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The Truck Dispatcher is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Coy Meets Girl[]

An informant of Boss Hogg’s. When Vance and Coy Duke rented a truck to move some antiques, he informed Boss of the vehicle, route, and time.

Coy and Vance come in later in the day. He asks if they came to return the truck they rented. The boys say it got hijacked, which he remarks ‘you’re kidding’. Coy says someone tipped them off, someone who worked at the dispatch. When Coy accuses him of tipping off Boss, and Vance adds that no one else knew, he gets mad and says they better have proof or will have a big law suit.

He gets a call form Boss, saying he wants a truck first thing in the morning, seven am. When he hangs up, Vance asks him why Boss Hogg would want to rent a truck when he owns his own trucking company. He tells Vance that Boss bought the truck rental agency just last week. The boys get upset and go to leave. He asks who will be paying for the truck they lost and Coy tells him to let Boss pay for it since he has the truck.

After the boys leave, he calls Boss back. Boss says for him to have the truck he requested to the Police Department in an hour.