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The Truck Driver is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


State of the County[]

He hijacks a load of electric typewriters for Boss. When he calls Boss, Boss tells him to swap out the plates and drop them off at the usual place. He remarks not this time and that Boss has sore changed him too many times. He says this time he wants fifty cents on the dollar upfront or he will not deliver. Boss argues that is highway robbery and he laughs saying sure enough it is but that is what he does for a living. He tells Boss he will be in front of City Hall in five minutes and Boss better have the money ready or he will dump the typewriters on the payment before hanging up.

Boss and Rosco meet him outside and he is furious when Boss hands him the money saying it isn’t 50 cents but 25. Boss tells him to hush up and Rosco says it’s more than he gets. The driver says he doesn’t care and Boss tells him that times are bad and the county is in a recession. He says that means nothing to him. He tells Boss that he isn’t moving the typewriters until he gets what he’s got coming. Boss asks if he will hush and if he wants the sheriff on him.

Jesse, Bo, Luke, Daisy Duke, Cooter, and Earl arrive. They talk about being innocent of a crime and it would be a waste of time to go to court. He remarks that speaking of time he doesn’t have all day to ‘graze this pasture’. He asks if Boss will come up with another $200 to see the truck roll or what. Boss tells him to hush and sends the Dukes away. Boss goes to take him inside to discuss the terms when the van blows up. He takes cover on the ground, looking at the van in shock.