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Trouble at Cooter's is the tenth episode of season four of the Dukes of Hazzard.


A beautiful fur thief tries to charm Cooter while her accomplice tries to break into Boss' storeroom by damaging Cooter's Garage. This is part of a payback plan when Boss shortchanges the thieves on the stolen minks.


Balladeer: It’s one of them beautiful Hazzard County mornings, General Lee is running the kinks out, and Bo and Luke are feeling uncommonly good. Ain’t nobody chasin’ nobody, but there’s fixin’ to be trouble. That ain’t the trouble, that’s singing. Well sort of. That’s the trouble. Now this feller ain’t no fur driver, he’s a thief. Delivering stolen merchandise to one J.D. Hogg, that is if he could ever find the right road to Hazzard.

Bo and Luke take the General out, Bo driving. They are singing ‘Take it Easy’ together. As they do they get caught up on the end of the chorus and Bo asks if Luke knows the words.

Russ Mitchell drives on the road with a load of stolen fur coats. As he takes a wrong road, he puts the van in reverse, backing directly into Cooter who was coming up the road. Cooter and Russ get out and Cooter apologizes. Russ says for forget it. Cooter notices the furs as the back door of the van had popped open and Russ quickly closes it. Cooter apologizes again and offers for Russ to bring the van by his garage and he’ll fix it all free of charge. The two shake hands before going their separate ways, Cooter looking at the plates. Russ drives down the road before hitting a bump. The door opens and a coat falls out. After a few moments Russ notices the open door and stops to count the coats. Finding one is missing he heads back.

Bo and Luke see a coat in the road and stop. They get out and pick it up. Russ drives back only to see the boys and stops. He watches them leave with it, getting frustrated. Luke decides they will run the chicken wire to the Farm then take the coat to town.

Rhuebottom’s General Store

Balladeer: That was ol’ Rhuebottom’s general store. Boss Hogg foreclosed on Rhuebottom to use the storeroom for warehouse and stolen merchandise. Boss eased his conscience by sendin’ ol’ Rhuebottom a turkey, and it was spoiled.

Russ shows Boss the furs while he is eating popcorn. Boss orders Russ to go find the furs that fell off the truck and Rosco, who was in the fur rack, suggests the mink just jumped off the truck. When Russ says two country boys picked it up and drove off, Boss describes Bo, Luke, and the General Lee. When Russ confirms and asks if Boss knows them, he says it was just a lucky guess. Boss pays Russ, but takes out the money for the coat he lost. Russ is upset but says that Boss wins, this time. Boss sends Rosco and Cletus to the Duke Farm.

Duke Farm

Daisy tries on the coat and Jesse tells her not to get used to it as the boys need to take it to Rosco. Daisy sadly hands the coat over to the boys who laugh. As they get in the car, Rosco and Cletus arrive and Jesse says it looks like they saved a trip to town. Rosco tells them to freeze and Bo explains they were looking for him. Rosco explains that they are to be arrested for the stolen coat and Jesse gets angry. Rosco touches the car which Jesse scolds him for. Cletus touches the car as well and Jesse yells at him too. Rosco and Cletus fight for the warrant but Luke says they’re gone and the boys drive away. Daisy and Jesse watch amused as Rosco and Cletus chase after them.


As Bo drives, Luke remarks ‘any time now’ and Bo explains that he’s trying but something is wrong with the General. He gets an idea and pulls a few sharp turns. Rosco tells Flash that he loves it as he continues to follow. Bo pulls a 180 and goes back toward them. Rosco and Cletus both run off the road, Cletus hitting a tree. Rosco yells at him. Down the road Bo is forced to pull over. He and Luke start looking at the engine trying to figure out what is going on. Luke says that it’s the carburetor float valve and they need to replace it. Bo says they need to call Cooter.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy goes into work, serving Russ a beer while he is on the phone. He talks to his girlfriend Bonnie, checking to make sure no one saw him leave. She assures them they are free and clear and he asks that she knows where to meet him, which she confirms is Indian Creek Road just north of Hazzard.


Cooter has come out to where the boys are and looked over the General. He tells them not to push the General too hard because it won’t last. Bo remarks ‘us?’ and Cooter sees the coat, remarking he never thought he’d see fur like that twice in one day. Bo asks about the other one and Cooter tells them about the van. Bo and Luke conclude the man is in league with Boss. Cooter tells them he isn’t’ straight on what is going on, but they are looking for a brown van with Mississippi plates. They thank him before leaving, CBing Jesse and Daisy to watch out for the van.

Seeing Rosco driving on the road, the boys chase after him for fun. Rosco turns around to chase them but they continue to follow him. Rosco tells Flash that the boys are playing follow the leader. He tries to turn around again but Luke continues to follow. Rosco tells Flash that he’s going to lose them and Luke decides to take a different road. The boys laugh and Rosco celebrates before remembering he was supposed to catch them and tells Flash not to tell Boss.

Boar’s Nest

While taking out the trash, Daisy sees the van. She radio’s the boys and tells them she found the van in the parking lot. Daisy notices Russ leaving and goes outside to watch, worried that the boys will miss him but happy when she sees them arrive.


Luke and Bo see Russ in the van and chase after him. Bo tells Luke he’s losing the van but Luke says it’s not him but the General. Luke says they will cut over to Willow Creek before jumping the car. However Bo expresses they aren’t going to make it. They do.

He pulls off where Bonnie is set to meet him and reunites with her, kissing her. Bonnie asks if he got the money and he says he did but ‘that big fat bill of cotton’ short changed him for losing one coat. She disregards it saying they are leaving but he corrects her saying ‘wrong darling’. He tells her he figures to take the furs back off Hogg and selling them again. He says he thinks he’s got it figured out real good. He says for them to get back to town as he’s got investigating to do. They get in the car and he drives back.

They arrive at the court house and pull out the blue prints for Rhuebottom’s General Store. He shows Bonnie that the Hazzard Garage shares a wall to the room where the furs are. He concludes that is the only way in without being seen. Bonnie expresses concern about the mechanic but he says Cooter won’t have anything to say because Bonnie is going to get him out for a bit, as Cooter has seen him but he hasn’t seen Bonnie.

Russ stops and meets up with Bonnie and the two kiss. Bonnie is ready to leave but Russ says not yet. On the road, Bo and Luke continue to look for the van. Luke says he must have pulled off on a side road. With Russ and Bonnie, Russ says he wants to take the furs back. They head to town to investigate. On the road, Bo spots the van but Bonnie and Russ have already left. They open the van to see it was abandoned but Bo finds the tire tracks and they get back in the car to follow the tracks.

Court House

In the records office, Russ and Bonnie look over the blue prints. They see that Rhuebottom’s and the Hazzard Garage share a wall. Russ wants to get to the furs through the Garage and says Bonnie will get Cooter out of the way for a bit to allow him to get in.

Hazzard Garage

Bonnie goes over to the Garage where she approaches Cooter. They talk about the fuel pump in the car and she introduces herself as a freelance writer from Atlanta, surprising Cooter. Cooter says she picked a good town to write about as it’s a good town ‘other than a few thousand problems with city government’. Cooter says if he didn’t have to finish up old Jake’s car he would love to show her around. She says she would really like that and they introduce each other. Cooter decides Jake wouldn’t mind waiting a bit and decides to go ahead and show her around. They walk down the street and Cooter tells her a bit about town. While they leave, Russ goes into the garage.

Balladeer: Now that feller with Boss Hogg is old Harvey Dunsmore out of Atlana. And everybody knows Harvey as a Boss Hogg with class. Ol’ Harvey buys most of his things from Boss and for a lot less than he sells ‘em for himself. Like furs for instance. Now while ol’ Boss and Harvey were fixin’ to wheel and deal, that Mitchell fella was on the other side of the wall doin’ a little dealin’ of his own.


Boss and Harvey Dunsmore head to Rhuebottom’s. Boss shows Harvey the furs but hears a small tapping sound on the other side where Russ is pulling the wood paneling off the wall. Harvey disregards the sound.


After testing the bricks, Russ puts the board back and moves the car hoods back.

Town of Hazzard

Cooter and Bonnie continue their tour. Cooter says all he does is hang out and work on cars which she says she loves. As they talk Cooter says one day he may just quit his crazy ways and settle down. Bonnie says she would too if she could find the right situation. Cooter remarks he thought he had the right situation once. Cooter then excuses himself to work on Jake’s car.

Bo and Luke go into the garage, looking for Cooter. Cooter and Bonnie both come in and Bo and Luke approach him to ask for help. Cooter apologizes, having forgot about it as he was getting ready to go to Murphy’s before he introduces them to Bonnie. Bonnie excuses herself, saying goodbye to them all. After she leaves Bo teases Cooter before Luke fills him in about the van. Bo asks what the guy is still doing in town and Luke says they need to find where Boss has the furs stashed. Cooter tells them that for what it’s worth, he saw Boss and Harvey Dunsmore going in and out of Rhuebottom’s. Luke says they should see what it is. Cooter gives them a key saying Rhuebottom gave him a key to the backdoor in case he ever got locked out. Luke takes it and they head over. Cooter tells them to stay out of trouble.

Bo and Luke go into Rhuebottom’s through the back and start checking around. Outside Boss and Harvey arrive, talking about the furs. Bo and Luke go into the store room and find the coats but hear Boss and Harvey come in. They hide as Boss and Harvey go into the storeroom to recount the furs. As Harvey counts them, Boss tries to move one to be counted a second time. Harvey insists there is only 19 furs and Boss and Harvey leave to renegotiate the price.

Bo and Luke head over to Cooter’s and tell him that Harvey is going to be taking the furs soon. Luke says they plan to watch the place and intends to call Jesse to have him get the authorities from Atlanta.

Russ and Bonnie watch the Garage and decide since they can’t wait for Bo and Luke to come out, they will call the Sheriff to chase them out.

In the Police Department, Cletus is mopping while Rosco is checking Flash for fleas. He gets a call from Bonnie telling him that she saw the Dukes going into Cooter’s. Rosco asks who she is and she says she is a concerned citizen. Rosco calls Cletus, who runs into him with the mop. Rosco says they are going to Cooter’s to arrest the boys. They run out, Rosco tripping on the mop.

Bo and Cooter watch Rhuebottom's when Luke sees Rosco and Cletus running toward them. The two leave, telling Cooter not to forget the float valve as they go out the back door. Cooter waits by the door when Rosco and Cletus charge in. He calls them over and tells them that the boys aren’t there. Rosco gets upset and he and Cletus leave, Rosco hitting Cletus with the door. As they go outside they see Bo and Luke driving away. They go after the boys in the cars, Cooter watching in amusement. He is surprised when Bonnie approaches him with a picnic, inviting him to lunch. He tries to refuse but gives in and goes with her. Russ watches and goes into the garage, getting to work on the wall.


Rosco and Cletus chase Bo and Luke. Bo approaches Cedar Creek Bridge where a truck is coming the other way. Luke tells him to look out and Bo swerves around the truck. However Rosco and Cletus are forced to stop before the bridge to allow the truck to pass, letting the boys get away.

Town of Hazzard

While Russ continues to dig through the wall, Bonnie and Cooter finish their picnic.


The General stalls out and Bo and Luke get out to check under the hood, Luke saying he doesn’t know why Bo’s bothering as it’s the float valve.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Harvey go out of the county building, continuing to argue about the price. Boss wants $100,000. In the square, Cooter realizes he’s sitting on a tire gage. Bonnie says it’s a nice one and Cooter gives it to her, saying it will be a memento of their day together. Cooter and Bonnie then hear Bo and Luke calling over the CB and Cooter, disappointed, goes to answer it. Luke tells him they need the float valve and Cooter apologizes saying he’ll go get it now. Luke says they are a quarter mile up Stone Canyon Road and they want to head to his place. Cooter agrees and tells Bonnie he’s sorry. As Cooter leaves, Bonnie calls Rosco and Cletus to tell them where the boys are.


Bo and Luke are at the General when Jesse calls them. Jesse says that the Marshall is coming to Hazzard to get the furs. Bo and Luke hear Rosco and Cletus and tell Jesse they need him to watch Rhuebottom’s while they lose the police. Jesse agrees, leaving the Farm.

Bo and Luke take off in the General from Rosco and Cletus again, Bo telling the General not to quit. Luke tells him to take Spruce Tree Lane and they head to a construction site. Bo pulls off and Rosco goes through the construction with Cletus, totaling both cars in a hole. As they yell at each other the boys check before leaving again. As the boys drive back to town they talk about how Rosco found them both times and realize the only person who could have told on them is Bonnie. When Bo asks why Luke says it doesn't matter. He calls Cooter, who is on his way to Stone Canyon and tells him that they are headed to the garage and to meet them there.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse parks outside of Rhuebottom’s and picks up a newspaper from the trash. Russ meanwhile gets the hole open. He hears the door open and Bonnie comes in. He tells her he just finished and to go get the car. Meanwhile outside Boss and Harvey settle on $55,000 for the furs.

Bo and Luke arrive at Cooter’s and notice the odd car. They go inside to see Bonnie holding a number of furs. They confront her, turning their back to the hole in the wall. As Bonnie talks to the boys, Russ comes out with a crowbar, preparing to hit them both from behind. Russ trips and the boys hear him. Bo and Luke try to fight him but Luke accidently punches Bo instead. As Luke and Russ start to wrestle, Bo pulls them both to the ground and Bonnie stops them all with a gun. As Russ gets up, Bo thanks Luke for hitting him.

Jesse hears Boss and Rosco approaching and quickly sits on a bench between two older women. The women are very pleased to see him. Boss tells Rosco that he and Harvey made a deal, but Harvey went back to the get the money. He explains he wants Rosco to guard the furs. As they walk by a bench, Boss freezes telling Rosco he just saw Jesse out of the corner of his eye. In the Garage, Russ and Bonnie tie up Bo and Luke. Outside Boss and Rosco decide they don’t want Jesse to see them go in the store and they should go around back. Jesse notices the looks the two women are giving him and becomes uncomfortable, moving.

Bonnie and Russ leave, Russ taking the furs. As they go out the back, they see Boss and Rosco and nearly run them over. Boss and Rosco shake the experience off before going in the back. Bo and Luke try to get free, Bo getting Luke’s knife. Luke tells Bo to be careful as they are already blood brothers. They both laugh. In Rhuebotom’s, Rosco and Boss see the furs are gone. Boss starts getting excited before noticing the hole. Bo and Luke, who got the ropes off, hear them and see Boss coming through the hole. Boss gets stuck and Rosco shoves them both through. All four get to their feet at the same time and Boss asks what they did with the furs. Luke says they reupholstered the General and Bo tells him the thieves left in a blue car. Rosco remarks about the blue car going south and Luke offers to catch them. Boss says to lock them up but Bo and Luke run, Bo sliding a creeper under Rosco that trips them.

Boss and Rosco get stuck in a tire and rush out after them. Seeing the boys are already gone in the General, they go back out the front. Jesse, who was still watching Rhuebottom’s, sees Boss and Rosco come out of Cooter’s. The two run over to Rosco’s car, where they get the tire off and drive away after Bo and Luke. Jesse scratches his head in confusion.


Bo and Luke head away from town when they see Cooter. Cooter calls them on the CB saying he’s got the float valve but how can he put it on if they don’t stay put. Bo says for him to go to the Garage and they’ll meet him there. The boys hide in a set of bushes and lose Boss and Rosco. Boss tells Rosco to keep going south, where Bonnie and Russ are headed.


Bo and Luke try to figure out how to tell Cooter about Bonnie as he finishes up with the General. Luke tells him that Bonnie hasn’t been straight with him. Bo says that Bonnie and her boyfriend tied them up. Cooter asks that they are sure and Luke says they wouldn’t have said it if they weren’t. Bo apologizes and Cooter says it’s not the first time he’s been made a full of, clearly angry. He tells them that if they don’t mind he’ll tag along this time. They agree. Bo decides to go out front an fill in Jesse while Cooter and Luke get the cars started, Luke trying to give Cooter a comforting hand. Bo runs up to Jesse and fills him in before Luke picks him up. Jesse follows after them in the truck.


Boss and Rosco wait on the side of the road. Seeing Bo and Luke pas by, they follow after them. Bo asks if they want to lose them but Luke says they need someone with a badge there when they find the thieves. Bo and Luke take Ridge Runner’s Road with Rosco and Boss following them. Jesse and Cooter each took a different road that Bo and Luke intended to divert Russ onto. They catch up to Russ and Bonnie and Bo calls the others to say they are headed to Timber Top Cross roads. Jesse and Cooter agree to cut off the roads. They force Russ and Bonnie off the road and Bo and Luke cause them to hit a tree. Russ tries to run but Cooter grabs him and hits him, knocking him out. He then confronts Bonnie about using him while Bo and Luke watch sadly. Boss and Rosco try to pick up all the stolen furs but Jesse stops them, saying that he already called the Marshal.

Balladeer: Well, Boss realized that he could no longer claim them stolen furs to be his own, not with the Atlanta authorities there to pick them up. So Boss decided instead to share the credit with the Dukes for apprehending them fur thieves and returning the stolen property. But ol’ Cooter sure had a close call and was out a genuine sterling silver tire-gauger. All in all, you might say it was a pretty full day in Hazzard County. And it was still three hours until supper time.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse, Daisy, Cooter, Bo, and Luke watch the Marshall Jesse called leave with the furs and Russ and Bonnie. Boss, Rosco, and Cletus talk to the marshal.


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  • This episode is the first time Cooter seriously falls for someone on-screen
    • Cooter and Bo both were shown to have a crush on Bessie Lou, but Bo was the one to date her.
  • In this episode, Boss had foreclosed on Rhuebottom's General Store. However the store is open again in later episodes and is again owned by Mr. Rhuebottom.
  • Bonnie is the second woman to trick the main character by saying the are a newspaper reporter
  • While talking to Bonnie, Cooter mentions that he once thought he had the right situation to settle down but it didn't work out. In Cooter's Girl we learn what that situation was.
  • The Balladeer addresses in this episode how there always seems to be construction in Hazzard, saying that Boss Hogg commissions all the work.
  • Luke comments that he and Bo are 'Blood Brothers'