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"Treasure of Hazzard" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

College history professor Laura Bardsley (Jeannie Wilson) has arrived in Hazzard to find a buried Civil War strongbox that was buried before the Battle of Hazzard, and it contains a regimental payroll. But Boss Hogg is also after the strongbox. Laura promises to give Boss Hogg the money contained in the strongbox, as long as she keeps the historic documents and other items of interest in it. Fortune hunter Stacy Williams (Doris Dowling) and her accomplice, Dr. James Fenwick (Whit Bissell), will stop at nothing to get to the strongbox first. The Dukes become involved, and help Laura recover the strongbox when it is stolen by Stacy and Dr. Fenwick.

Balladeer: Now if you see this pretty thing driving down the road this early in the morning, about the last thing you would expect to see is this fella sawing out the bridge supports where she’s fixing to go. Unless you’re in Hazzard, where just about anything you see is normal.

Laura is driving through Hazzard county when the General Lee falls in behind her. Two people are on the road ahead, setting up a bridge to collapse. Bo and Luke go around Laura and the bridge gives out under the General Lee. Bo and Luke are stunned. Laura talks to the boys and leaves to get Cooter.

Boar’s Nest

Enos goes to Boss’ office to tell him that Lester Crabb has arrived. Enos asks about Rosco and Boss says that Rosco has gone to study at the police academy until such time as he is fully trained. As they have no idea how long that will take, he intends to hire Lester Crabb.

Balladeer: Lester Crabb is known throughout Hazzard as the Traveling Sheriff. He’s wore out the law enforcement office in 14 counties. Lester’s motto is ‘Orders is Orders’. And he believes in the 11th commandment, the one Moses forgot. Now when Lester walks by, babies cry, flowers wilt, and beer just naturally goes flat. Old Lester is over the hill and hungry, he’s willing to enforce his motto any place he can get a job.

Lester goes into the Boar’s Nest and everyone goes quiet. He goes into Boss’ office and Boss hires him to be the temporary sheriff in Rosco’s place.

Hazzard Garage

Laura goes to see Cooter about getting Bo and Luke and Cooter tells her not to worry, he’s fished the boys out many times and asks her by Bo didn’t come with her. She says Bo had offered. Laura asks where to find Boss Hogg and Cooter directs her to the Boar's Nest.

Boar’s Nest

Laura arrives at the Boar’s Nest and goes to see Boss and Lester. She explains that she is there to look for a safety deposit box that was ordered to be buried during the civil war that contained a regimental payroll. Boss is stunned and Laura explains that the payroll is buried at the intersection of four points. However the points were named in the Civil war and Boss has no idea where they are now. Lester tells Laura that the Duke Family might know as they have been in that area forever. When Laura leaves, Boss yells at Lester and sends him to spy on the Duke’s before trying to figure out how many people are in a regiment and how much they were paid.

Duke Farm

While James and Stacy spy on them, Jesse and the Dukes talk to Laura. She explains the four reference points. The Dukes determine two of the points, the Denton Farm being the current Watherby Farm. Looking over the map again, Bo suggests Henderson Ridge as the south marker and Jesse agrees. Lester listens in and heads to radio back to Boss. Boss tells him to go to Henderson Ridge. Jesse continues to look for the third marker, the Cumberland Marker and they determine it’s in the marshland. Daisy asks how they are going to find it and Jesse suggests McCobb. When Jesse remarks about Jeb’s granddaughters, Bo says he thought he knew every girl in Hazzard and Jesse says they stay in the marshes to keep boys like Bo away from the girls. Jesse says Bo is just like him when he was younger.

Henderson Ridge

Lester meets with Boss and Alex and scans with a metal detector. Finding something, he starts to dig.


Daisy tells the boys and Laura to be careful and Stacy and James follow them but decide to wait until they come out of the marsh’s. Bo drives the boat into the water and they notice a number of alligators. Luke asks if Jesse knows where Jeb is and Jesse says no. Bo hits a snag and Laura stands up before falling into the water. An alligator moves after her and Bo dives in and wrestles with the alligator. As Luke helps Laura in, Jesse hits the alligator with a stick allowing Bo to get back in the boat. They find the McCobb’s landing point and split up. As Bo looks around he sets off a trap, getting caught in a net. The McCobb girls grab him and they make a lot of noise, getting Jeb, Jesse, Luke, and Laura’s attention. Jeb says they are all going to leave and Jesse challenges Jeb who invites them all to the house. They have a few drinks and Jeb agrees to show Jesse the marker.

Henderson Ridge

Boss and Lester conclude that the strong box isn't there and that the Dukes probably know more than they said. Boss says Lester needs to steal the map.

Duke Farm

Bo says all that is left is the chapel and Jesse says he has and idea where to get that, at the county historical society museum at Colonial City. He says they will leave tomorrow and get there at nine. The others head to bed and Luke and Laura talk until Daisy insists it is bed time for them too. Stacy sends James in to search for anything that can help while Lester comes in too. Stacy and James search the kitchen. Hearing a noise, Jesse goes to investigate. Daisy wakes up to find Lester sneaking in her window. Daisy starts yelling causing Lester to flee and rus into Jesse. He falls in the kitchen. Bo and Luke grab him to see it’s Lester. Luke hears another car leave. They wake up Lester and Jesse confronts him. Lester says he was investigating a strange car and leaves to find the two who broke in.

In the morning, Luke and Daisy make a fake map. Luke gives it to Daisy before leaving with Jesse, Bo, and Laura. Stacy and James follow them. Daisy uses the C.B to call and tell the boys about how she figured out where the box is. Lester hears Daisy and calls Enos to help catch Daisy.


Lester tries to pull over Daisy but she runs. Enos blocks her and apologizes to her. Daisy says it’s okay and Lester takes her map.

James and Stacy meet with the Dukes and Laura as members of the historic society. Stacy pulls out a list of churches including the finale marker for Laura which was destroyed in 1873.

Boar’s Nest

Lester goes to the Boar’s Nest, telling Boss that he has the map from Daisy. He shows Boss that according to the Duke’s map, the strongbox is under the Boar’s Nest. Boss is ecstatic and concludes that is why he loves the Boar’s Nest so much. Boss decides to start tearing up the floor.


Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Laura go to the intersection and Bo and Luke start to dig. The boys uncover the strongbox but Stacy and James arrive. They take the strong box and leave. Bo and Luke quickly change the tires that Stacy shot out as Jesse calls for Daisy. He tells her they found the box and the people from the historic society stole it. Boss and Lester overhear, having torn up the floors. Daisy agrees to help try and cut off the thieves and suggests calling Cooter too. Cooter, having been listening, chimes in and says he’s on his way. Boss and Lester also head out. Bo and Luke get the General ready and they join the chase. Lester also calls Enos.


Cooter spots the thieves first but as he turns to follow them he crashes into Enos. Daisy then spots them and manages to slow them down. Stacy starts shooting at Daisy, causing her to go off the road and run Lester and Boss, who had just arrived, off the road as well. Bo catches up and takes over the chase, Daisy yelling that she’s right behind them. Daisy rejoins the chase, as does Lester but his radiator is broken. Stacy and James head toward Zack’s landing and steal a boat. Bo and Luke follow them into the marsh and have Jesse and Laura take the road in the General, Daisy following them.

As Bo and Luke follow in the marsh, Luke warns Bo about the alligators commenting ‘friends of yours’. James and Stacy notice Gerry and Sam and run them down. Bo and Luke stop to get them, but loose Stacy and James. The two thieves get out of the marsh and pretend to be hurt on the road to steal the Jeep, having Jesse, Daisy, and Laura stop. Bo, Luke, Sam, and Gerry catch up just as Stacy and James attempt to leave. Bo and Luke get their arrows and shoot, forcing Stacy and James to stop. The twins take down James and Daisy and Stacy wrestle in the mud, Daisy knocking Stacy out. Boss and Lester arrive. Lester arrests Stacy and James while Laura makes a deal with Boss that he can have all the money in the box if she can have the orders to bury it. Boss agrees only to find it’s confederate money and not worth anything. Bo leaves with the twins. Laura leaves with Luke.

Balladeer: The Dukes accepted a modest reward from the university, which kept them in tires and gas for about six months. Now Boss explained that he was confiscating the pay box for evidence. But Laura made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Now she agreed to let him have all the money, providing the university got everything else. Yeah you guessed it, confederate money. The real treasure in that box was the orders to bury the confederate payroll, carrying the signature of President Abraham Lincoln. And Bo, he went on a little fishing trip. He didn’t catch no fish, oh and one more thing, if you’re wondering why the union army if being paid in confederate money, well that’s a whole other story. But it looked like things was going wrong even back then in Hazzard.

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  • Boss explains to Enos that Rosco is currently studying at the Police Academy until he is 'fully trained' and hired a temporary replacement in the meantime.
  • When Bo talks about how he thought he knew every girl in Hazzard County, Jesse says Bo is just like how he used to be


  • James Best is not in this episode do to his strike for the dressing room conditions
  • The alligator John Schneider wrestled in this episode was a live alligator with a band around it's snout to keep it from biting anyone.
  • This episode marks the second time that the alternate intro is used.