oil [40]- between the USO and the Fabric Store
  • Mrs. Jackson's Boarding House [41]
  • O'Connor Paint Supply [42]- Paint store, red front, two down from Rhuebottom's
  • Otis Plunkett's T.V. and Appliance Store [43]- A store owned by Otis Plunkett next to the Barber Shop.[44]
  • Post Office- Between the USO office and the Furniture Mart
  • Pharmacy [45]
  • Pruitt's Printing Shop [46]
  • Rachel's Cafe [47]
  • Rick's Pool Room and Lounge [48]- a business with a red sign on a back alley, next to the auto store
  • Rhuebottom's General Store
  • Room and Board
  • Senior Citizen Center [49]
  • Seth M.Berley Co.- replaces the Furniture Mart [50]
  • Skipper Ward Surplus [51]- Store next to the WHOGG Radio Station
  • Sweet's Shop [52]
  • Tizdale Cab Company [53]
  • Town Church
  • T.V. Shop- owned by Andy Tibbles [54]
  • W.H.O.G.G. Radio Station- next to the surplus store [55]
  • Uncle Charlies Upholstery [56]
  • U.S.O. Office- Between McCob's Oil and the Post Office
  • Yellow Pine Lumber Co. [57]- two stores away from Seth M. Berley co. Murphy owns the company. [58]